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Corey Wolfbane

Rap Battle !

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Rap Battle rules

1. 10 lines each

2. two rounds before voting

3. no use of excessive profanity

4. no trolling/flaming (keep it fun)

5. 1 on 1 only, if there is a current one in progress, wait till they are finished

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Dr. Phil Vs. Oprah Winfrey!


Dr.Phil: HavocReaper

Oprah Winfrey: anyone who'll step up

Dr. Phil Round 1

Listen up Dummy, I'll tell you what you should hear. I'm the better rapper in this game, you're just a queer. The years I spent in prison weren't in vain. Now listen up Oprah, come on, lets play this game. I'm the best rapper of these streets, so what if you're black. I'mma do what Chris Rock did to Rihanna, Smack! I'm the best white doctor, I'm Dr. Phil! You're nothing but a black little bitch who's gone ill. You're shows nothing, and you're mind's corrupt, you just quit your show, and shut the fu** up! Seriously Oprah stop giving your stuff out for free, I tell what they need to hear, you're just a big ass dummy. Oprah, get off the show you're on right now, you're a past time for life and man you suck, just wow.

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