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^ Aiden ^


Should people be allowed to remove perfectly healthy limbs/body parts in the name of progress?

^ Left Arm ^

Aiden looked at his phone as he took the time for his rest in between the sets. Mostly because he wanted to change the music, get something a little more intense to get him through the last set of his workout for the day. That, and it would help him to tone out the rest of the world. He set his towel on the rack nearby before he went back to his work out. After his final set, Aiden went to the showers and as usual he got the looks of people curious and not in the way the he would have preferred. As he went to turn on the showers, someone in the group of curious onlookers decided to interject, "Are you sure that you should be showering with... that?" It was clear that he was not sure on how to address it, and so Aiden's only response was to turn the water on and carry on about his business.

People always had their questions, and curious thoughts as to how it works and typically how did it happen. Aiden was always willing to tell his story, that was never the issue, he issue would be that people were too scared to ask him directly and would always dance around the point. Still, it was not something that happened a lot, but it would be unfair for him to assume people would not wonder. Eventually he made his way out of the gym and into the fresh air with the sun setting in the distance. 

His house was not too far from the gym, which was a convenient fact for him, and he took the opportunity to walk home after the gym when he has time to burn. Some of the other guys at the fire station invited him out later, which still gave him time to hit the gym and then make it home. He carried his gym bag over his shoulder and pulled out his phone, making a quick phone call along his path. He pulled it up to his hear and listened for someone to pick up. "Hey Aiden, what's up?

Kento was the last of his family, at least of the ones he knew about, and Kento had been a great uncle to Aiden since he moved to japan. His mother's side of the family were not too keen about the child born with an american, but they made it work and Kento could care less about the traditions of the rest of the family. Especially after Aiden lost his father, a soldier, Kento moved to America to help and support his sister and nephew. He was even there for Aiden's mom when he wasn't during his time in the military. 

"Not much Uncle, just got some time to burn and was wondering if there were any high priority fires I can take care of in the meantime." Despite everything, Aiden does his best to maintain a good amount of enthusiasm about life. He learned from Kento to take life one day at a time, and helped him through his own struggles when he was medically discharged after losing his arm. 

"Well..." Kento was even the one who helped construct Aiden's left arm, even placing his mother's charm that she wore every day into the shoulder piece so that she was always around with her hand on his shoulder. "There might be a small fire starting in the shopping district." The time that they spent together really helped them bond, and Aiden always found a way to thank his uncle for the arm. It was something that the VA would not have ever been able to give him, and a prosthetic was not going to work with how much of his arm had been damaged in the service. This arm, was made especially for him and a gift to allow him to follow the traditions that his mother wanted. A mission she had since she met Aiden's father, as she helped make the world a better place one issue at a time. 

"Send me the details and I will be on my way." With that, he hung up the phone and picked up the pace. Eventually he made it home but only had enough time to open the door, toss his bag in, and grab his mask from the small table by the door. He grabbed his other backpack that was under the table with the mask and secured his door on his way out. He started to make his way down the street in a light jog with his backpack settled on his back. He would remove his wireless earbuds from his pocket and place them in his ear. 

He felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out, [You have a potential for a single low flame to appear in the shopping district. Call me on arrival kid. -Kento] A smile slid on his face as he increased his speed as best he could as he grew closer to the location with every stride. Eventually he reached nearby and jumped onto a ledge of a nearby building and used that to launch himself high into the air. He took a few steps towards the ledge and took a squat at the edge with his eyes focused on the area. His right hand reached up across his body and pulled his mask he strapped to the top and secured it to his face. He pressed firmly on a button that was right on his jaw line as lenses popped up and reached his eyebrows. 

"Kento, can you hear me?" His voice was a bit muffled behind the mask and sounded a bit off, but that was the point of this specific mask. "I am at the location." He looked on and saw several people focused on the shops in the area.

"Yeah, I got you kid." Kento's voice came clearly into the earbuds, "Just sit tight and keep your eyes peeled. I am waiting for a signal of a breach." So Aiden patiently would squat at the edge of the building with the daylight officially gone waiting for his moment to act.

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"Anything?" It was clear that Aiden was growing a bit impatient as he sat at the edge of the building with one leg tucked up and the other dangling off of the edge of the building. He kept his gaze on the distance, scanning the area around him in the hopes that he would eventually locate something that would be worth his time. He was typically able to remain patient, but the time was starting to get away from him. He had maybe an hour before he would have to rush to the bar to meet with the rest of the station guys and he would rather get some more time spent on dealing with his own fires before meeting up with the guys. 

