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Rebirth of the Old God

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"What about the hollow Sicarius? He had great potential."

"Great potential yes, but it was wasted. The power of the Hollows of Old did nothing."

"Then what of the Hollow Kazuma Kuwabara as he was the first of their line? Or the vampire Angelus?"

"Too proud and too ignorant to carry out our grand plans. We need someone ruthless to carry out the Great Campaign."

"...then it has to be him. Any of the shinigami progeny would likely be swayed to the side of good. It has to be the one true demon of the entire line."

"His form is outdated. If he is sent out as he was, he won't do much against the new breed. We'd be back to square one."

"Then this time, we give him more. Give him all that we can and give it room to grow. When he comes into his power, it will be greater than anything this dimension has ever seen."

"This will send us into dormancy for some time. You are aware of this?"

"A necessary sacrifice. The Great Campaign must be seen to fruition."

"Then it is agreed. It is time to revive the one true Lord of Hueco Mundo."

"May whatever God they pray to have mercy on their souls."

A skeletal body draped in pitch-black robes with violet and golden accents sat atop a large throne made of marble in the very bowels of Las Noches, unknown to those who walked the upper halls. It had remained, undisturbed, in the same place for the last millennia. An army of hollows lined the room, heads bowed. A lone Arrancar walked down the aisle and placed a golden staff at the side of the skeletal body. Drawing a sword from its side, it quickly slashes at its hand and lets the blood drip from the top on the top of the staff. Today would be the day that would forever change the future of Hueco Mundo; today was the promised day. The beginning of the end. Black energy began to swirl around the skeletal corpse as the hollowed army howls. The very core of Las Noches shook at the immense amount of energy. Suddenly, the shaking stopped and all grew still. A piercing red light began to emanate from the empty eye sockets as a dark red orb emerged from underneath the ribcage. The ritual was complete. The one true Lord of Hueco Mundo, Tsukishima Higurashi, has awoken once more. Clutching the staff that sat at his side, Tsukishima stood from his throne and walked down the aisle. He gazed around at the creatures that sat around him and continued his walk forward. He comes to an opening and stares out at the vast sands of Hueco Mundo. The serene scene that only a hollow could love. A dimension set for him to conquer once more. Lifting up his left hand, he lets crimson energy charge before firing off a powerful cero. The beam of energy streaks through the sky before harmlessly dissipating. The hollows roared in approval. Their Lord was back. At long last, he would lead them once more. Lead them against those that set out against them, those that betrayed their Lord so long ago. He would lead them to reclaim Hueco Mundo and beyond. After staring at the Hueco Mundo sands, the skeletal hollow makes his way back to the throne. He sits down and stabs his staff into the ground beside him. The lone Arrancaar from before quickly moves in front of the throne and bows towards the hollow.

"Tesla..." The hollow's voice echoes throughout the room. "It seems that I have been reborn once more. Their machinations I take it. What is the state of the world?"

"My Lord, I congratulate you on your rebirth. We have been preparing for this moment as instructed." A low guttural growl escapes from the skeletal hollow, shocking the loyal Arrancar into silence. Though fearful, the Arrancar could not help but beam with pride. His master had returned. "I've no time for pleasantries. My patience wears thin. Give me the information I require. I will not ask a second time."

"As you command, My Lord. My sincerest apologies. It has been a few millennia since you last roamed among us. The World of the Shinigami is still the same. New Captains but same old same old. They still defy us at every opportunity. There are talks of multiple groups of spiritually powered humans in the World of the Living banding together. Their motive is unclear but we've kept a watchful eye on them. There are rumors of your old partner reviving the Quincy Order. If it is him, how he has managed to extend his life for so long is unknown. However, as you know, it wouldn't be too much of a surprise. Those are, as I mentioned, just rumors. All of the Espada during your old reign have passed on. There is a new regime spearheaded by one named Yamashiro Gazami as the Cero. The Reaper is still around and has taken over as the Lord of Hueco Mundo in your absence. As with before, he is rarely seen but his presence is felt. Their power, however, is not absolute as there are different factions in Hueco Mundo vying for control. Some of these factions have those abominations, the Fullbringers, within them. Disgusting."

