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~ Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning ~

Oriru sat in the center of this space, one that few knew existed for it is a place that few care to venture into. This space was once an old storage location for old paper files, an archive for information that was expected to be organized and eventually digitized for the databases. Oriru had taken the chance to use the place as his own personal escape in order to be away from people at times ever since his promotion to Senior Administration Officer. Now he spends his time locked away in this room, where all of the documents that existed long before the common era call home. Of course, he would take the time to read them and file them as needed, because he explained that it would take several months in the best case scenario to go through all of the documents but he would gladly do so.

Truth be told, it took him all of a single week. Granted, it was a week with minimal rest and breaks, but he was able to get it all done. This was the space that he would bring in his books from his collections and even request for books to be ordered and delivered to the storage space for him read during his breaks between sorting the paperwork. His collection grew and slowly this paper graveyard evolved into his personal Origami Garden. Today he found himself in the middle of the paper storm, where books, papers, notes, pens, pencils, and other supplies would swirl around the room carefully flowing within his immediate range. Oriru held a single notebook in front of him as he continued to write in this book to document his ideas and calculate his multiple formulas. 

"Bakudo Number Seventy Seven, Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air." He noted from one of the many books that was flying in the air above his head, "Incantation described as follows; Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens." After finish writing it down, he took a moment to look it over once more before underlining the information. He took a moment in order to get a full understanding of how the technique actually works. "The user is expected to draw symbols, typically described as inscribed in a black powder (usually to ensure that it remains fixed upon the skin, as the powder will attach to the natural oils of the skin) which will be focused on the arms, hands, and the ground within the immediate vicinity." As he spoke the words aloud to ensure that he got the information clearly, he took the time to write down what he said and drew a model of the concept on the edge of the page. 

"Once the inscriptions have been completed, the user will be expected to focus their attention on the air in front of them and proceed to move their hands around after generating a glowing rectangular box. The movements should connect to the rectangle until the user is prepared to place their hands upon the rectangle. By doing so, the spell would be triggered and a network from the designs created connected to the rectangle as they matched the glowing energy of the root. From there, the ability to transmit messages to any individual(s) or specific location within the current dimension and must be within a reasonable distance." He took a moment to paused as the pages turned and continued, "Currently there stands no existing measurement of how far a 'reasonable distance'  actually is..." Once more he paused to refresh his thoughts and gather his notes, "The ability to transmit messages should be provided with the actual content of the message being delivered through mental information and can be sent by the caster or anyone within the immediate vicinity of the user of the Bakudo."

Oriru allowed his gaze to trace the room in detail before a dozen pens made their way through the air until they swirled around him. His Soul Reaper Coat would float off of his body and hover in the air as he started to undo the buttons on his wrists. He would slowly roll each of the sleeves up as the pens proceeded to draw the inscriptions upon the ground around him. "Assuming that my understanding is accurate I should be within range to transmit this message." Once his sleeves were rolled all of the way up, the pens would start to cover his arms in the ink required to make the technique work. He continued on this, following the method listed before finally going through the incantation. "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."

As the information provided, all of the ink would glow in the radiant light. "Assuming that I performed this technique accurately, with the current visual proof of my accomplishment, then you should be hearing my voice projected within your mind at the moment. To prove that I am myself to you, presuming that my voice is coming as I sound as normal, I will provide some key details." He paused for a moment as he gathered the appropriate statements. "I am Oriru Ryuka Kusho, Twentieth Seat of the First Division within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads as the primary military force within the Court of Pure Souls as well as the the Senior Administration Officer within the Department of Administrative Affairs assigned by Central Forty Six in a joint effort of collaboration." After completing the formal information key points, "You were there during the incident that occurred within the Kido Corps in which the entirety of your unit was eliminated just before you were able to save me from certain death and chose to spare me after I sacrificed myself for your own survival."

"In the event that I have sent this message to the wrong person, then you will make of what you have heard the best that you will manage and do with it as you will. Perhaps you will pretend that this never happened, or perhaps that you will decided that you have came across the rare opportunity to have something of value. To that end, I congratulate you for being a lucky individuals and thank you for your time for allowing me to see the miscalculation. Otherwise, I thank you for your time." He would release the hold that the Bakudo maintained as the ink would seem to disappear the same instance that the light would fade from his presence. 

