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San Salvatore

To Test A Leader

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It had been a couple of weeks since Salvatore had left the Rukongai districts, along with his new ally. In that time the fifth seated officer had went on to become Vice Captain of his squad. However not by the means he had wanted but by corruption and death a friend and leader. That story was for another time. Being the new leader, sub leader of his squad Salvatore had acquired the access to troop movements, financials, recruitment, training regiments, patrol to the name a few. You could say in the time of becoming the Lieutenant the once fifth seat was now thrown into the duties and was overwhelmed at first. Luckily he had his newly appointed third seat Zen to help out with the proceedings. After the weeks had passed the newly appointed Vice was finally caught up and more aware of his new duties. He finally had begun to get back on track with his own training and efforts outside his squad. Such as getting Zeus the young boy from the districts to move into the barracks and begin his training under San. Also begin his efforts to find suitable candidates for the mission he and his ally had begun within the districts. This would of been and easy task to find able body reapers. However such a traitorous outcome befalling the squad, the members were being vetted. A process that took time, and was highly necessary. Which was one of the reasons San had the top twenty ranking officers focused on one varying aspect of the squad that would direct strictly back to him, and him to the Captain. It would remain this way even when all were cleared and passed the various investiagtions that currently were being conducted. The Vice liked the idea of certain ones leading certain roles, it allowed for more structure and keeping him in the loop and more aware of the situations whatever they maybe. Also easier to hold one accountable and see if they were worthy of the top twenty seats which ever one it maybe.

Even though alot was happening at his squad he always kept the mission of the districts in his mind. An finally after all, he manged to vet and clear the top twenty ranking officers along with forty good strong, devoted and loyal members. "Tenth Seat Turo Kobayashi, are the troops ready for deployment?"  The Vice Captain says as he appears thirty feet from the group of squad members who were selected by himself, and the tenth seat who would be his leader of said troops under the squad four Lieutenant of course. "Sir, the men have just finished packing, and gathering there supplies, and are ready to move out." Tenth seat would reply, San nodding back in acceptance and approval. Salvatore would quickly address his men, before heading out. "As you all know i have selected you all  personally for this mission. A mission which will help change the lives and the districts forever. Tenth seat Turo Kobayashi will be your ranking officer on this mission. However squad fours Lieutenant will be your commander. Your jobs will be more of reinforcement and security. For now this deployment will be atleast a month long venture, which in time i will approve another group of members to change out. Allowing you all to return and get some R-n-R. In the end i hope to create a ever exchanging routine of troops, that way not one group is pushed or gone for too long. Now men follow me, time to move out."  Salvatore would say with a strong, stern and confident voice. The men would reply in unison, "Yes Sir" Grabbing there duffel bags filled with there various supplies, ranging from extra clothes, personal items, maps, books, even some with rations to help extend there duration and not impede so greatly on squad fours food. In the end they had what they needed to perform the task at hand to the best of there capabilities.

The group of forty shinigami would move out slightly past sunrise, they would move in formation. Eight rows of five men each, with the tenth seat closet to there new sub leader. Vice Captain Salvatore would walk alone ahead of the group. As a true leader would. As they passed threw various districts they were met by various looks. Most of shock and confusion, citizens speculating and even worried about why such a troop would be pressing into the districts. This was only to be expected as the districts grew to hate, fear the Reapers when in no way it should be that way. In was something this campaign could change, and bring the soul society more whole then ever before. After all the human world wasnt the Reapers only duties, it also included protection and governing over the souls within the district something that had become lost in time. Becoming a minor focal point, fading in and out. 

