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Treynor, Thomas

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Treynor, Thomas

Spirit Detective

Personnel File



Age l 23
Gender l Male
Height & Weight l 6'1, 155 Pounds
Hair & Eye Color l Thomas has light brown eyes that appear to remain glossy the majority of the time. His short dirty blonde hair remains well dressed and is parted above his left eye.
Race l Human
Positive Traits




Negative Traits




Physical Description l Thomas retains a rather solemn posture to accompany his most casual outlook, while remaining donned in a suit and tie for almost any occasion. More often than not his face keeps this same bland expression, unless irritation is notably brought about. His detective badge remains posted upon his jacket pocket unless clearly in situations his identity is best left unknown. Thomas' only other key feature to set him away from all the other business men would be his rugged black and white striped fedora. Beneath the surface of his attire lies a rigid toned body of a man who is clearly physically fit, accompanied with a tan tone that suggests there is certainly Italian blood flowing through his veins. His slightly larger than average nose would further add to ones suspicion of his ethnicity, along with a mysterious lack of bodily hair that most usually conjoins with such a trait. 

Spiritual Description l Those whom retain the capability to sense, or otherwise gauge ones worth through more than meets the eye would certainly double take the 'essence' that is Treynor. His reiatsu holds a certain feeling of a cool winter breeze, in that it fades and returns with such great intensity and without warning. This intensity could bring about chills or sorrow to those who have great perception or understanding of energy or the afterlife. Should one have the capability of seeing his reiastu they would state upon a ever flowing blue aura that appears to flail about with a certain level of rhythm-like behavior. 

Personality l Thomas is a rather awkward individual who happens to be kind-hearted, yet lacks the ability to install his trust in the vast majority of those around him. The ever grasping obsessions his anxiety brigs about puts a large hindrance on his social capability, and often causes him to come off as reclusive. He's also subject to off putting reactions to key stressful situations such as total avoidance, outbursts of anger, or even a lack of sustainable emotion where one would expect some level of sympathy or excitement. This often makes Thomas come off as a cold hearted person due to the misunderstanding of his particular situation; however, his level of social activity fluctuates with those he is often around to be more sustainable in a social setting, and will appear to be more open minded to encounters. 



Class l Primary - Tank / Secondary - Genius / Focus - Perception

Reiatsu l 88,000

ND l 7,040

               Power l 10 +82 = 92

          Strength l (50%) = 46

              Reiryoku l (120%) = 110

                       Stamina l 5 +77 (150%) = 121

                     Speed l 5 +96 (100%) = 101

                           Perception l 5 +77 (120%) = 101



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