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Aiden was making his way towards the Nest, the place where he and his uncle had considered to be the safest location for them both. It allowed them to continue their operation without being bothered by the average citizen. After the night that he had, it would be a moment of paradise to be settled on the couch of the nest and take a moment to breathe. It became an impossible request as he landed on the following roof giving him a view of the building on fire. The glowing sign, Careful Clockworks was being consumed in fire from the inside.

He could hear the local response team, meaning that the CERT members were too far. Not every situation required them to react, but he could not help his urge to jump in and help even if it was a selfish reason to run in and check on the equipment. Suddenly the red flames sparked blue for a moment and caused the people nearby to get further behind cover. For Aiden, it was a clear sign provided by his uncle. The blue flame was a signature trait of his crafting technique, and he recalled that they agreed to burn the nest down in the fires of the forge should it ever be compromised.

Uncle… Are you okay?” The response signal was dead, not a single word was given in response and the sudden ringing noise meant that he was not going to be able to reach him either. They would have to remain in radio silence from one another, but that was not a good sign with everything that happened. Sadly, Aiden would have to allow that emotion to fade away and believe that his uncle was more than capable of taking care of himself enough to get to somewhere safe for the time being.

With a sigh, Aiden turned and prepare to turn towards his house when a thought occurred to him. If the Nest had been compromised just when he was prepared to meet his uncles there meant that there could be people following him and his uncle besides the ones that he met at the bar. Potentially it could have been those people that made it here before making their way to him. To prevent any potential targets on his immediate home he made a detour in order to determine if here was being tracked.

He rushed along the rooftops, focused on his path with each movement dedicated to changing his elevation. Occasionally dropping to the street level and taking hidden shortcuts. The cover of darkness was his friend and knew that vey few people would be able to keep track of him. Eventually, after an extended run to get to a better position, Aiden found himself in a storage facility with dozens of units. He took a moment to notice the security officer that was positioned at the front of the facility doing his rounds.

With his backpack secured to his shoulder, he made his way to the gate and entered the pin in order to gain access to the storage yard. He continued down this path until he reached the specific unit he was hoping for. With an exhale Aiden placed his bag on the ground and kneeled in front of it in order to grab a keyset and used a single key to unlock the door rolling it open slowly to prevent too much loud noise. As the gate rolled up Aiden took a few steps in and pulled on the metal string that turned on the single light bulb to illuminate the small space revealing something akin to a workshop. Scattered throughout the space was metal parts, wires, scattered wood, and computer components.

In the back of the space was a desk that was, compared to the rest of the room, in an immaculate shape with barely any dust on it. The desk had several tools on it, such as a screwdriver, hot glue gun, hammer, and other items, but on the center was currently parts that resembled portions of his current left arm. He noticed a single note that was pinned to the wall above the desk with plain words,

Take hold of your future Akihiko

WC | 704

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Aiden stood there for a moment reading the words, trying to understand the cryptic message that might be hidden under the words written. The more that he looked at it, the more it became clear that there was going to be no greater message hidden from him; all he was able to discover was the dried tears that mark the page with what appeared to be a bloody stain where his uncle held his finger before finishing this short message. In the end, it was a light message delivered in a rushed moment to tell Aiden what he already knew... He was all alone. "Damn it..." It was clear that it bothered him as he punched his fist down on the table and squeezed his eyes as tight as his fist was. Suddenly the sound of running water brought his attention to the table as he saw fragments of the metal on the table melting and flowing aggressively along his left arm. "What the hell!?" He shouted as he stepped back and attempted to fling the strange material off but it prove worthless as the liquid continued to consume the arm before flowing in through the cracks. He considered for a moment to remove his arm before a sudden vision of memories flashed before his eyes.