After sometime of travel the troops and there leader would arrive outside the main encampment, by now the it was high noon, the sun blazed high on the cloudless day. Salvatore would stop his movement, his squad members doing the same. He would motion for the Tenth seat to break ranks and go to his side. "Tenth seat Turo, remain here with the troops while i go find the Lieutenant." With a simple nod and "Sir" would turn and motion for the troops. The troops would drop there various supply bags and take a seated position. The Vice Captain would begin walking closer to the gates, which by now was fortified with more guards upon the presence of squad 7. It would be known he was coming, atleast likely. However first glance the squad four members wouldnt realize or recognize the troops at there gate. Atleast not until they would see the blue man, San Salvatore. He wore the same attire as before, normal shinigami wear, all black. With a sleeveless top, and custom hood draped over most of his face. His Vice Captain badge placed along his hip near his sheathed Zanpaktu. Before the squad four members would see him in his full, realizing who he was they had surely informed there Lieutenant. Removing his hood, Salvatore would smile. "Vice Captain San Salvatore, here for the Lieutenant. I have brought the backup as promised...." He would motion towards his men who sat merely twenty yards behind his current position. Some restoration officers would express joy and excitement seeing there new comrades, however none woud move until there commander gave the order. They would allow San in, allowing for the two to meet, if he wasnt already standing behind the makeshift wall/gate.


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Elder Zarrow sits across from the Lieutenant in the “front yard” of the large white canvas tent that had been his living quarters for the past many months, a cup of tea in each of the twos hand, Yuro had taken two of the wicker chairs from inside and brought them out so he and Zarrow would be able to sit more comfortably in the sun. The District Elders presence in the camp was significant not only for the fact that it was indicative of his own intention to keep his word, but for the specific timing of the day that the Lieutenant had synchronized in such a way on purpose, indeed today would be his first step in forming that group which he knew to be necessary to form in the strange tides of the wave he had been making. It was recently that one of the many Bandit armies forming had managed to dig its ideology deep enough into the youth of Zarrows community, The District 48..among one of the territories in Rukognai which had kept its “District Name.” The Elder was unsure of what to do, similar to Mayor Keyante’s predicament and so Yuroshima had struck the deal with him that if he took care of their Bandit problem, the Elder must allow an in town camp just as Naghistahd had, it was also recently that Yuroshima had become acquainted with the former 5th seat San Salvatore and from him would receive troop reinforcements, and not too many days had passed before that that he had finished moving the majority of things to Nahgistahd for in the in town camp that rested their marking it as his jurisdiction. Yes, today was the result of perfect timing to bring these three elements together, although Mayor Keyante’s absence was beginning to trouble the Lieutenant as he had invited the Village elder, who had agreed to come, but still has not shown yet and it was soon that San would arrive, or at least this was the date he had specified as a display of his commitment to follow his word. Holding to such a thing would be the exact type of thing to impress the Lieutenant who valued having connections and ties with those souls he felt to be great as well.

            So.” Zarrow begins, “Why is it that you’ve brought me out here Lieutenant?” The Elder asks. Yuroshima leans forward in his chair slightly, “Oh come now, surely it’s a delight in itself to spend time with your good friend the Lieutenant?” He offers in a half humorous half singing tone. “Hah!” The Elder laughs back with a hint of sarcasm, “Yeah heh.., a real pleasure..although I have to say I was unaware that we were already actual friends.” He replies in a sny manner. “Learn something new every day right? Cause after what I’ve done for you I’d say we are definitely friends now.” He pauses for a moment, tone becoming slightly more sinister, “In fact I would go as far as to say we are very close friends now, and probably will be for a while.” Elder Zarrow wasn’t like Keyante and some of the other kinder village elders and leaders, he was a spiteful and at times a rather unpleasant man but the Lieutenant knew how to gain his respect and in what way to behave to do so. “So it’s like that is it?” Zarrow retorts, through his many centuries of experience he had entered into all kinds of “deals.”. To this Yuro shrugs, “You made the agreement not me, you had a problem that was far too big to handle and offered us space for an in town camp if I risked the lives of my Subordinates to clear out the threats amounting against you, my half is finished and yours will be fulfilled to.” The Lieutenant takes a sip of his tea before continuing, “I don’t know why you’re being so reserved about it now, you’ve seen how much neighboring districts have prospered.” He looks shrugs, “Don’t forget whos the one benefiting here.” He finishes. “Both of us.” The Elder shoots back sharply, “My people, and your Agenda.” He states causing the Lieutenant to glare back at him a moment, placing a thick tone of malice over that final word. “Isn’t it your duty as Shinigami to clear those threats out anyhow?” The Elder sits back nito his chair farther. “No actually.” Yuroshiam replies, “This is Division 4, our duties don’t even extend out here in any way shape or form. The Squads that are responsible for Rukognai literally do not come out here at all even. I’m the only Shinigami doing anything for the protection and growth of this place because I’ve Made it, my responsibility, but I can’t do it without the support of the people.” Zarrow is unsure of what to say back to that, unable to tell if the Lieutenant was genuine or not but admits to himself that even this could be based in his own inability to accept the times he is wrong. “Even ‘that’ can have a looming secret agenda behind it, for nothing is ever truly selfless.” He thinks to himself, truly a man who had never experienced the nature of Kaido. He instead nods “I apologize Lieutenant, and I will hold up to my end of the deal.” He states for the short term benefit of his peoples over all security and healthcare.

