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Ryu Nakamura

A search for ingredients.

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Zenaku arrived in the woods of rugonkai as he had a list of 12 different herbs that the old man had written down on that piece of paper which he would need to find before he would be able to get that medicine made for misses fang, tho he found it odd that a pharmacy did not carry herbs but then again that shop was not looking like it was holding up good.  Zenaku thought that maybe if he could be able to find him the ingredients then the old man would be able to get the shop back up and running again. So looking down at the paper he read off the items which he would need to get, He needed 6 things of black cohash, 6 poppy flowers, 6 corydalis, 6 things of Feverfew, 6 pieces of dogwood, 6 Kava Kava, 6 meadowsweet, 6 Prickly ash, 6 things of St.johns wort, 6 things of Valerian root, 4 things of wild lettuce, and lastly some leaves off of a willow limb. Some of these things he knew where to find them at while others he had not even heard of, so if he was lucky he would be able to find all of these ingredients before nightfall so using flash step he hurried on his way. In About 30 minutes he was able to find the poppy flowers, the dogwood the prickly ash and kava kava but he still had so many left to find. The next thing he was gonna try to look for was the willow branch which meant he would need to head up to shoguns hill to where all the old trees was cause he has heard story's of a willow tree but the story also said that the hill was hunted by a spirit of age old pasts. So using flash step once more he vanished from where he was standing and headed for the hill, it took him about 20 minutes until he got there, he looked up at the hill and saw the willow tree fluttering in the moon light, zenaku went up the hill and he approached the tree then reached up as he was about to grab some willow tree branches there was something that stopped him.

" You have a good sense about you soul reaper, that is good it just kept you alive for a little bet longer. But that dose not mean i shall not give you a honorable death even tho your nothing but a filthy soul reaper. " 

 Zenaku turned around to see a very large hollow standing behind him and from his looks he seemed like some kind of dog or a cat of some kind, it had to be at least the size of a school bus or a large truck tho as for its class he was not sure cause it could either be a normal hollow or he could be a rank higher a adcjuhas which was the kind of hollows that his class was just recently talking about. Zenaku was about to reach for his sword but then thought about it for a moment, he did not have his shikai yet and so using his sword would be useless seeing as his strength was not very high. When he was doing strength training he had a hard time just lifting 30 pounds so fighting a hollow would probably be better off if he used his kido skills so he took his hand off of his sword handle before he backed up from the beast as he eyed balled him trying to find a opening.  

" Bakudo number one sai." Zenaku waved his hand in front of his self he could tell that the hollow was trapped by the kido but the hollow suddenly broke out of the kido then rushed in at zenaku as he tried to smash him under his palm so using flash step he moved over to the side of the hollow avoiding the paw he then raised his arm and pointed the palm of his hand towards the hollow. " well it seems that bakudo that has low numbers do not work well so i guess i shall use hado. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"  Hadō # 31: Shakkahō"

A large red ball of energy formed in the palm of zenaku hand then he shot it out towards the hollow, the hollow tried to dodge the attack but he did not get out of the way all the way as the kido grazed his leg so now he only had three legs to use. " Been disarmed i see, lets find out how long you can last using only three legs. " Zenaku said as he watched the hollow try to apply pressure to the limb but so far is unable to do so. " Damn you stinking soul reaper's and that accursed kido your so proud of using, i do not need all of my limbs to beat you i just need my mouth to kill you then after i shall eat your lifeless corps." Out of no where the hollow suddenly opened his mouth and shot out a large fire ball that was of a beautiful red, so to counter this zenaku raised his arms in front of him and began to fire off the most powerful kido that he had up his sleeve at the moment.  "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."  Hadō # 33. Sōkatsui"  Zenaku fired out a blue wave of energy that looked like a wave of blue fire, the two attacks clashed with one another and the two attacks blended with one another which turned into a nice purple color but then it exploded sending both of the fighters flying back, the hollow went down the hill as he crashed into a large boulder while zenaku crashed in to a few trees. Zenaku could tell you that what she went though hurt like hell as his back was yelling at him. Zenaku got back up from being on the ground as he looked over the hill and saw that the hollow was still laying on the ground, so using flash step zenaku appeared above the hollow was he now had his sword raised above his head bringing it down on to the hollow attempted to stabbing the hollow in its side.

Zenaku knew that if he did not kill the hollow with his zanpakto then the hollow could not be sent off to the cycle of life and then be reborn  as a human or a soul of the soul society but unfortunately the hollow saw this and he managed to Roll over so zenaku sword stabbed in to the ground getting stuck in the process.  Zenaku pulled on the sword as hard as he could but it seemed to be stuck real good, the hollow looked at him with a angry gaze before he opened his mouth again as he fired a flamethrower like attack at zenaku so he managed to roll away at first but then started running around the hollow tho he left the sword behind cause he was not about to be called a fried shinigami. So raising his hand he pointed his two index fingers towards the hollow." Bakudō # 11: Horin" zenaku caused a orange hued tendril with spiraling yellow patterns shot forth from his fingers and the bakudo wrapped around the dog or cat up but then he had a great idea so he placed his other hand on the tendril then yelled out a name for one of his kido.  Hadō # 11: Tsuzuri Raiden". A surge of electric shot down the rope then it hit the hollow and when he did the beast started shaking real hard, tho it was soon learned that his shaking had nothing to do with his hado but on another note it was seeing as the hollow was mad and broke free from the restraints as he managed to catch zenaku off guard and smacked him away. When he got hit  he landed by his sword so standing up he looked the beast down for there final battle as there fight was reaching its end. 

