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DR. YOAKE, HINODE "Modern Hippocrates"

"See, people like to believe that the Hippocratic Oath includes 'First, do no harm' but the truth is that such language does not exist anywhere in the Oath so..." HINODE to Xavier (Quincy)



DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTERYOAKEHINODE (日の出夜明け, "Breaking Dawn, Sunrise ") is a spiritually aware, artificially created being known as a "Bount" currently living in Karakura, Japan. Originally born in Tokyo but removed from all public records. "Official" records declare that Hinode graduated from Medical College at Harvard University and spent a few years with the World Health Organization learning new methods of Medicine and Science. Eventually, he brought his practice to Karakura Town opening-up "Panzer Clinic".

Basic Information


ALIAS| "Yo-Yo", "Miracle Worker", "Hino", "Doctor", "You-Ok"
BIRTHDAY| January 31st
AGE| 20 - 22 (Apparent) 125 - 145 (Approximate)
HEIGHT| 160 cm (5'3")
WEIGHT| 46 kg (101 lbs)
AFFILIATION| Panzer Clinic, Harvard Alumni, World Health Organization,
OCCUPATION| Medical Doctor, Professor at College of Medicine
PARTNER| Nurse Shifuku Teien (至福庭園, "Bliss Garden"), Ashley Nikoli
BASE OF OPERATIONS| Panzer Clinic, Karakura
CLASSIFICATION | Genius Visionary


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Bount Details

Soul Charges Available5 Souls
Additional Soul Charge: 450 Words (10% Reduction through 'Spiritual Wit' Genius Perk)
Bonus Soul Charge Amount: +5 Souls
Next Bonus Soul Charge: 10 Souls

Soul Bound Techniques

Block: Generate a barrier of Spiritual Energy. [Known]
Blast: Short range blast of Spiritual Energy. [Known]
Grenade: Launch a ball of Spiritual Energy that can explode by the will of the Bount. [Known]

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Dr. Hindoe Yoake
Maximum Fate Point Balance | 6

  • Reiatsu Benchmark 30k [3]
  • Achievements [3]

Current Purchases | 0

  • None Currently | 0

Ending Fate Point Balance | 6


#08 [THE KNOW IT ALL | (3) ] Master all of your race's Race-Based Techniques | Bount Techniques Available.

Legend Point Balance | 0

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- Hinode loves apples for their sweet flavor and the irony, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"

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