With that, he took to the floor and continued to read his documents, waiting for the outcome of his little test. Only a few more minutes would have to pass before his expectations were met. "Well, it appears that you have acquired a new trick there and might I say you have improved quite a bit. I originally considered ignoring the message for the simple fact that it would have left you assuming that your little attempt failed, but I would rather not continue to receive more messages from you in this manner." There was an extended pause to which Oriru responded with a respectful nod, although the person speaking would be unable to see this, "Keep up the good work." That seemed as good a point as any for the man to end his speech and Oriru assumed accurately.

He settled in his personal space, feeling a sense of pride within himself as he removed his personal notebook from his breast pocket of his vest, this one with more fresh pages than the few that decorate the insides of his coat. "The most beautiful thing about completing these is that I can actually feel the weight of information that fill the pages, the ink weighing down on parchment with knowledge so that another may take the value of what is within these writings." One of the many books that drifted through the air paused in front of him and brought him back to something of a mild importance to him; "I am growing closer to defining the secrets you held, a Blind Soul Reaper who once stood at the helm of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, and the power that has been hidden from everyone."

A smile came on the face of Oriru as he continued to document information into his fresh book, "I shall understand what is possible with Tan'itsu-gun..." He took a moment within his most recent page as the white sphere with a black core became the focal point with a swirl of black around it. "The truth exists somewhere within these words."

Learned Bakudo Number Seventy Seven | Tenteikura [Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air] - 1,720 Words Required [ Achieved ]

Description: Transmits one's voice to a large number of people simultaneously, often utilized during large-scale battles. Tenteikura is primarily used for communication. The practitioner draws symbols upon his/her arms, hands, and the ground using a black powder. The practitioner, placing his/her palms away in front, generates a glowing rectangular box, and enacts various movements of the hands to create various root-like extensions in the air, which connect to the glowing rectangle. Upon placing his/her hands up to the rectangle and activating the spell, the root-like extensions glow, creating a network extending out from the rectangle. The spell transmits messages mentally to anyone within an area of the caster's choosing. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell, to convey the messages. The messages can be spoken either by the caster or by another within the vicinity of the caster. Can only send messages to people in the same dimension and within a reasonable distance.

Incantation: "Black and white net. Twenty-two bridges, sixty-six crowns and belts. Footprints, distant thunder, sharp peak, engulfing land, hidden in the night, sea of clouds, blue line. Form a circle and fly though the heavens."

WC | 1721
TWC | 1721

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~ The following contains mild or suggestive language. Viewer discretion is advised.~

~ Even a happy life cannot be without a measure of darkness, and the word happy would lose its meaning if it were not balanced by sadness. It is far better take things as they come along with patience and equanimity ~

The sun had just started to make a decent over the horizon as Oriru pushed upon the doors of his own private space. The old archives had officially been transferred to the primary database and thus left the storage space for the files, essentially, abandoned. Oriru was able to take advantage of the fact that the space was not repurposed yet.

As the doors opened to allow him passage, he would stop in the archway by the call of a voice, “So this is where you spend your free time?” Oriru turned on the spot to get a look at the strong voice speaking to him to lay his eyes on a familiar Soul Reaper. “You make it incredibly difficult to make an appointment to see you at your office.” Osore Shinsei, Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division, and the son of Captain of the Ninth Division, Monchue Jonestsu (a fact that is not well known).

Well, I tend to find myself pretty preoccupied-

Yes, I am well aware of your recent appointment to Lieutenant General of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.” Osore kept a stern gaze as he looked upon his official commanding officer. His face remained cold with his lime green eyes looking the distance between them. “That is part of the reason I decided to make my way over to see you.” His blue scarf proceeded to blow in the wind as he rested his left hand on the hilt of his Zanpakuto. “Of course, I want to provide you my formal congratulations for your promotion,” He took a moment to do a sort of half bow in respect, “But I have a personal problem with this decision.