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" Tell me soul reaper what is your name, it has been such a long time sense any shinigami or even hollow at that matter which has given me such a fun fight.  You are so young boy but you have skill to back it up, i have not seen such a being in many of years. As for my name soul reaper its Deku yodaroshi so come reaper lets finish this fight and see who the winner shall be. "

Zenaku was surprised that there was a hollow with such honor behind his actions and words as it almost seemed like he was more soul reaper samirai then hollow, unfurtentally he was a hollow and he had to kill him, but he found it odd that he not only asked for his name but gave his own at the same time. " Well for a hollow your very strange but if you wish to know my name it's zenaku...zenaku shiba and head of the house of shiba." He said but he wondered if he had already said to much, he watched as the hollow looked down at his hurt leg as he then spit some blue fire on it, he instantly saw the bruises on his leg vanish and he then was able to start walking on it once again. Zenaku has not seen any thing like that in a hollows ability set and as for the soul reapers the only thing he has seen close to healing was kaido but only members of squad 4 could learn them. This was bad tho cause he tried to stand up but instead his leg gave out on him so for the moment he was stuck there as he decided to wait for the hollow to make his move.

The hollow started off by opening his mouth up wide and zenaku could see the black particles of reishi begin to gather up in one spot the hollows mouth, it was not long as the hollow now had a large ball of condensed energy which if he read on the right subject then what he was about to blast at him was called a cero. They are very powerful beams of energy that hollows have at there need just like the soul reapers have there kido to use. As he saw what the hollow was about to do zenaku frantically started trying to think of a way he could get out of the way or at least block it so he would not get hurt.  That was when it came to him he would use a kido to block the attack then unleash another kido after that one as the attack phase but he just wished that ot worked out good. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"  Hadō # 31: Shakkahō"

Zenaku would shoot his kido as the hollow fired its cero and as two smashed against one another they fought for dominance but sense neither one could win that clash the two attacks exploded causing a strong blast to cause zenaku to go rolling back and sent the hollow back some also. Next attack tho would hopefully end it but he would only know that once he used it.  Zenaku was still finding it hard to move but he could at least still move his arms so he raised his arm as he pointed his two index fingers towards the hollow. " Hado number four " Zenaku said and as he did a blast of blue lighting fired forth from the tip of his finger tips as it shot right though the hollows shoulder in one good clean shot. The hollow who at the time was able to stand up instantly fell back down on to his side as he starting yelling from the pain he was in. 

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The hollow was still screaming in pain as he lay on the ground yelling, zenaku was still hurt in his leg so he was not able to take the weight of his body. Just then the body of the large hollow started to glow blue in a flame like he did before and the next thing he noticed the hole that he put in the hollow vanished and he stood back up. But zenaku noticed that only the hole was gone, his scratches and bruises was still there and he was still breathing vary hard like he was out of breath. " You damn soul reaper, just die already why wont you." The hollow seemed mad at him as he then jumped up then landed in front of zenaku, he gazed down on to the shinigami who could not really move at the moment cause his leg was to damaged, the hollow decided that he would try to smash zenaku with his  paw but zenaku was smarter then that so he raised the back of his hand towards the hollow and as he did a small blue orb appeared which was a bakudo so as the hollow made contact to the blue orb it was strong enough to send the hollow flying back and smashed into a boulder. ' Damn if i do not end this fight soon i am not sure how much longer i am gonna be able to hold on.'  Zenaku thought to his self as the hollow stood back up then shook his whole body over, once he got his composure again he fired off a large ball of fire at zenaku.

" Bakudo 21" Placing his hand on the ground zenaku created a large red puff of smoke which covered his self and the field by 10 feet. This helped him dodge the attack by rolling around so he was able to get away from the attack but he was still being concealed by the smoke so he needed to think of mixing his two most powerful kido then soon after that give the final blow. "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws."  Hadō # 33. Sōkatsui" Zenaku raised his arms and he fired out a large blue wave of energy that looked like a sea of fire washing down on to the hollow. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"  Hadō # 31: Shakkahō" 

After he fired the sea of fire towards the enemy zenaku had a red ball of energy form in the palm of his hands, when it fired out the two attacks mixed and fused together making one massive attack which smashed in to the hollow. Once the dust cleared the hollow lay'ed there so now he needed to give the last blow so using his good leg zenaku used flash step and landed above his enemy and when he came down he stabbed it in to the hollows mask which caused it to crack then the hollow slowly turned in to ash before he was no more. With the last of his strength zenaku reached up grabbing hold of the willow branch he took a lot of the leaves as he put them in his bag before he passed out from using all his energy. 

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Darkness... it was all around him, a void in which seemed to go on forever. Zenaku could feel his self floating though a space of emptiness but though it all he could feel the presence of another there with him. It was a warm feeling like he some how knew who was there but at the same time he had no idea who was there with him. " Hey sleepy head how long you gonna lay there before you remember my name....Well maybe its still to soon. Its a drag really i am starting to think you do not wish to see me...oh well maybe next time." Zenaku heard a voice coming from the dark reaches of the void, a girls voice he knew that much at least and she sounded kinda mad at him for not knowing his name. Just then zenaku woke up from his dream he was having, he slowly opened his eyes looking around tho his vision was some what blurry. It did not take long to come up with he was in a persons house cause as soon as he opened his eyes in the soul society squad 4 medics would be on ya faster then a fly on shit.

