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Good Ol Yuro

Rising in Rukognai, ripples in the water . . .

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Prologue --  ( months prior to meeting Tenji )

The first stages were easily the most difficult and certainly the most perilous. The ambitious Lieutenant was not able to enact his plans directly and move right into the districts, political leaders, militia like factions and general citizens alike had all made it clear that they did not want anything to do with the Shinigami who had done them so wrong in the before times. But this opposition was not enough to shake the eyes of Yuroshima from the goal he had fixated their sights upon, attempting to live in the mode of viewing obstacles as challenges with reward of self growth he had merely used the resistance of his plans to fuel his drive to move forth with them. And move forth he did, marching deep into the districts with a crowd of Shinigami both from his own Restoration Corps and from Division Nine acting as escorts for their expedition.

             The Veiled Lieutenant had ordered the vast spread of black clad soldiers and healers to avoid moving into the districts directly but instead to follow him into the smaller sections of wilderness between districts. His plan was to provide medical care to wanderers and citizens that didn’t share the opinion of the Rukognai majority until word got around of how beneficial the program itself was.

            He then divided the large force he commanded into a couple smaller but still well sized groups lead by the most competent healers in his division and the best volunteer fighters they had been assigned, to go off from him in all four directions and do this same task in between other districts and territories, spreading the influence as far but yet not thin, as he could in the beginning.


Gaining Footing --

And separate they did, moving off into the four cardinal directions bringing with them a new form of hope and a new catalyst of savior, enacted by the veiled one who sought a brighter future than the bleak and unstable times that all the races now found themselves in. The enormous task force of this program, all selected by the Lieutenant himself, had journeyed weeks by cart and wagon as to bring enough supplies to last the long run, carrying with them the large black and white flags which displayed the proud symbol of division four, a sign of peace and restoration, even the people of Rukognai new the reputation of division four as largely non aggressive and caring. They had traveled week after week before splitting up into four groups, Yuroshima taking his out even farther to the forested lands, former districts, and strange shanty town style communities in the areas around Nahgistahd.. the only district Yuroshima had come across so far that did not mind the presence of Shinigami, or at least since the rebel militia of the area had been moved from there largely thanks to Yuro himself.

            Their journey finally ended at a large hilly meadow between Nahgistahd and some other district which did not exist before the widespread poverty and famine, many freelance towns of this manor were springing up all over now that the ability to regulate such a thing has diminished. Either civilization was miles out providing a perfect net of both safety and range of influence simultaneously. And so, the lot begins to set up camp.

            Yuroshima drops a large crate filled to the brim with canned vegetables down onto the soft grass below and grunts a moment, “Some one over packed some of these..” He thinks out of frustration a moment, “But I suppose that will be a good thing in the future..” He glances to his side to see his troops going about the required tasks to set up a strong and formidable camp. Shinigami after Shinigami lined up to grab whatever crates and bags and barrels they could in order to move them to their proper locations, slowly the strange ecosystem of supplies and spaces form as if each spot had already been decided on before they arrived. “Lieutenant!” A voice shouts to the veiled expedition commander who turns to see the smiling and confident face of Jim, donning his now infamous black bandana. “Yes Officer Jim.” He says officially. Though Jim was a higher rank he had decided to give one of the groups to tenth seat Avery Yasuke as he had simply possessed better leadership qualities, it should be said Jim was only two seats higher for possessing a higher combat capability and in all honesty, for his feats on the battlefield due to Avery’s analytical nature. “The others are unsure of where we should be putting the medical tents sir.” He explains. “Hmm..” Yuroshima ponders a moment looking around at the camp forming around him. “Well considering they will be holding supplies which others would try to steal, like medicines and anesthetics and what not, we should set them up dead center of the camps.” He pauses a moment, “I know I had mentioned on the way here that setting them up on the perimeter of the camp would be best as it would advertise the point of our camp but its honestly just too risky for loss, we will have to substitute advertising by putting all the restoration banners on the perimeter and some of the white canvas tents on the outskirts to explain to those passing by or those who come to us, what exactly we are doing out here.”

