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~ Located within the Fifth Division, Open Training Field ~

"INHALE... all of the energy that surrounds you; search for the limit of what potential you may hold inside and allow that to fill your lungs. Then, when you feel that your body can hold no more, release it all in a slow breath and allow the hesitation, and all of the related emotions, to fall from your lips and let it never be spoken nor released into the universe. There should be nothing left in you but potential and that will be what is removed from you, because the concept of potential means a limit exists to measure you." Regashi stood next to Oriru as they faced the length of the space in front of them, a clearing in the Fifth Division that Regashi used as his playground because it was this place that he could try new techniques with his Zanpakuto.

For the time being, each of them kept their Zanpakuto close by but sealed. Regashi kept his Wakazashi on his back with the handle facing up and the Tanto along his hip on his back. Oriru, however, planted his firmly in the ground with the sheath several inches in under the surface to keep it secured. 

Eyes closed, they kept the focus in front of them attempting to "See" what laid before them, a methodology that Regashi developed over the years in order to gain a grasp on his Kido. The focus was to see the energy in the air that you wish to work with in order to complete the desired task or technique that one attempts. "When you feel that moment of clarity, where the power of doubt has been overwhelmed by the desire of profess, you have found the moment where the boundary of potential became a door." Slowly Oriru opened his eyes when his body felt the weightlessness of his own being give him the sensation of drifting off with the wind like a leaf in the breeze.

He opened them to see Regashi walking a few steps forward with his right hand elevated in the air slightly above his shoulders with the palm facing to the sky. A small purple orb, perhaps a light lavender even, appeared a few inches above the palm of his hand before it gradually started to grow in size and even radiate a more vibrant glow. "Bakudo Number 62..." He spoke the words as he clenched his hand firmly around the orb, and almost simultaneous had the orb extended its form to the length of several feet of light and gave the form of a rod much like a steel quarterstaff. 

With a single step forward, Regashi brought his right arm slightly behind his head before using his posture to propel his momentum with the launching of the steel rod, "Hyapporankan." As the rod flew through the air a several meters, shadows appeared in the air around this steel rod before they all became tangible in form. They seemed to multiply as six became twelve, twelve became twenty four, twenty four became forty eight, and forty eight eventually became a full one hundred steel rods. 

They continued to fly through the air for a considerable distance before smashing against the wall at the end of the path. Each one pieced the wall slightly and several on the ground as well based on the angle thrown and the distance traveled along the ark. "That was impressive." Oriru watched from the moment that it break from the hand of Regashi and flew through the air, each of the steel rods bathed in a lavender light making their way through the air with absolute resolution.

"You must first be able to brace yourself for the intent to do the same to your target, then recognize that you are not focused on hitting them but simply striking around them." Regashi approached Oriru with a smile on his face as the piercing blue eye shimmered as he looked at his student for the moment, "So now show me that you have a basic grasp of the Bakudo conceptually." He smirked, "Show me that natural talent for Kido that I have been hearing about." It was a friendly comment, but honestly put Oriru a little in his head knowing that the Captain heard details of his accolades and made note of them.

Up to this point, Oriru had been learning Bakudo of varying levels and even reached the limit of what was allowed in the public records for someone of his rank. He knew that there were files and records that only a Captain Level Soul Reaper was allowed to review. That was the key component of his goals, to be able reach a point to truly expand his mind with the information of the Soul Society in totality. "Alright, this is the last one."

Oriru took his spot a few steps ahead as he focused his right hand, similar to how Regashi performed, but elevating it just above his shoulders with his right hand facing up towards the sky. There was a sensation that caused him to feel the need to alter his hand position and he lowered his right hand to the same level as his chest. A swirl of white energy would flow above his palm a few inches as a small orb formed in the center of this concentrated micro vortex. Regashi grew curious as to what it was that Oriru was doing, already breaking the technique he just explained. 

"The nature of all things is the accumulation of experience..." He spoke softly under his own breath, but words brought to his mind from one of his many books over the years. Slowly Oriru would elevate his right hand above his head as he lowered all of his fingers except for his index and middle finger. As he did this, the small vortex would rise to the tip of his finger with less than an inch of space. The vortex continued, but nothing changed for Oriru as he focused down the range before him. Suddenly the orb shattered and revealed a pearly white rod of energy hovering above his finger.

Oriru maintained his focus, unaware of the fact that ten more pearl rods appeared around him as well. "Bakudo Number 62..." He brought his arm back, allow his shoulder to relax as he rotated it backwards, "Hundred Steps Fence." His words, like a whisper, slid from his lips as he sent his arm in a forward arc and pointed his fingers directly down range. All ten of the pearly rods found their way down the length of range until, just before impact, ninety more of them all appeared in a flash of radiant light. Each one struck the surface of the wall but shattered as the rods appeared stuck, more than a foot deep, in the wall behind it with a more focused level of precision with a decent scatter.

There was a shared silence as Oriru turned to face Regashi, "I think you do more force than you thought, weakened the structure of the entire wall." He gave a gentle shrug with the sincerity in his statement, reinforcing the fact he believed that Regashi had weakened the wall greatly. 

Regashi could only give a laugh as he place his hand on the should of the Senior Office Administrator, "Perhaps, but nonetheless you have not only lived up to expectations, but found a way to exceed them as well." As Regashi turned away and have an approving nod, "A little more focus and you might be able to achieve some really great things," He chuckled, "If you ever get out of the office and get into some real combat." He continued on his way without looking back, "But keep it up." Oriru watched as his trainer walk away and couldn't help but smile, as it only now dawned on him that he had become friends with Regashi.