" Oh i see you are finally awake mr soul reaper, here have something to drink." Zenaku was gonna sit up but he was instantly pushed back down by a woman as either her husband, child or brother gave him some medicine so he drank it down. " My wife found you laying passed out by the old hill, it seems you had a run in with the local hollow that lives there. It has a way to where it scars the people in to giving up our own just to live each month, its disgusting if only we had some one to destroy that hollow." As the man spoke zenaku wondered if they was talking about that cat hollow which he killed a while back before they found him.

" Do you mean a large cat like hollow that stay's at the willow hill." Zenaku asked the man, he could see in the mans face that it was the same hollow which he killed but he still wanted to hear it to be sure. " Yes, its a big cat that shoots blue fire balls, he has been messing with us for five years now and any time we asked for help from the soul reapers the hollow would just kill who ever was sent. He then told us not to say any thing about the hollow not being killed then had more of us tell of him after that so it made it look like different people was having trouble from a hollow. " So it was the same hollow that he found,fought then killed, he bet if they knew he was gone the people would be happy so zenaku decided that he would tell them about the death of the hollow. " Well sire you no longer have to worry about that hollow, when you found me i had just finished killing that hollow. He was a lot stronger then what i have ever faced before but you shall no longer have to live in fear." Zenaku could see the man and womans face shine bright as they was so happy, the woman ran out of the house and if he had to guess she had went to tell every one else about this. He would have continued talking to the man who saved his live but instead he passed out again from the pain of what he had received from his battle. He was not sure how long he had been passed out for but the room was quite and he could not hear a sound around him, he got out of his bed and walked out the door only to be surprised by every one there as they all yelled surprise at him, the guy who lived there walked over to him and placed his hand on zenaku shoulder.

" Sorry did we scare you, we was just so happy to hear that you killed off the hollow that was messing with us we all decided to throw a party in your name, so come and eat drink and be merry." Zenaku was happy that they decided to throw this little thing but he was not really in the mood for a party but he did not wish to hurt there feeling either so he started eating drinking and just having fun, the party lasted until the next day when the woman walked up to him. " Thank you again for helping us with that hollow, i also have a present for you. I hope you do not care but i looked at your piece of paper and noticed that you was needing  specific ingredients for the medicine your needing so i took the honor of getting my men to find them for you. I do hope i did not do any thing to offend you good sir." Zenaku was shocked to find all the items he needed in the bag but he noticed that there was still one missing which was the feverfew but at least now he did not have to look very hard cause hopefully he was not far from where he needed to find them" Thank you mam, tho i hate to say it but i must go for now." With that zenaku used flash step and before he knew it he was standing on the highest spot he could see every where he looked and if he was not mistaken he could see the feverfew only a few miles off so once again he used flash step he ran towards the feverfew. 

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The sun was slowly setting as light was becoming dark, the moon was starting to raise in to the sky as stars sparkled brightly. Zenaku came forth out of flash step landing softly on the ground as he looked around, just then he saw the feverfew growing in a nice little patch so he walked up as he tried to grab it but as he was about to a hand came out of no where and stopped him. Seeing this hand grab his own zenaku jumped back to see a middle aged man with long blackish silver hair and was wearing a large rain hat, in his hand the man had a wooden cane but he was not sure what this person wanted or who he was.

" This land is a sacred land, no soul reaper shall ever touch the herbs which grow around here. Leave now or prepare for trouble." Zenaku was puzzled by what the man said, he did not know this part of the lands was sacred and if they was well then no one decided to tell him and he has been almost every where around these parts. " I can not go mr, there is a old lady in need of these herbs so she can get better. So i hate to tell you this but i am getting those herbs one way or another. " Zenaku rushed in as quickly as he could attempting to grab some of the feverfew but once again he was stopped by the guy tho this time around the man pulled a katana out from inside his staff and pointed it at zenaku. " I warned you mr so now its time you learn a lessen in listening to your elders." The old man rushed in towards zenaku and he must say for a older guy he still had some speed behind him. He saw this and so he drew his own sword even tho he dose not rarely use it he still managed to block the on coming attack so once his weapon was drawn zenaku raised his sword in time to block the attacks so now there he was holding off a attack by a strange man as he was trying to get some herbs for a old lady, he wondered what else could go wrong today.  

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The fight had been going on for at least 20 minutes now and as the fight went on zenaku could feel the strain and drain of his stamina slowly being chipped away like a stone cutter working on his master piece. The older man tho did not look to be getting tired at all in fact he did not look like he was being effected in the slightest which made zenaku start to wonder if this man was really even trying or was he just playineen part of the gotei thirteen before so he decided to ask him. g around with the young shiba boy. Zenaku was trying his hardest to dodge the mans attacks as his speed was of that which he has never seen before so he wondered if this man had been a soul reaper before" Sir before we continue this fight may i ask you a question.?"

He said as he put his self in a defensive stance just in case the guy decided to keep attacking and just ignored zenaku, Lucky for him the middle aged man stopped dead in his tracks with a puzzled look almost like he was not expecting that or he has never had a person ask him any thing while they was in the middle of a fight. " I guess so sure, but i do not get what your trying to get by doing this." This was perfect now he had the chance to take a small breather and regain his stamina that he lost fighting but on the other hand it gave him time to think cause he did not wish to just ask him any thing he needed to find the right words to use. " The way you fight and how you hold your self. By any chance was you once a member of the thirteen curt guard squads of the gotei thirteen.?"

