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Ryu Nakamura

The web of the spider meets the blades of the mantis.

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The crackling noise could be heard once more as the mouth of the gargonta opens, Yamashiro stepped out from the endless void as he now stood there floating in the sky above karakura town, he looked down onto the ground and the humans looked just like small ants crawling around now knowing that just above there little worthless heads stood a being of such force that he could destroy half the city if so desired. But that was now why Yamashiro was there, his only hopes was to find a fighter that could actually give him a decent show down cause he was not finding it back in the realm of hueco mundo. Yamashiro slowly descended down until he landed on the ground, he could tell that here in the world of the living the abundance of reishi was not as much as there was in places like hueco mundo or in the soul society but at least it was not suffocating. He had only been in the human world once or twice but he did not really have the time to just look around, there was lots of green trees and the people walking around was more in the open which was nothing like hueco mundo cause there the hollows was always hiding or keeping to them self. 

As the people walked around Yamashiro wondered if some could see him cause a few humans would suddenly stop walking long enough to look his way before they shook there head before they turned around and continued walking in the direction that they was walking in. Yamashiro could tell that he had been here in the human world now for at least thirty minutes so he was starting to wonder why his presence here has not brought any soul reapers or other higher ranking spiritual beings here to his location. " Hold it right there arrancar i can not let you be here in the world of the living its now time..." Raising his hand and making it look like a gun he fired a bala that would blow the beings head off from his shoulders but sense he was a human type when that happened it caused a panic with the humans who could not understand why this man suddenly lost his head, they all started running around like actual ants.  Yamashiro could tell that after something like that it was sure to bring other spiritual beings here for him to fight. 

He was not wrong either cause about five minutes later he was met with resistance as five people suddenly appeared about him with there weapons drawn and ready to fight him, he could tell that they was all from different races cause there way of dressing differ. One he could tell was a soul reaper cause they had a zanpakto in his hand as he had the blade pointed at him, the second must have been a quincy cause they had all white on and there weapon of choice was a bow and arrow that was formed out of nothing more then reiyoku. With them was a human cause he had black leather pants and a vest but that was about all he had on him. The forth was another soul reaper but this mans spiritual pressure was odd for a soul reaper, it was something that he had not come across before. As for the last one he was not sure if he was a human or a soul reaper.   

wc: 582

twc:   1,488

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Yamashiro looked on in front of him as the five people was ready to come at him but they did not dear move cause they knew that they was not about to fight just any old arrancar, they could sense how strong his spiritual pressure was and that was with out him flaring it up. " I see your wise to not just jump in at me blind, but your not gonna beat me by just standing around looking at me. But can you really beat me tho i wonder." Yamashiro would say as he removed his white glove that covered his right hand and showed the black number 0 tattoo that was on the back of his hand. As soon as the people saw the tattoo on his hand there faces went white and they all took a step back knowing that they was now fighting a espada. Yamashiro would chuckle at there cowardice as a large grin would spread across his face as images of how he pictured this fight going for him. Just the thought of all the blood and guts made a sign of bliss come across his face as his eyes could show his blood lust for there corps to be. With a sudden boom yamashiro vanished from there sight as he appeared behind the human that he did not know what kind of race he was, he had reached forward as he grabbed his head from behind and started to grip down on to his skull. Yamashiro could feel the cracking of his skull under the pressure of his hand and he just smiled but it seemed that this little act of his finally got the fire started under there asses cause they now seemed ready to fight him. 

The person that reminded him of a shinigami raised his hand up to his face then with a quick swipe of his hand he brought his hand down as if he was clawing his face, as he did a white and red mask would suddenly appear and as it did Yamashiro could feel his reiyoku change and he could sense that of a hollow mixed in with that of a soul reaper. The hollow like shinigami decided that he would make the first move against him, so he moved in as he tried to cut yamashiro from his side so to block that yamashiro just turned around to face the attack and raised the body that he had in his hand up so that the soul reapers blade would slash into the persons body. He could hear as the blade of the soul reaper cut into the fighters body, the sound of steel and flesh was a noise that yamasiro would never stop liking. He could hear the meat shield yelling like crazy when the swords edge began filleting the skin from the guys body as the it went deeper into the skin. As soon as the soul reaper noticed what happened he suddenly jumped back away from yamashiro and the guy he had in his hand. 

" Damn you stinking arrancar, using a person like that as a shield is dirty fighting. Why not let him go and fight us for real like a real hollow and stop hiding behind that man." Yamashiro started laughing at what the quincy said to him as he had his energy bow pointed right at his head. " Ha ha ha ha ha, oh you seem to have it all wrong little quincy, im not hiding and to be honest you little ants are not even worth fighting. In fact i am just having some fun with you guys until some one stronger appears. Its like this im the spider and your all the fly's, and i never take my food seriously." After saying that yamasiro tightened his grip on the guys head in his hand, the person started yelling very loud as he started to beg for his life and ask the others to hurry up and safe him.  Yamashiro could feel something coming his way to turning to face it, that was wen he noticed that it was a energy arrow from the quincy, but yet again yamashiro used the meat shield in his hand to block the attack. This time around the arrow shot though the guys leg and missed yamashiro by inches, he would have to watch this quincy cause he might actually have some skill.