Oriru was a bit concerned, as he expected a little bit of hesitation from people in accepting this new placement of his,  but this was more than he had accounted for. “Oso…

No Ryuka, you will not be able to talk you way out of this.” Osore made his approach towards Oriru, but the Lieutenant General would not back down from his spot. The Lieutenant stopped a single step in front of Oriru, “I am proud of you, I mean it.” His words were bit softer, but the truth was more likely that Oriru was a bit more nervous than he thought and assumed that Osore was more hostile than he originally was. “But you cannot continue to expect me to wait for you to make time for me in your schedule.

Lieutenant General Oriru could not manage to let out a single word as Osore took hold of his tie with a firm grip, but still gentle enough. Oriru could not help but let a subtle smile come from his face as Osore would do the same pulling Oriru closely giving a simple, yet aggressive, kiss. They shared in the moment before Osore let go of Oriru’s tie, and each of them gave a soft look towards each other. “I apologize Oso, but ever since Captain Commander hand selected me to be the Lieutenant General of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, as well as the Director of Command within the First Division coordinating Administrative Affairs with Sif Barkuz…” Oriru slowed his speech and drifted off feeling himself ramble on, but the look on Osore’s face gave him permission to continue. “I have just been busy trying to get everything under control. The entirety of our Organization has been falling continuously since Kaeru originally left, and now people are scrambling to gather themselves since the new Executive plans that have been issued.

Osore took a moment to ensure that Oriru had finished speaking and gave a slow nod, “What did you expect when a massive shift of power occurs and then accept the position as the literal right hand of the new regime?” Osore could not help but laugh as Oriru would let out a sigh and nod in agreement. “Still, you should not allow that to prevent you from enjoying yourself a little bit. You were such a tight ass before him, you will continue to be one but don’t forget to loosen up occasionally.

With a smirk, Osore turned on his heel and took a few steps away from Oriru. “Last time we went on a date, we spend a considerable amount of time at the theater watching that play and conversing with people afterwards.” Oriru nodded in acknowledgment although confused at the reason he pointed that out, “Which means that the next one is my choice.

Instantly Oriru realized what was coming, and had only a few moments to react, “Bakudo number 61, Six Rods Prison of Light!” Immediately a spark of yellow energy formed in front of Oriru was Osore turned on a dime and launched himself at Oriru with a smile on his face. Six, thin and wide, beams of light shot from the spark towards Osore but the Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division was not going to be so easily caught by the attack and avoided each of the beams.

You have to do better than that.” There was a smile on his face as Osore planted his left hand on the ground and rotated his body to perform a roundhouse kick towards Oriru, “Enkosen.” He lifted his left hand slightly as a beam of energy extended from his forearm and proceed to rotate aggressively until a circle of yellow energy formed to take the impact of the kick.

The force of the kick was enough to cause Oriru to slide along the ground a few feet as he pointed his right hand forward, “Hado 31, Shot of Red Fire.” From the palm of his right hand an orb of red energy was launched forward, but Osore was prepared for an attack concentrated like that and swung his left arm with a backhand to deflect the attack. Oriru was prepared for a deflection and the orb immediately detonated the moment that it made impact with Osore’s arm.

Not bad.” Osore spoke from the middle of the dust cloud made from the small focused explosion. Shortly after he spoke, Osore came forward through the smoke just in time to see the follow up attack.

Okasen!” With a sweep of his right arm, an arc of yellow energy would be sent through the air towards Oriru as he started to crouch. Osore jumped into the air to avoid the follow up attack and came down with his Zanpakuto, still sheathed, in a full force downward attack. Oriru took the chance to stand back up and punch up with his left hand, “Hado 33, Sokatsui.” As he punched up his left arm unleashed a massive wave of blue energy that consumed Osore.

It proved to be ineffective as Osore broke through the attack, “You’re done.” Osore smiled but Oriru still had more tricks especially with his left hand already in position.

Hado number 4, Seki.” Osore contacted the fist of Oriru, revealing the thin light of energy that proved to be a defensive shield. His right hand pointed to fingers up, revealing the mixed incantations as a bolt of lightning launched from his fingers.