When zenaku asked that he could see in the mans face a chance in expression which meant that what he asked meant something. He could see a tear run down the mans face before he wiped it away then sheathed his sword, zenaku was not sure if he was giving up or if he was readying another attack but so far he was just standing there which was a good thing to zenaku. " Yeah i was, former member of squad ten actually. I was the leader of a special investigation team that was tasked with locating and keeping track of strong hollows in side the domain of soul society but one day a strange person attacked us but to this day i still say it was a stronger hollow in which the likes we have not seen much well at least the lower ranking officers. That day shall hunt me for the rest of my life, i not only lost my squad but i lost my honor my title and i was kicked out of the curt guard squads for as they say getting his men killed. Honestly if it was not for my vice captain Hinamuri Shiba i would have also been killed that day also but she vouched for me so they allowed me to live only to have to live in exile here in the grasslands. That is why i attacked you the way i did cause this here is all i have, but also i do not know why i a telling you all this when i just meet you and we was trying to kill one another."

Zenaku took every thing in that the man said and so far there was two things that caught his ear, the first was the hollow that looked like a person. In the academy they tell of hollows that have a humanoid form  and they go by the name of vosto lorde but to look like a person he has never heard of something like that. The second thing he found odd was the fact that he bought up his mothers name but for some reason he was never told that his mom was a shinigami also, she was also a vice captain to boot but then that would mean she had him after she was no longer a soul reaper or this happened before she had him. " Wait you sure it was not a vosto lorde those are the only hollows i know of that could be like you described. Also you spoke about Hinamuri shiba...that was my mother she died while giving birth to me, but why continue to live here after all these years, why don't you come live with me at my place and i can try to get you back to where you where before all that happened, after all i am the head of a noble family i do have some pull i can  use to see what i can do."

Zenaku said as he grinned as he placed his sword back into his sheath, zenaku did sat down on the ground as he waited to see what the man said tho he still did not know the mans name. He could see that the man was struggling with his decision on what to do as he grabbed his head and started yelling then after that he began to rock back in forth before he stopped and looked at zenaku bowing on his knees before him. " I Jindrax yoki shall humbly accept your offer. but now to your quistion no it was no vosto i would have been able to tell if it was, no this was shinigami tho he gave off a surge of hollow energy so i am not sure what he was really. But i am sorry to hear about your mom, she was really a wonderful person, so kind and nice to every one. You really do take after her once i get a good look at ya." Zenaku was surprised cause he had expected that to be much longer but he just said yes, he must have been tied of living in exile or he just wanted to get to know his vice captains kid, There was many reasons why he decided to come live with  he was just glad he did. " That is great Jindrax, but before we leave to head back to my mansion we need to finish finding these ingredients for a local shop keeper, once he has these he shall be making some medicine for me and he would be able to keep his shop open." Jindrax held out his hand when zenaku was reading the list so he handed it to him, he could see where zenaku had marked off the spots where he done found something. " Not to worry i know where you will be able to find these hurbs. After all being a tracker has its perks." He said and so with one quick flash step they headed off, after about two hours they was able to find all of the  herbs they needed so they headed back to rougonkai to drop them off.  


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It took them a while but after a while they managed to find all of the herbs he was looking for even tho it took about 2 hours, the sun was now down the moon was up. Now that they had what they needed Zenaku and Jindrax returned to rukongai, they now stood in front of the shop but something seemed off so he entered the shop but once they was in zenaku looked around but he did not hear a noise hell he did not see the old man any where. " Sir are you here, i found the herbs you needed." Zenaku asked as he raised his voice so that he could hear him if he was hiding or just in some other part of the shop. When he did not get any response from the man him and jindrax began to look around to see what was wrong, the more they looked the less sign of the old man he could find, just then as zenaku came across a room that was locked so taking out his zanpakto he cut a X shape in the door as it broke in to small pieces. He slowly walked in to the room but he did not see any sign of the old man but what he did find was a white piece of paper setting on a desk, picking it up zenaku started to read the letter and as soon as he read it he could tell that something bad went down in this room but why it was locked from the inside but no one there he was puzzled by.

" To whom ever is reading this letter i am sorry to say i am probably not gonna be alive for much longer, i owed money to people and was unable to pay them so now it is time to pay the ultimate price. A Forrest of mist raises to meet the dragons fang,a shrine of light illuminates though the darkness. A poem for a Falwell gift to those that might be reading this."   

Zenaku could understand the most part of this letter as he was telling that he had to pay a price but the poem he did not seem to understand so he took the letter over to jindrax cause he has been around these parts long enough maybe what the old man was trying to do was hide his location though a poem. " Hey jindrax i found a letter but it seems to hide a hidden message to where the old man was taking." Jindrax walked over to him and took the message from him, he read it over then placed his hand on to his chin as he thought about it, it was about a few minutes later he thought of something that might come in hand. " You know i think i might know where he was taken, there is a hill not far from here called dragons hill which has a shrine on it called the priestess shrine of light. I think that is where he is being took to so we need to hurry before something bad happens."

