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The End of the Sunset to Eternal Dawn- Elzewir

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     A room where nothing, but silence permeated the air- There was a tiny ticking sound. Tick-Tock-Tick-Tock. A clock on the wall with a pendulum on the bottom rocking back and forth making the sound for each second passed. The room otherwise empty other than a desk and a human figure standing in the middle of the room. The figure being none other than Aria Elzewir the new vice commander of the kido corps. "So I've finally made some progress." She said quietly to herself as she looked down at the palm of her right hand. "I'm beginning to get recognition for my developments and research in kido. It was quite the climb and I have to say certainly interesting." As she said this a small orb of blue light began to form about two inches from her palm as she began to gather reiatsu there. "However, I'm not satisfied. Being a mere vice commander doesn't suit me, but no matter. I have more important experiments to conduct in the mean time. Not to mention more freedom." A slight grin flashed on her face as she closed her fingers around the orb crushing it into nothing. 

-Two years prior- Elzewir Age 20 8/23 3:30 PM - World of the living - Status: Alive and human

     Grey clouds covered the entire sky and the occasional stream of light could be seen moving among them. Aria stood on the side walk of a worn street. Trash littered the gutters and even the pavement. "It's about to rain. I need to hurry and secure that new funding." She refocused her gaze to in front of her as a car with it's headlights on passed by with a dull sound of wheels and engine. Rain began to fall. As it did a sound she only recently began to hear sounded as if to signal the oncoming rain. The sound seemed like a scream and as she heard it a shiver was sent down her spine. It seemed so inhuman and almost as if it hungered for something. Her pace began to quicken. She did have a place in mind; A last favor she deemed needing of collection. In other words her last hope to save her dream- Immortality.

    Once more the howl cried into the darkening sky. Thunder seemingly chasing the sound of the howl as if it were intentional. Usually when she heard these noises it was only once and even the times she built up the courage to see the source she had seen nothing, but oddly enough a lot of the time when she went to the scene there was an accident or death. It was abnormally spine chilling to think of and even more so since the noise was getting closer. Just as a single thought crossed her mind it happened. As she turned a corner of the street she needed to be on she came face to face to it. What is it you ask? Well, it looked to be a 25 foot black monster. A mask of white seemed as if it were it's face. Red glowing eyes peering from the black holes gazing upon her. It was a monster. A monster that could only be described as a nightmare. It was bipedal and stood on two legs and even had two arms. However the black thick like energy that seemed to swirl around the creature seemed indeed ominous. Finally last of all there was a large hole straight where you would think the heart to be on a human. Her spine shivered as that thought crossed her mind once more, "What if- What if it were coming for me?" Lightning flashed and louder than any other time before she heard that noise once more. The scream of a hollow rang through the air. Her mind recalling all those horrible instances instantly in a flash.

     Almost as if a switch it happened. The hollow crying out brought her back to reality her legs no longer frozen as she covered her ears to try and block the sound while running. As she turned she heard a large explosion like sound just behind her and out of a reaction she turned her head. Where she'd just been now laid a large hole. The monster's hand deeply embedded into the concrete path. "Ehkekeke, so you can see me. No wonder you smell so delicious. It's quite rare you know for a human to see spirits." The monster seemed to speak, but it's mask unmoving as it did. Aria giving it no chance to finish continued her sprint looking for a place to seek refuge from this terrible beast. However she was unable to dismiss the fact it did just punch through solid concrete as if it were not much. "A runner, huh? This will be fun! Fun indeed! Most prey just sit there until I tear their soul from their body. I guess you could say I can use the exercise!" It began laughing at it's own cruel joke as it began to walk after Aria slowly to toy with her. "Run little rabbit run!!!"  It screamed as another loud roar seemed to ring out. This time the mask where the mouth seemed to be and all that could be seen is a row of blunt teeth and darkness beyond it. Her mind could once more not help, but imagine the pain involved if she were to be crushed and chewed by the monster before her. Certainly large amounts of agony before she'd succumb to the embrace of death. Even more so since the beast wanted to toy with her.

