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Yusei Kinoshita

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L - The Lion



Race: Quincy (Gemischt)
Affiliation: Wandenreich
Personification: The Left & Right Arm of the Soul King
Epithet: L - The Lion
Occupation: Right of the Imperial Guard | Field Commander
Team: Sternritter | Schutzstaffel
Base of Operations: Naruki City | Silbern
Class: Brute | Sub-Class: Tank
Spirit Weapon: Brass Knuckles
Signature Skill: ???

Combat Stats

Reiatsu: 43,000
Class: Brute
Sub-Class: Tank

Natural Defense: 
Strength:  [Throwing Speed:]
Reiryoku:  [Reiryoku Speed:]

Fate Points | Achievements | Purchases

Fate Point Benchmark: 30K [3]
Maximum Fate Point Balance: 5

Current Fate Point Balance: 1

Achievements: [2]

  • YK#4 [Not Alone (2): [Yusei Kinoshita Exclusive] [2]


  • Major:
  • Minor
    • [4 Points] - 1st Focus [Speed]

Timeline of Events

ACT I: The Child of God

Powers & Abilities | Equipment



Seele Schneider


Quincy Abilities

Blut Vene
Blue Arterie

Jilliel (Judgment of God)The visage of a pair of white angel wings appear behind Yusei as he delivers a massive punch that leaves the imprint of the Wandenreich symbol scorched in flames on the ground below. [Brute Class “Devastating Blow” cosmetic]

Jerahmeel (God's Exaltation) - Lines of Blut Vene completely cover Yusei's body allowing him to negate any ability that he comes in contact with for a short time. [Tank Sub-Class “Ironclad” cosmetic]

Black Sanrei Glove

Gabriel (Might of God)

Za'afiel (Wrath of God)

Haniel (Grace of God)


Quincy: Vollständig

Ariel (Lion of God)

Shamsiel (Sun of God)



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