Using flash step the two men vanished from where they was standing and headed for dragons hill cause he was not gonna allow this man to be killed cause these people wanted money, it was not long before they arrived to where they was heading for but when they got to the shrine they looked around the area but could not see a sign of any one around unless some how this was a trap and they seemed to have walked right into the trap. " You was right old man it looks like these fools really did manage to deceiver that poem you left behind, but i guess your no longer needed tho." Just then the door to the shrine opened up and a man was standing in the door way, he was a tall man and he was very pale but standing beside him was the old man from the shop, the pale guy pushed the shop keeper as he landed face first in to the ground and skidded over to where zenaku and jindrax was standing. 

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The man standing in side of the shrine was about 6:3 and skinny but he was not bonny he actually had muscle to him, he had long black hair and going down the side of his face he had a twisted braid. He wear a black and red kimono and on his side he had a katana but something about the katana did not seem like a normal sword as it seemed to catch his eye but that stopped when all around them they became surrounded by a bunch of thugs all laughing or chuckling that they managed to catch them off guard. " If i was you poor fools then i would give us all the money you have on your self, and while your at it just drop down dead you damn soul reapers." Zenaku could tell that this guy had a problem with shinigami cause when he said to drop dead the way he started speaking became more angry, but what the man did not know was that zenaku was not a soul reaper just yet he was still in training. " Instead of that i think i am just gonna grab the old man then we shall leave with out any trouble or we could always do this the hard way by beating you down then leave." Zenaku said, he could not stand people like that punk so it caused him to get his blood boiling which at times causes him to say things which gets him in trouble but at this point he really did not care for even if he did not say any thing then things was gonna get nasty before long. Zenaku could tell that he hit a sore spot in the leader cause he was clinching his fists and teeth as his face became all red from anger. That was when the man suddenly drew his sword, as he did all his thug followers decided to do the same thing as there blades was now out and ready for battle. " Sorry jindrax but it seems i caused us to get into a fight." Zenaku said to jindrax who he heard sigh before drawing his sword but then he started laughing and so zenaku looked over to see what he was laughing about but what he saw was jindrax smiling like he remembered something nice. " You really are like your mother zenaku weather that is a bad thing or not shall be shown in later times. " 

" You damn people have just dug your own graves, go my men tear them all to shreds." Zenaku could tell by the tone of his voice that there was no way to talk his way out of this mess so reaching down he grabbed the handle to his sword and pulled out his sword as he took a stance. The next thing he knows there was a bunch of people that surrounded him as they all swung there swords down at the same time but before it hit him he used flash step and managed to escape from there attack as he was now standing behind them, once they noticed that all they hit was air they spun around only to meet zenaku with his arms raised and he was chanting a kido spell for the strongest hado he had cause he was about to blast the hell out of those 6 thugs that all surrounded him.  "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws. Hadō # 33. Sōkatsui" The next thing that the thugs saw was a large wave of blue fire like reiyoku being sent there way, it was probably not gonna kill them but it had enough power behind it to make them wish they where tho. Once the smoke cleared all of the lower level thugs was taken care of so now there only remained the boss and his second in command, the right hand man stood right at 5:8 and had a blue Mohawk and green eyes, his kimono had one of the sleeves missing. Zenaku and jindrax looked at one another and shook there head as they did not even need to say any thing and they already knew what they was gonna say.

So they both used flash step as they appeared in front of the person they was gonna fight, zenaku stood in front of there boss while jindrax decided he would fight the second in command. The two thugs did not look very happy and zenaku knew why cause they just lost not only any chance to make there money but there men was completely wiped out in front of him which caused him to have a chip on his shoulder. There swords clashed to one another as they kept smashing there swords in to one another sparks flying off of each encounter so nether one seemed to have a upper hand, the boss of the thugs did not seem to like the fact that zenaku was able to keep up with him so as they came in for yet another clash the boss of the thugs threw dust in to zenaku eyes blinding him which gave the guy enough of a opening to slash his sword across zenaku chest. Luckily he managed to step back just a inch which allowed the cut to not be fatal but he still had a bloody slash cross his chest. " That was a dirty move you bastard, but i guess i can not expect any less from such a low end thug." Zenaku said as he was down on one knee as he was holding his chest listening to the boss of the thugs laughing like a maniac psycho. " Well what can i say you was so open i could not help but to take advantage of that ha ha ha ha ha ha."   

wc: 1,000

twc: 3,265

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The thug pointed his sword at zenaku who was kneeling down on the ground holding his chest from where the thug slashed a gash across his chest, the pain he was feeling was by far the worst he has ever felt in his life but he knew that he would need to pull his self together. If he could not deal with something like this then he should give up on becoming a soul reaper cause at times they get more hurt then this hell some even lose limbs or even dire. So zenaku picked back up his sword and stood back on to his feet as he took a stance trying to figure out what he could do to beat this guy and save the old man, Zenaku wondered maybe if he hit the thug with a bakudo to hold him he could probably get in close enough to take him out so he raised his hand towards the thug boss. "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini!! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!" Bakudo number 9 Geki" A red light enveloped the thug as it seemed like it was working but he was surprised tho that for a bakudo it seemed that the guy was hurting from it. But he did not care cause after what he did to the old man he had no problem seeing that man dead, taking a hit off of his cigarette as he exhaled a large puff of smoke.  Using flash step zenaku landed in front of the thug as he placed his two index fingers on to the shoulder of the thug as he smiled. Hadō # 4: Byakurai"