Yamashiro heard a thump noise so looking down, he noticed that the person in his hands leg had fallen onto the ground. Yamashiro just shook his head as he bent over and picked up the leg that came off the man. As he bent over it was just seconds before that in which the other shinigami with out the mask attempted to cut off yamashiro head from behind but as he bent over to pick up the leg the soul reapers attack failed and missed him. But once yamashiro picked up the leg he used the stump of a leg and smashed it across the face of the soul reaper and sent him flying back. " Tisk tisk, it seems like my play thing is falling apart, here i thought people was made from tougher stuff then this. Oh well i shall get as much out of you before your no longer of use." Yamashio said as he was laughing at the sight unfolding before him. So far from what he has seen the quincy was the only one there that was worth his time, but then again that last soul reaper was sneaky enough that he was actually able to get behind him with out him noticing so maybe he might have some skill also. 

Yamashiro could hear a person yelling and it was not coming from the person in his hand, so turning around he saw the third human running towards him, the person jumped up into the air as he threw a punch at yamashiro, he was surprised to see another person who liked to fight using his strength but if all they was gonna do was keep attacking him one person at a time then they was never gonna get any where. But it was soon to be shown that he was not aiming for yamashiro but instead he punch the guy in his hand so hard that it shattered his head causing it to explode. " Your finished using him as your toy, this is why i hate hollows so they have no honor or they do not know the value of a persons life. he is a fighter so he should at least die a fighters death." Yamashiro looked down towards the body which was now laying at his feet, the human looked very pissed off but he was probably gonna get even more mad cause yamashiro took his leg as he kicked the body so hard that it smashed into the human as they was both sent flying back so far that they crashed into a building.  Yamashiro then started looking at the remaining fighters with a grin on his face. " It looks like my toy got broke so who is gonna be my replacement." He said as he started laughing in a very sadistic way, he was getting very excited to be able to fight so many skilled people at once. 

wc: 1,227

twc: 2,715

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Yamashiro fight with the spiritual beings had been going on for a while now and he had managed to kill off all of them but 1, this one tho was a lot stronger then the others in the group that showed up to fight him so this made yamashiro very happy. The soul reaper which was fighting  yamashiro was spinning his namikazi on a chain before he threw the small scythe like weapon towards yamashiro but by throwing up his sword yamashiro was able to smack it away from him. This did not seem to stop the shinigami cause that attack was nothing more then a diversion cause he had used flash step and was now right in front of yamashiro as he was bringing his weapons down. Unfortunately for the soul reaper but as his weapons hit the espada's skin it slid off of him and he could see sparks as if metal was grinding against metal. Yamashiro grinned at the soul reaper as he tightened his fist and smashed it into his face as hard as he could, as he did the shinigami was sent flying back so fast and hard that he crashed into a building. After the dust and particles of glass vanished he could see that there was a decent sized hole in the wall where he crashed, yamashiro knew that he could do better but for all he knew the soul reaper must have done something before crashing to lessen the impact. 

" That was a good hit you gave me arrancar, i can see now why you was given the rank of espada. But do not count me out just yet, i still have tricks up my sleeve i have not used yet." The soul reaper would say as he spat out a tooth and some blood from his mouth, yamashiro was disappointing that he was not able to smack the soul reapers head clean off of his body when he hit him. The soul reaper then raised his arm and pointed his index fingers towards him and as he did he suddenly fired a blue beam of energy towards yamashiro, it was lucky for him that he could see the attack coming so he just stepped to the side and watched as it went right past him, but just then out of the corner of his eye he noticed that the soul reaper was now on his side as he suddenly threw his weapon at him again so taking his arm yamashiro would grab the chain part which was attached at the end of his handle and yanked on it and watched as the soul reaper came flying towards yamashiro. As the shinigami got close enough yamashiro made a fist and smashed down and brought his fist into the face of the soul reaper. As he did he also smashed the soul reapers face right into the ground and he crated a small crater, but this would be the less of his worry cause right after this yamashiro would bring back his leg and he kicked the soul reaper in the ribs and sent him flying. 