"There was expected to be a potential breach in your location, but maybe it was a false sign or something." Kento spoke with a soft tone as he could tell he was going to disappoint Aiden, but there was little that he could do about the truth of the situation. "I know you always look forward to training, but you have to be willing to accept not every opportunity will pan out to be full of excitement." The young firefighter scoffed as he pushed himself up to his feet on the edge of the building and gave it one more look around before realizing that his uncle was right and nothing was going to show up. That was until his earbuds started giving him a screeching sound.

"A breach?" Aiden inquired as he turned his direction towards the source of the sound.

"It is, but it is an elevated breach so you need to stay away from it." The concern was clear in his voice, but Aiden quickly deactivated the communication device and jumped from the building and controlled his descent. Just before hitting the ground, he flipped his body over and allowed the balls of his feet to touch down before moving his momentum in a forward roll launching himself in a full force sprint. 

He rushed down the market street were plenty of the street vendors were located selling their goods, and in the distance Aiden could see the fire coming from a nearby building. "There you are." From the building he could see the dark arm of a massive creature as he vaulted over the table of one of the vendors and continued to rush towards the structure fire. People started running away from the source of the fire while some remained a short distance away to observe the nature of the fire. Eventually he came close to the location and jumped on top of one of the vendor booth's before leaping into the air. 

With a flick of his wrist, a metal rod slid from the palm of his hand and started to morph form until a modified recurve bow formed in his hand. The moment that the arm appeared again, he pulled an arrow from a small compartment inside of his forearm and knocked it onto the bow. Still in midair, he took aim as he pulled on the string and released the moment the arm was at a full extension. It flew through the air and pierced the arm as the creature recoiled in pain from the impact of the arrow pulling itself from the fire of the building and landed on the middle of the street. "Been a few weeks since I had to deal with a fire." Had he not been wearing the mask, the smile would be clearly spread across his face. 

As the creature landed on the ground, Aiden took the time to analyze it as he landed on the ground with another forward roll and knocked another arrow. The large arms but small legs in comparison have it the appearance of a gorilla, and it was definitely angry right about now. Quickly he rushed the Gorilla and fired another arrow at the face of the creature. The Gorilla raised it's arms to deflect the arrows as Aiden continued his momentum and dropped to the ground as the Gorilla brought its arms down. He released his third arrow towards the neck of the Gorilla and upon impact caused it to temporarily recoil allowing Aiden to continue his slide underneath the beast. 

Aiden flicked his wrist again and caused the recurve bow to collapse and flow back into his arm as his hand gripped the ground and caused him to slow his momentum and spin slightly as he lifted himself up and loaded his arm back as his fingers revealed claws. Quickly he launched his arm forward as his hand separated from his arm towards the beast revealing a black tendril connecting the limb. The claw dug into the back of the creature and Aiden pulled with as much force as he could manage pulling himself towards the beast. As he flew through the air and let go of the beast causing him to launch up and over the beast as it turned around to look for Aiden. In midair he flicked his wrist to pull out the bow once more and whistled with the mask increasing the frequency to get the attention of the hollow. He released another arrow as the beast turned around to feel the impact of an arrow piercing the center of his forehead. "Too easy."

He stood there expecting to see the beast disintegrate into dust like previous ones, but this one not only remained but roared in anger. "But... How?" In the midst of his own shock, Aiden lost focus as the beast came by and smacked him several meters back crashing him into the ground. The force of the impact knocked the air out of him as he felt the dizziness from the pain and force of the damage. He laid face down attempting to gather himself enough to lift up as he saw the beast rushing him down. Slowly Aiden was able to get to his feet and attempted to knock another arrow, but the hit was enough to disorientate him as the arrow slid from his right hand. 

The beast continued the rush down but a bright blue light flew over the head of Aiden and completely obliterated the body of the hollow. Aiden slowly regained himself and turned to see an elderly gentleman with long grey hair and a groomed beard with a silver glowing bow of his own that started to fade away. "I told you to stay away from this one." Aiden could tell that a lecture was brewing inside of Kento and decided to ignore it and walk towards the still burning from earlier arrival of the hollow. Kento remained behind Aiden as they got a short distance away and Aiden went to a nearby fire hydrant.