In a sudden burst a large blast of blue lighting shot forth from his fingers as it shot right though the thugs chest or shoulder then grabbing the thug by the collar of his cloths he spun around and tossed him away as he slammed in to the ground. Zebaku looked over to see how Jindrax was doing and he was doing decent as he was not being beat up like he did, reaching up zenaku pulled his smoke out of his mouth as it had reached the end of its life so he flickered it out towards the thug before he reached in to his kimono and grabbed a small golden case and opened it. Inside was 5 more of his cigarettes so he grabbed one of them as he placed it in his mouth as he used his reishi to create heat in his finger which let him light his smoke and once he did he took in a deep breath inhaling the sweet burning smoke from the little death stick. Just then a large burst of energy could be felt and so zenaku could already tell that his fight was gonna get much more intense, at about the same time he felt the thugs boss reiyoku levels sky rocket he noticed that the guy jindrax was fighting also went up in power. He might not have it him self but he knows that in this case they was about to unleash there shikai which meant now they was gonna have abilities to use so there fighting skills was now much better.

If he had shikai his self then maybe he would not feel this cold shiver down his spine as he knew that he was probably gonna lose, but that did not mean he would not fight his hardest to win cause he was not gonna go down with out a fight.  As the dust vanished from sight zenaku could see that the wound which the thug had was now being plugged up from the reiyoku rushing though his body, his outfit now looked like aqua mans and his sword turned in to a harpoon which made zenaku wonder if he had some kind of water type abilities.   Looking over zenaku noticed that the second in command sword went from being a katana to a large baseball bat that had spikes on the end of it, but unfortunately he did not know what kind of abilities either one had really he was basically just guessing. " Lets see now how much longer wanna be soul reaper just how long you can fight me now. I am betting that sense you have not used your released your sword yet then you do not have it yet so that just means beating you shall become easier."  The thug then started to gather a lot of water in to his hands as he looked to be making a ball of water to fire at him, so zenaku started thinking and really the only attack he could think of to counter his attack would be his strongest kido hado 33 so he started chanting its incantation so it would become strong enough to be on par with that shikai ability. 

"Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws.  Hadō # 33. Sōkatsui" AT the same time the two fighters shot there attacks at one another, the two attacks as they collided suddenly burst in to a explosion that flung zenaku back and he smashed into a tree. Just then it felt like something sharp had hit his chest so looking down he noticed that the harpoon the thug had in his hand was now implanted in to his chest. The thug pulled back and as he did his blood sprayed out all over the ground making a glossy red paint job on to the ground as zenaku landed face first besides it, he was not sure if it was cause he was already tired or it could be the weapon was coated with something but for some reason he could not seem to stand up.

" Zenaku are you so weak that you shall be beat like this."

Zenaku suddenly heard a noise but it was not by any one who was in the fight, in fact this voice sounded familiar but at the same time it seemed like a stranger speaking to him. He has never heard this voice before but it seemed warm and relaxing but he was trying to figure out who it was cause the voice was speaking inside his head. 

wc: 1,070

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Zenaku laid there on the ground as he watched as the boss of the thugs started to make his way towards him, he had his harpoon raised over his shoulder and he had a evil grin on his face. As he was walking towards him the guy suddenly stopped moving and the world around him became gray, every thing seemed to him like they slowed down or stopped moving all together.  " Zenaku do you wish to keep fighting or do you wish to live." Zenaku again heard a voice in his head but he did not understand the question really but he caught one thing and he wanted to live but he wanted to keep fighting also. " I want to keep fighting...i wish to live so i can become stronger so to continue fighting and getting stronger and stronger." Zenaku said as his cigarette was hanging out from the corner of his mouth, he was not sure who was talking to him but the voice sounded like a womans but if she had a way to stop his bleeding then who was he to deny help from such a person. " Then tell me Zenaku what is my name...just call out to me and you shall be granted with power far beyond what you could ever wish for." Her name? How could he call out her name if he has never spoke to this person before until now, it was like she knew him and he was supposed to know her.

" Im sorry lady but i do not know your name, could you tell me what it us." Zenaku asked her but he could hear the voice sigh a heavy breath as if she was disappointed   or something.   " Very well zenaku this time i shall not hold it against you for forgetting my name, for it has been such a long time now that we have spoken but here it is. My name zenaku is..............." He could have sworn she told him but for some reason he could not hear it and he became saddened because of this. " So you still can not hear my voice ha...how long now...how long has it been sense i been calling out to you zenaku....if only you could hear my name you would not be in this mess right now. So be it, i do not normally do this but i shall allow you to enter my world so you can learn to unlock your hidden power that slumbers deep in side your very core. " There was a slight moment that every thing went black but when he opened his eyes to look around his wounds was no longer there and he was no longer in the soul society but he was in a different realm but all he saw was what seemed like a mirror world.

