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This is a story about a girl who lives far, far away. It was a cold, and to us, unatural place. Over the hills and across the great plains laid a think white blanket of snow. As fresh flakes fell at midnight, the wind blew them into an open window. The window of this girl.

Sitting in her light blue cotton gown, she read a thick paged book next to a small fire. A cold gust of wind blows them across the room. A single snow flake drifts down and melts on her page. She looked up, brushing a black strand of hair that seemed out of place back behind her ear. She stared at her open window and her curtains that were gently blowing in the wind. The cold air traeled the room and creaped its way up her leg that sent a chill down her spine. She closed her book with a light thud while standing from her wooden chair.

Crossing the room to the window, she fealt the cold stone of her floor beneath her feet. Leaning over and reaching out for the window, something moving in the distance caught her eye. On top of the hill, the full moons light shinned and defined a figure.

"What is that?" She whisperd under her breath.

As if he heard her speak at that moment, he turned his head and stared the girl deep in her eyes. "A wolf? Here?" She said tilting her head to the side questioningly.

Finding that idea far fetched, she closed her window and turned around to go back to her book. She paused for a second and slowly turned to look over her shoulder. Turning around compleatly, she took in a light breath when she saw the wolf had vanished. She blinked a couple of times and rubber her eyes sleepily. Scowling at the hill she rubbed her head as if she had a head ache and when back to her book.

"Im just sleepy," she thought. "Im just going to go to sleep for the night," she spoke aloud to herself. She crawled up in her bed and covered herself with her thick blankets and layed her head on a pillow and drifted off to sleep. While she was dreaming, the image of a wolfs deep brown eyes with a golden ring around the pupils was burned into her imagination. Where did this come from? The wolf in the distance was to far away for her to see his eyes.

In six months time, she saw this same wolf figure only once every month. And on each night was a full moon. Each time, he would sit there protectivly, and watch the girl. When she would notice he were there, he would look her directly in the eyes and vanish when she looked awayand back. She knew that he meant her no harm. Some how she knew the eyes she dreamed of, were the eyes of this wolf.

On the night of the seventh moon, this girl decided to stay at her window, and wait. She waited and waited and waited for the wolf to show itself again. It was past midnight and the mooned seemed different, more dull. She couldnt point out exactly what it was but she knew something was off. She continued to stare out her window and it seemed he would not show, and for the first time in her life, it didnt snow.

She looked up at the stars and sighed heavily. She had become so accustome to seeing the wolf, she seemed...sad? She looked down at her feet with a frown plastered across her face. She had some what of an empty feeling inside. Still hopuing the wolf would show, she laid her arms on the window seal. Taking one more look at the seemingly dull moon, the girl rested her cheek on her hand and watched the distance. Soon the girl drifted off to sleep and saw thoes same eyes. She dreamed the wolf showed up again and her empty feeling was gone. But when she awoke the next morning, she was saddened to see it was nothing but a dream.

{Prolog End}

{chapter one comming soon, cnapter one is kind of whimsical. I would like to know your comments so please feel free to comment about anything but im asking that no bad comments are made. Such as "this sucks" because that just not nessisairy. I am open to critiques, i dont mind that at all. Thank you, I hope you enjoy :) }

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Chapter one is coming soon. It will be in parts because i dont have time in class to type it all. But i promise you will get to read it :3

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Chapter One: "Meet the Family" (part I)

"Nina! Nina, where are you?" A loud nasily voice boomed off the walls of the hallway.

It jarred the girl and scared her awake in a jolt of her body. Which resulted her on the floor tangled up in her own blankets. She rolled over and pushed her self up with a grunt.

"Coming mothah!" In a light british accent, she spoke with a dragging tired tone. She untangled her self and went to open the door.

Before she even touched the knob, the door opened u in a flash and hit the stone wall with a bang! Rushing in with her eyes half closed and big reound specticals on top of her hweead, was a plump and apparently blind woman. She wasn't old, but she wasnt Ninas age either. She was Ninas height, but it seemed Nina was a bit shorter.

The little woman rushed around Ninas room in a frenzy. She took very small stepd and repeatedly flaling her arms about.

"Nina! Nina! oh for goodness sake, Nina! Where are you?" Her tone was non-demanding, but more worried than anything.