            Yuroshima takes a sip from his tea cup, “I accept your apology and I thank you.” He looks to his side for a moment, watching a Subordinate briefly carry a freshly cleaned rug into his small quarters tent, “Which brings us to the reason you’re out here, there’s a man visiting me today.. another Shinigami and he is bringing the troop reinforcements I had told you about, some of which will be going back to your district with you.” Zarrow raises an eyebrow, “You trust this man enough to bring him into all of this?” He questions Yuroshima who shakes his head, “Not yet, I trust him as a person and don’t feel him to be a double-crosser or one who would go against so righteous a cause but before I take his presence in the plan any further I will be testing his personal prowess today as well as his ability to lead men.. should he pass my test I will bring him to meet you and a few of the other higher ups.” The lieutenants tone becomes more and more excited, “The days which I have spoken of all this time are nearing.” To this the Elder shifts uncomfortably. “Yeah..” He says with a half resolve and for a moment Yuro questions whether or not he would indeed hold up his end of the deal.

            A Subordinate jogs up to the two leaders in the midst of conversation, “Sir!” He calls loudly, “Forgive me for interrupting sir! But San Salvatore and the reinforcement troops are approaching the Gate!” The Veiled Restoration Specialist nods, “Quite alright, thank you JJ.” He says in a friendly manner, reshifting his persona from the sharper personality he had to employ to speak with one such as Zarrow. “Lord Elder, I will return in a while either alone or with a General.


            The Lieutenant stands eagerly in front of a small crowd of Division 4 healers who were also interested in meeting the new guards watch. Slowly and creakingly the large heavy carts are pulled and San Salvatore is revealed with the small army he had promised. So far San had proven himself in character to the Lieutenant by stating his genuine care for the districts and support of this program, completing the mission he had assigned him some small time ago and now in keeping his word and delivering to the cause, a fresh army. The Lieutenant approaches him briskly. “Please come in, all of you!” He calls to the rabble as he nears San. The gray eyes of the anonymous shinigami sway down to his waist where he sees the Lieutenants badge for the first time. “San it can be said truly that you walk amongst the great men of the Soul Society, congratulations on the Rank.” He states, proud of his comrade for breaking the mold and truly advancing in his career in an undeniably tangible way The two Vice captains stand a moment conversing and catching up as the new guards begin to mingle about with the healers and some of the patients.

            After an amount of conversation Yuroshima changes the subject, “So ill just be honest with you San, I have something of an offer for you but I can’t make it until I see your combative capability and ability to lead soldiers in battle. I know you completed that mission already but I mean I wish to see personally your style of leadership and prowess on the battlefield.” He pauses, “I’m sure as well the Troops you’ve brought are curious as to how I stack up in those regards as well and so to accomplish this I was wondering if you had the time to commit to a form of training I’ve been trying to formulate out here on abandoned buildings. A mock battle, one side defending, one side assaulting.


WC – 1550


OOC – Note * All WC of this thread is to LP.






Coordinating Battles

( Suggestive Mechanic Introduction )
Note * This is to introduce concepts San and I had created for larger scale battles that still followed our stats and rules system. We will be using this system as the platform of our Legend Duel.