" Finally i see you arrived, took you long enough. This here is your inner world and as you can see its very plain and clear." Zenaku heard a voice so looking around he suddenly landed his sight on to a woman, she was about 5 foot which was short and she had long flowing silver hair and she had red eyes. Her look was the complete opposite of him where zenaku had the red hair and silver eyes, he also was six foot tall and she was five so he was tall and she was short. " This is my inner world ha, i guess i was not expecting this. But what i want to know is who you are, and how can you be living in my head." Zenaku said as he was looking at the girl, reaching up he pulled his cig out of his mouth as he let out a large puff of smoke from his mouth. The woman looked very mad after he let out that smoke as she puffed out her cheeks. " First off stop that damn smoking cause thats just gonna cause your breathing to get bad, second i am the zanpakto spirit of your sword but for the moment you are not able to hear my name so until you can we shall have a test to see if you can cut me but just so you know that shall not be as easy as you think it will so lets get going. shatter to pieces ." After she spoke those words she began by Placing her right hand at the tip of the sword tip the woman pushed in on it once it started glowing white, as she pushed in the white glow shrunk down tell it was a white round circle then she extended her hands a small amount then as if she was showing a rainbow four medium sized mirrors was floating around her. Mirrors ha, zenaku was not really sure what she was gonna do with those or what she could even use them for but he was soon about to find out, Reaching down zenaku grabbed a hold of his zanpakto with his hand which was covered by a black glove as he unsheathed it.  Before he could even think about what he was gonna do next the woman started out by raising her hand and as she did the mirror desks she had went flying towards him, they moved almost to fast for him to see so all he could do was parry the attacks and try to weather the attacks until he could find a opening where he might be able to get in closer to her and strike but until then he would have to just wait there.

Zenaku had no choice but to break the mirrors that continued to attack him so he could get to her so when he saw two of the incoming mirrors coming his way zenaku slashed his zanpakto side ways as he shattered the two mirrors he then rushed in towards the woman who just seemed to be standing there like she did not care. Zenaku managed to get in front of the woman who did not wish to move knowing he was there so taking his sword zenaku plunged it down with a lot of force but it was like he was cutting the air cause his attack vanished but then he noticed that his arm was missing also that was when he saw that his arm had went in to one of the mirrors. Just then he noticed that his back was hurting so looking behind him he noticed that his own sword had struck him....but how he had just tried to attack the woman but then he realized that when he saw his arms being vanished that was where it went and he could now see how that womans techniques worked or so he thinks. " I told you that this was not gonna be as easy as you first thought did i not." The woman said as she was laughing at him, he was for sure that the two of them was complete opposites from one another cause he would never laugh at a person who was just hurt. As soon as zenaku saw this he quickly jumped back away from the woman as he had to think of another way to fight her besides close combat so he decided to give kido a try so he began to raise his reiyoku. 

"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"  Hadō # 31: Shakkahō As zenaku spoke a small red orb started to grow from being small to now being a decent sized before he fired it towards the woman, he was sure that he would be able to land a hit using his kido. But that also did not happen cause as soon as the attack got close to her she opened another mirror and the attack just slipped into the mirror like that mirror had some kind of void like world in side it. That was when he remembered what happened to his last attack so he tried to keep his eyes open for any sign of the attack, he was only able to get out of the way cause he sensed the attack coming as it got inches from him he used flash step to dodge and get behind the woman as he took his sword and swung it down. He was not expecting his attack to land but some how the attack he threw at her slashed a small cut on her body. " Congratulations zenaku you was able to cut me cause you used more then straight forward tactics but thought of a way where i would not be able to see you so its time. By now you should know my name now say it zenaku shibai yell my name out to the heavens above." She said and she was some how right for some reason after this fight he knew her name, but then again it could be cause he cut her but what ever the reason was he knew the womans name. "shatter to pieces Wareta kagami"  Just like what happened when she spoke those commands his sword changed forms from the normal katana to the four mirrors that was floating around him like small little flat mirror planets. " Now zenaku get your ass out there and teach that fuck head a lesson he shall never forget on picking on old people." Kagami said as she was smiling. 

It was like zenaku had been inside of a dream as the world around him began to start running again and the color returned from being gray to being back to what it was. The boss of the thugs had continued to walk towards him but he suddenly stopped walking and had a shocked look in his eyes. Zenaku could not blame him cause he was now standing off a sudden and his reiyoku was skyrocketing and his power was so strong that it was making a wind so strong that it was pushing the thug back. Instead of holding his sword like he was when he was still on the ground zenaku had his shikai activated already and his mirrors was floating about him. Zenaku noticed that his hole that the thug gave him moments before had also decided to close up from his reishi flowing though his body, he no longer could feel his pain and his body felt weightless almost as if he could take on the world right about now and he wondered if every one felt like this after just unlocking there sword release. He could see that his partner was doing good against the thugs second in command as his sword had also changed so that meant Jindrax also had shikai, looking back at the thug boss he took a step forward and as he did the thug boss stepped back like he was in fear. 

wc: 1,839

twc: 2,909

(Learned shikai 1,839/1,500) 


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Zenaku did not wish to keep this fight going on for to much longer cause he was not one that liked fighting much, so he raised his hand and as he did his shikai mirror disks went flying towards the thug boss. He tried to dodge but because he could control there trajectory and speed he was able to confuse the thug and at the same time smashed the mirror disks into different parts of the thugs body.  One of them headed straight for the thugs head which was the decoy as he smashed another one in his chest, one in his shoulder and the other one in his thigh of his leg. The thug fell down to one leg after the barrage of attacks hit him all over but he did not seem to be finished yet, so the thug fired some water spears towards him so zenaku used his mirrors and caused them to get in the way of the in coming attacks so the water attacks went in side of the mirrors. Zenaku then created four more mirrors behind the thug as he fired the guys own attacks right back at him, one of the attacks hit him but the thug managed to dodge the other three but unfortunately the attack only smashed in to the guys arm. The thug was still able to use it but zenaku could tell that he was having a hard time moving it which meant that th guys attack must have bruised the bone or muscle in the arm.

