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Kagamino City, Gold Standard Consultations

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It was another early morning handled well after an uneventful night, and thus begins the day for Jeremiah on his way to work....

Jeremiah sat comfortably on the seat of his bike as he made is way through the main city of Karakura Town, or at least the portion of the city that stands between Karakura Park and the eastern border of the town. The sun had only recently broken over the horizon and was starting to give the day the light that it normally does and he kept his music flowing through his ears. "...Still a nutcase still a pyscho, Tellin' mama, any day I might blow up, Stayin' up late where did time go, Still ain't caught a break but I'm like so what, Will my luck change fuck if I know, If I hear another no I might throw up, I'm a nutcase I'm a pyscho I'm a pyscho..." The rhythm maintained with his peddling as he followed the path that he normally would take that was provided for the biking community since few people were walking about this early along his path and even fewer were using vehicles at this time of day. 

As he was approaching the edge of the town his music was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He brought his right hand to his eye level to check his watch and noticed the display KAJE and brought his finger to his ear to press the call feature. "Brandon speaking. What's up Kara?" Both hands were back on the handle bars. "Just checking on how long until you show up?" Her voice held a bit of a tension in it which brought a bit of concern for Jeremiah, "Well, I just got out of Karakura and still have to cross the forest. Maybe forty-five minutes, give or take. Why? What is going on Kara?"

"Kuso. Alright, if you can get here a little faster that would be great." Jeremiah shook his head a little bit before speaking again, "Kara, I need you to tell me what is going on." There was a moment of silence on the phone that lasted longer than Jeremiah was okay with, "Kaje?" Suddenly she responded, "Hirosawa is here."

There was moment that took Jeremiah for a shock that he lost a moment of focus and lost a second of control, but he was able to reign it in and maintain his bike on the available path. "Landon is there? Right now?" He only recieved a simple, "Uh-huh" over the phone and he was clearly frustrated, "Why is he there? We aren't supposed to have a meeting until next week." "Yeah, that is why we were not prepared. He says that we need to have our proposal ready for his new acquisition." Annoyed, "We told him that it would be available at the end of the week for our meeting." With a sigh Kara responded, "Yeah, he assumed that meant the end of the business week. He says that his shareholders need an action plan today."

"Fuck." "Yeah, exactly. So how much longer?" There was a pause as Jeremiah started to clench his jaw slightly before relaxing and releasing a deep exhale, "Twenty minutes." "Is there anything I can do?" "Yeah, have my suit ready in my locker. Ben should be there, have him put it in there and tell Landon that the presentation is ready then take him to the Cardinal conference room with water. Make sure you have blueberries and kiwi in the tank." With that, he pressed his finger to his ear to end the call and lifted himself from the seat of the bike and prepared to push the limit...

WC: 600
TWC: 600
A Walk in the Park: 1950

Overall Word Count: 2550

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With that, he pressed his finger to his ear to end the call and lifted himself from the seat of the bike and prepared to push the limit. Jeremiah pushed forward and suddenly, in a burst of force, the bike exploded with momentum leaving a thin faint trail of blue flame upon the ground as he rushed forward. He postured himself forward to assist in cutting through the air that was flowing by him in a flurry as his vision became so focused and tunneling through the environment. His tires spun with maximum velocity as the chain caught the spark of the flames and gave the faint blue glow similar to that of the small trail that follows behind his bike. Jeremiah rushed through the forest path weaving through the trees as he cut through the forest off the path maintain his speed and using his momentum to carve through some of the rough paths. 

It felt like a matter of moments before the horizon of the city came into sight, giving Jeremiah an idea how close he was and put him in a state of concern on how much time he was shaving off. There was the fact that he had not wanted to maintain the constant flow of his power through in such a visible manner but he was under the pressure of getting to that meeting with Hirosawa as soon as he could manage. As he got to the edge of the city the blue flames started to disperse from the bike chain and trail but his momentum maintained a decent velocity as he continued along his path. 

The day was still early enough as he enter the city and recognized that people had not started to flood the streets yet, since he was out before the average start of the day for most. This was the way that he preferred it to avoid any necessary traffic but also to avoid some of the stranger interactions that he has received being an American in Japan. There remained a short distance between his current position and the office as he continued to move along the street path leading towards work. 

He arrived quickly at the at the front lobby of the office building a hopped off his bike as he continued into the building. The woman at the front desk noticed Jeremiah walking into the building and met him with a warm smile and, "Ohayōgozaimasu." Jeremiah respectfully acknowledged the woman before making his way to the elevators and noticed that one was open but had started to close. "Hold the doors. Doa o nigitte." He hoped, with every fiber of his being that they would help him in this moment, so when he saw the hand reach out of the doors and prevent the doors from closing he let out a sigh of relief as he entered the elevator taking note of the young pacific islander female. "Arigatō. Arigatōgozaimashita."

