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Ryu Nakamura

Zenaku's First Mission As A Squad Ten Officer

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Zenakus head laid firmly on the pillow as he was sleeping but he was slowly waking up cause every day he always woke up around six am which meant that it was getting real close to that time. Just then there was a large bang on his door so zenaku shot up from his bed and rushed over to his door and opened it to see the 4th seat of his squad standing there with a note pad in hand. " Zenaku Shiba correct." The fourth seat to his squad was a very slender but beautiful woman who went by the odd name of the ogre shzune shinamuri, she had short pink and purple hair that came down to about here eye brows. She had fusha colored eyes and for some reason always looked like she was giving people evil looks. " Yes mam i am zenaku shiba tenth seat officer of squad ten third platoon." Zenaku said as he raised his hand up to his head as he saluted her, he was not really sure what was going on cause this almost never happened unless they was doing a practice drill but there was something different about this one that told the young soul reaper that there was something happening." All high ranking officers in squad ten from tenth seat up is being called in for a emergency meeting, you are to report to the vice captains room by no later then 9 am, sense the vice captain and captain are currently not here the third seat shall be in charge."

Once she was done talking she wrote down something in her note pad then walked away as she headed towards the room of there ninth seat officer of squad ten. Zenaku closed the door to his room and pondered just what it could be that was going on to have the highest ranking members of the squad having to meet. Normally that dose not happen unless there was a war happening or a great threat was needed to be taken out but in that last case would't they just send there stronger fighters out why bother with zenaku who was only the tenth seat and even then he was just the tenth cause he could use shikai and he was good at using kido. So still having time before the big meeting zenaku decided to go take a shower then after that he got dressed but it normally took him a while to make his self look perfect that by the time he was finished he looked at the clock and noticed that it was already 8:30 so he needed to get moving or else he would be late to the meeting. He did not wish to be late to the party seeing as he wanted to make a good impression to the other high ranking members of the squad and being late was not a good start. after leaving his room and locking it zenaku used flash step to quickly make it from where his room was to being now in front of the vice captains quarters so opening the door he walked in only to find that he was still the last one to arrive to the meeting so he went and got in line with every one else.

" Welcome members of squad ten, the reason i have called you all in here is cause we have found three threats inside of the forests, there are two adjuchas level hollows and they must be first found observed then taken out and that is why i have called you ten fighters in here today. I shall be making two teams to go out there and deal with them, first our two team leaders for this mission. They are me the third seat, shizune the fourth sea now when i call out your name you shall step forward and i will tell you which team your going with. First is our 5th seat Mizuki shabana, she shall be with me on this mission, and next is our 6th seat gaizo nobu."

 When Iknair spoke his name a large built man walked fowards he had one half of his soul reaper out fit missing on the top half and he had long black hair which he had in a pony tail." Gaizo you shall be in team one with me, next 7th seat Rin abarai." this time a woman walked forwards that had golden hair that was meduim length and she had on some kind of knee and elbow pads on. " Rin you shall be in the second company  with shizune. Next can i have 8th seat haei come forward." The next person to step forwards was a smaller boy looking soul reaper that had dark spiky hair that pointed up almost as if he had been struck by lightning. " Heai you shall be in second company  with Mizuki, next is fukaku kaiba. 9th seat" this time a boy not much taller then heai stepped forward that had short spiky hair that was deep blue. " Fukaku you shall come with me and lastly we have Zenaku shiba tenth seat, you shall go with our forth seat shizune. Now we do not have any idea what these hollows can do which is why i ask that you look on and analyze them first before you go in for the kill cause i do not wish to have any deaths in my squad at least not until our vice captain and captain return but really do not die on me."

iknari said as the two teams formed up and used flash step to vanish from where they was, zenakus team exited the gates that lead into the rukongai districts then kept going until they reached the edge of the forest. From what the report said that the team was handed the hollow that they was looking for was some where in this area but as to the exact location they was not a hundred percent sure which was why this team was formed so that they could go out and deal with the threat that was wreaking havoc around these parts.  " Ahhhhhhhh" Out of no where the squad heard the sound of a beast yell out with a fierce scream, either it was something like a bear or tiger that was suddenly attacked or it was the hollow that they was out looking for and in which case the squad needed to go and check out what it was even if it was nothing more then a false alert.  Zenaku looked over to where shizune was to see what her orders was sense she was the one leading this exposition, she raised her hand and gave the signal to head out so with out a second thought the three soul reapers went in to flash step as they rushed towards the area where they heard the sound. As they approached the area they saw a tall patch of grass so they all hid and noticed that it was indeed a hollow that had made the yell but he was not alone as he had a person in his hands and he was ripping them apart as he was eating them like pieces of chicken wings.  