" You ready to give up yet thug, if i was you i would just give up on any idea of getting that money and leave the old man in peace." Zenaku said but this comment just caused the thug to get all red in the face so he knew that he was very angry. " You have to be kidding me you ass hole, i shall not give up on any notion of giving up that money and i shall not let you or any one stop me." Well there was zenaku answer it would seem that this thug was gonna keep on fighting even if it meant he would lose the fight. The thug rushed in at zenaku as he brought his sword down but zenaku used one of his mirrors to block the guys attack but when his sword hit it the mirror shattered in to pieces as the jagged shards shot out at the thug and pierced his body in many areas. Zenaku was shocked to see this cause even he did not know of this attack which meant he was gonna need to master his shikai so he would know by hart what all his skills dose cause he would hate to know he had a skill that was to dangerous that he could even hurt his allies.

Zenaku looked on at the thug who was in front of him as the blood was running down his body as the shards of mirror glass was sticking out of his body, there was some in his legs some in his arms one in his chest and one struck the side of his neck so he had his hand up there keeping his self from bleeding out. He collapsed on to the ground, blood pooling out around him which meant that he must have won his fight. Zenaku looked over at his partner jindrax and saw that he managed to beat his opponent also, zenaku deactivated his shikai and when he did he collapsed onto the ground beside the thugs body and he blacked out from the sudden loss of reiyoku plus stamina. Not ever using his shikai before zenaku could tell that he was gonna need to beef his self up so that he would be able to handle pro longed fights for long sections of time and not get tired so easily. 

wc: 653

twc: 3,562

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Zenaku could not feel any thing, it was like he was floating though a void in space cause his body was light as if he was make up of nothing but air. He could not remember much of how he ended up like this except that he was in a large fight and after he blacked out and was now floating around in this void like area. But as his body was continued on though the darkness he blacked out again and went in to a dream. 


" Zenaku wake your lazy ass up and get back to work, i would love to fire your shitty ass but with how job getting are i can not afford to lose you cause even tho your lazy and i want to fire you. Your dumb ass is my best detective, now i have a report on your desk so take a look at it and get on to it." Zenaku lifted his head off his desk and looked on his table as he noticed a small brown folder so picking it up he started to look though it, as he was reading in to it he saw that there had been some disappearances a small part of karakura town so standing up he put on his gun strap and his jacket then he walked out the door. Zenaku arrived at the location of the vanishes as he starts to take a look around but so far he could not seem to find any clue about how they was vanishing unless they was some how becoming ghosts and leaving the crime scene. Unbeknownst to Zenaku tho he was being watched from afar by a hollow who was the one eating up the humans that was in his case file, the only thing he could thing of to do was go around and ask questions until hopefully he managed to find some body that had some kind of info that he could use.  He hated to think about it but with the way the economy was doing keeping a job was hard work so he needed to successfully do this case right to show the higher ups that zenaku higaroshi was able and ready to keep up with the work of the KKIU which stood for the Karakura investigation unit.

There main jobs was to search for missing persons reports or tracking down high level thugs and if they went out of control they dealt with them the only way they could. While he was on his patrol zenaku noticed some one run into a empty ally way so gripping hold of his glock 45 caliber he ran in to the ally way after the mystery person but as he entered the narrow tunnel only to find out that it was a tunnel with a dead end to it. Puzzled by this out look he looked around to see if maybe the person jumped a ladder or something but there was nothing there so turning around he walked out from the tunnel as he was back in the large parking yard now. " Yummm for a human you sure have a tasty smelling soul, i wonder if you shall become a hollow or a stinging soul reaper once i eat you." Zenaku heard a noise so he started looking around only to see that person who he was chasing but he did not look to be alone as standing beside him there was a large porcupine like hollow with a long tail but that tail seemed to have been connected to that person standing next to him. " Oh you seem to be able to see my lure very good human now im sure your gonna taste good, so say good bye human." Zenaku did not know why he did it but the first thing he started doing was not to run but he raised his gun and started shooting, the bullets tho did nothing but go right though the thing with out even hurting him. Seconds later it seemed he was being born in to the soul society as a member of the shiba clan. 

At the medical room.

Zenaku finally opened his eyes as his vision was blurry but he could already tell that he was laying in a room some where, but as to where now that was the real question. Just then he heard a voice say his name so looking around with blurry vision he saw a person walk up to him then he felt something wet wipe across his forehead then a second later he was being made to drink something that tasted nasty as hell but it was enough that it caused zenaku to pass back out. He was not sure really how long he had been out but eventually he woke up and as he looked around he noticed that he was in his own place the shiba manner which meant that jindrax was able to get him home safely. Getting up zenaku got dressed then headed out side where he saw his friend jindrax and his Gardner misses fang.  " Oh how good it is to see you up and moving again master Shiba, i also would like to thank you for getting me that medicine it really helped with my back." Zenaku just grinned and bowed to the old lady then turned to jindrax who did not say any thing except hand him a letter. So opening the letter zenaku ready it as it seemed to be from the central 46. " Dear Mr Zenaku shiba, this here is a invitation to join squad 10 of the gotie thirteen and from the thirteen curt guard squads of soul society. We await your arrival to your new job and we hope good things of you so good day and good job."  Zenaku could not believe it but it seemed that he had finally been accepted in to the squad he was hoping to enter, so he used flash step and headed towards his new squad to see what it was like and to receive his black soul reaper outfit.   

wc: 1,020

twc:  4,582

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