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Ryu Nakamura

The nine scabbard,s of old.

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yamashiro stepped out of the gargonta as he walked across the marble floors of the castle grounds, with the tusk under his arm the zero espada headed down the hall as he was making lead way towards bakura.s room who was the 8th espada a scientist that ran the division. Once he arrived to his room he walked in cause it was to much of a pain to wait for him to answer the door for most of the time he never answered. Walking over the floor yamashiro laid down the tusk on the table as bakura looked at it with a smile. " congrats yamashiro i am honestly surprised that you managed to find what i was asking for cause most of the baboons i ask to go get it for me wind up lost, dead or captured. now lastly i need you to get me the souls from the willow soul tree from the world of the living. once you get me this last item i shall allow you to enter that area. " yamashiro was just glad that he just had to accomplish one last goal before bakura would allow him in to the library to see some books of old things like people places and events that has happened In heuco mundo but in the past. Tho yamashiro did not plan on leaving just yet as there was some things that he would like to do first, one thing would be taking a shower while the other was to get something to eat cause he was hungry from hell. Walking out of bakura room yamashiro started to make his way toward his room when his second in command came up to him. 

" sir there seems to be a arrancar wishing to speak to you, he has been here a while and I do believe that his patience is wearing thin.i do not know what he wishes to speak about as he said he won't speak to me and that he only wants to see you." 

Yamashiro had a bad feeling about this cause if he thought about it he has been gone for about 3 days and that was four days ago so it could be him that has come to speak to him. So following jindrax to where the hollow was yamashiro entered the room to see that one arrancar setting in a chair. " hello yamashiro it's nice to see you actually coming to see me." 

Wc: 415

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" Why if its not the previon espada or should i say the loser, why dont you get out of here cause i already know what you are here for." yamashiro said as he walked over to his kitchen area and opened up his refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of something to drink and a thigh section from some kind of food as he started   chowing down. He did not really care for the arrancar that was sitting in his chair cause all he was doing was trying to talk his way in to a espada seat and around here it took more then some fancy words to gain a seat of power in los notchas. " You do ah but i have not even said a word, then do go on tell me why i am here then i can tell you how wrong you are then go about actually telling you what i came here for." The arrancar seemed pretty arrogant about his self being right but yamashiro would try his best to prove him wrong and say the right things. He was not positive but yamashiro was sure that he was here about him dropping down as espada but then again it could also be cause yamashiro went to karakura town cause lately he has not seen many hollows be going to the world of the living but maybe he found out that yamashiro was trying to find info out on them so he was here to see what he had found out tho he would not find much sense even he his self has not found much yet on those old ass espada from the past. 

" Well i have two theory's that it could be on why you would take your time to come all the way out here just to see little old me. The first is that your here to let me know that my three days are up so you wish to ask me for my answer. well my answer to your question is no i shall not be dropping down as espada  and if you or your clan wishes to be a espada there are 10 other spots to chose from cause mine is already taken. as for the second theory i would say that you found out that i have gone to the world of the living so your masters sent you to ask me what i was doing in which i reply back its none of your damn business. so do any of my answers seem right to you."

yamashiro said as he threw away the bone that went to his food then finished off the bottle of liquid, he then walked over to the other chair he had as he sat down and crossed his leg over his other and looked the arrancar down showing him that no matter what he said he was not gonna be scared off by some has been espada thats no longer a espada. He could see some sweat running down the side of the arrancar,s head and that there told yamashiro that one of those two was the reason but if yamashiro knew these types has well as he thought he did then he would try to come up with something to make his self sound right.    

" Well your some what right and some what wrong, one i did come here to get your answer which i know have and we already know what you went to the human world for but thats our secret to keep on what we actually know about it. But i came here to tell you from my masters to stop looking in on there past. They said that if you continue on this path then there shall be grave consequences of the like that you shall not walk away from. but i guess that ends our meeting." 

Yamashiro could not believe that  these former espada have the gull to tell him what to do, and how did they know what he was doing in the human world also how they knew that he was looking at there past. This just meant that he had fewer people that he could trust but if they thought that yamashiro was just gonna roll over with this and take it they was dead wrong. " Hey buddy how about you take this as a message back to your so called masters." he said as he used sonido to appear before him, reaching out he grabbed a hold of the arrancars arm as he ripped it off a little ways away from the shoulder. He then placed showed the arrancar the door as he walked back to his room holding the mans arm as he placed it on a mantle to show off as his trophy. 

wc: 804

twc: 1,219

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