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The Devil's Song

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Yusei and Ayumi sat in the dinning room in their home, the lights down and a lone candle placed in the middle of the table. Multiple dishes were sat at the table, each having a different item on it. Steak, lobster, rice, potatoes. A full spread fit for two. It had been quite some time since the two of them had time to enjoy each other's company. Every time prior revolved around work at Noir or work with the Wandenreich. It was always something but today...today it was only the two of them. “How's everything at Noir?” Yusei says as he begins to cut into the T-bone steak placed in front of him. “Things have been good. Production is up and we are trying to negotiate some new clients. Which reminds me, Frieda and I have scheduled a meeting with you and a new potential client who may want to do business with us. His name is Connor Knight. Frieda says she'll send you the details later. Man, Frieda has been a godsend with helping out with the day to day operations. Between that and training your cousin, I don't know how she does it.” “Neither do I to be honest with you. Sibylle can be a bit of a handful.” “Will she be joining your Wandenreich activities? It seems that all of you Quincy get involved in that one way or another.” Yusei laughs as he washes down his food with a glass of wine, thoroughly enjoying the evening. He collects both of their dishes and moves to the sink to wash them. “That's up to her. His Majesty won't force anyone to join if they don't want to. I do expect someone from the Imperial Guard to meet with her or arrange a meeting with him in order to grant her a Sanrei Glove. After that, it's all on her.” As he continues to wash, Ayumi's phone begins to ring. She hurriedly moves to the phone, placing it on her ear as she flops down on the couch. “Hello? Oh Frieda! How are you doing tonight? Yusei? Yeah, he's washing dishes. Sure, hold on a second.” Ayumi quickly moves from the couch and holds the phone up to the Quincy's ear. “Yusei? His Majesty has a job for you. There have been reports of a rogue Sternritter out in the area. He's killed a few fellow Quincy and even made an attempt on his Majesty's life. Jin and the rest of the Imperial Guard are out on another missions so you are the closest one to him.” Yusei sighs as he turns the water off and dries his hand before grabbing the phone from Ayumi. “Rogue Sternritter huh? Alright, I'll head out and take care of it. Hey...do you have the thing I asked you about earlier?” “The ring? Yeah, I have it. When are you going to pop the question? Hopefully soon. I can't keep the secret from her any longer.” “Soon..” Yusei says as he hangs up, rolling his eyes as he does so. He hands the phone back to Ayumi and gives her a small kiss upon her cheek. “Duty calls?” “Duty calls. His Majesty has a mission and Jin, as usual, is unavailable. Thankfully, the mission is in the area so I should be back home soon.” She stares into his eyes and gently caresses his face before moving back into the kitchen. “Be careful hero man.” Silverware clangs together as she retrieves a spoon form the drawer and a pint of ice cream from the freezer. “Let me know if you need me run surveillance. If not, bring me some more ice cream while you're out.” she says as she settles back down on the couch with a spoonful of ice cream. Yusei heads upstairs and changes clothing before coming back down. “Chocolate?” Ayumi nods as she is once again engrossed in her television program. Yusei couldn't help but stare at her in admiration. She was his anchor to everything normal yet totally understanding of everything else going on in his life. Flashing a quick smile, Yusei exits the house and gets on his bike. It was time to find this Rogue Sternritter.

WC: 700

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