"I'm not surprised that the Reaper is still around. That bastard is a tough one to get rid of. In due time, we'll have words. The hollows need a leader. A true leader. One to spread the fear once more. Despite appearances, I've been brought back as an Adjuchas so I need to regain my lost power and learn the new abilities this body can perform. In the meantime, we will rebuild my army. That false Espada will either fall in line or be dealt with as well. Hollows! It is time to raise some hell. Gather our forces, inform all that the true Lord of Hueco Mundo has returned. With me, Tesla. Let's pay a visit to one of these factions you speak of. It's time to see what Hueco Mundo has become in my absence."

"By your command." the Arrancar nods. Gripping his staff, the skeletal Lord moved from his seat and began to lurch forward. His Arrancar minion matching his stride with pride. The future of this dimension had been decided. It was time to teach them all the painful truth. It would be something that every Shinigami, Quincy, Fullbringer, Hollow, and even the Reaper himself would come to know. Their arms are too short with box with God.

WC: 1,117

Learned: Cero

OOC: The villain you need has returned.

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Kaori was scared. No, scared would be a gross misuse of the word. Kaori was utterly terrified at the sight that lay before her. Friends and comrades lay dead around her. Their blood stained the white sands. The smell made her sick to her stomach. It was only supposed to be a routine mission. Get in, collect the data that they needed, and get out. As she ducked behind a tent, she wondered. Did the hollows betray them? She worked for a splinter cell group of Hikari Incorporated. One that specialized in dealings with hollows. A few months ago, they came across what seemed to be benevolent hollows. These hollows wanted to change their current regime and sought help to do so. Hikari Incorporated was skeptical but intrigued. Given that their leader was occupied with other matters, this splinter group was formed. For a time, things were going smoothly. They would make frequent trips with the hollows back to their homeworld. Using H.I. tech provided by Takeru Kuna, the combined group of hollows and humans made quick work of any opposition. The splinter group would take samples of the deceased hollow's DNA back home for study. The hollows, as their nature called for it, ate the remains and grew in power. It was a mutually beneficial relationship. It all changes a few days ago. Some of the hollows grew restless as they mentioned a return. They seemed...terrified, a rather human emotion for creatures such as them. Everyone was on guard. It had to be something big in order to scare literal creatures of fear. Precautions were put in place but it was for naught. Nothing could truly be prepared for him. 

The roars of hollows could be heard from a distance. A small army marched with a purpose. This was commonplace as many hollows were frequently attracted to the area by the smell of humans. Most of this army was easily mowed down by the opposition, a testament to Hikari Incorporated's technological marvels and the power of their allied hollows. However, it was the enigmatic hooded figure in black that sent shockwaves of fear. Black reiatsu leaked around his body, his golden staff shining in the false light. His movements were methodical and calculated. The foolhardy leader of the splinter cell group was the first to feel his divine wrath. Feeling confident of his equipment, he flicks a switch on his rifle as his bullets turn blue. With a smug smirk, he fires a volley towards the hooded figure. To his surprise, the bullets disintegrate before reaching the being. "The hell?" he mutters before attempting to fire another round. To his surprise, these bullets are met with the same fate. The hollows allied with them take note of the occurrence. Some, much like their human counterparts, are struck with an immense fear. Others take the opportunity to move away and observe what is to come. One lone hollow manages to retreat, Tsukishima allowing it for the moment. The man tosses his rifle to a comrade and begins to walk towards the hooded hollow. "You must be what they've been whispering about. The boogeyman that the monsters are afraid of. Can't wait to kick your bony ass. The payday I'm going to receive from Mr. Kuna will be massive." The man clutches a bullet necklace that dangled from his neck with his right hand as red and gold armor quickly covers it. The armor, which has taken on a lion motif, crackles with energy at the shoulder. "Go to hell bastard! Shocking Bullet!" the man screams as he charges towards Tsukishima. He leaves a large trail of energy behind him as his fist nears Tsukishima. To his horror, his fist is easily caught in the hollow's skeletal hand. He tries to pull back but finds himself outclassed by the creature's immense strength. "This is the power of a Fullbringer? Pathetic." He bellows as he easily crushes the fist, leaving the man crumpled on the ground screaming in pain. Returning his gaze toward the majority of the forces in front of him, he continues his stride as he steps over the man. As he moves over him, the man's body disintegrates into ashes. Raising his skeletal hand, a violet beam of energy razes the landscape. From behind multiple Menos Grande approach. Their footsteps boom as they near. One by one, the enemy forces fall. Most were in awe of the display of power they witnessed and quickly fell to the approaching army. Others attempted to get away and were dispatched with ease. Those that were foolish enough to test Tsukishima again befell a similar fate to the man before them.