Learned Bakudō Number 62 | Hyapporankan [Hundred Steps Fence] - 1,390 words [ Achieved ]

The practitioner, generating a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his/her hand, throws it at the intended target. It multiplies into a hundred more rods, which, raining down on the target, pin him or her against a solid surface and completely immobilize them. It is hard to dodge in a small area.

Vice Captain Bakudo All Mastered

WC | 1,403

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Getting back into the swing of every day life as shinigami captain was taking Kaeru a while, but not as long as he initially thought it was going to take him. Upon being freed from the void of dimensional space he returned home to find things were not as he remembered them, bandits had over run the sector fifty-six home of the Kaeru family. He made his way back to Seireitei where he was approached by Captain of the Second Division Mikoto Shuu whom is currently the acting Captain Commander, along with just about every captain. After a few hearings with the Central Forty-Six and an extended stay in the Maggots Nest he was finally given a shot that returned his memories.

From that moment Kaeru was given the rank of Vice-Captain with the intent of promoting to Captain and eventually being one of the options to take over Captain Commander proper since Shuu was only holding the title out of obligation until the Central Forty-Six chose a new Captain Commander. This was something they usually were much faster at deciding, but the likelihood that they were just being lazy and relying on Mikoto Shuu's nature of doing what must be done so that they did not have to focus on that title changing hands once again. 

Having spent a short time in the Vice-Captain role scouting out various situations within the Kaeru Noble House lands and even Rukongai Kaeru himself learned a few things. His family had pulled all members back into the fold of being a self reliant force having no members within the Gotei Thirteen anymore, but they still attended the Shino Academy. Out in the far reaches of Rukongai he ran into a powerful being known as Möröödögch the "Khan", which he was able to scout out the man's lands, forces, and allies. Having found himself goaded into a battle he could not win the frog allowed pride to set in not using any of his real power in the form of the combat, allowing the fight to come to him, one that he was not fully prepared for, one that he should of died fighting. In the last moment save Detention Unit Commander Hitsuyona Shizukesa appeared with a hollow mask over his face. 

That incident was one that still needed to be recorded, as the reports were of that situation were still on going. Kaeru was aware that Hitsuyona's request to keep the save a secret, but he believed the request was out of the fact the man was a vaizard. That was a talk for another time as he had the pressing matter of being Captain now. He had returned from that fight battered and beaten. So he sucked up his pride to return home confronting Xarm Kaeru his father in order to get the mastery of Skunko down and gain access to the family training grounds properly instead of sneaking in. After a brief show of strength between the two enormous frog humanoid they agreed to terms of sharing and working together again.

About a week or so after that Kaeru took the Captain's Proficiency test in front of Captain Sif Barkuz of the First Division, Acting Captain Commander of the Second Division Mikoto Shuu, Captain Elevander Jecht of the Fourth Division, and Captain Regashi Hokori of the Fifth Division. He showed off his mastery of Shunko, ability to use all academy level kido arts, flash step, and control over his dual zanpakuto release bankai. With that there was an agreement of separating the Administration side of things slightly leaving Sif Barkuz as the Director over that as Xarius took over the Captain role of the First Division once again.

That was what lead the six foot two inch tall frog humanoid into the open training field located within the Fifth Division. Sif had handed him a file on the twentieth seated Oriru Ryūka Kushō of the First Division. Oriru had graduated from the Shino Academy with a major in Business and Public Policy, specialized in kido arts, and was the president of the Associated Student Body. Upon graduation Oriru was recruited by Sif and quickly grew to the rank of twentieth seat within a short period of time. Sif trusted this man so much that he was given the title of Senior Administration Officer. The other accolades on the file show that he had done work with the Eleventh Division as a Lead Census of Officer and Unseated Needing Treatment Administration Officer and also aides the Central Forty-Six as the Administrative Assistant.

This man right here had all the credentials to be a higher ranked officer just on merit alone, but Sif had explained to Kaeru that Oriru was not the strong combat type yet he held a great power over spiritual energy. This was what generally moved people up in rank, power of some kind which in itself was a bit archaic. This Oriru was at least had enough of a connection with his zanpakuto to use his shikai and was known to have several of the kido arts memorized like his younger brother genius Ank Kaeru who was about to join the First Division as the Seventh Seated Officer. 

Having arrived keeping his reiatsu power levels as low or lower than some rukongai natives he was able to move past several of the stationed Fifth Division landing out of a flash step right behind two of them. "I heard  Oriru Ryūka Kushō is here?" his bass toned voice sliced through the air startling both of the half awake guards to turn placing their hands on their zanpakutos turning only to immediately go wide eyed and relax their hands. One of them speaks up gingerly stating, "Yes, he is out back in the training grounds with Captain Regashi Hokori." "Ah, well then as you were," he states without turning to look at either of them as steps up into the air flash stepping a few more times until he catches the end of the training between the twentieth seat of the First Division and the Captain of the Fifth Division.

Regashi was training Oriru on the kido art Bakudo Number Sixty-Two: Hyapporankan or Hundred Steps Fence. Watching as Oriru generated a blue-white glowing rod of energy in his hand before throwing it at a wall. This one rod became a hundred more rods that rained down on the wall breaking through the surface with an impression display of spiritual power. This was a kido art that he was familiar with, but not one that he knew currently or even in his past before his time in the void. He would potentially have to get some lessons from Regashi himself when he found the time to pester the other captain.