With the door hitting the wall, Nina grunted. As of now, she was fully awake. She rubbed her eyes sleepily and turned to watch her mother frantically run areound her room. Ninas expression went from sleepy to amused. When her mother began to scream her name, Nina cringed at her unquality high pitched voice.

She quickly ran over and grabed her mothers hands, turning to face her. "Shhh! Mothah.... Shhh. Im right here."

Ninas voice was smooth and womanly. She spoke low and calm to her as if their partaking rolls were oposite.

She reached up and pulled her mothers specticals off of her mothers head and placed them over her eyes. Her mother opened her eyes and she kinda slightly jumped back. Her eyes were no longer small and half closed but they seemed as if they would bulge out of her head.

Nina smiled and reached up, placing her hands on her mothers cheeks and kissed her forehead. Ninas mother was short herself, just not as short as Nina. Nina was about 4'12 while her mother was about ten inches taller. Yes her mother was tall to her, but her father, who calmly walked into her room, seemed like a giant.

Her mother had no specific accent, but her fathers speech was thick with a british twang.

"What on earth is with all the commotion?" He couldnt help but to lauph a bit and grin from ear to ear.

Nina turned to see her father and his 6'0 inch legs tower over her. She rand and huged him tightly, feeling him pick her up and swing her around with his broad shoulders.

She giggled when he put her down and spoke in a sing song voice. "Mothah forgot her specticals were on her head when she was lookin for meh. She was obviously worried when she couldnt find meh."

Her fathers deep voice and lauphther was enouph to sooth anyone. He chuckled while hugging his daughter and released her aftter a moment.

Walking over to his wife, he kissed her lips lightly moving to her cheeks and then her forehead.

"Now now dear, you know when you dont have your specticals on, you cant see your own silver hair in your reflection." He joked, teasingly pulling on her long silver hair.

"And when you squint your eyes, its liked their attached to your mouth. The smaller they are, the louder the nails on a chalk board gets." He joked, pulling away when she started to smack at him.

"You probably scared poor Nina to death." He said, in baby talk, placing his hands on ninas cheeks and pressing on them, making them puff out. He walked behind her and plugged ninas ears with his fingers.

"Shhh! now calm youeself dear, you dont want our guests to mistaken you for a dyeing cat."

Nina stood there giggling as her father tased her mother. She watched as her mother puffed up and placed her hands on her hips. When she had enouph, she chased him around Ninas bedroom, while she stood there a lauped. Her mother finally cornnered him and playfully smacked at him.

Her father loved to pick on her mother. But that was his way of showing how much he loved her. Nina stood and watched and was a bit envious of their love.

A butler had snuck his way into her room and announced to her father, "Sir, our guest whishes to speak with Princess Nina as soon as possible."

That reminded Nina of what her father had said earlier. "Our guest?" She questioned, looking from the butler to her father, the king.

(Part I end. At most, there will be 3 parts. II and III are left. im trying to get this up asap, just for you Kitsune~ <3)

Edited by Kitten Pharoh

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Part II

Ninas mother and fathers lauphter ceased as they looked at the butler. They both had nervouse expressions on their face as they glanced at one another and back at Nina. First was her father, clearing his throat.

"uhhh...yes Nina, we have a guest and he wishes to speak with you." Nina raised an eyes brow with a confused look.

"Me? Why would someone wish to spe--" She stoped mid sentence when she caught on.

Her voice changed from soothing and calm to a bit shocked and slightly irritated. "Who is "he" and where is he from?"

She put an emphasis on "he" and looked directly at her mother. Her parents worried expressions suddenly changed to saddened expressions. This was not the first time they had done this to her.

They glanced at one another and back to their angry daughter.

"Now Nina, please calm down." Her father calmly pleaded.

"His name is Zein and he is from a kingdom called Podina. When he spoke to us, he was very kind and attractive..." she stoped and looked at her husband awkwardly and back to Nina. "..in a sense... and im sure if you gave him a ch--"

Nina threw her hands up and stopped her mothers gushing over her mystery guest. She lowered her hands and closed her eyes.