Legend DuelThe Saloon Assault ( Mock War )

Offensive Team ( A ) - San Salvatore ( 6 NPC Soldiers )
Defensive Team ( B ) – Lieutenant Redacted ( 6 NPC Soldiers )

NPC’s [ Higher Seated Officers ]( All have equal Stat Sheets )

Reiatsu – 40,000 ( ND – 2,000 )

All Stats – 40

Academy Level Kido [x](All)

Attack Moves per turn – 1 ( outside of players 4 )


Map – The Saloon Assault.

Description – An abandoned two story Saloon in a deserted Shanty town close to the border of Nahgistahd.


Surroundings– The Edge of the Forest where Assault team will start and where they can be seen by no one in the brush. Multiple Large rocks and a few overturned wagons coupled with a few dotting bushes can be seen all around the Saloon – [] = Wagon / Rock, [] = Bush / Shrubbery, 0 = Entrance

_____________________________(Forest Line)___________________________

                                                [G] [H]                                                                     |

                                                                                                                                     |  (Forest Line

                                    [K]                               [E]                   [F]                                |  keeps goin

                                                                                    [A]                                            |  Ect _

            [C]              [D]                                                                     [J]



[      saloon    ]                                               [L]                  [0]
[                   ]                       [M]
[                    O
[                   ]                                                           [P]                  
[___________]             [N]    

                                                            ( Forest Line )









(First Floor)
{} = Upturned Table / Fat Barrel



|                     {Q}                                                                               {R}
|                                                           {S}{T}
|                       {U}                             ( Stair case )                            {V}





Second Floor – standard U shape track above the saloon first floor, no cover only one empty Bedroom and entrance to Balcony.



Balcony ( Above Front Entrance )



_______________________(Balcony Edge )_________________________
|                                   {W}                            {X}







Rules – Defending Team will place troops at designated marks first and Attacking team will coordinate an assault. The objective is the taking of the saloon, or the incapacitation of all enemy troops. ( Although I think that’s the same thing lol )

Posts will then be structured as such – In stanzas, each stanza will be labeled so one can know if it is about an NPC or the actual character

Example - *NPC – ( Actions / reactions )
                  *Me – Actions / reactions

                   *NPC – Actions / reactions







To use cover - * Imoyama moves to Bush E, or Kenzo is placed at table Q

Each NPC has one move point per turn and one attack point, limit of 6 for both so if I moved Imoyama to Bush E and then Bush A in one turn that counts as 2/6 move points  

NPC's cannot be seen if moving from bush to bush, but all other cover is visible when moving to or from , bush to bush = stealth 



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Salvatore awaited at the gates for a few moments before the large heavy carts begin to slowly open. As they did the new appointed Vice Captain see his ally, Lieutenant of the fourth division. The fourth divison calls to him and his men, San turning to his men and giving a slight nod. The simply gesture was met by his men standing up and grabbing there bags and beginning to flow into the camp. At the same time the Lieutenant almost instantly addressed the promotion of Salvatore. Something that he himself still hadnt gotten used to; wearing the badge and being addressed in such a way. "Thank you Lieutenant, i must say it wasnt on the best of terms." Salvatore replies with a half smile as he holds the badge in his hand momentarily. Reminiscing on his friend. Then after composing his self and his mind he would watch as the tropps began to enter the gate, while both Lieutenants conversed and caught up. San wouldnt go into the traitorous members that caused his promotion and his friends death. That story would be for a later date. "The promotion has come with varying degrees of difficulty due to the nature of my fast advancement. I have finally begun to get things under control and shifted around as i would like. Allowing myself time for myself or such dealing as this."  The two would converse on the topic a few moments as his troops were being welcomed and shown tot here living quarters. "Tenth seat Turo Kyobashi, this is my ally Lieutenant of the fourth Division and commander of this campaign. You will follow his orders as directed as if they were my own... The tenth seat walks over he is a tall man six foot five, very muscular with hair tied back in a ponytail. His eyes were greenish blue, while the rest of his attire was that of a normal soul reaper. "Lieutenant this is my acting troop leader of these men. He will follow your commands as will my men. He is appointed to keep oversee and deal with you and i directly, voicing our commands to the troops and one another if need be. Salvatore would nod, dismissing the large man. "I personally have selected and vetted these men my self, they are loyal and devoted.

