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Arthur Wright

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Name: Arthur Wright

Race: Fullbringer

Age: 26

Height: 180cm

Weight: 75kg

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Brown

Clothing: He prefers to wear clothes that are on the smarter side rather than casual

Personality: Arthur can be seen as a laid back person who rarely looks stressed or angry as he wants to simply enjoy the moment. While he would surely prefer to relax and do his own stuff, he takes his work seriously and tries to give his best, and even if it doesn't exactly work out he is willing to try again to improve himself. Some perceive him as more of a loner due to his low number of friends, but he does enjoy their company though he isn't a overly social person either. He is also willing to hear out other people as he tends not to judge them since he believes that everyone has their own paths in life and if it is a close friend he is more than willing to help.

Occupation: IT Technician(Mon-Fri), Unofficial Internet Cafe Assistant(Weekends)



Myriad Manifestations Umbrella




Element: Wind

Novice Level:




Expert Level:




Thread Order

1. A Normal Life No More

2. Everybody has a Secret

3. Battle of the Degenerates

4. Origin of Power


Duality Archives







Additional Features: Green eyes

Age: 35

Occupation: Accountant

Personality: Even though she is in charge of the organisation, Layla is like the mother figure to the whole of Duality. She is open in conversation and willingly helps with any struggle her members bring to her. While she can't avoid being dragged into conflict between factions, in reality she has very little interest for it as he biggest concern is not power or profit, but the safety of Duality.






Age: 25

Occupation: Florist

Personality: She is a kind woman that is easy to get along with. Despite failing to find a job in the area of her degree, Liz has decided to do what she likes the most and so she chose her hobby as her job. She deems that life is too full of stress and complications and that's why people should do what they truly enjoy even if it isn't the most beneficial option. Liz likes to spend her free time in quiter environments, but she also enjoys having chatting with a friends even if it is about meaningless things. During these meetings sometimes she will also offer food that she has cooked as a gesture of friendship.






Age: 29

Occupation: Car Mechanic

Personality: Jack chose the harder path in life as he decided to work as soon as possible. Starting through an apprenticeship his hard toil eventually paid off as he was able to start his own small business that is now also used as a cover for Duality HQ. He is more of a reserved person when it comes to talking but also a car fanatic so once he starts talking about cars there is no more stopping him, which his fellow colleagues dread.






Additional Features: Wears glasses, grey eyes

Age: 22

Occupation: Teacher

Personality: Oliver is the nerdy type of guy who you can have long philosophical debates about. While he isn't close to being the next Sherlock Holmes, he always prefers to use his intellect to solve the problems around him, though this does not meant that his combat capabilities are limited. Despite his knowledge, he does not wish to brag about it and simply has the desire to educate his fellow colleagues but he is not oblivious that this can be overbearing so he tries to limit himself. He is very reliable when it comes to getting advice.






Additional Features: Stubble

Age: 38

Occupation: Banker

Personality: He might seem a bit detached when it comes to hanging around those younger than himself due to 'maturity', but he does not look down on any younger member. While he might not have the same paternal insticts or attitude as Layla he still cares deeply about Duality and everybody in it. He was largely responsible for funding the HQ and making it to what it is today. Whenever you have a desire to gamble or drink alcohol William would be your best option to approach, if you don't fear losing money.


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Class: Tank/Agile, Balanced Path

Reiatsu: 45,000

Speed: 5 + 40(50) = 55
Stamina: 5 + 40(60) = 65
Perception: 5 +40 = 45
Power: 10 + 40 = 50
Strength: 50(0.75) = 37.5
Reiryoku: 50(0.75) = 37.5
Throw speed: 37.5
Reiryoku speed: 37.5

Fate Points: 6, 0 Spent

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Reiatsu: 53,000

Speed: 55
Stamina: 65 + 6(9) = 74
Perception: 45 + 10 =55
Power: 50 + 16 = 66
Strength: 49.5
Reiryoku: 49.5
Throw Speed 49.5
Reiryoku Speed: 49.5
Natural Defense: 4,240

Fate Points: 6, 0 Spent

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Reiatsu: 61,000
Speed: 55 + 12(15) = 70
Stamina: 74 + 10(15) = 89
Perception: 55 + 5 = 60
Power: 65 + 5 = 70
Strength: 52.5
Reiryoku: 52.5
Throw Speed: 52.5
Reiryoku Speed: 52.5
Natural Defense: 4,880

Fate Point: 7, 0 spent

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Reiatsu: 72,000

Speed: 70 + 12(15) = 85
Stamina: 89 + 10(15) = 104
Perception: 60 + 18 = 78
Power: 70 + 5 = 75
Strength: 56.25
Reiryoku: 56.26
Throw Speed: 56.25
Reiryoku Speed: 56.25
Natural Defense: 5,760

Fate Points: 7, 0 spent

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Reiatsu: 77,000

Speed: 85 + 4(5) = 90
Stamina: 104
Perception: 78 + 12 = 90
Power: 75 + 4 = 79
Strength: 59.25
Reiryoku: 59.25
Throw Speed: 59.25
Reiryoku Speed: 59.25
Natural Defense: 6,160

Fate Points: 7, 0 spent

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Reiatsu: 82,000

Speed: 90
Stamina: 104 + 12(18) = 122
Perception: 90
Power: 79 + 8 = 87
Strength: 65.25
Reiryoku: 65.25
Throw Speed: 65.25
Reiryoku Speed: 65.25
Natural Defense: 6,560

Fate Points: 7, 0 Spent

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Reiatsu: 87,000

Speed: 90 + 8 = 98
Stamina: 122
Perception: 90 + 4 = 94
Power: 87 + 8 = 95
Strength: 71.25
Reiryoku: 71.25
Throw Speed: 71.25
Reiryoku Speed: 71.25
Natural Defense: 6,960

Fate points: 7,0 Spent

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Reiatsu: 95,000

Speed: 98 + 8(10) = 108
Stamina: 122
Perception: 94 + 12(15) = 109
Power: 95 + 10 = 105
Strength(90%): 95
Reiryoku(85%): 89
Throw Speed: 98
Reiryoku Speed: 93
Natural Defense: 7,600

Fate points: 2, 14 spent

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