Her brows were furrowed down as she began. "and if i gave him a chance, he would be a good husband and great heir to our thrown. Not to mention our kingdom is in great poverty due to it becoming smaller. We need money for imports because we live on ice, blah blah blah, i know. I have heard the story time and time before. I do not think this story should be told to me every time you introduce me to one of your sutuers..."

Nina opened her eyes to be looking at the ground as she spoke. She was not mad at her parents, but she found it unfair. Her farents found one another and loved one another of their own free will. Nina knew she had responsibilities to do as a princess. Their kingdom was basically going to hell, and by marring into wealth, was the only way to save it.

She looked up to her beloved and nodded, feeling a tightening in her chest. "Give me a ew minutes and I will meet this....Zein" Her parents both smiled at her and huged her tightly. They kissed her forehead and along with the butler, left the room.

Nina sat at the edge of her bed and sigheed heavily. Feelinc the icy touch of the stone starting to travel through her toes, she pulled up her feet and tucked them under her luminecent blue gown. Tucking her knees to her chest, her mind began to race.

"What if hes not nice?" she tought. "What if hes too nice? Wait...is that even possible?" she questioned. "What if he hurts me?" she worried and burried her face into her knees. "Maybe he wont be so bad....or maybe he will be..." She sighed and swallowed the lump that was in her throat.

So many questions and concerns were swimming through her mind and making her dizzy. She didnt even realize the boy standing in her doorway, leaning aginst the door frame. The sun shinned through the big window and glistened off of his spikey black hair and made his white long sleeve button up shirt look angelic.

His words sent a shock through her body and caused her to jump further back on her bed. "Miss, my lord is woundering if you are alright?" She didnt even realize he was there, but when she saw him, she was mesmorised.

He had a deep and soothing voice. Nothing like her fathers, so he still had to be a boy. He had to be the same age as Nina. She breathed heavily and placed a hand over her heart and hugn her head low.

The boy just continued to stare, waiting for an answer. "Good lord, you scared me to death!" she exclaimed, jerking her head back up to look at him.

She crawled off of her bed and jumped into the floor infront of him. He grinned a crooked smile and with apologetic eyes as he locked his hands behind his back. He had a chuckle in his voice as he apologizd.

He bowed. "My apologies miss, I did not mean to frighten you. See ing as I was sent down here and your door was partly open, i figured there would be no trouble."

She let out a gust of air and lightly giggled. "Its quite alright, all is forgiven. I was just in a daze I suppose." Standing next to the boy, he was quite a bit taller than her.

He pulled himself back up and stared at Nina with amused eyes. His grin turned into a full out smile. She could see his white teeth and couldnt help but to smile back. She flushed at him staring deep into her eyes. She stared back and woundered if she had met this boy before.

He must have noticed hher gawking at how cute his smile was, as well as his pointed teeth. Unusual, she thought. He stoped smiling and quickly turned his head to the open door.

His light warm hearted eyes turned cold and numb. She thought she was the reason he looked away. As it turned out, she was not. She turned to see what he was looking at and saw another man standing in her doorway. "What the hell are you doing in here, boy?"

(Part II end)

Edited by Kitten Pharoh

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(Part III)

He was compleatly different in contrast to the boy standing next to him. This strange man accualy, kind of scared Nina. He stood as tall as her father and his skin was as pale as hers...if not more so. Ninas skin was as white as snow, and compared to him, he made the snow look yellow. The demensions in his face were clearly defined from the steel grey eyes almost looking black due to them seeming as if they were suncken in, to the shadow on his cheeks from his high rised cheek bones.

His long black and almost sjewy black hair stood out aginst his pasty skin tone. Compleatly different from the boy, this man looked sick....litteraly. The boy stood a couple of inches taller than her but shorter than Mr. Creepy (thats my name for him) and his skin was tan. He stood out amongst the three as his coffee brown skin glowed. And his neatly cut spikey black hair shined aginst the sun. His featers looked more healthy. The boys face was more round in comparison the Mr. Creepys pointy face.

Now im not saying he was fat, im sating he had structure. His jaw line was almost box shapped but had a light curve to give him the cute boy look he had. His cheek bones were also high rised, just not as high as Mr. Creeoy. He had the face of a boy that still had his baby fat. He had broad shoulder and he had a slender body frame.