There he stood in front of his master (This is not my memory...who held a small silver tube in his hand with an intricate designed carved into the tube. Slowly the master would remove the cap that sealed the contents of the tube, "This is the base for Ginto. A small portion of your power can go a long way when rationed properly for delivery." The young student approached the master closely to observe the contents only to see it full a shimmering blue liquid. Slowly the master would step back and start to turn the tube over (Who is this man?) As the liquid dropped from the tube the master spoke a single word, "Wolke!" and with it a small concentrated explosion occurred-

There he stood in front of the desk, with the paper written for Aiden on the desk. "Hopefully this works Aiden, and you can see what I have." (What is going on?) "I know you are wondering what is happening and without wasting too many words," His hands began to work with the materials on the table while pouring a shimmering green liquid from a tube similar to the previous vision, "But you are seeing my memories as they happened. Even though I will not be alive much longer to teach you, this does not mean I will be unable to provide you everything I know." The metallic stuff on the table temporarily turned into a black liquid before solidifying again. His hand reached for a broken piece of metal and pulled it to his face, the metal so finely polished that he could see himself. "It will come in pieces, but you will learn from the same masters that I have. You will learn of Ginto, the fine liquid reiryoku and how it works so that you too can become a master.

"Ah, Kento. I am not surprised to see a rat hiding away in his garbage." He turned to see a dark figure before-

Aiden was thrown out of the unit and into the main space of the storage area. Quickly he got up to see several lights in the distance from flashlights and a single one of them was closer than the others, fully dressed in a black suit like the guys from earlier. "Shit." He rushed back into the storage and attempted to close the door and noticed that the hinge was damaged and seemed to broken when he opened it. He realized that he was going to be unable to secure the location and started to grab all of the materials that he could manage as quickly as he could. Slowly he noticed that his left arm would absorb the metal, first by turning it into a fine molten liquid that would be assimilated and then the arm would return to normal as if nothing happened. He stared at his hand for a moment as he pointed his hand towards the ground and recalled the liquid from the vision. "Ginto?" Slowly, like blood from an open wound, liquid metal would drip from his arm onto the ground before stopping suddenly and healing up.

"I think I see something." Aiden realized that they had gotten close and rushed out of the unit and jumped onto the surface where his left arm formed a claw. It shocked him because usually he would have to generate the claws by extending them entirely but his hand actually turned into a claw. He had little time to think about it and launched himself on top of the unit and jumped across the way and looked back at the unit covering on the roof of the nearby structure. He could see several of the goons going in and looking through stuff. Aiden increased his earpiece volume and attempted to listen, "We miss the kid, but at least we found their stash." "Yeah, and the old man is good as dead so we can just wait out the kid."

Frustration consumed him as he clenched his left fist, "What the hell? Is that tar on the floor?" Aiden was confused and then realized he meant the strange molten metal and realized that it was not hot to him and it was simply thick liquid metal. Then the thought of the vision from earlier came by and with a sense of curiosity and disbelief he said the words, "Wolke." Suddenly in a burst of Raw energy the liquid started to glow and exploded sending the unit up in flames and destroying part of the units nearby. His vision made him believe that the technique would be harmless in use but this was larger than he expected as he watched the flame consume the entirety of the unit and not a single person seemed to run out of the flames. Normally he would be the one called to come assist with this, but perhaps this is the one time he would willingly allow the official fire response team handle it and turned away. He took his steps with the remains of his family in flames, but from those ashes he allowed a new desire to ignite.

WC | 1073
Wolke Learned

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Aiden continued to make his way along the roof of the buildings near the location of his old storage, considering his options that were available there was little that he could imagine that he could do. Who ever these people were, it was clear that they were resourceful enough to obtain his general location, the location of his safe house, and even track down the storage facility. There as not a doubt in his mind that his home was probably being carefully watched much like the rest of his normal life. His mind traced the potential of their reach and determined that there was nowhere that he could actually turn too. In all of this time, Aiden had yet to check his phone depending on his main communication device that was connected to his phone. There he saw the fact that his screen had turned black jumping to his text messages on its own opening the conversation between him and Taka.

_ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _
_ Taka _

_ Leave me alone. _

_ ... _

There was a moment of frustration from the response that he received, as this Taka has been helpful in some ways but mostly has been this strange voice reaching out to him and only occurred during the time of all of this calamity that has been happening and ultimately it was hard to separate the fact that he considered the cause of this to be the stranger who keeps reaching out to him and providing some sudden assistance every single time that more problems arise. Finally he reached a considerable distance away from his storage unit and dropped down onto the street level just as a several blacked out vehicles all rolled up to his location. Quickly he turned to try and run but the moment that he did a single bullet struck the wall in the direction that he was prepared to run towards. 