Continuing to watch from above Kaeru could tell that Regashi had noticed him even in his restrained reiatsu state. Hearing the kind words of encouragement the frog used that moment to flash step down next to the lower seated shinigami about five yards to Oriru's left. "Seems like you are making some powerful allies Oriru Ryūka Kushō," the low tone of his words carried on as his haori flapped in the wind some as he was now watching as Regashi was waving halfheartedly over his back without turning around, "My name is Xarius Kaeru and I am the new captain of the First Division. I would like a moment of your time to discussion your Soul Society Organizational and Structure proposal and overdue promotion."

[WC: 1,252]


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As Regashi departed, he considered heading back to the office to get some more of his work done but he was able to get most of his required tasks completed. His efficiency, personally speaking, and leadership skills has generated a strong flow throughout the Administration process and it caused him to think. Oriru started to consider when was the last time he took a casual vacation, time just to enjoy things that was not just more work. "Perhaps that is the reason that people tend to be drawn towards the mission driven Divisions of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, or at least driven towards obtaining tasks that dispatch them to various areas of the Soul Society and the World of the Living. Potentially there is a magnetic attraction to adventure and little would fuel one's adrenaline more than a personal encounter with a hollow." Ginga stood to his right, or appeared to exist to his right, as an androgynous figure with a body reminiscent of deep space. 

He gave no response to its words, but he was certainly startled by the second voice that spoke up, "Seems like you are making some powerful allies Oriru Ryūka Kushō," This voice was recognizable but there was a moment of doubt that it belonged to the person that he assumed that it was, so when he turned towards his left the fact that the current Captain of the First Division stood in front of him in the Fifth Division Training Field was a bit of a shock. Oriru still has a solid way of maintaining composure, but one with enough perception could see the temporary break in his mildly stern posture. "My name is Xarius Kaeru and I am the new captain of the First Division." The Captain spoke up, introducing himself showing that traditional formality that he was well known for displaying most of the time, but Oriru knew him as the Captain of the First Division before his untimely departure and his recent return. Oriru may not be of a rank to be advised of every detail in the Captain level discussions, Oriru always found a way to be informed of things that will happen. 

Although there is typically a level of knowledge allowing him to prepare for the details that will be delivered to him, there was not a single thing that could have allowed him to prepare foe the following statement. Oriru expected Captain Kaeru to make note of the Soul Society Organizational Proposal that he had delivered to each Leadership Position throughout the Soul Society, but it was the last two words spoken that caused Oriru to be, for the first time in awhile, sincerely shocked. "Overdue promotion?" He placed his left hand on the sheath of his Zanpakuto that was protruding from the ground with his hand making contact with his tsuba while simultaneously pushing his glasses flush on his face with his right hand. "More importantly, what are in particular do you wish to discuss in regards to the proposal?" As he finished his statement, he pulled the Zanpakuto free from the ground and held it gently to his side, despite the size of the Odachi.

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This was a calculated approach on Kaeru's part as he wanted to catch Oriru off guard to see how the soul would react to his presence and the questions he had. Normally he would of just waited for the shinigami to return to the First Division Barracks call him into his office for a meeting, but since returning he felt that he had to change up the way he did things to cause more change by doing things in abstract ways. Shuu and Jecht both had informed him that they also got the Soul Society Organizational and Structure proposal, which lined up with the idea that this was not just something passed to him to look at. Shuu made since as the acting Captain Commander and Kaeru for being Oriru's own captain, but after taking the time to read over that proposal to entirity he knew that this was something that was presented to all of the Gotei Thirteen Captains.

Studying the lower ranked shinigami Kaeru noticed the slightest of reactions in what seemed to be shock, but that was quickly dispelled as the man asked two questions back to back, the emphasis being more on the second one. Taking the time to watch as Oriru pulled the Zanpakuto free from the ground with his left hand and held the blade to his side while pushing his glasses flush on his face with his right hand. The long odachi was uncharacteristically large for the type of fighter he was rumored to be, but that in itself was an interesting sight to behold as the blade reflected the wielder's spiritual potential. Though Captain level shinigami would switch around skyscrapers if they did not condense their power into smaller blades. Some still possessed massive weapons of destruction, the zanpakuto for each shinigami was different.

"I shall answer your second question first," Kaeru stated as he took one step to shift his stance to face the twentieth seated officer directly, "The Gotei Thirteen from what I have gathered has been in some sort of unorganized shambles since my unfortunate disappearance. The papers I read had a clear directive of how each squad is to operate within the Gotei Thirteen, responsibilities for Seireitei and Rukongai, established expectations, and even ranking duty clarification. Obviously each division still has the right to be molded by each captain in their own way, but this would give those that want to mold theirs differently a base of which they must at least handle as their duties for being a part of the Gotei Thirteen."

Resting his right hand on the top of his Yin zanpakuto handle under the haori attached to his right hip Kaeru drew in a deep breath as he continued to speak, "When I was here before, if i recall correctly, you were just recruited into the First Division out of the Academy. Excuse me if I am remembering that incorrectly. Since my return, I have been playing catch up with a severe lacking of all the details as I approach several different issues afflicting Soul Society and preparing to take the title of Captain Commander in the coming weeks." These words sounded more like an inevitability instead of a hope as his voice maintained the same tone and certainty throughout. 

"As far as your first question there are several things that I would like to be able to do and put into place to get the Gotei Thirteen working as a well oiled system once again," Kaeru stated as he turned only slightly to glance at he destroyed wall, "Your resume is quite long with accomplishments ranging from the support of the First Division to other Divisions to even the Central Forty-Six. Your abilities and knowledge of how the Gotei Thirteen not only work, but the insight of how it should be working to be more effective is astounding." His left hand reaches under his captain haori to tug out the Lieutenant badge he was wearing only a short time ago, "The First Division has always looked for the best of the best, leaders above all else, and those that act with the truth in mind."

