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Welcome to the RP Stat System Thread. Here you will find everything there is to know about the Stats currently available in the Official Role-play. These stats are divided up into 4 different stats and 2 sub stats:

Perception - How well your character can perceive the world around them. This encompasses all forces of "perceiving" someone which includes all the senses of Hearing, Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch, and Reiatsu sensing. Usually this is connected to how skill you can aim or track an opponent. It also affects how well they can track fast moving objects. People without enough perception to keep up with their speed will only end up hurting themselves when they have no idea how far they've gone or where to stop or even understand how fast they are. People with far more perception than the speed their dealing with, things could seem in slow motion, though reacting to these things is a totally different story.

  • While increasingly difficult based on the gap between those in the one above are hard to follow. Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed.
  • Please do note that this does not affect your reaction time.
  • Also note that all references to aiming in bench marks does not in fact mean attacks will ever home in and refers to your ability to aim accurately at mobile targets.

Power - Power has to deal with how much destructive force your character is capable of depending on what path they decide to take between Brute, Genius, or Balanced.

  • Reiryoku - Reiryoku has to do with how strong your reiryoku based attacks are as well as how fast they move. This stat affects what level kido you can use, it also affects how strong your reiryoku based attacks are. Characters with more reiryoku have stronger "energy" based attacks.  
  • Strength - Strength has to deal with the raw strength of your character. Characters with more strength can lift more, cause a wider area of damage when they strike and deal more damage. With enough strength, you only need to hit someone a few times to drop them.

Speed - Speed has to deal with how fast your character moves and how fast their physical attacks move.

Stamina - Stamina has something to do with how long your character can keep fighting. It also has to do with how much damage your character can take before they eat dirt. Characters with more stamina, can take a lot more damage and continue to fight longer than others.



Stat Tiers

1-20 Novice     
21-40 Student   
41-60 Officer   
61-80 Lieutenant    
81-100 Advanced    
101-120 Specialist  
121-160 Captain 
161-200: Master     
201-230 Legendary


Stat Tiers

Stat Caps:

  1. Stat Cap for your Class, Sub-Class, and focus stats are 200.
  2. Everything that is not a Class, Sub-class, or Focus is 160. 
  3. Focuses through Fate Point purchases and Legendary Tiers can change the stat caps.
  4. Power is the only stat with no cap, instead the sub-stats Reiryoku & Strength are capped.


  1. Release bonuses and titles stack together after the full stats are done. 
  2. Reiryoku/Strength stats only gain the bonuses the same as the other stats, the boost is across the board not to be mixed into the formula for the power stat. 
  3. No stat can surpass their caps at any point unless they go legendary or spend the Fate Points to take the major of Cap Break.
  4. Any time an ability would pass the caps of 200 or 160 they are stopped at the cap.
  5. If an opponent drops your stats with negatives the bonuses would then apply.
  6. The throw object, projectile, and Reiryoku Speed do change with these boosts.
  7. Power stays static, but Strength/Reiryoku are what adjust during releases/boosts.

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This governs the values of both Strength and Reiryoku, making these two stats a substat under power. Power itself will not hold a purpose 'actively' in the rp, but simply represents the actual stats str/rei. You can choose upon creation of the character, or rather, the first time you make stat changes on a rp character stat guide which path to go down with your str/rei. Either A) Your str/rei will be 100% and 50% of your power, or B, they will both be 75% of the power stat. This means you no longer spend stat points on both str/rei, but on power alone.

IMPORTANT: Points are only ever applied to the power stat at a 1=1 growth rate.  Reiryuko and strength are percentage based off the power stat. 

150% = 2:3 class 
125% = 4:5 sub-class/Focus

Important!: For the Brute and Genius class! You MUST Dedicate power to be 150% of your stat bonus from class, and 50% to the other. So for a brute with 100 Power their strength would be 150 and reiryoku would be 50, the genius would be the same but flipped states. If Brute/Genius is picked for sub-class, then changes are 125% primary/50% secondary). Brute/Genius cannot be sub-class of one another.

Brute/Genius Primary: 150% - 50% 
Brute/Genius Sub-Class: 125% - 50% 
Balanced: 75% - 75%
Strength/Reiryoku Path: 100% - 50%
Power Focus Balanced: 90% - 85%
Power Focus Strength/Reiryoku Path: 125% - 50%
Power Enhancement Brute/Genius Primary: 150% - 75%
Power Enhancement Brute/Genius Sub-Class: 125% - 75% 
Power Enhancement Balanced: 90% - 85%  (With Power Focus: 105% - 100%)
Power Enhancement Strength/Reiryoku Path: 100% - 75%  (With Power Focus: 125% - 75%)

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Starter Stats


Once your character is approved, make a thread in the RP CHARACTER STAT GUIDE section under your race division with your stats in it. If you are a new player at 30,000 reiatsu, which means 5 everywhere except for the power stat which is 10 as a base. Then you need to calculate your stats after that with 4 points per extra 1,000 reiatsu (100 skill points) and post them there as well.