Slowly he turned around and placed his hands in the air with the hope that he would be able to assess the situation and plan an escape, but when he was able to count more than a dozen individuals with more appearing all armed with automatic weapons dressed in all black suits and with nothing on their vehicles to identify them it became increasingly clear to Aiden that he was outmatched and there was not going to be an escape from this. Slowly two of the goons approached him with their guns trained much like others in the distance but he was prepared to do what ever it took. Although he would not be given the chance when a sudden pain in the side of his neck caught his focus which caused him to reach the left side of his neck with his right hand and remove the clear tranquilizer dart. "Fuck." It would be the only thing that he could manage to speak before everything turned dark for him.


Location: Unknown
Time of Day: Unknown

COLD... That was the only thing that would run through his mind as Aiden would be hit with a surge of panic in that moment feeling the sensation of the cold water splash on his face and upper torso. It struck his skin fresh with even some ice hitting his body to remind him how cold it actually was. The room was freezing as he gathered himself and his senses first taking note of the man in a full black suit with a mask on his face slowly placing a bucket, the only Aiden could only assumed contained the water used to wake him, on the floor against the wall. This solid concrete wall that would be matched by the same wall on either his left or right of this small room which was dimly lit by the single light bulb that was dangling a few feet above his head. He noticed that there were two more people against the wall in front of him on either side of the individual bucket man. Slowly Bucket Man would take his steps back and go against the wall.

Aiden attempted to move his arms and felt the hard plastic of the zip tie holding his right arm behind him to the chair and his gaze turned to his left arm only to take a painful glance at the mortifying fact that his arm was missing. It was clear that they removed the arm, but at least they had been somewhat delicate as the amount of blood that was coming from his shoulder was less than he expected had they simply removed the arm by force. They had to have applied a strong sedative to keep him under long enough for such a procedure. He continued to obtained his bearings as he took note of the fact that he was sitting the chair with his legs also bound to the legs of the chair via zip ties as well. The feel of the cold cement floor under his feet was a clear sign, as well as the fact that the rest of his clothes was missing, that they had ensured to remove anything that might have been considered a tool in his hands... hand... but maintained the decency of letting him keep his underwear on.

Suddenly the sound of weak, yet heavy, metal could be heard from behind Aiden with the sound of a loud slam reminiscent of a door. He attempted to look behind him as best he could to get a better understanding of the room and verify if it was a door but he was unable to get a solid enough look. Though he was able to catch the figure of fourth individual who was walking around his right side as the sounds of his shoes echoed in this contained space. This man was dressed different than the others, as the three lesser established individuals were in solid black suits, white shirts, and black ties, this man had personality with his clothes. His dark blue pinstripe pants were the first thing he could notice based on his eye line and the shoes were a dark brown snake skin pattern. As the man circled around to his front his lavender colored shirt with a dark brown checker pattern tie was decorating his torso as he began to remove his suit coat that matched his pants.

He passed the coat to the Bucket Man before proceeding to remove his tie and speaking German, from what Aiden could gather, as he caught the face of the man of a fair complexion and piercing blue eyes before he turned to face the Bucket Man. "Hat er schon was gesagt?" Aiden watched as the man shook his head to which the Suited Man gave a disgruntled sigh and turned to face Aiden. "Ausgezeichnet. Ich werde sehen, wie weit ich ihn schieben kann." Slowly the man took a few steps forward and stood directly in front of Aiden before he would squat to be closer to his eye level, "I will give you one chance. Just one, to give me the answers that I need." He lowered himself a little more and looked Aiden directly in his eyes with a stern expression. "Where is the Crest?" They looked at each other for a moment before Aiden gave a nod and prepared to answers.

"The Crest... Have you checked up his ass?" Aiden said with a straight face as he looked over at Bucket Man. The Suited man slowly lifted himself up from the ground, delivered a soft sigh, then with a full force delivered a strong punch to the side of Aiden's face. Aiden held his head over the side of his shoulder for a moment before bringing himself back to looking at the man. "You know, you look like you needed that. Sometimes it is good to have an outlet for those negative emotions." The Suited man once more delivered a swing with his other hand this time to the abdomen of Aiden and placed his other hand on the back of his head to pull him back up. "Oh don't do that, are you trying to get me aroused?" Aiden simply gave the man a smile and a wink before the man delivered another strong hook to the other side of Aiden's face so hard that the chair fell over. Quickly the two men from either side rushed over to pick the chair up.