Last minute Osore was able to avoid the attack by swinging his body away from Oriru and landed on the ground a few meters away, and the moment that he landed Oriru pointed his left hand at the position where he was landed, “Sho.” He charged a massive amount of energy into that Hado as the attack struck the ground at Osore’s feet. “Sekiekko.” He spoke a unique phrase as a massive cloud of smoke appeared, red in color, and obscured Oriru from view.

Oh, you are sneaky.

Bakudo number 63.” Osore swung his sheathed Zanpakuto aggressively and dispersed the cloud all around him, “Locking Bondage Stripes.” The moment that the clouds were cleared, Osore was struck by the thick golden ropes binding his upper body. “62.” Osore instantly rushed forward, although his torso was bound, with a smile on his face as it became clear that the binds were about to break. “Hundred Steps Fence.” From the middle of the air, a barrage of the silver rods flew towards Osore.

That had to have been enough to catch and pin him, but Osore was too quick to be caught and found a way to maneuver through the barrage with grace and continue his approach. “Shit, Tozansho.” Quickly Oriru formed the focal point as the frame was formed and created the barrier of the technique.

I know all of the techniques that you have learned, so you can’t catch me Ryuka.” Osore smiled as he closed the distance and broke free of the Sixty-Third Bakudo. “You can always just tap out and let me tag you."

Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Sanding upright, silent to the end.” Osore gave a shrug as he started to smack on the barrier, sure that he would break through soon. “Bakudo number Seventy-Five, Five Pillared Iron Weights.” Osore continued to pound on the barrier unaware of the descending Iron Pillars until the last minute as he was able to avoid four of them, but one was able to strike him and smash him to the ground.

Oriru released his Tozansho and made his way over to Osore and leaned by him. “Looks like I finally win.” He reached his hand to tap Osore on the head only to watch as he turned to smoke. Simultaneously he felt a hand touch his shoulder.

Nice try, really.” Osore could not help but laugh as he watched Oriru turn his eyes towards the Lieutenant of the Eleventh Division having an entertained smile of his own. “You got better, learned a new trick or two even.” Oriru stood up and faced Osore, “But I won.

Oriru nodded. “That you did.” He turned towards his Origami Garden as he started to remove his tie, “I got a few more moves to show you.” Osore smirked as he followed with Oriru closing the door behind them.

Learned Bakudo Number Seventy Five | Gochutekkan [Five Iron Pillar Penetration] - 1,660 Words Required [ Achieved ]

Description: As the practitioner clasps their hands together, five small yellow orbs with skinny tails emerge from between their clasped hands and move above the practitioner's head before forming a circle of five. Raising their clasped hands above their head, the practitioner slams them downward, sending the orbs into the ground. As a bright light is generated in the sky above the intended target, five tall and thick pillars, which are connected to each other by chains, pin the target to the ground.

Incantation: "Walls of iron sand, a priestly pagoda, glowing ironclad fireflies. Standing upright, silent to the end."

WC | 1840

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~ I am building a fire, and every day I train, I add more fuel. At just the right moment, I light the match

Time continued forward, and the future seemed brighter for the former Administration Officer. He had spent much of his time with the First Division members, and each one was given a coordinated meeting slot so that they would be given the full attention of their new Lieutenant General. Oriru Ryuka Kusho, a denizen of the Fifty Sixth South Rukongai District, surrounded by violence, villains, and vermin, found his way to a point of prestige within the Court of Pure Souls. It was all from the single moment that he decided to break into the Spiritual Arts Academy in order to prove that he could be capable as much as anyone else, and there was nothing more worth the pride in himself than showing he was as capable as anyone else; especially those that were given the advantage within the Court of Pure Souls.

When he stepped into the old storage space, his new Origami Garden, he could not help but smile realizing that he was able to claim a space of his own. Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru made no mention of the fact that the storage space was not given back to the Division for use which allowed him to keep the place he found a sweet paradise. Plenty of activities have occurred between the moment that he accepted the new position and now, in which Oriru could provide a strong level of leadership for the First Division, as well as the other division. The benefit was, of course, the fact that he was already a well-established face within the Soul Society.

Lieutenant General.