Kaori was the last remaining. She ran as fast as she could but she could still feel him coming. The sense of dread that emanated from him. The feeling of being choked with her gaze landed upon him. As she struggled to catch her breath, she could feel the choking sensation once more. The tent was gone, the ashes it turned into scattering into the wind. In its place was Tsukishima. The piercing red light in his empty eye sockets barring down on her. She attempts to scream but finds herself unable to. At a loss, she decides to fight. She unsheathes a white sword from behind her, a new invention from Mr. Kuna, and unleashes a series of strikes towards the hollow. She attacked fiercely and desperately, putting every bit of herself into each strike. Tsukishima remained indifferent as he easily blocked each strike with his staff. It was not needed as none of her strikes would have reached him anyway but it was to serve a point. A reminder that nothing she could do would ever be good enough. After a few more minutes, Tsukishima grew tired of the game. He catches her incoming strike and shatters the blade with the greatest of ease. As the woman reels back, she feels immense pain. Looking down, she sees a sizeable chunk of her abdomen missing. Slowly staring at the creature in front of her, she sees his skeletal right hand giving off a red glow. "Seems that I am rusty. That should have obliterated you entirely. A pity but poses an alternate opportunity." He clutches the woman's head as she falls, tightly wrapping his bony fingers around it. She clings to life as he pulls her closer towards him. 

"Give in to your fear. Join me and obtain everything you desire." Black reiatsu begins to leak from Tsukishima, quickly engulfing the woman. Her humanoid form is burned away by the reiatsu, revealing a slender hollowed form. A pale white mask covers her face as Tsukishima lets her go, a hollowed roar escaping her mouth. "Arise my child. Speak your name and arise to serve your new Lord." "My name is Kaori. I am at your beck and call, my Lord." the newly birthed hollow says after a small pause. "Have you any more memories of your past lesser existence?" "I remember all," she says, noticeably adjusting to her new form. Tesla appears next to his Lord's side, kneeling down as he presents a flag with the initials H.I. emblazoned on it. "Excellent. Now, what can you tell me about this?"

"Hikari Incorporated. The Seventh Seat on the Council of Power. A black-ops group that is essentially hitmen for hire. The faction that was here is a splinter cell of that. They were tasked with hollow research." Tsukishima growls in annoyance as he moves forward, clearly irritated by the turn of events. "Despite the time that has passed, humans are still the same. Ignorant sheep that dabble in forces they know not. Tesla! Find where this Hikari Incorporated is gathering in the World of the Living and send a welcoming party towards them. Have some of the Gillian raze the land to send a message. The child here will lead me to where that other hollow ran off to." 

"By your command, My Lord," Tesla says as he quickly departs to complete his assigned task. Tsukishima turns towards the new hollow once more and beckons her to lead the way. It was the first step in the Great Campaign and reclaiming his original might. No. Reclaiming is yet another poor choice of words. He would gain more power, far beyond what his original body could accomplish. Stronger than his possession of Kaname. Stronger than when he was at his peak. This time, he would not step until the Great Campaign was accomplished. 