Some times one had to make the unorthodox move to yield the best results, Kaeru was well aware that this was probably a curveball the paper pushing type was thinking he was not ready for, but that could just be him not understanding who Oriru was. "You are the best of the best here in the First Division Oriru Ryūka Kushō, that makes you my Vice-Captain. Effective immediately." The authority in his bass toned voice carried with a slightly higher volume as he tossed the badge in the direction of his choice for Vice-Captain. This was a selfish request that benefited him a lot in that he needed someone that knew what was going on and could get him the information required to make the right moves. Not to mention this man was pushing all kinds of processes and changes that were in the best interest of the Gotei Thirteen, even if that meant more responsibility and work.  That and if the reports notes were right, the man before him had Captain Level Potential.

That was exciting.

[WC: 871]

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Captain of the First Division, a man like no other in a position of power that demands respect by title and earned by the actions of the one that holds the seat of power. That is who stood before Oriru, which caused him a mixed sensation of concern and intrigue because it could be no simple matter that he would be speaking with Kaeru and even more so with the Captain taking his time to directly approach Oriru. So when the Captain turned to face Oriru, he could only respectfully give his attention to his Captain. He listened carefully as the Captain gave his interpretive summary of the proposal that Oriru had delivered to all of the current Captains and realized what reason the Captain had come personally. 


It would make sense to Oriru, because he had chosen to take the initiative and deliver his proposal without first taking the time to pass the information through the Director of Administrative Affairs or through his own Captain, who stood before him. No, Oriru ensured that every Captain and individual within a position of influential power would have laid eyes on his work and many were potential upset at such a direct approach from such a low ranking officer. Kaeru was here as a gentle figure to give Oriru the pink slip and Oriru half expected to hear the next statement being something of the sorts informing him to expect his office items to be shipped to his home. They considered him potentially dangerous and therefore decided to wait until he was out of the office to deliver the termination.

Kaeru placed his right hand on top of what Oriru understood to be his Captain's Zanpakuto, and immediately his mind started to craft the information that he had gathered about the Captain. His ability with Hakuda was impressive and his tactical skills was certainly a factor in what made him a great Captain and Soul Reaper. An expert in combat and movement with his specialized Hoho ability, emphasized by his keen vision discovered from all of his active battles during training and in live combat. Oriru would not act on this information, nor would he show his his concern for the next action. No matter what came next, Oriru had enough information to defend himself if the Court of Pure Souls deemed his own personal library of knowledge to be too valuable to simply be released.

It appears that, despite his sudden disappearance and four year absence, Kaeru was still capable of recalling minor details such as Oriru being within the First Division. To which Oriru gave a nod to show that the Captain's memory of him was, so far, accurate. That final portion, the statement of fact by tone was one that was interesting to the Office Administrator. Kaeru retained the desire to rise in ranks, but it was not spoken like a man who yearned for power but a man who felt his destiny calling him to places that he needed to be and understood that it was not his place to question fate.

Oriru maintained his composure as the Captain shifted his speech highlighting the accolades of the Senior Administration Officer, quoting information from his own resume as well as his official work profile, meaning that Kaeru had conducted his research before this moment. That brought Oriru a small sense of pride, to know that he was a focus enough to be researched and that he had a Captain that paid attention to such details as Administrative Operations. Curiosity came over him and his face revealed as much as he watched the Captain reach into his Haori and pull out an easily identifiable object; the Lieutenant's Badge for the First Division. Makes sense that he still had it, as recent records determined that he was bound to claim the spot of the Captain of the First Division but Oriru assumed that Sif Barkuz would have been named the Lieutenant.

He continued to listen as the Captain spoke on values that the First Division held, something Oriru knew all too well as he had read the First Division Officer Handbook several times and committed the details to memory. 

"You are the best of the best here in the First Division Oriru Ryūka Kushō, that makes you my Vice-Captain. Effective immediately."

Not soon after had the words left the Captain's mouth had the badge been sent through the air over to Oriru. His response was to catch it with his right hand and look at it for a moment, "Captain... I appreciate the opportunity." Oriru spoke with sincerity, but there was a clear hesitation in his voice, "But sir there are two factors that need to be accounted for when determining the validity of an individuals placement within the ranks of a Lieutenant Role, particularly in the First Division." Oriru brought his gaze to the Captain.

"First, you need to first understand that although I am technically the twentieth seat of the First Division, being a member of the Department of Administrative Affairs places me as an official operative within Central 46 and therefore requires you to file the request for immediate transfer into the Thirteen Court Guard Squads to qualify for the position." Oriru, now in his element of information tossed the Lieutenants Badge back, "Second, I know that in my current file that I am considered gifted with the Kido Arts, but with minimal combat experience and simply states that I have access to my Shikai and the documented name. Does not state the fact that I have never actual used it nor what it is capable of placing me as a liability in combat roles. If choosing a Lieutenant, particularly for the First Division, there needs to be a required amount of evidence of combat efficiency as well as Leadership qualities."

There was a moment where Oriru gave an apologetic nod, "Despite your role as the Captain of the First Division, there is no amount of power that will allow you to bypass the necessary paperwork and processes." Oriru considered all that he said, and the fact that he just said it to his Captain but words can not be unspoken and rules are made for a reason.