He placed his hand on the top of his and allowed the valve to open up a bit and allow his left arm to take the force of the water pressure before sealing it back up. He turned to the side of the fire and pointed the palm of his left hand focusing his own energy into his arm. A short stream of water was launched from his left arm with a strange golden glow to it as it touched the fire and caused it all to dissipate rather quickly before fading away entirely. "Aiden, you need to listen to me when I try and warn you-

"I am going to be late to meet with the guys." Aiden interrupted Kento and turned away, feeling his equilibrium balanced once more,.

"At least let me check your wounds for-" There was nothing left to say as Aiden launched his left arm for a nearby building and used the grappling hand to pull himself to the roof and departed from the scene leaving Kento to himself. Aiden had better things to do than listen to another lecture about using his power more responsibly and listening to his uncle rant on something about what a Quincy needs to know and work on. 

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Aiden made his way across the rooftop, with a clear sign of his disappointment from what happened with the hollow, and held a gaze fixed on the ground as he walked. He pulled his left arm to his vision and clenched his fist, attempting to figure out what time it was, which caused his wrist to have a small panel open and reveal a digital clock showing that it was late in the evening. "Looks like I might be a little late." He let out a sigh as he went on a full force sprint making his way across the roof. As he reached the edge, he jumped into the air and used his left hand to grapple to a nearby low rise building to bring his elevation down and allow him to touch the ground easier. Luckily he was not too far away and got to the location in a reasonable amount of time, but still a couple of minutes late. 

He ducked into a dark alleyway and changed his clothes and replacing them into the backpack. Once he was changed into his more casual clothes, and his mask compressed into something he could fit easily in his pocket, he tucked the backpack into a small little crevasse and made sure that it was not something that could be easily noticeable. With that, he made his way across the street to the location noticing that it was a night club although not as large or flashy as the ones in Naruki City. Aiden approached the club and saw the small and glanced over the patrons hoping to lay his eyes on someone that he knew but ended up unsuccessful. With a sigh, he put himself in the back of the line assuming that either the other guys were already inside or that they were also a little late in their arrival. 

More than thirty minutes went by as he waited in line and determined that the guys were definitely inside already and the line had only moved maybe two feet. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, searched his contacts, then pulled up Hanzo.

_ Hey man, are you guys already inside? _

With the message sent, Aiden was about to put his phone back in his pocket when he noticed that he had another message. Looking at the time stamp, he realized that it came in during the fight with the hollow. Curious, he opened the message from the unknown number.

_ Watching you fight that hollow was pretty awesome "Black Bird" _

_ Keep it up _

_ Btw, Aiden, you might want to work on your disguise a little bit. _

Aiden took a moment to reread the message to make sure that he understood what was said before looking around a little shocked. He took a screenshot of the message and slid the phone back into his pocket. "Hey, do I know you?" A voice from behind Aiden spoke up and, based on the message he just read, caused him to jump a little as he turned to see a pair of females looking at him a little startled by his response. He wondered if they were the ones that sent him the messages but did not want to be obvious about it. "Yeah, it is him!" The second woman, an American blonde, spoke up with a smile. Aiden got a little nervous as the first woman, a Japanese native with red hair spoke again, "It is one of the Firefighters!

That was enough to allow Aiden to release the breath that he held at the bottom of his chest and give a smile, "Yes, I am with the Emergency Response Team." He said warmly with a friendly nod to the females.

"Aiden Kaine, the youngest on the team." The redhead spoke with a smile of her own as the blonde continued, "And the cutest."

He smiled in response, as the redhead nudged the blonde potentially because she was a bit forward and that made the redhead a little embarrassed. "Aiden!" This time it was a male voice shouting his name but from the direction of the club entrance. As he turned, he saw one of his comrades in the Emergency Response Team waving at him to come over. "Sorry ladies," He turned towards the two women, "Looks like we will have to cut this conversation short." He smiled as he prepared to head away, "I will see you inside." The blonde said with a sweet tone but one that Aiden was not prepared to deal with and walked out of the line towards his friend.