The two's conversation then would take a turn, a turn for the best. The topic was something that San himself had pondered and his men mentally thought. It seemed his ally again wanted to test his capabilities, this time however in a more pressing, battle scenario. Which was just, even more so since San seemed to not have gained the mans trust as of yet, atleast not fully. Not to mention there previous mission was that of simple small bandit camps, nothing pressing on the newly appointed Vice Captains skills. "I must say Lieutenant, i have pondered the idea as well. Not meaning to offend but leaving my men without knowing ones capabilities has drawn up feelings of uneasiness. This "test" will not only prove to you what you wish to know but me and my men as well. Not to mention as i said before i have finally time to myself, and i as you will come to know put training at the forefront of my daily routine. So i accept, i only ask i take the assault side, more my style. "San would grin, then turn to see his tenth seat. "To keep this more level, i suggest no release of our weapons for our troops sake, and one another's." Vice Captain Salvatore said as he touched his sheathed weapon. "Also i would like to take my men on my side, feel free to do the same or even mix. I wish to do so, to test my men, see if they really being embracing my training regiments i have put in place. However the Lieutenant would respond SAn would call back over his tenth seat. "Gather your five best warriors Turo, you six will be joining myself and the Lieutenant here on a mock battle. The large men would smile, clearly he had hoped for such a situation or the fact he was to spar along side his Vice Captain. Looking to the Veil warrior the large man nodded and turned to find the men.

Not long went by before the teams were assembled and they would depart towards the abandon little town a few kilometers away. The groups would remain together until once close enough they would split. San and his team would try and take over a saloon while the fourths Lieutenant and his men would defend. Salvatore was given a map, pretty detailed of the landscape even noticeable possible troop placements and various covers. This mock battle, spar, training or test whatever it was called seemed to be well thought out and planned. " See you one the battle field friend...." Salvatore would say as they two parted ways. Salvatore along the way to his teams starting position would begin to formulate his plan with his men. "Men we are going into this a little blind, not really knowing the layout besides this map, and the fourths divisions capabilities and there home front advantage. However we have trained and trained, we should be ready for anything. Nearing the tree line San looks over the area, then to the map, and truly the map was pin point. Ok men at first we will move in teams of three, then as you hit this marker one man splits off, to here. Next movement again split, until the three man group becomes one. We will use this to close in as fast as possible while remaining less likely to draw unwanted attention. As well if yall come into contact by a defending party, three vs one  should cause for easy work... I myself will use my speed to close gaps and reenforce as needed.... The team would look over the map as a whole taking in the locations to move, and when to move, while trying to get a better grasp on the situation. "If things go well we should have a nice wall around the town/saloon area, if so i need two men to fire kido off in rapid succession. Hopefully causing minor confusion and allowing the other men and myself to engage more directly. Salvatore and his men would continue to look over the map, until the time was right, which was about twenty more minutes as discussed. In this time some tweeks would be made to the plan and even some second guessing by the newly appointed Vice Captain.

WC: 1,120

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After Selecting 6 of the lower officers each both acting Commanders in the training exercise to come then go to their troops, those remaining were handled and escorted around by the Division 4 healers who would show them to temporary tents for some and stationary tents for others as the force had yet to be divided up amongst the territories.


            Yuroshima approaches the sextet before him, strong sturdy Division 7 Warriors eager to climb in prowess and prove themselves to the higher ups like he and Vice Captain Salvatore. “Well I doubt we could meet and get to know one another under better circumstances than this.” The Veiled lieutenant begins, “We are about to participate in a basic offense and defense style training exercise where you and I will attempt to hold ground against Vice Captain San and his.” He finishes before remembering one important thing, “Hold on, let me grab something from my tent.”, after retrieving the unknown object he takes off.. leading the men into the dense wilderness around the edges of the camp they had been so fortunate to find a large clearing for. Time passes as they push through the thick knee and waste high brush and shrubbery for Yuro saw no point in using up physical or spiritual energy to get to a location that was no more than a 15-20 minute walk away, in the ruins of failed Shanty town which had sprung up not long after the catastrophe.

