1. Multiple Characters You are permitted to have 1 character account in the RPG, due to complications multiples cause in-game. If it is found that you have more than 1 account, ALL accounts will be immediately deleted, 1 account per player. If you have an account that you no longer want, please follow the proper steps to remove it.

2. Glitches/Bugs/Scripts & Macros If you come across a glitch or bug in the game that could potentially be used as an exploit, then it is expected that you will report it to the administration of the game to be fixed. If you decide instead to attempt to use the glitch/bug/exploit for your own gains then you will be subject to discipline and will be stripped of the stats you accumulated. Also the use of scripts & macros to automate your playing is strictly prohibted and can get you banned. If you're not online to play the game yourself you are NOT allowed to have an automated system in place.

3. Account Hacking, & Threats of Hacking in General Not only is it morally wrong to hack someone else's account, it is forbidden here. If it is discovered that you have purposely attempted to hack into another members account you will be subject to disciplinary action, up to but not exluding expulsion from the MMORPG. Subsequently talking about potentially hacking someone's account or making threats against BSE will result in disciplinary action.

4. Private Messaging Abuse If you are using the PM system for anything other than what it was devised for, then you will be in violation of the TOS of this site. If you flood or spam through the PM system, or attempt to launch any harmful scripts or something of that nature, then you will face disciplinary action, up to but not excluding expulsion from the RPG.

5. Abuse of Team Resources Not only is it detrimental to the team you have pledged yourself to, but it is a sign of poor gamesmanship, for a member of the RPG to join a Division/Fraccion with the intent to plunder it's resources. Namely the HP items and banked currency (Gold).

6. False Accusations of TOS Violations If you make a report regarding a member whom you think is in violation of the TOS, it must be for one of the valid reasons stated in the TOS. Making a false accusation against a member, in order to defame them, or get some sort of in-game vengence is NOT permitted.


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