            To this, the subordinate nods, “Yes sir.” He replies, before turning and running off to carry the directions to the others specifically working on the tent placements. Yes, this would work, soon many would be reached.



Orange and blazing, a large roaring fire pierces the black of night, surrounded by rocks and logs of all different shapes, the fire was roughly the size of a shed and was slowly being surrounded by some of the shinigami of the camp not busy with other duties who had come to socialize and relax for a while. At first they say nothing to each other, just awkwardly rest in silence and watch the gleaming wave of flame which gently stains the many large square tents surrounding it until one of them attempts at establishing a topic of conversation. “Well.” The brown haired man states, pushing his glasses up his nose, “Here we are, so far from the Seireitei this place feels like an alien planet to me, not doing our usual Shinigami duties, so that we can help people who hate us.” There is a brief pause, and a tension can be felt amongst the group before a woman with a sweet but low voice speaks up, “I think this is better than what we would normally be doing.” She states in response. “That’s just because your Division 4.” The man says back to her quickly, “I don’t do any of the cleaning duties.” She shrugs, “Im a high enough caliber healer to where most my time is spent on the medical bays. But also I think it’s good we are here, the reason of reestablishing relations with the districts in itself is reason enough for this to be considered important work.” There is a much longer pause after her words, the original man who had spoke is visibly irritated and leans back against a large smooth rock which he had placed around the fire himself. “I don’t know, I just feel like the Lieutenant is a little bit foolish for dragging us out here, there are many armies forming out this way with intent of usurping the Seireitei from us, they could just roll through here and attack at any time for our supplies.”

            The debate continues as a young, boyish looking Shinigami glances to his side to see what he thinks is the outline of a figure standing in the dark just at the edge of the fires reach. Another soldier throws another log on the already blazing bonfire cause its light to flicker brighter only a moment, and gleam bright orange off the white veil of their expedition commander, the younger Shinigam is then able to make out the form of his Lieutenant, standing back and listening, arms folded across his chest as he ponders the discussion of his subordinates. The debate carries on for a small time longer consisting mostly of either side repeating themselves until eventually the irritation of both caused the talking to die down to yet again awkward silence, and this is when the anonymous spectator had chosen to step in. 

            Yuroshima strolls out to the group, standing close enough yet far away enough from them and the fire that they could all gather and see him if they had wanted. He calls out to them “Listen,” in a friendly manor to get their attention before beginning.


“I understand everyone’s concerns, being out here in the unknown surely is frightening yes. But the fate of the nothing awaits that which stagnates, and the fate of they who truly lived awaits that which understands, accepts and practices that life in essence is change. I say to you, Life and Change are literally one. Our Court Guard Squads had stagnated long ago, and as a result the crises which shook all realms of existence to its core ensued and our generation of Shinigami must be the ones to pull it back together with the counterforce of our will, realized through stronger ideology than before. Indeed our Court Guard Squads fell in stagnation and redemption of this will not be found in continuation of that, we must change to be beyond what we were, and change that which is around us to reflect the reality we want… that is what I am doing now, that is what WE are doing now. The first of the new Shinigami to venture out into the true unknown seeking change in its truest form for the greater good of the cause, for the greater good of the balance. I ask you then what possible objection could you conjure up to this that wasn’t based in your own anxiety and fear of the unknown? Beloved Subordinates heed these words, a fear of the unknown is truly a fear of life. But I am afraid of life no longer, and the Restoration Corps will be the force which carries the Gotei 13 back to the epicenter of influence and power with superior ideology. Take pride in the fact that we are the only ones out here, in the unkown.. and that we now have an opportunity to shape that which will become the known.”


WC – 1773

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Prologue –

Slowly, he grips the heavy flap of his large tent and pulls it back, revealing the sometimes sickening dull blue of the early morning as the Lieutenant steps out from his quarters and into his camp. They had been there consecutively for one month and while some minor complications had occurred nothing majorly bad had happened. Some had worried that their set up would make it far too easy for assassins to sneak into the camp and kill them in the night but none had tried as of yet. At first only a few people came every now and then, some ill some injured and they would be cared for and sent back, some requiring greater care were allowed to stay as long as they needed, anything to send a powerful message and assert their presence correctly. Yuroshima had refused to use his Zanpakuto aside from life death emergencies for two reasons, one was that he didn’t want to make it about him as a figure so much as about the camp as an institution and wanted to allow the people the story that they were able to stay and be well cared for when they returned to their communities, and secondly because he wouldn’t always be here to act as a magic wand, he had to keep his subordinates sharp.