     Finally her eyes locked onto a building that's doors seemed to be open. It was clearly abandoned as this part of town was more or less deserted for various reasons. Heck the fact that car passed by her earlier was quite the rarity. So that meant aid would most likely not be coming. She'd have to save herself if she were to make through this dire situation. "Maybe if I can make it to his lab..." She thought to herself as she dashed into the door way that once had doors. Inside the area was filled with graffiti. Almost every inch of wall was filled with it in this old abandoned apartment building. However she didn't slow down to admire the works as she knew slowing down could mean death at this point. As if it were on a queue a loud noise could be heard behind her. The monster was trying to squeeze in through the small door way, but couldn't fit. However the wall was not holding it's brute force as cracks began to form. "Crap." Aria said as she quickly shouldered through a door that she assumed to be the stairs. She was correct as she entered a stairwell and quickly began to ascend up the stairs in a desperate endeavor to get away.

     Time seemed to slow and her senses seemed to hit the highest point they've ever been in her life. Her whole body was fighting to stay alive and not give into the monster that chased her. First her sense of smell hit her. The air smelled terrible. Homeless people probably did unsavory things to the area and not to mention the trash that seemed to be at the edges of each step. Next her sight seemed to be black around the edges her thoughts hard to gather. Her hearing alerted her to the fact the monster was now breaking the door she just passed through moments ago and the taste in her mouth tasted like that of iron. She felt her heart pound with each step she took as she scrambled each step. Sweat pooled on her forehead from the work out and her breathing beginning to become ragged. One thought rang out in her mind as terror filled her and it didn't just ring once. "I don't want to die. I have so much left to prove. So much work left incomplete. I don't want to die-" The thought ended as the doors below flew off their hinges and slide across the ground with a scraping sound. That howl rang out again as if to signal the hunt hasn't ended yet. 

    Floor 2- Floor 3- Floor 4. Aria sprinted as best she could up these steps, but alas this much climbing was not her forte. Quickly deciding against running up the stairs more she dashed through the fourth floor door which crashed open with a loud bang as she didn't slow. She knew the monster could not be stopped simply with closing to door. "Quick! I need to find the fire escape to one of these rooms." She charged through the hall only stopping briefly to try each door knob to see if they would open. After three with no luck she decided it may be best to try and break the door down or else risk being at a dead end. As a result of this thinking she quickly prepared herself and flung herself into the door with her full body. It hurt. It hurt a lot as she bounced off the door, but this was no time to worry about the pain she felt. If she didn't make it in she would be dead and pain meant nothing in light of that. Gritting her teeth she flung herself with no hesitation towards the door once more. BANG- She was deflected once more. "Gah!" She released a cry of pain as tears began to form in her eyes, but she got up once more and prepared herself. As she did the door at the end of the hall flew open with a rage. Not looking she charged and this time a cracking sound could be heard as she flew through the door successfully.

    "No time, no time." She grasped onto her arm as it was either broken or dislocated now. Tears flowed down her face blurring her vision as she turned her gaze around the apartment in an attempt to locate the escape. "Bingo!" She cried out as she charged to the back of the living room that was filled with nothing, but trash. However as she approached the window where the escape was located she came to realize something that instantly shattered her morale. "It's gone." She said in a slight whisper to herself. Her gaze affix to the fire escape that was now just a shamble of what it once was. There was no way down from her and the noise in the hall grew louder as the monster was forcing it's way through the hall. Ripping her gaze away from the failed idea she knew she had to hide. Quickly she opened the window and her gaze locked into the only bedroom that this apartment seemed to have and quickly she charged in closing the door behind her locking it. Her gaze shifted around the room, but it was barren. There was a bathroom that seemed to be attached as well as a closet. With a sense of doom she chose the closet. Closing the door behind her she hid herself in the utter darkness of the closet. Only bits of light around the edges illuminated the filthy closet. The noise of the monster forcing it's large body through the small hall way of the building stopped.

 "OH gee I wonder where the little rabbit has gone!" The monster's voice seemed the vibrate the closet she hid in. "Maybe it's the only door that's open!" He shouted once more with joy in his voice. A cracking noise followed by a loud explosion like sound signaled it's entrance to the apartment which she hid. A scratching noise could be heard as it seemingly clawed it's way into the apartment. "WHHHAAAAAT?" It shouted as the scratching noise became more frantic. "Did the rabbit escape?! Smart rabbit thought of the fire escape!" Joy replaced by panic as it began to think about it's prey escaping. A loud sniffing sound could be heard with a long drawn in breath like sound. "Yet, that smell says rabbit is still here. Hehehe, can't fool me that easily." 