WC | 1045

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Earlier that Week --

“Do you have a moment Sif?” Xarius Kaeru asked as he peeked his large green frog head into the doorway to the Director of the Department of Administrative Affairs office where Sif Barkuz sat. The man in the room motioned almost immediately for the captain to enter the room. When he took over as captain of the First Division he retained control over the Department of Administrative Affairs, but allowed Sif to be the Director as he did not want there to be any slow down in paperwork or processes. The transition was not an easy one as they both had to make sure all their i’s are dotted and t’s crossed. All of his days as a captain were flooding back to him.

The paperwork they were working so diligently on was to move the First Division into two separate yet unified sections; Leadership and Administration. As detailed in the proposal of the Twentieth Seated officer Oriru Ryuka Kusho the division under the frog was meant to be the Head of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads retaining the responsibilities of relaying orders delivered by the Central Forty-Six, dealing with Soul Society Law, and monitoring all the other Division within the Gotei Thirteen. The report within itself was quite impressive and one that he had discussed with current acting Captain Commander Mikoto Shuu a few times. While Shuu was not all too keen on implementing anything as a temporary commander, he did give some feedback on the proposed structure and the potential for improvement within all squads.

Stepping fully into the room Kaeru took stock of the cluttered, yet organized director’s office. There were filing cabinets lining the wall and books properly stacked on shelving units behind Sif’s desk. The wide desk had one box to the left opened showing several files leaning to the front as a few of the files were out on the desk. Of the right side of the desk there were several stacks of papers that looked like they were being reviewed by the director or at least they were on the docket to get handled next. Sif was now shuffling some of the papers back as he signed a few before looking up to his replacement and current captain, “How may I help you today Captain Kaeru?” 

“Continuing our conversation yesterday about the proper next steps,” Kaeru started to reply as he looked almost directly at the name plane of ‘Director Sif Barkuz’ before continuing on, “I reviewed all of the candidates that you proposed for the Vice-Captain position, the detailed notes on why you did not want the position, reread the four proposals needing my signature, and also find time for a short nap.” The last part was in a very dry sarcastic tone as he stepped forward to hand the paperwork to Sif. The man looked up adjusting in his seat almost surprised as he reached forward to look through the signed papers and files back.

Taking a few moments Sif looked over the notes and reorganizing the files in alphabetical order so that they would be easier to return to their proper box. Squinting his eyes as he looked up from the notes he spoke out, “Are you sure he is your pick?” Without hesitation the frog humanoid gave a firm nod in the direction of the director. “Just like you to take the most difficult course,” Sif replied shaking his head slightly opening the file of Oriru Ryuka Kusho while also glancing at the notes as to why he was chosen, “He does check every box you were looking for in a Lieutenant. There are a few technical issues you will have to jump through.”

“First, while he is your twentieth seated officer, he is also technically a member of the Department of Administrative Affairs which makes him an official operative for the Central Forty-Six,” Sif explained the first obstacle that they would be facing with Kaeru’s pick. “I read through the Lieutenant section of the rules where it stated that Captains have the sole authority to appoint or dismiss a lieutenant within each division, said privilege which is granted to us by the Central Forty-Six,” the first division captain replied as he turned to his left looking out the window opening at the morning sky as he was aware this conversation was going to be a long one. 

“Yes and No,” Sif replied halfheartedly as he pulls out a request paper, “For Oriru specifically, you will have to file this request for an immediate transfer into the Thirteen Court Guard Squads so that he can qualify for the position.” “Fair enough. Picking a Vice-Captain should not be an easy ordeal if you are unfamiliar with the choices,” Kaeru replied almost as if he was numb to the obstacle coming up as he steps forward to fill out the paper put before him, “Get the request form for maintaining an operation connection to the Central Forty-Six, I do not want the Central Forty-Six or the First Division to lose a valuable connection there. Provide them with the four candidates I turned down to pick from.” 

“Will do,” Sif replies as he pulls that exact paper out to set it next to the captain’s left hand to be filled out next, “He has been making their lives a lot easier, which makes ours more difficult with how meticulous he is with his recording and filing work. Qualities you have in your notes as a reason you chose him over the other.” The former captain noticed a big difference in how he remembered the man before him, they were subtle more calculating movements. He noted that the man did not just push off the work to Sif nor did he shy away from trying to understand what work had to be put into each mundane process they dealt with.

Glancing up for just a moment Kaeru finished the transfer request paper sliding it in front of the director as he grabbed the next paper to start filling out the request of transfer for one of the four remaining candidates as Oriru’s replacement with file numbers to review at Sif’s reference. “What are your other concerns?” the captain asked taking the names down adding them to the transfer request, “There were a few right? Let’s move onto figuring those out before I go find this squad member that seems to be everywhere helping everyone out but here most days.” 

A slow smirk crept across Sif’s face at the Captain’s almost backhanded comment yet weirdly a compliment at the same time. He did recall that Kaeru was a captain of purpose and held the ideals of the First Division in high regard, but never seeing one of his squad members was probably eating at him somewhat. “Maybe a formal Division meeting would help with that,” Sif offered as he noticed the second paper being finished and slid over to him as well, “The next thing will be that he will outright refuse your offer.” This drew a narrowing of the eyes from the higher ranked officer that was clearly waiting for whatever paperwork was next to be filled out. 

“In his file there is all the facts about being gifted with the Kido Arts and having access to his Shikai. However he has next to zero actual combat experience, some would argue that they have never even see him use any of his combat skills unless they went to school with him or myself possibly making him a liability if combat was to arise,” Sif explained the best he could about Oriru as he pulled out a few other regular papers of incident reports to be reviewed and signed off on, “I can guarantee that he will sight that a Lieutenant needs to have combat and leadership experience to be considered for the role.”