"Where is the Crest?" Slowly the Suited man proceeded to remove his vest and roll up the sleeves of his shirt. 

Aiden spit up some blood on the floor with some of it landing on the shoes of the Suited man. "I told you, check up his ass. While you're up there, mind pulling the stick out too?"  This time Aiden ended his sentence with a smirk and a chuckle as he looked at the Bucket man and they made eye contact. Though the next moment came quickly as the Suited man shuffled his feet and performed a devastating side kick to the face of Aiden causing him to fall back onto the floor. It was clear that this strike definitely hurt, but Aiden had spent years in the military and was trained to resist the process of interrogation. Laying on the floor he considered the crest that the man was talking about and started to laugh in between spitting some of the blood out of his mouth; because he honestly had no idea what the man was talking about. 

He was prepared for the other guys to come pick him up off of the ground again, but when they didn't he decided to speak up, "Hey, c'mon guys. Give me a hand and help him up." He laughed at his own joke as he used his eyes to motion towards the fact that his left arm was missing, "Wow, tough crowd."

Laying there he heard the Suited man speak once more, in German, "Holen Sie sich die Position des Wappens von ihm." As Aiden remained on the ground he could see the feet of the man walking by him and saw the Suited man putting on his coat as he watched him go out of the metal door behind him. He paid attention to the details of the space on the other side of the door before coming back to the room. He could hear noise outside of the door as it closed but then the sound was made silent. Finally the two men helped Aiden get back to his neutral position.

"See. I knew you two were gentleman." As soon as the words left his mouth, the Bucket man delivered a series of strikes to his torso. Through labored breathing Aiden spoke, "Isn't this therapeutic? I mean, it won't help the stick up your ass-" He wouldn't be able to get another word out before the beatings continued until finally Aiden blacked out from the experience, hearing a new voice.

"Koko de shinudeshou."


Once more he stood with his master in a location all too familiar to him (back to this again?) as they both stood in the archery range together. His master was holding a uniquely designed bow as he prepared an arrow for the targets down the range. The student stood directly behind him on the level of the archery range for the archers to practice their shots, he took with his unique bow and an arrow prepared to be released (another vision of Uncle Kento training with... his master?). "We hold firmly the bow in our hand, forged by our own nature, then we reach out for the quiver to deliver an arrow to be released. To maintain the distance required both for our safety and for the speed of tactical elimination." With that, both the Student and the Master start to glow with a soft blue light as the bow and arrow share in the glow as well. Slowly the energy that would glow around their body would be concentrated on the arrow before it was released. 

Not even a full moment later, both the Student and the Master raised their hands to the air. Slowly the process would repeat itself as a soft blue glow would consume each of them separately. Slowly they took the energy that was flowing around them and processed it into their hands and formed an arrow from the energy alone before placing it upon the bow and firing the arrow. Quickly they released the bow from their grip and for the third time, allowed the energy to consume the both of them. This time, they used the energy to form a bow in their original gripped hands and created a new arrow same as before just as they launched their arrows. "Always remember to break down the particles that you feel in the air and shape with unmatched desire. With a clear vision of your goals, you will always gather the resources required and fire straight and true." The Master smiled as he faced his Student, "That is how we channel the Heilig Pfeil, the Spirit Arrow, through our Heilig Bogen, Spirit Bow. Though you will learn, you are not limited to the archaic tools of war and will discover that the potential of a Quincy Spirit Weapon is as bountiful as the will of the wielder." (Alright... Spirit Weapons... I will try my best, Uncle Kento, to follow your journey...)


DARKNESS... Eventually it would all come back to him as he found himself still in the room with his body in pain from the beatings that he had been receiving for an unknown amount of time. They would beat him until he would pass out, take the time to mend his more critical wounds so that they can continue. It was clear to Aiden that they were determined to receive the information in regards to this crest, but he knew that his body could only take so much of all of this exposure to shock and hoped that his uncle would lead him to where he needed to go. Slowly he regained full consciousness and saw that there were only two guards in front of him but could not see any other individuals and he would make eye contact with one of them. They looked at one another and one on the left spoke up, "Informieren Sie ihn, dass er wach ist." The one on the right nodded in response and made his way to the door leaving Aiden alone with the one man.