     BANG-BANG-CRASH. It broke into the bedroom with three simple strikes. Fear grasped Aria entirely now. There was no place in which she could escape to. All her research, knowledge, everything meant nothing now. There was nothing she could do in this situation except wait for death. "RaBbIt, RaBbIt, Oh LiTtLe RaBbIt cOmE pLaY!" It's voice seemed twisted and ecstatic that the chase was ending and it's feast beginning. The door knob to the closet began to turn and with it Aria's heart seemed to pound all the much harder. Her breathing becoming quickened as she knew this was the end. Tears flowing without restraint now. She began to whisper over and over, "I don't want to die, I don't want to die... Please..." Her voice cracking and filled with desperation. 


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Ba-bump, ba-bump, ba-bump. Her heart pounded louder than an elephant stomping. She could swear that it could be heard from a block away, but she knew only to hear did it seem this loud. After all how could she help it? Click- The door knob reached it's completely turned state signaling the door was about to be open. However as it was about to be pulled open and fearful suspense lingered in the air; A voice could be heard. "Stop right there scum." The voice seemed gruff and quite blunt. The door knob returned to it's resting position and the door didn't open. "You know it's quite rude to call during diner time?" The monster said in response. "Tch, so you've cornered a soul?" In that moment it sounded like whomever's the second voice belong to seemed to be running towards the monster. A thumbing sound against wood against wood could be heard with each step. Then a sound like metal against metal could be heard. "What is going on out there? Who would even run towards such a monstrosity?" 
The sound rang out time and time again. It seemed as if there was a back and forth between whomever the second voice belonged to and the monster. Her fear began to quell and be replaced with curiosity. She was certain that her death was just mere seconds away. However now she lived past her expectant time. As a result she gulped as she reached towards the door knob of the closet. She couldn't just sit here and wait for her death. Not to mention if the owner of the second voice was able to give her a chance to escape she would need to take it. A slight tremble occurred as her hand felt the cold metal of the door knob and with a deep breathe she pushed it open if only slightly.

     What she saw from the crack she had opened made her eyes wide in disbelief. Maybe this whole thing was just a dream. "Yeah, just a dream. There's no way what I'm seeing to be true. Not to mention didn't he say something about a soul earlier?" She thought to herself as she relaxed a bit sinking into the illusion that it was just a dream. She smiled as she reached for her arm and pinching herself. She had expected this to shock herself awake or maybe confirm this was a dream. However the pinch felt one hundred percent real. This was definitely no dream and before her she saw a man only equipped with what looked like a sword fighting the monster. She blinked as the realization settled once more that the danger was real. Carefully looking over the man he wore black robes and wielded a sword. He was nimbly blocking and dodging the monster's attacks as if it were normal. Even his face bore a somewhat bored expression as he was fending off the monster. "Oh deary me. I'm going to fall asleep with how slow your movements are dear hollow." The man said while scratching his beard that had a bit of length to it. Upon closer examination he had a wooden panel on his arm that was wrapped in  an additional piece of cloth to keep it there. Her gaze went down and she realized where the wood against wood sound had come from. He was wearing wooden sandals with only a piece of wood in the middle of them. It looked quite uncomfortable and she realized this man was Japanese- A very unusual one at that.

 "Ho-He-Ho" The man made a variety of mocking sounds as he dodged and parried what she now knew as a hollow due to him saying as such a moment ago. "It seems this isn't his first encounter with one. Not to mention it looks like he was winning." Fear no longer plagued her heart as she came to this thought. She had hope replace it and a small smile began to form as she watched the fight unfold. Hope is a powerful drug one that could even give the illusion something is possible when it's really not. In this case in Aria's mind- A chance to escape. "I can do it. Just wait for when the hollow goes in to hit the man and dash by. The hollow would be too distracted with the man to worry about her! I can do this!" She said in her mind reassuring herself that she could get away and return to her life.  Ching, ding, crash- The hollow and man clashed back and forth the last strike the hollow hit deep into the wooden floor. Aria saw her chance and pushed the door open sprinting as fast as she could towards the now large hole to the room. "NO! You stupid girl! You should of stayed put!" The man yelled as he noticed her running out of the closet.