From behind Oriru, he heard the voice of a young individual that startled him slightly. Slowly he turned around to see a handful of people, no more than five, all in academy uniforms. He could not, for the life of him, understand what reason these people were in front of him, but they all remained low to the ground in a respectful bow. “Yes, and whom might you all be?

The center individual, with medium long orange hair took a step forward, “I am Esu,” Esu proceeded to point at the members of his little group starting with the one with black hair, “Supedo,”, then the silver haired individual, “Kurabu,” next was the red haired kid, “Shinzo,” finally pointing to the blonde guy, “and that’s Hoseki.” Each of them responded with a bow as the lined up, “We are current students of the Academy.

Oriru prepared his next question, but Esu continued, “We are given the chance to shadow some of the potential divisions we want to be a part of and Lieutenant Osore Shinsei said that you would be willing to allow us to shadow you if your schedule was clear…” He paused for a moment, “He said he was sure you were free because you two were going to train, but he would gladly give up his time for us to learn from you."

All Oriru could do was speak under his breath, “Of course he would…

He turned to close the doors of his Origami Garden and turned back towards the academy students, “I understand the desire to put in the extra time to achieve your goals, but allow me to be clear that the First Division is particularly selective in the individuals that they select into their ranks since most members are chosen to become a leader and elevate to a rank of notable power in their future.” He took a moment as he approached the group, “Not saying that this division can guarantee a successful future, but only those with true promise will even be recognized as a potential recruit.

There was pause as he looked at each of them, “Captain Commander Xarius Kaeru, of the Kaeru Clan, has been selected to be a member of the First Division from his family and the only one initially due in part to his power, but more precisely it was because of his potential as a leader and attention to detail when it comes to individuals around him.” He shook his head, “A member of the First Division is expected to understand the details provided to them, and usually taking notes would be a helpful first step.

Those words were spoken with a clear intent as he watched each of them scramble to pull out writing utensils and began writing, “I want to emphasize that power is not enough to claim a position within the First Division, but it stems from what you are capable of. Captain of the Second Division, Mikoto Shuu, was the interim Captain Commander but at not point was considered to move into the First Division. This was not based on a lack of qualifications but entirely due to his ability being more suitable to that of the Second Division being, arguably, the fastest Soul Reaper in history.

He smiled, “Though I would not argue his speed, as the only one I have seen compare to his level would be Captain of the Third Division Hiko Shogekiho. Another Captain with extraordinary talents, but his skills were better placed within the Third Division, especially when his Bankai gets involved. Elevander Jecht and Regashi Hokori, both excellent leaders, strong physical combatants, and unique tactical Zanpakuto but neither a strong fit for the First Division. One has a unique skill when it comes to healing and Reiryoku manipulation while the other has a utility Zanpakuto that allows him to change the world as we see. Both capable leaders, but still a better fit for a Division dedicated to healing or one with a focus in Kido Specialization.

There was a pause as he allowed them to catch up, “Even Osore Shinsei, who meets the standards of being a member of the First Division, has a preferred skill set that places him in the Eleventh Division. His power places him easily at a level comparable to a Captain, although I may be biased for a friend, but his aggressive style of nature makes him incompatible for the First Division.” Oriru started to walk around them as he spoke, “Of course, the First Division is also home to the Administration Department which allows for the seamless operation of Administration Affairs within the Court of Pure Souls which could lead one to an unseated position within the First Division in conjunction with Central Forty Six, and if that happens to be your goal I suggest you request work study or internships with them or departments related to administration.

He took note of Esu shaking his head, “Of course, if that was the case, I do not believe you would be here visiting me. You seek a seated position within the First Division because of the notoriety that comes with being able to claim such a position. Even myself, prior to becoming Lieutenant General, was simply the Twentieth Seat of this very Division before my promotion.

It was clear that this knowledge was well known by the academy at this point, or at least to these students. “Lieutenant General, I understand that being powerful is not the only qualifying requirement, but wouldn’t such a thing be important for someone in the First Division?” Esu spoke up.

Typically, that is the way that it is believed to be, but honestly that is not the case. The focus is not to be capable of achieving powerful techniques for combat purposes, when in truth I have not physically been in a combat scenario since my Academy days.” This came as a shock to the students, “But I spend countless hours studying, training, and collaborating with other officers, lieutenants, and captains, in order to expand my potential.