Aiden slowly closed his eyes and focused on the room. It was cold, that much he could feel physically, but there was another detail of this room that he had not recognized earlier. It was not until this moment that he was able to find the right word to describe it, heavy, and based on the things that he could remember from his own teachings with his uncle and the visions being shared that was the essence of Reishi, Reiryoku, or some kind of Spiritual Energy as it was described. This energy operated like a unique frequency that people were able to attune themselves in order to manipulate it. That was the concept behind these Spiritual Weapons that Quincy were able to manifest and use at their disposal. So with the focus that he needed to do this or die, as that being against his desires, slowly he allowed the sensation of the heavy air in the room to concentrate on his position and specifically around his right hand.

Slowly he could feel the density of he matter generating in his hand feeling like a thousand pins and needles being gripped in the palm of his hand. The sensation was actually painful and could only imagine how much training it must have taken to tolerate the sensation to use this technique multiple times but he was hard pressed to keep that train of thought as he needed to do this now or never. Slowly he could feel the forming of an object that he could not see but feel in his right hand. He needed something small and sharp enough to cut himself free and felt the object in his hand. Aiden would move the object in his hand until he could get it in the right position and slide it through the zip tie that bound his wrist to the chair feeling it cut into his own arm in the process. He clenched his jaw as tight as he could to prevent any obvious reaction to cutting his arm and started to pull on the object. Between the pain of holding the object the carving into his arm, he was surprised he managed to maintain composure long enough to feel the snap of the zip tie. Quickly he released a cough at the same time of the tie breaking and spit blood to the side in order to prevent the guard from approaching. 

"I will tell you where the Crest is..." He spoke with a clear sign of being defeated in his tone, "But I will only tell you." He looked at the man who took a moment and motioned for Aiden to response, "My mouth is a bit bloody, mind coming closer so I don't have to yell..." He gave a sigh of his own as he coughed to highlight the pain in his mouth caused a bit of trouble for his throat. The guard approached, annoyed, but maintained a short distance from Aiden as he leaned slightly to listen. The next moment happened so quickly as Aiden launched his right hand forward and stabbed the blue energy object into the neck of the man and watched as it pierced clean into his throat. Instantly the man stumbled back holding the wound and attempting to prevent the bleeding as Aiden used the object to break the zip ties around his legs. He knew that there wasn't much time left and rushed for the door to find it locked. "Fuck me."

With very little time to figure out his next step he got the body of the guard and placed him in the chair, and after a moment, started to strip the man of some of his clothes. Aiden quickly put on the pants and the shoes as best he could, feeling like back when he first lost his arm and thinking back to the struggles he once had putting on his pants. He pushed the memories out of his mind and made sure that they guard was fixed to the chair and placed himself behind the door so when it opened, it opened towards him. It would only be a few more minutes before the door would open. "Nathan?" The second goon who left rushed he room to check on his friend.

"Kare wa doko ni imasu ka?" That second voice was familiar to the Bucket Man and Aiden had to act fast. He throw the small object as hard as he could as it pierced through the back of the man in his shoulder blades. Simultaneously to the throw, Aiden turned around the door and jumped in the air delivering a drop kick to the chest of the Bucket Man sending him flying backwards. Aiden fell down to the ground quickly and looked up from the ground to see the guard still standing and struggling to remove the object from his back before noticing Aiden on the ground. The goon decided to take care of Aiden now and went to rush him, and Aiden quickly attempted to nip up but forgot for a full second that he did not have his left arm and his right arm failed to support him.

The guard went to curb stomp Aiden as he rolled to the side and used the momentum and the width of the hallway to perform a quick windmill in order to sweep the legs of the man and get to his feet. Before he had time for his next action, the Bucket Man rushed forward for a Full Nelson grip only to realize his mistake. With Aiden's right arm stuck, he still had the freedom of the fact that he had no left arm and jumped to his right side kicking off of the wall to spin around the man and free his arm. The moment he did, he instantly pushed Bucket Man towards the other Guard as they collided with one another. Quickly he delivered a side kick with his left leg on the Bucket man to cause them both to stumble over one another. 