WC: 1,429

1,429/1,500 completed

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The view beyond the Hueco Mundo sands was a magnificent one, at least from a hollow's perspective. A vast emptiness that reflected the emptiness where their hearts originally were. A quiet stillness that could be threatened at a moment's notice. Despite its shortcomings, it was home. Tsukishima walked in silence behind his newest creation as she led him to where the hollow who allied himself with the humans had retreated to. He could feel the impressive power she boasted, a far cry to the power she had before. During their travel, she easily dispatched any forces foolish enough to attempt to attack them. Though Tsukishima could have easily dealt with them, he allowed her to regale him with her power. She, much like he was able to do in his former body, was able to summon a weapon from thin air. Her weapon of choice was a blackened Axe. The Axe she summoned sliced through the opposition with the greatest of ease. Tsukishima could sense a great joy from her as she easily cut them down. She enjoyed the freedom and power her new life granted her. The confidence she could only dream of as a human. With each hollow she cut down, she fed. Her powers grew as she evolved. If he had to guess, she would probably be at the level of a normal Adjuchas by now. While on the same hollow tier as he, her powers were still nothing compared to his own. With time and moulding, she would become a perfect counterpart to Tesla. A piece to replace the one before her way back then. Tesla informed Tsukishima that she died fighting during their failed invasion of the Soul Society. As their forces retreated, she stayed behind to avenge his death. She took out quite a few Shinigami before being slain by a Captain. A noble effort but it mattered not. Her sacrifice led to his glorious return and for that, he was grateful. He wondered if this one would be able to live up to her.

Time passed and her powers grew. It was time to strike down the brazen hollow. The two reached the entrance of the Forest of Menos, Kaori kneels towards her master. "He has taken refuge inside. He shouldn't be too far in as he did not want to aggravate the Menos inside that did not willingly follow. Too many of them to deal with." Tsukishima sneered at her words. A hollow, who by all rights should be more powerful than foot soldiers, afraid to aggravate the masses. Pathetic. The world had truly changed in his absence. "Move..." he commands as Kaori quickly moves to his side. Tsukishima slowly lifts his left arm up as an enormous ball of crimson energy quickly forms. "Disperse!" he mutters as the crimson energy rockets forward, evaporating all in front. Kaori stands amazed at the display of power. She realized what he already knew. The difference in their power was as different as Heaven and Hell. She would never dream of catching up to him. The scary part? He would only get stronger.  "Stop!" a voice rings out from deeper in the forest. The hollow from before slowly emerges from the trees. Kaori summons her Axe and moves to attack but it stopped by Tsukishima's hand. "So you've turned some of the humans into your pawns? The rumours were true. Despite your appearance, there is no doubt that you are him. Only he could have an aura as menacing as that. I've no quarrel with you and you've no power here. Leave this place."

"So you give demands now?" Tsukishima chuckled. He takes a few steps forward as the hollow steps back. Kaori readies her Axe once more but again, Tsukishima dismisses her. "I may not have my former position but I assure you, my reign is still absolute. Plus, we have to deal with the matter of you attempting to ally with humans. The very thing you are supposed to feast upon." "You are in no position to talk. We've all heard of your dealings with the Quincy those millennia ago. Giving him free reign of this dimension as if he belonged here. What I've done is different. I attempted to give us a better opportunity unlike you who betrayed us all." Tsukishima could not help but laugh at the hollow's words as they reminded him of individuals of the past. His actions were similar to an Arrancar he knew who sought to do the same with the Bounts. Because of his insubordination, both he and the group of Bounts he entered Hueco Mundo with perished. That was their extinction. As for the Quincy, he did give him free reign of the dimension but it was on his terms. While he was correct, their partnership was of mutual benefit. It was not a call for help but to eliminate a common goal. The Shinigami. Had they achieved their goal, they would have undoubtedly fought to the death. That's just how they were. Two alpha creatures in a position of power. Only the strongest would survive and they knew it. "You speak of betrayal yet you offer our kind servitude to the humans. I watched what you built before I sent it tumbling down. They regarded you as guard dogs. Protecting them while they plotted to overtake you. It was as pathetic as you are. You have been around them for too long. You've started to sound like one. A blight upon our history. Don't fret. After this, no one will remember you."

Tsukishima raises his left hand once more, readying yet another cero aimed at the hollow's head. The crimson energy crackles as he charges, a fiendish glow emanating from the eye sockets. "No! I will not go alone!" the hollow moves with blinding speed, instantly appearing in front of Tsukishima with a green cero charged in its mouth. Aiming the cero towards the orb below Tsukishima's ribcage, it fires off the powerful blast, engulfing the area. Kaori moves back to avoid the brunt of the damage as the other hollow reels backwards. it is lightly injured from its attack but overall unharmed. "Bastard. It's obvious that orb is your weakness. Regardless of who or what you were, don't dangle it in my face and expect me not to strike." Smoke billows from around the area as the hollow moves towards Kaori. "I know he turned you. Corrupted you. We were partners once and we can be again. Even more so now that we are the same. His weakness will be our strength." "Weakness..you say?" Tsukishima's booming voice reverberates from within the smoke. A small beam fires from within, severing the hollow's leg upon contact. Its hollowed roar of pain echoes as Tsukishima emerges from the smoke unharmed. "Did you honestly believe that if I had a weakness such as that, I would flaunt it willingly? The humans have corrupted your mind. You are no longer worth my time. Kaori, deal with him as you please."