            At last the reach what will be the grounds of their training, a dirt patted clearing dotted with bushes, rock and upturned cargo wagons. The graveyard of obstructions rests before a large groaning Saloon with two stories, a balcony hanging over the front entrance. As the defending team they had a little time to set up before everything came to fruition and so Yuroshima began preparing, His deep gray eyes scan over the wagon parts and Saloon itself with enthusiasm, he had told everyone before departing from San and the others that his camp would be sufficient enough to heal any cuts or deeper gashes by the end of the day and so to more fight one another without intent to kill, this was to avoid softening the exercise and using Kendo weapons. Academy level kido had also been permitted. The Veiled Restoration Specialist leads his team to the Saloons entrance stairs which held to a porch and finally the large swinging double doors any classic bar designed as such should have. “When I point to you speak your name once more for me.” Yuroshima states, never having been a one to be good at remembering people’s names.

            One by one he points to them, “Ryu Ikoja”, who kept his uniform sleeveless and his hair tied back. “Yamura Kogayashi.” Who was much older and sported a U shaped hair cut from the onset of balding. “Chanchella Misturugi.” A tall woman with a shaved head and muscular form chants to the commander confidentially. “Iman Yatsuri.” Was a young man with short blonde hair and glasses. “Kazeyomi Kotatsu.” A Shorter Woman with raven black hair and lavender eyes sings out, “Any relation to Shukuro Kotatsu?” Yuroshima asks in regards to his former teacher from the academy. “Yes sir, he is my grandfather.” She states proudly, “He was my former academy teacher and truly a great shinigami.” Her Commander assures her, evoking a smile in response, before pointing to the last, a middle aged gentlemen who kept his long maroon hair tied up in a massive bun with a gold shimmering bow. “Friedrich Kestlemen.” He states dryly. Yuro had decided to not include Jim on the exercise for obvious reasons.

[NPC]      Having relearned their names, the Lieutenant then begins formulating his plan, forming three groups he sends Ryu, Chanchella and Friederich to the front as they were the largest and strongest and so the best suited for frontlines combat. Chanchella crouching behind the remains of Wagon [D], Freidrich behind Rock [M] and Ryu crouches behind the over turned Wagon [L].

[NPC]     To the balcony he sends Iman Kazeyomi as they were less experienced at melee style combat but stated they were proficient in their kido and so could provide sniper fire of sorts, they stood by the railing to look out for enemies but would alternate to the tables behind them if need be.

[Yuro/NPC]          Laslty he looks to Yamura, “I have a special role for you, come with me.” He explains as they enter the Saloon.


            The White Veiled Shinigami stands at the foot of the staircase, all that need be done now was play the waiting game.


WC - 771

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Salvatore and his men awaited in the forest, planning and scheming. He was accompanied by his tenth seat Turo and Turo's selected combatants and now team members. Which consisted of officers Ken Yama, Bane Noname, Shin Denero, Kale Sumbachi, and Gen Yama. Both Gen and Ken were twins, they were roughly in there young twentys, both supporting short buzzed green hair, with lime green eyes. The only thing that stood them apart from one another was that Gen had been serverly burned in a fire and suffered major scaring along half his body that extended upwards to the left side of his face. Bane Noname, which really wasnt his last name, but he was not given one. He was an orphan a castout thrown to the streets as a toddler, only to be saved by a group of unsavory characters. Which gave him his hard exterior he displayed and strong will. The man stood roughly six foot flat and had red hair that flowed freely at shoulder length. Shin was more of a normal soul reaper, grew up slightly privileged but he trained his ass off to get where he is today. He had no hair, bald, shinning in the sunlight. His attire was like most reapers however he always carried with him a staff, strapped along his back. Now Kale was a young women looking as if she was barely of age. Her pretty looks was something to not be fooled by, she was a warrior at heart. She had long blonde hair that for now would be tied back in a pony tail, with crystal blue eyes.