IMPORTANT: Your weakest stat always have to be at least 10% of your highest, this means that if you have 200 Strength you can not have any stat below 20 points.

How to Calculate Stats:



You begin with these stats

Reiatsu: 5,000 base + 25,000 starting bonus (with 100 available skill points)
Speed: 5
Power: 10
Stamina: 5
Perception: 5

  Reiryoku: (Either 7.5 , 5 , or 10, depending on which % you choose to solely dedicate to reiryoku)

  Strength: (Either 7.5, 5, or 10, depending on which % you choose to solely dedicate to strength.)

For every 1,000 reiatsu you get, you also get 4 points to spend on stats. Let's say you're a tank for fun. What does this do? For every 2 points you SPEND on stamina you ADD 3 points to stamina. It's nice enough telling you. This is how you do it mathematically:

Let X be the amount you SPEND. Divide X by 2. Multiply this new number by 3. This is the amount you ADD.

Difference between SPEND and ADD? Spend is the amount you take from the points you gained from your weekly reiatsu rise. Add is the final amount you add to the stat.

Specialty stat for Agile: Speed
Specialty stat for Tank: Stamina
Specialty stat for Genius: Power (Reiryoku)
Specialty stat for Brute: Power (Strength)
Specialty stat for Visionary: Perception

The above description described how to figure out your Specialty Stat after spending stat points. For the other four stats that are not your specialty, you simply ADD the same number of points you SPEND.

Protip: If you're trying to decide how much to spend on your specialty; make it an even number.

Case 1: You spend 70 points on your specialty stat. This means that you add 105 points as the calculation you make is:

70/2 = 35

35 x 3 = 105

This is GOOD.

Case 2: You spend 71 points. The calculation here is:

71/2 = 35.5

35.5 x 3 = 106.5

This is BAD.

Remember when going back to check your stats to see if they are correct remember every stat started out with 5 in it.



How to calculate release/title boots:



When calculating states for Releases (such as Shikai/Bankai) or Titles (Vice-Captain/Captain) you set all of your normal stats up as you normally would. Then you would add the total bonuses after that to each stat. 

So for example begin with these stats for a Brute (Class) and Agile (Sub-class) build;

Reiatsu: 75,000 (5k (base) + 70k from growth, 280 available points)
Speed: 80 (5 (base) + 75 points (4=5, 60 points put in))
Power: 110 (10 (base) + 100 points)
- Strength: 165 (110*1.5)
- Reiryoku: 55  (110*.5)
Stamina: 65 (5 (base) + 60 points)
Perception: 65 (5 (base) + 60 points)

Example of Brute/Agile in shikai release state:

Reiatsu: 79,000 (75k + 4k shikai)
Speed: 84 (80 base + 4 shikai)
Power: 110 
- Strength: 169 (165 base + 4 shikai)
- Reiryoku: 59 (55 base + 4 shikai)
Stamina: 69 (65 base + 4 shikai)
Perception: 69 (65 base + 4 shikai)



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Alternate Combat Stats


Throwing-Speed: In order to know how fast objects move when physically throw by your character simply do a simple equation. 80% of Strength + 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how fast physically throw objects based on your Strength travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down.

Reaction Time: Is your ability to react to attacks or actions done by other characters. With your perception range equal to or higher you are able to see those inside your benchmark speed wise are easily followed, While increasingly difficult based on the gap those in the one above are hard to follow, and Those 2 benchmarks above can barely be comprehended in terms of speed. In the same manner you need to have the speed to react to the speed coming at you. So if you are not in those tiers of speed with really high Perception it will be getting hit/dying in slow motion. While Inversely, if you have too much speed and not enough perception to see where you are going you will crash into everything. *This applies to Reiryoku Speed as well.

Reiryoku attack Speed: In order to know how fast your reiryoku attacks move simply do a simple equation. 80% of reiryoku+ 20% of Speed = X. Now when you have your value X, look up what tier of speed this value lies in. This will describe how your reiryoku based attacks travel. In many cases, rounding will be unavoidable here, so the same rule applies. Round up unless you are on the edge of the next tier, in which case you round down.

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