She smiled at him, in a friendly manner, "You're welcome." She nodded, "Floor?" Jeremiah glanced over at the panel and noticed that floor eight was alright illuminated, "Gold Standard." He smiled playfully, "Already headed to the same floor." She chuckled in response, "Convenient, looks like you chose the right elevator." There was a moment as attempted to compose himself, "Are you a new hire or?" "No, there is a project that needs special attention." He nodded, "Ah, a potential client." "I supposed you are one of the consultants."

"Yeah, just one of many in the row of faces." The door opened up and she proceeded to step out, "Maybe your face will be the one I need looking over my assets." With that, she continued on her steps as Jeremiah remained fixed in his place confused by that last statement and caught off guard before the door started to close. He quickly pushed his bike forward which forced the doors to remain open.

Jeremiah shook the interaction from his mind as he made his way towards the rest rooms where the showers were located in the back when Kara approached, "He is in the Cardinal conference room and ready for... Whatever you have set." He gave a nod, "Ben is keeping him busy but he is growing impatient." "Got it. By the way, are we expected any new clients today? Do you know if anyone was expected an appointment today?" She took a moment to look over her tablet, "Not that I know of, everyone is set for remote or field checks. Mr. Hirosawa wasn't even set to be here. Why?" He got to the door and proceeded forward, "No reason."

With a quick, but complete show Jeremiah was finished and suited up from the spare that he maintains in his office. He made his way through the building and ended up at the conference room watching as Ben, one of the lead consultants, attempts to maneuver his way through a conversation. Based on what he saw, Jeremiah could tell that Ben was attempting to make an actual pitch to Mr. Hirosawa as he entered the room. "Oh, Brandon. You're here." There was a pause for a second, "Wonderful, Brandon is here!" His tone changed and it gave Jeremiah all the tell that he needed. 

"Sono keikaku wa shūmatsu made ni junbi ga dekite iru to iwa reta." Mr. Hirosawa was clearly annoyed as he stood up, "This is what you show me?" Immediately Jeremiah steps forward, "My apologies Mr. Hirosawa." "I am told that it will be ready before next week. When provided clarity, I am told it will done and ready for presentation before close of business for the week." Jeremiah was clearly agitated underneath but maintain his composure as he shot a sideways glance to Ben, "Ben, if you would be so kind as to help Kara. She needed some assistance with a client call." Ben, clearly embarrassed for so many reasons, leaves the room. "It appears that Ben had been provided one of the developmental plans, and I apologize for the confusion. However, I personally have the model that guarantees the growth of your business through the acquisition of Atlas Securities and their subsidiaries and for time after." Mr. Hirosawa paused for a moment and after several moments, and with a disgruntled sigh, he took a seat. "You have five minutes."

WC: 1070
Kagamino City: 600 + 1070 = 1670
A Walk in the Park: 1950
Overall Word Count: 3620

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"You have five minutes."

That was the condition provided by Mr. Hirosawa for Jeremiah, "You have five minutes or I will take my business elsewhere." Jeremiah would have preferred so many other stipulations but having to get his pitch rolling and working in under five minutes with an already bothered client is less than stellar for his abilities; but it had to be done. Kara had already connected his device to the remote viewing display of the room and so with the ease of access via his phone, he pressed the screen and triggered the switch of the building. "Security is essential, be it physical or digital, as long as it protects the key ingredient to progress; integrity." That was the start of his pitch as he proceeded with the presentation as intended. 

47 Minutes Later

"Thank you so much, Mr. Hirosawa. Arigatō." They were both standing next to each other with smiles as Jeremiah started to bow in respect, "No, thank you Mr. Richādoson. You have done excellent work and bring honor to this place of business and to mine." With that he prepared to depart, "I look forward to a powerful relationship between our companies." "Of course sir. I will have the final write ups prepared for you personally and delivered next week." He watched as Mr. Hirosawa departed the room and made his way through the main walkway and to the elevator. Once he was certain that he had departed, Jeremiah stepped out of the door, "Benjamin!

Almost as if he was aware that he was going to be summoned, Ben stood in front of Jeremiah with a look of clear guilt. "When I brought you on as a team lead, it was to help coordinate with the team not to take charge of a project." "I apologize Mr. Richardson." "Ignoring the fact that you misinformed the client then provided a personal pitch is..." He paused as the frustration grew, "...honestly grounds for termination." "I understand. I will go clean out my cubicle." He turned to walk away as Kara approached, "Brandon." Jeremiah sighed in frustration, "Ben, you aren't fired. Just work with me here, alright?" Benjamin was clearly excited to know that he still had a job and nodded, "Yes sir!