Wait…” Hoseki spoke up, “How is it that you are the Lieutenant General but have not been in a combat scenario since the Academy.

Oriru chuckled lightly, “That is a reasonable question, but the reason comes in two parts. The first one being, I study the techniques of every registered Soul Reaper we currently have, that was once in our ranks, and recruits in the academy as well as every Kido Art that is permitted on top of every potential enemy we will face and categorized every detail I gather and have perfected combat based on information.

There was a look of disbelief on the face of Hoseki and Esu, “Obviously there is a bit of doubt in the eyes and minds of people because I am not enthralled in combat like the Eleventh Division, or constantly involved in tactical training like the Second Division, but I am involved with developing, administering, and qualifying every training done by every division. This includes perfecting every Kido Art.

With the look of disbelief on the faces of these students, Oriru pointed his left hand a testing dummy nearby as a purple orb launched from the palm of his hand. The orb collided with the dummy and caused it to be consumed in flames. Seconds passed and the flames dispersed leaving nothing but a pile of ash. “For example, Hado Fifty-Four, Haien. Capable of reducing material to ash, a mid tier Hado that I know the details of in perfection.” He offered a smile, “That is the reason I am in the First Division. Attention to detail.

With that display the students continued to take notes as Oriru explained the intricate details of Zankensoki as a theory and conceptual to expand their understanding.

Learned Hado Number 54 | Haien [Aboloshing Flames] - 1,440 Words Required [ Achieved ]
Description: The practitioner fires an oblong blast of purple spiritual energy from their hand that erupts and immolates a target completely when it makes contact.
Incantation: "Unknown"

WC | 1636

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~ There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect. ~

Hours had passed since the students from the Spiritual Academy came by to visit Oriru and learn a thing or two, and he was quite certain that he may have bored them to no end with all the information. For the few in that group that might have still been interested, there might be a chance, but he was sure that Esu was going to still attempt to make his way into the First Division for the prestige that comes with such position. Truth be told, being a seated member in the First Division is almost on par of being a Fifth Seat in most of the other divisions no matter how low the number was. This was partially since the number of members were limited as each one was meant for a specific task. Now he remained in his personal paradise alone, finally, but with a mild hesitation to enter his little sanctuary as his hands pressed on the doorway. “You feel it, don’t you?”

He could hear the soft and sweet voice of Ginga speaking to him with that hollow echo within her voice. He turned his head and he could see her form, or the form she revealed when manifested enough to interact with him outside of her world. The figure in a black cloak that hides all her features with scattered fragments of glitter along the flowing fabric. The hood turned towards him and revealed a gentle golden glow from underneath where eyes would be. “That pressure starting to build up is started to become too much to handle.” As she spoke, a golden streak would appear where her mouth would be.

“I found it curious when you resorted to reduce the amount of time you spent meditating with me, assuming that you felt you held no need to call on me but the truth was that fear had started to consume you, has it not? The constant urge of the power calling you to reach out and take hold as it reaches back into your chest.” The word came from her mouth and caused his chest to feel as if it was being clenched by a giant who would not let go. “You feel that? That pounding in your chest that reminds you that you can keep fighting… That is death stuck in a prison beating against the wall of the cell attempting continuously to break free…” For a moment it stopped, the beating stop and he felt his heart halt, “Death has never failed to escape.”

The pressure that was starting to over come him, caused a bit of blood to leak from his nose. “You do everything that you can in order to avoid reaching into the power that is hidden within this bond of ours, and each moment you waste only increases that connection. Though your time spent on research and expanding your own power tips the scales in my favor. I once stood by your side, in the best way that I could, but the potential I once saw in you seems to have been a fleeting memory.” The air seemed to slip from his lungs as he stood there, and his muscles locked under the pressure and the confusion turned sharply into clarity.

“Yes, that spiritual pressure bearing down upon you is a level of power that I have. The potential that you have continued to shy away from, all because you preferred the life of the simple design. You worked hard for a standard living, but the universe has decided that there is more to you than what you desire. Eventually the power will continue to grow, without or without you, and reach a point greater than your body can maintain and death will escape your chest in the form of a single breath, your last breath.”