     The next moment she was no longer running and for some reason a warm liquid seemed to be running down her stomach. "Cough, cough" Aria released a couple coughs and the familiar warmness was now running down the right side of her mouth. She blinked and everything had grown darker. "Ahh... Ahhh..." She couldn't form words and she instinctively reached towards her stomach. Her hands were greeted by a dark spear looking object that currently seemed to be protruding. "When did this get here?" She thought absently as it finally began to hit her. "I see." She violently coughed a few more times as more blood splattered forwards. She had been impaled. Tears rolled down her face and she couldn't help, but find it weird that she didn't feel any pain from it. Yet her strength and vision waned with each breathe. Blood began to pool beneath her as it poured freely from the impalement. "Kehehehe, don't think you could get away so quickly my delicious prey. That black spear is a gift from me to you. A special ability of mine per say." The hollow voiced as he swung his arm at the man again. "If only this shinigmai wasn't here. I would be able to of savored and taken great delight in consuming you. Oh well! Just stay there and suffer in silence for me my little rabbit!" The hollow's voice filled with joy and ambition as it's attention returned to what she assumed to be this shinigami.

     "It's over... Just like... This..." Aria muttered as her vision faded back and forth from blurry and not. "No, I can't. I can't just submit. I have to push forwards." She chided herself at having such nihilistic thoughts. She mustered the strength she could and took a step forward. "One foot after the other. I can do this." She thought as she took a second step. "Tch, she was alive?! I thought it to be a roaming spirit, but she's actually still flesh and blood! Quickly girl. Get behind me and run!" The shinigami spoke. Her theory thus being proven that he was not hostile towards her. He quickly moved between her and the hollow placing himself as her shield. However the shock wearing off the pain began to set in. Each step she took felt like it would split her into two. However she pushed and continued to push. After the most painful minute of her life she had made it into the living room. The Shinigami and hollow seemingly more evenly matched than before. The once bored expression on his face replaced with a stern frown that seemed to be directed at the hollow.  

     She coughed again and placed her gaze towards the door she had broken down earlier. The pain in her shoulder now seemed like a joke as she gazed at the black mass in stomach. It began to seemingly dissolve and  as it did her eyes widened. "Dammit, I need help and fast. If it disappears my blood loss will increase several fold." Realizing this she began to move slightly faster, but the extra pace placed so much more strain and agony onto her. Each step she felt like screaming at the top of her lungs, but she knew she shouldn't waste what little energy she had left. Plus she was pretty sure it would only cause her wound to hurt more. 

     Black particles seemed to be floating off the spear as it was disappearing. It started from the furthest tip that protruded from her stomach and was working it's way towards the center mass inside of her. She didn't know how far it had stuck out behind her, but she assumed it was disappearing from that end as well. Soon enough she found herself in the hallway once more. This time however it looked as if an actual typhoon or maybe an explosion had happened. After all the hollow that had chased her tore the place apart to reach her. "It was really motivated to eat me I guess." She thought as her vision blurred once more. "Dammit... I got to keep pushing." She voiced quietly to herself and began to push forward again. Each step felt like eons and the pain unimaginable.

     Step-step-step- After a few steps it happened. Her foot got caught on a piece of debris and in turn caused her to tumble. As she fell she fell face forward; Causing the object embedded in her to be pushed out towards her back as it came into contact with the ground. She screamed the most miserable and pain filled scream she ever did or heard in her life. Her scream seemed to echo down the empty halls and only silence seemed to greet her as her hearing gave out. Blood pooled below her at a quickened rate. She tried to push herself up with her one good arm, but it was to no avail. She had lost her strength. Her gaze towards the stairwell door and and she could only think of one word as the cracks in the wall seemed to grow. "Dammit." Next was unexpected, but didn't matter anymore. The apartment building was beginning to collapse. Thinking about it now it made sense with how much damage the hollow seemed to of caused chasing her down. With the last of her vision she saw the ceiling of beginning to fall and then darkness consumed her.