As he passed the line, he smiled as he approached his friend Hanzo. "Now I see why you didn't respond to my text." He said as he glanced over to the females waving at the pair of them. Aiden was confused as he pulled out his phone to check his messages,

_ Just head to the door, CERT members don't have to wait in line _

"Exactly. But I forgive you, buddy." Hanzo, a man with long hair that he keeps in a top bun when he goes in public and a smaller frame compared to Aiden but he focuses on dealing with the technology and the contract deals with the city to keep the Community Emergency Response Team functional so 'There is no need to get unnecessarily swole.' He motioned for the women to approach by waving his hand, and for a moment they looked at one another and pointed at themselves. Aiden turned to look at the women who were a little unsure if Hanzo meant them so he nodded and waved them over too. "Thank you." Hanzo smiled as the women made their way out of the line. 

They continued to approach as Hanzo motioned for the ladies to go in first. The Bouncer at the door looked at the ladies and then at Hanzo and Aiden before stepping to the side and letting them all pass. As soon as they made it through the door, Aiden could see the packed room full of people with the back wall having a stage with a live band performing music and DJ in a booth nearby. His eyes moved towards the left side of the building where the bar was with just enough walking room to make his way over there. Then the right side seemed to have seating with tables, but what he did not initially notice was the fact that there was a second floor with a balcony that wraps the length around the building with the stairwells on either side of the mainstage. 

Hanzo motioned for the ladies to follow him to the bar, and Aiden reluctantly followed as he felt his phone vibrate. So as he followed behind Hanzo and the blonde with the redhead standing by his side. Aiden realized that he had another message and opened it to read it while the redhead linked her right arm through his left. 

_ The club is pretty nice Aiden, maybe I will catch you on the dance floor _

He pulled his gaze from the phone and started to look around quickly, unsure of what he was even looking for but searching aggressively until his phone vibrated once more in his hand.

_ Did I spook you? My bad _

_ Just didn't expect to see you here after the beatdown you got from the Hollow _

That message hurt a little more than Aiden would have liked to admit, but he was getting tired of this person. He was hoping to ignore the individual and run the number with Kento later, but it was getting a bit more uncomfortable than he could handle and decided to respond finally.

_ Who are you? _

He put the phone back in his pocket so that he could push the person out of his mind, which would be a bit easier as Hanzo proceeded to order shots for the four of them. "After this shot, we can head over to the rest of the team." That caused the ladies to be a little more excited, and with reason. The Emergency Response Team have acquired a bit of fame and recognition based purely on the fact that Hanzo has worked hard to improve their Social Media presence and pushes to have the team become more and more desired for several tasks. It was Hanzo that took the team of Community Helpers and turned their individual talents into a business model. The ERT response to fires, criminal activities, construction jobs, and ideally anything that would help the community with priority to dangerous events. 

As each of them clanked their glasses, someone bumped into Aiden and caused him to spill his shot before he could drink it. Quickly the redhead grabbed a napkin from the counter and proceeded to pass them to Aiden who started to wipe himself off. He turned to see who it was and saw no one directly near him, but the crowd was too large to determine a single person. "Well, that was rude." The blonde spoke up, "Very rude." Aiden agreed as he continued to try and dry himself off setting up the mood pretty low for him now, "No worries, let's go meet with the rest of the team and enjoy the night out."

Aiden smiled to try and keep the mood light, and the other three made it easy with a good vibe just as Aiden had his phone vibrate. So once more, he pulled out his phone to check.

_ Sorry about that, but I would rather you be in your right mind for tonight _ 

_ You are in danger and I can't just sit by and watch _ 

"I am sure that she can wait." Hanzo made a joke as he put his hand over Aiden's screen as he attempted to point the direction of where the tables were "But we can't keep the team waiting for you." Aiden gave a smile, "Yeah, let me just go to the bathroom and I will meet you at the table." Hanzo was not too fond of that idea at first, "Come on Hanzo, we don't want to keep the team waiting." The blonde knew what she was doing as she lightly touched Hanzo on the back of his neck and he immediately decided that going was the best option. "I will wait for you here Aiden." He smiled in response, "You don't have to. I will see you with the team in a quick minute." Aiden didn't have to say more as the blonde took a light grip of the redhead and pull her with the pair of them.

With that, he made his way towards the bathroom while checking his phone again,

_ What are you talking about and what do you want? _

He made his way to the bathroom and took refuge in the fact that it was not crowded at that moment. He placed his phone on the sink counter next to him as he started to wet a towel and start to rub the alcohol stain. He noticed his phone vibrate once more and saw the message pop up,

_ They found you _

_ Watch out _

As he read those messages he noticed, out of the corner of his eye, two individuals walk into the restroom. It was not anything that was suspicious until a third one walked in and closed the door behind him and leaned against the door to prevent it from opening into the bathroom. Aiden did not make a move yet, so they won't know that he saw them close off the room. There was not a lot of space in the restroom, but there was a limited amount of options currently. His head lifted from the counter and looked at the mirror as the two people stood behind him on either side. 