Suddenly the world felt like it stabilized as the pressure stopped and the sensation to vomit ceased. Oriru took a step forward for no reason other than to be able to. The panic caused him to breath rapidly before it finally settled and allowed him to take long, slow, deep breaths to gather himself. He looked around for Ginga but there was no sign of her now. “When the world feels as if it had been falling apart, you look towards me for guidance. When you need a bit of leverage for your professional performance, you reach towards me for assistance. The power you have gained will no longer be permitted without something in return, for a price will need to be paid.” There was a sense of silence as the words were spoken with a universal echo filling the air. “Train as you wish, see if the Captain Commander will bend to your request to allow you to train, but the moment that you achieve the powers that you seek I demand you use the gift… If you earn it.” Slowly the world began to grow colder around him.

“My existence may have only felt actualized by your ability to reach for me, but my truth exists long before that and long after you. You will be expected to uphold your duties as a Soul Reaper and as such a culling is required of the beasts that feed upon the defenseless.” It continued to grow cold as his very breath became visible. “So, allow me to test you here and now. Prove to me that you deserve to walk into my world, prove to me that you deserve to live with my power.” There was a radiating darkness about Ginga, and this was what he was worried about when he first achieved a connection to her powers.

Once more this figure cloaked in black stood across from him with the world feeling a sense of freezing cold and the setting sun revealing darkness right around the corner. “I have given you the power to see everything that you will ever need to, the power to absorb untold amounts of information and use it as you please.” She extended her right arm to her side and slowly a blade began to extend from the opening. It continued until a blade, well over 100 centimeters in length took form with a blade of pure gold was seen. Slowly Oriru removed his Odachi from its sheath, the blade as black as night. “Show me. Show me your potential.”


Oriru stood with his blade in front of him, firmly planted on the ground facing the form of Ginga with a stoic expression. Though it shifted when the blood began to run from the gash created in his chest, as he became aware of the wound that was created the blade in his hand faded away into darkness as the fragments disappeared. “How pathetic, to think that you held so much promise but continued to squander the gift that I have attempted to provide you.”

“I did not ask for you to be bound to me, forced to be in the hands of a man who turns away from battle for the sake of his own existence. Tortured by settling within the form of a prison titled a Zanpakuto and never released to the full potential for there existed not a single reason to do such a thing. Never had a request slipped from my lips to force another to suffer for my passions of simplicity and profound comfort. My mind created the vision of achieving a career worth merit and the pride of my mother’s blessing, but there was never a second that a weapon of war to be placed in my hands.”

“Time has provided me constant battles for survival, and as I wished for something to bring me the chance to turn it all around there was not a single one where my request was to claim revenge or punish those that brought my suffering to the light.”

Instantly Oriru was held up by his throat gripped firmly by Ginga, although there was not a hand to see but darkness reaching from underneath the cloak. He struggled to get free as the golden orbs of Ginga’s eyes kept a view on him. His glasses fell off his face and landed upon the ground beneath the two of them before being crushed by the immediate Spiritual Pressure of Ginga. “You may not agree with my methods, but I have been training with everything that I have so that when it comes to fight… No one will have to worry about losing their life…” There was a moment where the grip that Ginga held softened before it came back with a greater level of intensity. “You know… You know my life, my history…” Oriru attempted to speak although he could feel the pressure on his body as much as on his neck, “Then you recall the words of my mother when I was first denied access to the academy.”

“All words spoken since your days of the academy are mind, and memories that you have shared become part of mine.”

With both hands placed upon the arm of Ginga, Oriru made a request, “Then tell me those words. Speak them with authority.”

“With doubt and dismay you are smitten, you think there’s no chance for you, son?” She paused for a moment after those words holding Oriru firmly in her hands. “What purpose would that-“

“All of it.” He interjected, “You provide an infinite library of information within memories, so show me the collection and repeat the entirety of what was said.”