wc: 1,214

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Zenaku and gang just stood there as they could not take there eyes off of the beast that was standing before them, one of the members of the squad could not seem to handle seeing a person being ripped in half so he tossed up his gut which zenaku found to be very unbecoming of a soul reaper. If you could not even handle something like a person dying how are you supposed to be able to save people who are being killed but he would not have to worry about it for to much longer cause the hollow tossed down the broken and eaten remains of the poor soul as he started sniffing the air around him. " I thought they would send some better tasting food my way if i continued to kill off there people." The hollow said as he chuckled before he turned and looked right towards where zenaku and the others was hiding. " There is no need to hide from me soul reaper, my nose is very keen and i know just where you are. I am the king of these forest as nothing can escape from my presence ha ha ha ha. Now how about you come out so we can meet each other properly."

The four soul reapers stepped out from behind the high grass that they was using to hide there selfs and walked out into the open but they managed to stay a good ways away from the hollow cause he was not sure just what this beast was capable of and they did not wish to risk any thing by getting to close to it. " Why have you been causing trouble hollow. We would not have even knew about a aduchjuas level hollow here in the forest if you had just laid low so why attract attention to your self now." Shizune had asked the hollow as she reached down and pulled out two zanpakto from her side, one was a longer normal looking katana but the other one was a little shorter and if zenaku knew his knowledge on swords it was what was called a wikashi which is longer then a short sword but shorter then a normal standard sword that the academy gives you when first starting.  Sense Shizune was drawing her blade Zenaku drew his also and got to the ready to fire a kido spell if he needed to and as they did that the others also drew there swords also and got into a fighting stance. 

" Ha ha ha ha, i always knew that soul reapers was dense as fuck but boy you are stupid, i just said that i wanted better tasting food and from the smell coming off of you trash i would say that you shall make for a decent meal." Getting a better look at this beast zenaku noticed that he had different parts of animals on him, his head and torso was that of a lion. His legs was that of a bull and his arms was of some kind of reptile cause they was covered with scales, he also noticed that the beast had some horns coming out of his head. The lions mane was twisted into braids which all went back to behind his head.  " So your only reason for killing these poor souls was cause you wanted better food....that is the worst thing i have ever heard a hollow utter in my whole life. I shall kill you and make you pay you bastard." The fourth seat shizune did not have any words to speak as she quickly went into flash step then as she got close to the hollow she brought both of her swords down from above her head as she tried to end the fight swiftly but the hollow saw this coming and with one quick motion brought a two sided battle axe up which he used to block her attack. " Im disappointed  in you soul reaper, i would have expected a lot more from a high ranking member of the curt guard squads." 

Just then the hollow took his free arm and he smashed his fish into the midsection of the forth seat shinune and she was sent flying back, she then smashed into the ground and a large dust cloud formed around where she was so he was not able to see if she was dead or how bad she was hurt. " Ha ha ha, trash the lot of ya. I hope you fellows put up more of a fight then she did." the hollow said as he gazed at them with those eyes that burned with hunger and the thought of a good fight also, zenaku could already see that this fight was gonna be a very hard one cause for him to be able to hit there forth seat away like that he had some good perception and strength but there had to be some way for them to handle this hollow with out ending up like shizune.  " Every one i need you to distract that beast long enough for me to do something, it should only take a few seconds but if he sees it then the tactic i have in mind will fail." zenaku said to the other two as he thought about which kido art spell he would need to use, this adjuchas was very strong it was clear on that but even a strong being as this hollow would have a hard time getting back up from a high powered kido spell. The other two nodded there heads as one went in front of him while the second one went behind him. 

He was not sure how well this idea of his would work but he needed to do two things in this fight, the first was to some how by enough time for forth seat to recover enough energy to get back into the fight, while the second was to gather up enough energy to fire off a very power kido that would hopefully take a arm or leg from this hollow he just hoped that he did not have high speed regeneration. But from what he learned in the academy was that it was mostly the higher evolved hollows like the vosto lorde that had that powerful technique but they could never know what these monsters was able to do. Raising his right arm he pointed the palm of his hand towards the menotar  looking hollow and a yellowish golden orb of energy formed in his hand. "Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!" Hadō # 63: Raikōhō" Just then a beam of yellow energy fired out from his hand as it made its way towards the adujchuas hollow as lightning sparkled around the beam. The hollow must have seen the attack heading his way as he back handed one member of the squad then kicked the other before bringing his large battle axe down as he managed to cut the hado spell in half and each part went past him and they exploded behind him. " Ha ha ha ha ha, lowly soul reaper your tactic was to easily predicted if your gonna get me then you shall have to do a lot better then that. But i shall at least give you points for your attempt cause you actually made my hand tingle." The hollow said as he continued laughing as the three soul reapers gathered back together to figure out a new plan. 

wc: 1,277

twc: 2,491

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