Keep his left leg up in the air, Aiden focused the same way he did to manifest the arrow but to form the bow. Slowly he would gather the energy in his left leg with it bent until a large amount of it was generated at his leg. With his right hand, he reached towards his foot and pulled on the blue energy as a blue arrow of energy formed. He waited until the both of the guys stood up and released the arrow with his right hand. The moment he did, the bow slid off of his foot and the arrow shot above the head of the two guys who looked more shocked by the fact that the weapon formed magically instead of the fact that he missed. Quickly Aiden grabbed the bow with his right hand and chucked it at the guys before turning around and running. 

He continued rushing through this maze of a place until a strange sensation started to cause a burning feeling on his left shoulder. It was almost as if something was pulling on his arm that wasn't there, a Phantom Pain, and he followed that sensation until he reached a room where his arm was sitting on a table with blood from where he assumed they pulled it from his body. Slowly he approached the arm and took it in his right hand, "Kikou..." Slowly he brought the arm to his shoulder and the cables that were attached would force themselves into his body and allow the arm to connect on its arm as he fought against the urge to scream in pan. Once it was secured to his body a guard entered the room. Aiden reacted quickly and rushed the man with a swift punch to the man's throat with his right hand before grabbing his face with his left and slamming him through the table in the middle of the room.

Aiden rushed out of the room and continued to navigate the maze of a building spotting guards at almost every corner and avoiding them as best as he could. The one's he came across met a quick fate of death and eventually Aiden found some of his gear, at least the ones that had not been stripped by their teams, including his original tactical gear that he presumes that they found from his house. Eventually Aiden found himself on the roof of the building to see a helicopter preparing to leave. Aiden rushed as fast as he could but it started to get away before he made it close enough and he made eye contact with the Suited Man. Aiden watched as the Helicopter continued to fly away and pointed his left hard at the chopper as the blue energy formed once more preparing for the bow, "That is not going to be enough. I need to be sure I will not miss..." Almost as if his arm was listening, black liquid began to flow out of the arm like water and form a shape that began to solidify into a modified tactical marksman rifle. He quickly dropped to a knee and focused down his scopes at the chopper. He allowed a single moment of exhale and when his lungs were empty he paused his breathing and calmly pulled the trigger.

The bullet soared through the air and struck the rotter showing the signs of fire and smoke as the chopper lost control. Aiden watched as the chopper was going down in the outskirts of the city and rushed forward. Without thinking Aiden jumped off of the building of the multistory warehouse as his gun seemed to melt back into his arm, the same arm that grew claws and dug into the side of the building allowing him to slowly his descent until he touched the ground. Instantly he turned and went on a full sprint towards the location where the chopper went down as his arm formed another weapon, this time an assault rifle. As he made his way closer, he noticed a few guards were roaming the area where the chopper went down. As he made his way through, he ensured to pick them off one at a time with his silenced weapon until he located the chopper.

As he approached the first thing that he could see was a trail of blood through the mud with the pilot stuck in the falling chopper. It was a short trip to find the Suited man leaning against a tree holding his wounds tightly. "How...?" Aiden simply approached the man and gripped him by his collar and lifted him up against the tree with his left arm. As he did this, the small blue energy source in his shoulder socket could be seen and the man laughed, "Kento placed the crest in your arm." Aiden noticed the glowing too and knew that his mother's charm was placed in there as safe keeping, a momento of his mother. "He put Nina's damn crest in your arm." He continued to laugh for a moment, "Doesn't matter, the Karasu will find you. They will claim their heirloom. Sie werden dich zerstören." The man did something strange with his mouth before Aiden heard a loud crunch and seconds later the man began to foam at the mouth. 

He released the corpse as it fell to the ground. "Karasu... My family?" Aiden stared at him for a while before walking away forming a few weapons to deal with whatever he may come across. He paused for a second, realizing that he needed answer, and pulled out his phone.

_ Be Aware. They Know Where You Are. I Will Save You. _
_ Taka _

_ Leave me alone. _

_ ... _

_ We need to talk _

_ I Agree. _

He secured his phone in his pocket and made his way through the forest and the rest of the enemy squad just as the plane finally exploded in the outskirts, with no survivors remaining.


WC | 4450

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