Aiden quickly turned and pointed his left arm at the guy on the right, immediately his left hand-launched forward and connected with the face of the guy sending him back against the wall. Aiden recalled his hand as the other guy came forward to deliver a punch of his own with his right fist. He ducked under the punch and rolled to his right as he whipped his left hand to smack the guy in his face but he was able to back step the attack. 

Just as Aiden's hand came back, the first guy had charged against Aiden and slammed him into the counter before throwing him up against the mirror causing it to break. His body fell back onto the counter and down unto the ground. The second guy attempted to kick Aiden who placed his left arm in the path of the kick and released the shield from his forearm which blocked the kick. Aiden slid under the counter as he heard the sound of the man's bone-cracking where Aiden caused the shield to hit. Quickly he recalled the shield and pointed his hand at the wall with claws released. Once his hand-launched and connected to the wall, it pulled with full force dragging him across the ground tripping the injured man as the other one stepped over Aiden.

Quickly he jumped into the air and landed on his feet with the palm of his hand facing the one guy standing and flexed the muscles in the arm as a massive gust of air was unleashed from his hand and sent the guy barrelling into the wall. The moment he sent the guy flying Aiden rushed forward and kicked the first guy as hard as he could in the head watching as his body collapse, but certainly still alive. As the other guy started to fall off of the counter, Aiden grabbed him with his left hand and delivered a solid punch to his face and tossed him to the ground. 

The moment he did that, he could hear the sound of a gun being cocked behind him. "Turn very slowly." Aiden did as he was told to see the third guy from the door standing there with a silenced gun in his hand pointed at Aiden. "They said you would be a tough one." The man smiled as he lightly kicked the man on the ground closest to him. "Who are you and who are they?" The man shook his head realizing that the man was knocked unconscious. "None of that matters." Aiden had seen that look before, they look of a man willing and ready to pull a trigger and quickly released the shield from his arm and pull it in front of him feeling the impact of the bullets in the same instance he lunched the shield from his arm. The man was able to duck under it but only in enough time to see Aiden's first launched from his arm once more and cause him to stumble. 

Aiden launched forward as he recalled his hand and smacked the gun out of the hand of the man and kicked with a full-force swing into the side of his knee before using his left arm to pin the man to the wall with his forearm on his throat. "We know who you are, so we will continue to hunt-" His words were cut short by the sound of his neck snapping. Once he did that, he determined eventually someone was going to come into the restroom if they weren't already coming to investigate the commotion, hoping that the music was loud enough to cover everything. He took the gun in his left hand and dropped a bullet to the back of the head of both of the two other guys before dropping the gun in the middle of them. 

He recovered his shield and linked it back to his arm and found his phone on the floor surrounded by glass with the screen still on the text conversation.

_ I do hope they did not give you too much trouble _ 

_ But if you are still reading this, it might be best to leave _

He released a sigh as he slid the phone into his pocket and made his way to the door. As he opened it, he saw a couple more guys who looked similar to the ones that he just killed. Quickly he jumped into the air and locked his hand into the ceiling and braced his feet against the wall above the door. Shortly after the guys entered the bathroom to see the sight of the dead bodies and quickly investigated. Once they entered, Aiden slid an arrow into the closing door and prevented it from closing. Slowly he pulled it open and dropped into the opening and sprinted back into the main club.

Aiden took the immediate decision to head out towards the front door and depart from the club. Once outside, some people gave second glances at the bloody Aiden who sprinted across the street into the dark alley and found his bag was still securely tucked away. 

_ Sorry Hanzo, I am not feeling well. Tell the guys I will be there for the next time, and the first round will be on me. _

After he sent the message he started to head away from the club quickly as he saw another message from the unknown.

_ Glad you made it out. _

_ We will stay in touch -Taka _

Everything about tonight was just too much to process, but for now, Aiden needed to get away and figure things out. So he put on his mask from his pocket and put in his communication device. "Uncle...?" He was unsure if he was going to get a response at all but at this point, he had questions that Kento might be able to answer.


"We need to talk, someone has been tracking me."

"I know. Come to the Nest... You need to know the truth."

WC | 3069


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