Ginga seemed to have scoffed at the request but brought her focus sharply to his eyes, “Why, the best books haven’t been written, the best race hasn’t been run, the best score hasn’t been made yet, the best song hasn’t been sung, the best tune hasn’t been played yet. Cheer up, for the world is young.” There was cold stare for an extended moment.

“Then my response was simple; no chance…” He felt the grip loosen, although lightly. “She went on to tell me…”

“No chance? Why the world is just eager for things that you ought to create, it’s store of true wealth is still meager, it’s needs are incessant and great. It yearns for more power and beauty, more laughter and love and romance, more loyalty, labor and duty. No chance? Why there’s nothing but chance!” Her words gained a bit of earthy tone to them, no more so harsh a guttural. “For the best verse hasn’t been rhymed yet, the best house hasn’t been planned, the highest peak hasn’t been climbed yet, the mightiest rivers aren’t spanned.”

“Ginga… What if my chance has already passed and-“

“Don’t worry and fret, faint hearted, the chances have just begun. For the best jobs haven’t been started, the best work hasn’t been done.” She said the last statement with a sharp interjection, providing a level of enthusiasm for Oriru as her grip reached a point enough to allow him to fall back down to his feet.

“When you first entered my life, you were quiet for so long. Providing a false name and false energy so that you would not have to actually deal with me and my life.” He attempted to rub his throat feeling the tension from her grip. “The first time you had an honest conversation with me, you told me that you were so bored and wanted anything to give you something to do. Urging for something out of the ordinary, and as you heard the stories of where I grew up you continued to pine for the adventures of a struggling child who was bullied daily.”

He lifted his head to face Ginga feeling the blood still dripping from the wound, “I found no easy option to help you get the need of your energy to be satiated, the urge of violence constantly calling you and in turn… Calling me. You were the part of me that was nurtured in the environment that brought be a sense of despair daily, and all I wanted was to be as far away as possible from that truth, from that false reality.”

There was a moment where they both looked at each other, a cold minute passed without a single sound or motion from either of the two parties in this moment. Each of them shrouded by a strange dark aura that consumed the immediate space of them both. Finally it was Oriru who broke the silence, “I will not promise that I will be able to provide you an experience worth your time, but I can promise that I will continue to live by my goal to build a better life for my mother and protect my friends in the Soul Society.”

They looked at one another, the soft brown eyes of Oriru contrasted the radiant golden eyes of Ginga. “I do not understand where you come to believe that such a sentimental promise means anything to me. I could care less what happens in this world, to your friends, to your family. Their existence could be wiped from the face of the universe and nothing would change for me.” There was a dark chuckle from Ginga, “The point remains that you have squandered my gift and I do not believe you deserve any redemption.”

She took a few steps away from him and turned sharply, “Allow me to teach you a lesson in power.” Instantly a massive black beam of energy was launched from her right hand and attempted to consume Oriru in a wave of darkness. Though the attack seemed to contact a barrier dwarfing the attack coming his way.

“I understand that you provide me power, but you need to understand that I do not sit aimlessly. While you spend your time ignoring me, settling within your own little space of perfection judging me and my decisions I have been learning. I may not be the most capable warrior, but I am the most proficient student of academics.” Ginga attempted to barrage Oriru with a myriad of attacks from various Kido Techniques that Oriru was more than aware of. “I have learned Kido beyond the standard level, and practical uses beyond what you provide. I admit you are the reason I have developed a potent amount of power to overwhelm others, but even with minimal effort and minor support I have developed a mastery of Kido Arts.” With a smile, he finished, “Take note.”

From the palm of his hand a white orb began to form from radiant energy until it was the size capable of fitting in the palm of his hand. “This will be my future…” Instantly it turned black and was crushed within the palm of his hand.

Both of his hands pushed open the door to his little sanctuary as he looked over his shoulder. “Yeah, I do.” A smile spread across his face as he closed the door behind him.


Learned Bakudo Number 81 | Danku [Splitting Void] - 2400 Words Required [ Achieved ]
Description: A defensive wall is created to protect against an enemy's attack.The practitioner creates a translucent barrier in the form of a large rectangular wall. According to Byakuya it is capable of stopping Kidō-based attacks with power up to level 89.
Incantation: "Unknown"

WC | 2583
TWC | 4219

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