Yamashiro watched as the body went flying then after a while it smashed into the ground and bounced a few yards before grinding into the dirt and it did not come to a stop for a god distance, and yamashiro was not done there as he was not taking the chance that he did not kill off the soul reaper with that last attack so he charged up a cero in his hand and fired it towards the soul reaper who was still just laying there on the ground. Just then he watched as something crashed into his cero as he did not see a big boom from the cero landing onto the ground with the soul reaper, as the dust vanished he saw the soul reaper kneeling there as he had some kind of spinning yellow disk spinning in front of him. He guessed that was how the soul reaper was able to stop his attack, and he was happy cause he would hate it of this fight decided to end to quickly. 

wc: 698

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Yamashiro started to laugh knowing that this soul reaper had more in him then what he looked like which was a relief. " Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, i take it that is a kido spell, well its not one i have ever seen before so i take it there are a lot of those blasted things. Oh well just cause you know how to use those little parlor tricks dose little for your chances to beat me so how about coming at me for real this time." Yamashiro said as he pulled out his sword which was his way of saying to the soul reaper that he was ready to take this battle for real. The soul reaper got mad at the espada yamashiro and with his hands already raised up in front of him  he would fire out a beam of yellow energy so yamashiro used his webbinng to form a shield that managed to block the attack, tho what he did not know at first was that this attack that the shinigami hit his shield with caused his web to crack all over from the spot of impact then it shattered into small pieces like it was made if glass. 

Just then the soul reaper was in yamashiro face as he brought his weapon down towards the espada, but even tho the shinigami had some speed to him yamashiro could still see every movement the soul reaper did so as he swung his weapon at yamashiro the arrancar just raised his sword up and clashed the guys sword. The clash of metal meeting metal caused sparks to go flying all around like fireworks was being seen coming off of there blades. " Damn you hollow, why wont you just die already. Your all the same, no matter how strong we gods of death get its like there you are you do not even have to try you just eat one another like savages and some how you can grow in power. I hate you so much, that is why here today if i can not kill you i will die trying." Once the soul reaper spoke his little speech like all of his kind liked doing the soul reaper sliced again with his sword but once again yamashiro blocked it before he raised his hand with his fist balled up. " Oh stop your wining already trash and just fight already, if this is the best you can come at me with then this battle will not last to much longer so i advise upping your game unless you really do wish to die a senseless death." With that said yamashiro hit the soul reaper in the chest with three blasts from his bala. 

The attacks from the bala had enough force behind it to cause him to fly back ten feet before he was smashed into the ground once again, for some god of death yamashiro thought that the shinigami liked to see the ground. Slinging his arm out in front of him yamashiro shot a web string from his hand as it reached out and suddenly spread out looking like a spider thread as it stuck to the soul reaper. Yanking on the string yamashiro brought the shinigami up into the air before he slammed him back down into the ground very impact-full  as he left a crater in the ground where he was smashed at, after a few times of doing this yamashiro swung the soul reaper around by the string before he released the hold of it which sent the young looking soul reaper flying into a near by building but cause the attack hit a beam holding the building up the small shop building came crashing down on top of the soul reaper. As yamashiro stood there waiting for the captain to stand back up he noticed some spiritual pressure of decent portion start to head towards him and this soul reaper which meant that they must be other soul reapers coming to this shinigami aide. 

" I see you have company coming to save you little soul reaper, i wonder if you would get serious if those souls was put into deaths clutches. Lets see shall we, if you do not wish for this city block and those soul reapers coming this way to be Destroyed  then i advise you to pull your panties up and get your ass in gear. " Raising his arm towards where the spiritual pressure was coming from he charged up a massive cero and then fired it towards the spiritual pressure of the in coming soul reapers. But just then the soul reaper jumped in front of his attack and yamashiro could feel a immense surge of spiritual pressure and his cero was cut into small pieces as they suddenly exploded behind the soul reaper and it was like watching a light show going off. " Damn you hollow how dear you try to attack my fiends that is coming this way. I also can not fathom it but some how you have caused me to activate my Bankai which i have sworn to never use. Well i guess the only thing left to do is to just take you out quickly so that my comrades will not have to see me looking like this." The soul reaper was now donning a black jacket that had a long tail which was jagged like it was ripped some, he where a hood so it was hard to see the soul reapers face, his weapons had changed from being small scythes to being full fledged scythes as they had black and red blades and on the top of the scythes it had a spike, the scythe blades was also three blades to each scythe. 

" Now that is what i am talking about, maybe now i can finally get a challenge from you, or are you still gonna be that same old weakling i was fighting with before, we shall see seen i hope." Just as soon as yamashiro finished speaking he used sonido and appeared behind the soul reaper and brought his sword down onto the shinigami trying to cut right into the soul reapers shoulder blade and taking out his ability to use his scythes but the soul reaper raised his scythe up and blocked the attack but it was not as easy to do as the soul reaper would think cause as yamashiro blade came down onto the handle of the scythes the power behind the attack caused the soul reaper to be pushed down onto the ground. Yamashiro would not stop with his assuilt as he kept swinging his sword down not giving the soul reaper time to think about a counter attack or what his next move would be cause at the moment all he would be able to think of was to not let up his guard cause if he dd tthen he would be dead.  

wc: 1,163

total wc: 1,861

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