“Sounds like someone I vaguely remember,” Kaeru responded immediately his eyes lingering on Sif for a moment before taking the reports to read over as he continued talking, “Everything he has done with other divisions and the Central Forty-Six Chambers is proof enough that he is ready for a Leadership role. There are currently placed captains that have not even done one days worth of Oriru’s work in the last four years.” The subtle jab at the captains he barely knew or had not seen yet was as clear of an agitation as one could probably gleam off the stoic frog as he read over the four rukongai incident reports that were handled during the transition of captains. 

“Lack of combat experience does not bother me,” Kaeru replied as he signed the first report handing it over to Sif moving on to the next report, “He finished the Shino Academy, he has been in this Division for at least the last four years, and he has a Shikai. That means he can be molded, he can learn, he can fail, he can improve, and he can become better. And those that look down on him for being less proficient in combat do not understand the grand scheme of things. Nor do they understand why the Gotei Thirteen has fallen into the state that it is currently in, something I am trying to fix.”

About five minutes of silence fills the room as Sif and Kaeru both continue to read over the reports and paperwork they were individually working on. Setting the last few reports down in front of Sif the frog captain gestures to one of the smaller stacks in a manner as if to ask ‘Is that mine?’ to which the director nodded. “If he should turn me down,” Kaeru breaks the silence in a serious tone filling out and signing a few Shino Academy cadet requests and the transfer of Ank Kaeru back into the Gotei Thirteen as a part of the First Division as the Seventh Seat, “Which is completely within his rights, no matter how rare it might be. Then I shall deal with that as I always have, fairly and justly. Does not change that the fact that a Captain of the Gotei Thirteen has identified him as leadership potential.”

Present time -- 

As Oriru gave a nod to show that Kaeru was remembering accurately the frog could tell there was a shift in demeanor. Ever so slight change that most would miss, but one that he was tracking to see how composed of a person this shinigami was in a pressure situation. The amount of time he took reading through the five candidates Sif Barkuz had given him as Lieutenant replacements the man across from him was the best option from among them. The question was not if the man was qualified, rather it was if the man even interested in the role.

Kaeru watched as Oriru was able to catch the badge in his right hand. The frog captain watched closely as the lower seated officer took a moment to look it over before speaking up. Feinting appreciation at the opportunity next came what he assumed Sif had warned him about, the reasons why Oriru himself was not qualified. One could easily take offense as to how the reply and tone of Oriru came across, yet the green skinned shinigami remained unmoving hearing out every word and statement made about paperwork and processes required to become a Lieutenant. 

As Oriru brought his gaze to the Captain he would see that Kaeru was ever constant in his stoic expression and firm upright stance. Oriru would bring up the proper paperwork on the transfer due to the technical nature of his very specific and unique position with the Central Forty-Six as an operative before tossing the Lieutenants Badge back in his direction. To this the frog captain also did not move watching as the badge slowly glided through the air as if time was barely ticking by letting it hit him in the chest before it falls to the ground inert. He could tell that Oriru was in his element unphased that he was talking to a captain, specifically his old yet new captain at that as he continued into his second point about being a combat liability.

When Oriru gave an almost apologetic nod Kaeru only responded by looking down to the badge at his feet before returning his gaze up to the man once again. “So you are declining the offer then…” the Captain started to speak in a slow calm way allowing the words to hang as if to make sure the man was done talking before he would continue continuing his stoic composure. Captains have the sole authority to appoint or dismiss a lieutenant of our respective divisions. Within these rules the Central Forty-Six Chambers provide full support of the captain’s choices. Of course Oriru was able to decline the offer, as is his right, but Kaeru was sure he already knew all of this. “I will say this only once,” Kaeru’s eyes once again found their way down at the vice-captain’s badge he was wearing only a few weeks ago, “This is a one time offer. If I pick that badge up I will not be offering it to you again and things will continue as they currently are for you with no animosity.”

Taking a few moments as he watched Oriru intently Kaeru would speak up again, “I filed the paperwork for your potential transfer request earlier this week with Director Barkuz. After reading every file on each First Division member I deemed your file as the highest potential for what I have planned within this squad." He knew that Oriru was more than capable of supervising day-to-day operations behind himself and his lack of combat experience is relative as they were not in a time of all out war currently, but that could change again any moment so his concerns was noted.

"Being able to accurately assess yourself as well as others is something that the Gotei Thirteen looks for in potential future leaders,” Kaeru stated as he looked passed Oriru towards the Fifth Division Barracks, "Also, taking the time to train with skilled combatants like Captain Regashi Hokori shows you are trying to improve upon your lack of combat experience, but that could just be me reading too much into the situation at hand."

Would the opportunity and challenges that come with the rank be too much for Oriru or would the man out right just refuse the change in his perfectly constructed lifestyle. Maybe there would be a chance for the man to become even more, like a Captain one day if he was not afraid to put in the work. Either way Oriru chose he would have the full backing the First Division whether as the Vice-Captain or as the Twentieth Seated Officer. Sometimes people had to be presented with an opportunity to fully understand it and even then that opportunity could not be the right thing for them. All reasons why he was fine with either outcome.

[WC: 2,500]
[Total WC: 3,371]

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Oriru took a mental note as the Captain did not respond to the badge being thrown back at him, something that would be considered only someone with true self-assurance. Still, that would not prevent the completion of his thought. "So you are declining the offer then…" The words came slow, and calm in way that could be a bit unnerving to most people but Oriru had developed a sort of thick skin to people's attitude (in most cases). 