            There had been talk lately of a few isolated attacks on Nahgistahd from some neighboring village that used to be a part of the next district over. Apparently it had grown so different in its culture after the crises that it had been able to culturally secede. According to the patients that would wander in injured by them, either through fighting or crossfire style wounds, they had named their near newly formed village Opalia.



Growing Pains –

Yuroshima walks through the decently sized town of tents and building like carts and temporary shacks which now made up his main camp. Seeing Restoration Corps Officers working on injured souls in tents or walking them from ne location to another brought immense joy to his heart, what a delight it was to see the talents of his subordinates being correctly utilized and not wasted on menial tasks as they likely would be back at the Seireitei. The Lieutenant laughs to himself gently a moment, he had been away from the Seireitei for a month and a half straight now and privately dreaded the idea of returning to the red tape, out here his subordinates trusted him and if he knew something needed to be done but would go against protocol he could stil make the decision to do it himself and it even be held up in some interpretations of the law as a survival necessity.

            Finally he approaches a rather shabby brown tent resting at the foot of one of the small hills, a food tent sits proudly atop the hill behind. “Officer Jim?” The Veiled Healer calls towards the closed flaps of the tent. “I’ll be ready in just a moment sir!” The eighth seat called back in reply. “Today is a big day.” Yuro thinks as he stands straight with his back to his comrades tent. A Restoration Officer walks by guiding a citizen by the left arm, their right arm was slung up and heavily bandaged by even still beginning to turn a seeping dark pink in the center, soon to be red, the officer was guiding the soul in the direction of the surgical tents before looking to his commander and waving with a smile containing a mixture of joy and exhausted sorrow. Yuroshima waves back, indeed this month had been hard, but harder trails were yet to come.

            Moments later Jim emerges from his abode tying his bandana tightly in the back around his head and in that moment, the Lieutenant realizes he had never seen Jims hair, or even possibly Jims lack of hair. “Ready to go?” He asks the eighth seat who smiles confidently, “Oh yeah, today is going to go great, I grew up here, you got the majority bandits to move out a ways, they already love us..” The Restoration Lieutenant nods to this, “Indeed.” He states as the two begin making their way to the northern edge of the maze of tents which encapsulated them. “But we don’t want to go into this with a feeling of it ‘being in the bag’ , so to speak. Although I do admit that with the points you’ve brought up and the many cases we have healed and nurtured the last month or so.. much is in our favor for this meeting.”

            The two reach the cart gate and request the two opening carts to be moved aside for their leave. Yuroshima climbs atop a two horse supply cart and Jim takes the passenger seat. They could have used shunpo to get to Nahgistahd but there would be no point in using any spirit energy for what would simply be a 10 minute ride by cart up the road, plus the cart contained supplies for the village for a sort of bribe like effect. The Lieutenant grips the reins gives a stern jolt. “Hah!” He calls out, causing one of the horses to lurch slightly before they both begin moving at a moderate speed up the dirt path away from the hilly field surrounded by forest. The sun began to rise, bright and orange through the trees, sending sword like rays of light cascading across the two shinigami as they finally neared their destination. “You think these attacks from that weird would-be village of savages can be a talking point as to why we should be allowed into the town?” Jim asks as they begin to cross the town lines. “Perhaps.” The Lieutenant replies, “But only if he brings it up, we dont wanna make it seem like we are calling them weak, if theres one thing people in these parts can’t stand.. its Shinigami Supremacy.” Jim nods thoughtfully, “Why so early?” He asks a second question. Yuroshima waves to two citizens who he knew to be assistants or advisors to the mayor, “He said first thing this morning, so I wanted to make sure we were the first thing he dealt with when waking up.” The assistants of the Mayor lead them up to their masters office, and the meeting ensues.

WC – 1,060

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