The hollow nods towards her master and summons her Axe once more, letting the bladed edge drag along the sands. "The same... The same..." she repeats as if she is in a trance-like state. When she nears the bloodied hollow, she lets out a wicked howl as she begins to hack at its body. It lets out a scream as she continues to swipe. "How very human-like indeed," Tsukishima says as he begins to depart. 

WC: 1,246

2,675/1500 Completed [Adjuchas Release Obtained]

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Unfortunately, everything was as expected. The beasts that roamed the Hueco Mundo sands did not know of their place. For far too long they have roamed around without any sort of structure. Without any authoritative figure to firmly put them in their place. Infighting plagued and destroyed them from the inside out. Those who rose to any sort of power became arrogant and ignorant. They believed themselves to be invincible and untouchable. Sadly for them, they were no different. They could bleed. They could feel pain and eventually, they would die. This was something Tsukishima knew better than anyone. At multiple times during his many lifetimes, he succumbed to that same arrogance. There was a point where he was arguably the most powerful Hollow in existence at the time. It got to his head and corrupted his thinking. Every time something like that happened, it got to him. Each time, the end result was the same. He was knocked back down to reality. The shocking truth that no matter what powers he possessed, what godliness he believed he had obtained, he would die. His many rebirths have proven this. His current appearance and level of power proved this as well. The demon known as Grimm would find this out at some point. They all would. As long as death can find you, there is no escape. 

As he sat on his throne and he mulled these thoughts over in his head, he glanced at the production taking place before him. Kaori and some of the more sentient hollows in his employ had begun to move some equipment from the upper parts of Las Noches to the current location in secrecy. Nothing of major importance and nothing that would be missed but things that would help him move along his plans all the same. In due time, he'd reveal himself to those who falsely believed themselves to be in power. Alternatively, they could come to him. It mattered not. For now, he needed to plan his next move. As he ponders, he is interrupted by the returning Tesla. "Greetings, My Lord. I come to you with a report on the offensive you launched towards the humans." Tsukishima waves his hand, allowing his servant to speak once more. "The attack on the humans went according to plan. The destruction was on a massive scale and there were some casualties. As expected, there were casualties on our side as well. Most of the Menos Grande units perished. The humans had a magenta warrior that could transform that I've not yet heard of. He, alone, defeated most of our forces until the Shinigami arrived. I fear he will be a thorn in our side."

Tsukishima chuckles as he rises from his seat, clutching his golden staff in his right hand. Tesla tensed his body, expecting some sort of retaliation. Normally, he would have punished Tesla for losing as many hollows as he claimed. To the Arrancar's surprise, Tsukishima was calm. "I'm not surprised. If I've learned anything since my rebirth, it is not to underestimate the inhabitants of this new world. Regardless, the plan was to spread fear and send a message. Get them to understand that their gallivanting in my domain will no longer be tolerated. Take Kaori to the World of the Living and find out what you can about this magenta warrior. I will go and find replacements for those lost." "With all due respect, My Lord. You should not be tasked with handling grunt work such as this. Please allow me to go in your stead while you rest and regain your energy." Tesla moves to leave but it stopped in his tracks by the release of spiritual pressure from Tsukishima. The feeling of being choked sending him to his knees. A low guttural growl escapes from the hollow as he moves forward. "Your opinion is not needed. I need to test the limits of this new body so I, alone, will go and handle it. Do as I say, Tesla." The hollow stops exerting his spiritual pressure, allowing his servant to move once more. "As you command, My Lord." the Arrancar says as he quickly departs the room. Eager to test out this new body, Tsukishima opens up a Garganta and begins to head back to 'that place'.

WC: 719

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