The part that was truly interesting, or equally concerning, was the response that came following after as the Captain allowed his eyes to drift down towards the badge that laid upon the ground before him and gave a soft ultimatum. Reasserting the initial offer of placing Oriru as the Lieutenant of the First Division or to remove the offer entirely without any animosity. The Administrator adjusted his with his right hand, fitting them firmly upon his face once more, and maintained his gaze on the Captain. Kaeru was well within his right to appoint as he sees fit and the Central Forty-Six would undoubtedly stand behind the decision, but Oriru knew his current limitations although the Captain remained certain in his resolve.

Perhaps Oriru had been accustomed to operating with all of the other Division's and the way that they manage their administrative affairs, constantly avoid the necessary processes that have been in place for centuries, but the fact that Captain Kaeru had already filed the paperwork for the transfer request prior to this offer with the Director and considered the options of all potential First Division members just below Oriru was a surprise that he could not hide too well. His gaze shifted down, only slightly below the eyes of the Captain but almost off into space. 

There part that gave Oriru a sense of pride in his ability would be the fact that the Captain made note that the ability to determine the potential and limitations is a key to being a future leader. That, if nothing else, was a skill that Oriru could claim as one of his finest. It was bound to be a noted detail was what Oriru considered when Kaeru spoke of the fact that Oriru took the time to train with people like Captain Regashi Hokori. 

Truth was, he had been spending quite some time training with other individuals in other divisions any chance that he could shortly after the return of the Captain before him. "Admittedly, I have not be training with combatants such as Captain Hokori to improve specifically upon my lack of combat experience." Slowly, from the ground, the Lieutenants Badge would lift from the ground and float through the air towards Oriru, "Honestly I have been hoping that training would help me connect better with my Zanpakuto." The badge badge contact with Oriru's chest as the strings of his modified Vest Shihakusho started to thread through and connect the badge. "To better understand my Bankai." With a soft shrug he continued since he had been unsuccessful in his effort, "But I digress and formally accept the offer."

Oriru expected many things to come about in his life as a young street kid from the out districts of the Rukongai, but becoming the Lieutenant of the First Division under Captain Kaeru was not one of them. 


WC | 557
Ability Used - Singularity

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The captain of the first division listened intently as Oriru spoke about how training with the likes of Captain Hokori was not specifically for his lack of combat experience. This was interesting to Kaeru as he was working off second hand information from Barkuz. Moving on from here would require the captain to invest in more time in learning about his fellow squad member, whether he accepted the role of Lieutenant or not. This was a crucial part of being a captain, developing all of the shinigami that fell under his purview.

Adjusting his eyes slightly he noticed that from the ground the Lieutenants Badge began to lift up in front of Kaeru before floating over to Oriru as the twentieth seated officer explained that the training was to help him connect better with his Zanpakuto. This was a positive sign in the frog's mind as this meant that the lower ranked officer was taking other aspects of being a shinigami seriously besides just the paperwork and processes. This had him wondering just what this man's odachi styled zanpakuto could do beyond what was noted in the man's files. That was something to possibly look into further later on once a few other things got handled around the area.

The Kaeru's gaze landed on Oriru as the badge hit his chest as the strings of his unique shihakusho vest. His eyes shifted into a makeshift raised brow at the mention of "bankai". The lower ranked officer was seeking to connect to his zanpakuto more in order to understand his bankai. This was possibly bigger news than the anticipated answer on the offer. Achieving bankai was not something everyone could easily gain, this took tireless hours and a deep connection to one's zanpakuto or zanpakutos. Having bankai at the forefront already was further proof that this was the right choice to be his Vice-Captain.

"That is exciting news," Kaeru replied with a slight smirk, "Your acceptance will be properly reported and filed as soon as we return to the First Division Barracks after I host my first overdue full squad meeting." Glancing off in the direction of their barracks he pauses for a moment then says, "Before that though, I am sure you have a lot of questions. Ask them as we make our way back to the barracks." Raising his arm slightly he waves for the new Vice-Captain to follow as he steps up into the air.

[WC: 407]
[Total: 3,778]

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Oriru allowed himself to show a soft smile at the response of Kaeru noting that the acceptance of the offer would be properly reported and processed, which is something that Oriru took a great amount of pride in. Obviously he held a sense of pride in the honor that he was given, because he has been chosen to be the Lieutenant of the First Division which puts him at the front seat of leadership over the entirety of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. This was not simple matter, but that was clear for each of the two that stood a short distance from one another. 

The captain made a key point in noting that he requires a full squad meeting, something that has been long overdue since his initial return. Many questions had been brought forth since the disappearance and twice as many were born at his return, as the wind whispers details of his arrival. Still, all of those questions would have to wait still until the Captain decided the moment was right to reveal aspects of his sudden departure. For the time being, they made their way towards the First Division barracks with a gentle step into the air. Oriru would release his Zanpkuto and allow it to float next to him, vertically, keeping parallel to him. "The only questions I have at this time are what particular tasks do you have in mind for the Lieutenant to complete, and how soon can my new salary take effect?" His second question a lighthearted joke. Of course there were plenty of questions he could ask, but he would have time to pry into the mind of the Captain.

Besides, everything the captain said was being carefully documented for future needs. 

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"Your pay will be immediately increased once we return to the barracks as Director Barkuz has already been informed that this was a possibly today. With that in mind I asked him to have the paperwork prepared for our return," Kaeru responded to the second question first as his new Vice-Captain joined him in moving through the sky towards the First Division Barracks. "You are to act as the executive officer for the squad tasked with taking care of or supervising day-to-day operations. Those operations are already detailed and enhanced upon in your proposal."