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 A white light filled Aria's vision. There was nothing in any direction not matter where her gaze seemed to turn. "Huh? I thought I died?" Her hand subconsciously went to where the spear had pierced her stomach earlier. "Nothing there now." She said with a breathe of relief. She then looked to herself and her skin seemed to irradiate light in the bright area she found herself. "Maybe I'm in limbo?" She questioned herself. She further examined herself only to find she was in what she wore before her assumed death. "Maybe it was all just a dream after all? Maybe I'll just wake up in my bed as I've done so many times. I'll then proceed to forget all about this crazy dream and continue my projects without much concern. Well other than financing that is." She smiled to herself as that last line crossed her mind. Of course her dreams would be influenced by it. It was something that constantly seemed to haunt her lately. It used to be so easy and effortless for her to achieve any funding she required, but falling from favor haunted her. It lingered with her day after day until she broke and no longer had what she needed. "Shame those idiots will regret not helping me once my breakthrough happens." She looked at her hand once more with the same grin on her face. "Now to explore this weird dream?" She half asked herself as she began to float forward.

     A few minutes of nothing happened as she moved forward through the eternal seeming space of nothing. Then she heard it- A chuckle or was it more a giggle? It sounded quite like children. Aria's head whipped back and forth in a semi-desperate way to locate the source of the sound. After all that kind of laughter left a rather ominous feeling to the air. Once more the laughter was heard. This time she located something- A black shadow among the white backdrop of this place. It stood out quite easily as it also seemingly stood there and looked at her. "H-hello?" Aria asked the shadow, but received no reply. However a white shape formed in the shadow which eventually grew into a large grinning smile. Two beady eyes grew into the two appropriate spots. It was quite an eerie sight when all was said and done.

     It flickered and as it did it seemed to of disappear and next moment it appeared before her once again. This time however it was only about ten feet away from her. Getting a better look now it appeared that the shadow was only about the size of a child. "Gre--tings." The voice of what seemed to be from the shadow cut out briefly halfway. However the whole scene startled her. After all this- Shadow? Was talking to her. "Hello." She said once more to it. This time however it struck a cord with the creation or maybe it gave it life as it began to solidify and take shape. The shadow that once stood before her was now a small child whom wore clothes that looked to be from the 50's maybe. "Greetings!" The child said. "Where are we?" She couldn't help but ask. After all if this person was a native or had some more info it would be helpful. Even if it were just a dream or an illusion. "Never hurt to know more." She though as she spoke. The child's smile seemed to be reinforced with this question. "Excellent question my dear! I can certainly give you the answer and I shall! We're in your own mind of sorts. An inner space if you will." The child seemingly spoke well beyond what he appeared. "I see and how does one leave here?" She had to ask out of curiosity sake. The reply almost immediate, "I see you would like to leave this place. I don't fault you, no, not in the slightest! After all it's too early for you to be here. Consider yourself lucky that you even seen I. Though there lay another in your consciousness, but alas I can't seem to locate them. Regardless I can send you back. However tread with the lightest of steps." With that and not a chance to get another word in edge wise he snapped his fingers and with a click it was all gone. "Good luck and we'll see each other more later. Do make sure not to be eaten. It'll be quite the shame if you were." The voice of the child managed to reach her as consciousness faded once again.

     A slight breeze was blowing and the rain that once didn't spare the slightest dot of pavement now had stopped. Wet trash blew down the alley and straight into her face- or it should of. Instead it had passed through her and a momentary confusion flashed on her face. "What the?" She said blankly as she looked at the flying piece of garbage continue on it's way. She then sat up and as she did she heard a noise she had heard before, but it wasn't quite one she had expected. Much less from just sitting up. It was the sound of metal clinking together and as her gaze went towards the noise she couldn't help, but freak out slightly. A long large metal chain seemed to be pouring out of her chest. "Whaaaaaaaat theeeee." She emphasized it this time as shock was hitting her a little hard. She touched the chain with her hand and was greeted with the smooth metal. It was certainly a real chain that's for sure. Her hands then followed up to the base where the chain connected to her an a large plate was there it was a part of her. Just as she was about to pull on the chain to see if it would come off a voice stopped her. It was one she had heard before as well. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." The shinigami said as he sat on top of the nearby pile of rubble. "If you pulled too hard on it you would become like the monster that killed you. That would be quite the shame you know." He cautioned her to not test the chain.