Vice Captain Salvatore looked over his team, and then to the map, reassuring himself and his squad. "Keep to the plan, if need be you know what to do should something warrant a counter measure. Again move as a team, act as one, reinforce, remain head strong." The team would nod in unison, ready to begin. A few more moments would pass, and the time would be upon them. "Time to move out" Salvatore and his team would arrive at the forest line and look closer upon the battlefield. The grassless field with overturned  with wagons and bushes scattered threwout and there in the distance the shanty town, the saloon barely being able to fully be seen. Salvatore would make his move first, moving by himself he would begin to transverse along the forest line to the other side of the forest line. He would move in quick strides, his speed moving almost at his fullest potential to ensure getting into place. Salvatore would run along the forest line insdie the thick brush to hide his movements, once in place he moves with flash step to bush [J]

 NPC: The teams would begin there movements. They would split into the two three men group as devised. Ken, Gen and Shin were one team while Bane, Turo, and Kale made up the other team. This was mainly because of skill, Bane, Kale, and Turo were great hand to hand fighters, while Gen, Ken and Shin excelled in kido arts, however Ken was a more overall skilled warrior. Gen  and his team would move to bush [F] keeping there heads low and moving at the best of there abilities. Once inside the bush they would split, Ken Remained in bush [F], while Gen moved to bush [E] and Shin to bush [A]. This team would allow cover fire and potential observation. Ken would remain until the time was right to throw himself into the fray.

NPC: Team two were also on the move they all entered Bush [H/G] together an remained as the other team got into place. They would be the front assault team, so there positions remaining concealed for now was of the upmost importance. Salvatore would remain as well, his speed would allow him to close in gapes with a flash step or two, and knowing the officers skills, not one besides the opposing Lieutenant could keep track of.

OOC :Technically moved 7 times but hope its ok 


Wc: 675

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NPC*             Graceful and powerful, Chanchella had always viewed herself as the most able combatant on any team she had ever been placed in and this situation would be no different, of that she was sure. A moment of hyperawareness strikes her as she begins to inspect the position of her cover relative to the brush and bushes spilling out before the tree line of forest, both of which were too thick for her keen eyes to properly scan. The seated officer glances over the right side of the destroyed body of the side capped wagon that made up her cover and sees nothing for moment before a burst of movement flashes outward and sends the alarms off in her mind, she is about to lift her arm to fire kido before a white rabbit hops from a small shrub and begins to dart across the training field. Exhaling sharply she slips back behind her cover in full looking then to the balcony which seemed to have a blind spot to its left.. a blind spot she could easily compensate and so she quickly dashes from her cover to the large box like rock next to her wagon. She moves to the outer left side of rock [C] and prepares herself to fire kido and make up for anything the balcony over watch may miss.


NPC*             During these actions Frederic and Ryu prepare themselves for the oncoming conflict as well, Fredric battling to keep his focus at the forefront of his mind and his overpowering boredom towards the back while Ryu at the cover closer to the bush line than his elder fought to remain calm. Closing his eyes a moment he attempts and succeeds at centering himself, he had rose through the ranks by spirit energy and test efficiency alone and had rarely seen combat in even a training setting such as this, he did not want to disappoint either of the Lieutenants.


NPC*             Officer Yatsuri remains alert and determined, he had always been second guessed by his allies his entire life and he saw coming out to these forests, to these camps, as an opportunity to reinvent his reputation and had taken his selected participation in this exercise as a chance to start that process correctly. Beside him stood Kazeyomi Kotatsu with the reputation of her family to uphold for the Kotatsu name had always produced exceptional shinigami but none to date had scaled the heights of spiritual prowess as her grandfather Shukuro Kotatsu had, and she hoped to one day change this. She too stands alert, waiting and ready to provide cove fire for her warrior allies on the ground, the plan had been discussed to them before they had been sent to their positions and while it was risky Kazeyomi trusted anyone who had been taught by her grandfather as the nameless Lieutenant once was.  


WC - 478, wc above this counted


OOC - NPC locations -, [C], [M], [L], Balcony - {w} , {X} 

Edited by Good Ol Yuro

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