Mr. Creepy stood in a fancy suite that was as black as his hair. A crimpson red vest stood out aginst the black talored in red fabric with a silk rose pattern. A silver pocket watch chain hung from the pocket beneath hid breast and down into the pocket of his black trousers. Where as the boys simple white shirt and black trousers seemed more kind. The boy seemed more welcoming.

Nina took a step back when Mr. Creepy barked his question, as well as her finding him more and more creepy. The man stared at her with one brow raised over his emotionless eyes and a smirk that almost seemed threatening. Seeing Nina take a step back, the boy steped forward and reached out his hand to her, Lightly sniling at her with gental eyes, he had his back turned to the man, he motioned for her to come forawrd.

She reached up to take his hand but in a swift movement, he pulled it away and motioned to the man with a bow. "Miss, this is my Lord Zein," with a pause he continued "he wishes to speak with you alone."

Just then, Zein stepped forward and with one strick, knocked the boy back with one swift tap of his cane. "Yes, boy. alone means with out your pathetic low life in sight, now take your leave." Ninas first impression, he was obviously power hungry and very demanding. The complete oposite of her.

Her theory was, if he did not get what he wanted, he would be angry . Seeing his actions aginst the boy infuriated Nina, she tolerates no violence. She ****ed an eye brow and stepped forward with her head heald high. She decided to test her theory.

With anger in her voice but nothing but calm and clarity escaped her lips. "I do not know who you think you are in your palace, but i know who you are here." She raised her hand and grabbed his cane. "You are a guest in my kingdome, and i wont allow you to waltz in my room especially and bark orders."

Pulling it from the boys chest, she threw it back at lord Zein causing his arm to fly back. "Not in my room, and deffinatly not in my kingdome."

Pausing,she placed her hands on her hips. "I do not know how you run things in your Kingdom but this is once again said, mine. He may be your charge or servant," pointing at the boy. "But that is not the way we do things. As long as you are here you will respect my rules as well as him."

Her voice did not change through her speech but stayed womanly and strong. Lord Zein lauphed at Nina and placed one hand over her heart and bowed. "My apologies Princess Nina but i did not mean to offend you."

He stood streight up and placed his cane on the floor, resting his hands on the metal wolf that was mounted on top. "The boy and I are..." pausing to look at him."Relaitives......in a sense."

"Meaning your not really related." she stated in her interjection.

He chuckled, "yes, meaning were not really related. i do not think of him as a servant but more as a....uhhh...." Looking at the boy he pursed his lips. He was obviously trying to decieve Nina. But she wasnt buying it.

Nina rolled her eyes and walked to her door, pulling it the rest of the way open, she motioned them both out. the boy still stood there with a blank expression but with his hand over the place where the staf had been. Though his expression seemed to be a bit more than suprised.

Nina didnt know why but she continued. "When you think of a reasonable lie, let me know. Otherwise, I ask you both kindly to leave my room." She heald her hand out the door, seeing if they would get the hint.

"I must get ready and properly meet you. I will pretend as if this did not happen." Finally taking the hint, the two, one with the blank expression, and the othr with a smirk, they leave.

With the boy walking past, Nina stopped him by grabbing his sleeve and pulled him back a little. "Will you please tell me your name? I dont want to refer to you as "boy" She rolled her eyes and put emphasis on "boy."

She stared at him curiously. He smiled blankly and placed his hand over his heart and bowed, just as Lord Creepy did before. Leaning his head up he looked deep in here eyes. "My name, is Faleion"

(part III end ^-^ please comment and tell me what you think. Any changes? Fave part, ect.)

Edited by Kitten Pharoh

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My favourite part definately is when Nina shows to a Zein who's the boss lol xD and also the wolf part at the start of the story. I love how you picture the characters so detailed and alive as they were real persons. :3 it's nice, i like this story a lot, kinda hope it would've still continued xD thank you one more time for sharing this with me~<3 ^^ *hugs*

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~giggles~ its a book. Meaning tyhere will be many more chapters to come :3 i just wish i could get more people to comment on it

~giggles~ its a book. Meaning tyhere will be many more chapters to come :3 i just wish i could get more people to comment on it

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yeah they should read it and comment it so you know what other ppl thinks as well :3 let me know if you will still add parts of this story somewhere so i can read more~ x3

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