     "Dammit." Her head briefly hurt as her memories of the recent incident rushed back. "I-I died..." Her thoughts trailed off as she recalled the spear in her stomach and the building collapsing on top of her. Her gaze went to the spot the spear once was and then to the shinigami man on top of the rubble. "Well, at least you're awake now. Shame you died though. You should of just stayed put until the job was done. Though nothing could of been really said about the building collapsing. Better odds though." He said somewhat dismissively as if it weren't that big of a deal. This in turn brought forth a bit of anger in Aria, but she bit her tongue here. "So what now Mr. Shinigami. After all if I'm not mistaken the word shinigami means death god." She half grinned as she stood and dusted herself off non-nonchalantly even though there wasn't really anything on her she still went through the motions. "Well, the best course would of been to of saved your body. However that didn't happen and you're not exactly a normal case you know? Most people- No majority except for the select few are unable to see spirits and even more so hollows as well as shinigami. The fact that you could means your spiritual power as a human grew to a substantial state that allowed you to see what you shouldn't of been able to. In turn however this made you quite the target. In fact I'm surprised you lived this long." He grinned as he rubbed his beard with his left hand. "This keen edge you had in life even though it a curse then is now a boon. However despite the title I'm not evil or anything. Heck if anything I'm here to help." He said reassuring her.

     She had no choice, but to believe in her death now as nothing seemingly had changed and the situation too real. "Who would of thought my research would probably kill me one die. Even more so in such a pathetic manner." She couldn't help, but trace over the earlier events again. She was woefully under prepared for her death to happen and yet all the warning signs were clear. "As they say hindsight is 20/20." She sighed at this thought. "However he says I now have a boon. Interesting." She grinned slightly at finding the small glimmer of a good in a situation of bad. "Very well, I have some questions if you don't mind." She asked the shinigami before her. "Of course that is to be expected. I can do that much at least." He said in kind as if to reassure her. "Eh-hum." She cleared her throat of an invisible substance. "First and foremost what happened to the hollow?" Curiosity asked, but she knew the answer. "I slayed it." He said with a simple response. "Of course." She nodded in turn. "Next, there seems to be an afterlife. Well, not quite seems, but is. I had a hard time grasping it's actual existence. How does the fact I became spiritually aware and having more spiritual power benefit me now that I'm dead?" She wanted to know at least what benefits or advantages she had now that she had passed and had to deal with this whole after life situation. It would be bad if she didn't use any advantage she had as leverage. "Quite easily elaborated. Well, you see you have spiritual power. This in turn gives you an opportunity most can't have. The chance to become a shinigami." He stated plainly. "A shinigami, huh? I'm not quite sure if fighting those monsters is what I would like to do. More realistically I would rather just continue my research into other subjects." She thought to herself. "Finally, I see that that this is no heaven or the like. Are you to act as a guide or of the sort?" She asked her final question and truthfully she had many more, but sitting around would be a shame. After all the potential of an after life meant many new things to learn. She shook slightly in excitement as the thought crossed her mind. "Of course." He said as he pushed himself off the rubble and seemingly floated down towards her; landing with a gentle step. "Does that mean you're ready then?" He asked her with stern eyes. A grin flashed on her face and with confidence in her voice she said, "Of course. No point in wallowing in what happened. Even if it were just the end of your life." She put a slight mocking tone on towards the end. "Very well. Don't freak out with what I'm about to do!" The next moment he drew his sword and this would make most people freak out, but if he wanted to he could of finished her off while she was unconscious. He then walked up to her and placed the hilt of the sword on to her forehead and the process began. "Good luck. If you decide to become one of us I'm sure we'll meet again." He waved towards her with his free hand as a bright light appeared around her and a sense of peace washing over her. Then it all faded once again to a place of unknown and a place where her new destiny laid.


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