Jeremiah brought his attention back to Kara, "Sorry about that, what is it that you need?" She hesitated for a moment, before speaking up "Your... uh... wife is in your office?" Jeremiah had to literally shake his head to catch what he just heard, "My what?" With slow sigh, "Yeah, I assumed she wasn't your wife but she charmed her way through the office and is now sitting in your office." With a sharp turn he began walking, "Did you call building security?" She nodded, "They are on the way right now. She didn't seem threatening or anything, but just being safe."

They turned a corner and from the open door he could see the same woman from the elevator. With mild hesitation, he went to enter the room when Kara grabbed his arm gently, "Should you not wait until security arrives?" "I will see if I can just get her to leave." She releases her soft grip of his arm as he enters the room.

"The elevator was a coincidence, but this is definitely intentional. What do you want?" Although his voice was calm in volume, the tone that he delivered certainly remained more aggressive in the delivery. Still, the woman remained calm if not poised enough to stay delighted to see him. "To talk. I need help." Jeremiah scoffed, "I came in here strictly to ask you to leave of your own accord before building security forces you out of the building. That is as far as my courtesy will go for my wife." She gave a slightly embarrassed smirk, "Yeah, not too proud of that but after trying to get a meeting with someone didn't work, it seemed easier to tell them my husband left something at home on his rush to bike to work." He shook his head, "Doesn't matter, will you leave of your own volition?" She nodded, "Of course. After you have heard me out." "You are not in a position to be making deals, I do hope you understand." "I couldn't agree more. It isn't a deal, I just simply want to speak my piece."

Jeremiah paused for a moment before walking around the office towards his desk and sat in his seat, "Well you have until security arrives." He sat with a stern expression, "Excellent." She started to reach into her bag to which Jeremiah put his hand up, "Whoa there." She smirked, "Relax, just some documents." She revealed a manila folder from her bag. "I am Leana Korolevu, daughter of Malachai Korolevu, which means little to you but that stands to be a very big deal. My father is involved in illegal activities and I need help stopping him." Jeremiah shook his head, "Let me stop you there. We are a business consultation company, what you are looking for is law enforcement. Local authorities are literally designed to deal with illegal activities." "I am aware of that and I certainly gave that my best effort, but I am pretty sure that my father has enough ties to the local authorities that they didn't even give it a second glance. My father has since been distant from me and I am sure since he has an idea that I tried to speak up about him." "Okay. Assuming I go along with what you are saying. Why are you still walking around and what makes you think that we can do any better than law enforcement?"

"At the end of the day, I am still daddy's little girl. That is probably the only thing that has kept me alive, but his associates are definitely losing their patience with my father's blind eye and more than anything lost their patience with me in general. I can not seem to get anyone to help me investigate them via legal or law enforcement methods but if you can help me establish a business that can take his out or even prove viable enough a threat. I can find a way to expose something on the legal side of things." Jeremiah clenched her eyes and put a few fingers to his forehead, "You want to develop a business model so that you can, through some convoluted method, expose your father's illegal operations in the hope to do what exactly?" She placed the folder on his desk, "To dismantle their global crime organization."

There was pause before Jeremiah let out a soft laugh, "Wow, you are certifiably insane." He waived his hand at the door as the two guards who were on standby enter the room and stood on either side of the woman. "Fine. I just thought that a company that values integrity so much would have enough to stand up for what is right." "Just get out." The guards proceeded to take her out, "Read the file at least." With a soft shove she was out of the office and escorted out of the floor and out of his life. "Kara." She stepped into the room, "Yes?" "Can you start an order for the cafe run? I need a-" "Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with three pumps of peppermint?" With a sigh, "Yes please. And close my door." With a nod, she made her way out of the room with the door closed behind her.

23 Minutes Later

Jeremiah was moving through some paper work when the file provided by Leana came into view once more. He took it into his hand and went to toss it in the trash, but for a moment considered looking into the contents for the sake of curiosity of a mentally unstable woman. He leaned back and opened the file to find files on a few people with pictures and notes scribbled around, "Fullbringers?" In there were names of a few people, "Connor Knight... Rayzoric..." As well a few organizations apparently, one of which was highlighted, "Wilds?" He continued on another few files talking about a Doctor who has magical healing powers and other details that sound remarkably like a vampire. Finally there was a section that highlighted the man that she spoke about, "Malachai Korolevu.... Quincy? His Epitaph, is H for Hachiman...

That was the word that caught him as he repeated it, "Hachiman." Quickly he jumped on the phone and called out.

"Ale? " ... "Is Kyonte with you?" ... "I may have found Hachiman."

WC: 1450
Kagamino City: 1670 + 1450 = 3120
A Walk in the Park: 1950
Overall Word Count: 5070

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