As they moved through the air Kaeru made sure to not to move too fast as he was not sure if his new Vice-Captain could keep up with his higher tiers of speed. "There are a few slight changes made to our specific Division that I am making; The Administration side and the Command side. This two pronged plan is so that we can action all of our current and future squad members more effectively. Sif Barkuz the new third seat officer in the First Division is the Director of the Administration side so that we will not see any decline in operation and processing functions. Sif will answer only to yourself and I within this new structure. You will be director of the Command side so that all First Division members are being properly deployed and managed. You will only answer to myself," the frog explained his idea for the squad, "Both of you will have to run your plans and daily tasks through me as the proper procedures are being adhered to. I will be relying on both of your advanced skills and insight to making all of these plans come to fruition."

Exiting the outer walls of the Fifth Division area Kaeru made a mental note to send Captain Regashi  Hokori a proper recommendation and thank you for training with Oriru. The man was a captain level shinigami taking time to work with another soul that was not within his own division, this was the type of person that the frog looked for a leadership role. Thankfully Hokori was still a captain of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads. "Also," the frog added as he paused in mid air to make sure Oriru was still keeping up, "You will be taking over looking over the recommendations of Shino Academy recruits proposed by Sif. Of those you will be charged with narrowing down the potential recruits to the best potential and qualified shinigami we are looking for to be in our squad. Once they have been identified bring those to me and we will determine together whether or not they will be officially offered entry into the First Division."

[WC: 454]
[Total WC: 4,232]

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Captain Kaeru decided to answer the second question first, highlighting that Sif Barkuz had already been prepared to have everything in order for this moment in question to cause this promotion to become official without delay. Once more the Captain showed his old tendency of preparation and coordination to have the plan already laid out for what was to come. Oriru continued behind his Captain, who was walking through the air, with his own method where his feet would not move but his body would remain elevated and keep the same pace. This is when the instructions were provided, and Oriru responded to information the best way that he knew. 

It was this moment, here with his new Captain, that he felt he would not have to hide his potential or talents. Oriru kept his power under control and never allowing other's too see it, mainly because he was worried that they would force him to train only as a combat asset and pull him away from his gift with Administration and Public Policy. Kaeru, however, acknowledged Oriru on the accolades of his work ethic above and beyond his combat ability and even desired to maintain that same value moving forward. Besides, there was no better way to improve the his bond than to stop forcing Ginga to hold back.

Feeling that moment, Ginga would allow herself to be open to Oriru how he desired as a small notebook and pen would float out of his coat pocket and hover next to him writing down every word that was spoken by his Captain. Oriru made sure to underline the key detail of Sif Barkuz remaining the Director of Administration and giving him, as the Vice Captain, the role of the Director of Command. The structure took the proposal designed by Oriru a step further, and that is when Oriru truly saw the reason that he was the Captain Commander before his departure. The only curiosity became what power his Zanpakuto had, as the records on his were a bit light.

The Captain paused for a moment before adding the next request, which was for Oriru to look over the potential recruits from the Spiritual Arts Academy and bring the recommendations to him for the final discussion. His notebook made sure to circle that portion of the information, with a few other personal notes for him to review the documents that were stored in his personal research space. His Zanpakuto circled around to his right side as he looked partially towards his Captain and partially towards the distance. "Captain..." He took a moment to consider his thoughts before putting it out there, "I do have a personal request.

"I have spent some time with Captain Regashi, Captain Jecht, and Captain Shuu as well as a few select others from various divisions in order to generate my proposal and also get a bit of training. In that time I was able to gather an in depth understanding of Zankensoki, and what it was that I had been lacking. As I have worked hard at being capable with the pen more than with the sword, I found the connection with my Zanpakuto and tailored it to my profession. With that, and now being the Director of Command as your Lieutenant, I find myself realizing that I must live up to my potential for my sake and the sake of the Soul Society." The notebook closed as the pen slide into the small sleeve of the seam as Oriru's visage showed the stern and serious side, "I have attempted to try and really see what I can do with only one training partner, and it is by his instruction that I was told never to allow my full power to show. So my request is to allow me to train, with you, in which I will be given permission to reveal my true power." He was unsure if this was the right moment, but he knew that he was reaching a point where he would be unable to contain his own power and time was of the essence, especially since the original tactic and wiping the slate was no longer a viable option.

WC | 701

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There were moments of his past that Kaeru was still recalling while others were vivid like they were yesterday. Oriru reminded him so much of Sif Barkuz his former vice-captain in a lot of ways, but there was a distinct difference between the two that he saw plain as day. The man following him had an air of control about him that Sif had to work at and perfect over time, maybe the same could be said of his new Vice-Captain only time would tell that. However well coordinated Sif was at identifying things, he always did miss a few details when it came to study another soul. Oriru was troubled, not in a bad way, but rather in there was something that was eating at him at least that much the frog could pick up on.

The outer walls to the First Division Barracks could be seen in the not too far distance as Oriru called out to him stating that he had a personal request for the new Captain. He slowed himself down as he listened to the Vice-Captain list off a few names of captains he had trained with, all of whom had already vouched for the frog during his return. The soul continued to speak about his training in the four crucial departments of being a shinigami and what he had been lacking. Oriru continued admitting that he had found a connection with his zanpakuto finding a way to work it into his profession, which within itself was impressive, but now he wanted to live up to his new potential for Soul Society not just himself.

Coming to a standstill hovering above the First Division Barrack's outer walls Kaeru waited for Oriru to catch up to him. Turning to face the new Vice-Captain as he finished the request speaking about someone told him to never allow his full power to be shown and that he wanted the opportunity to train with the frog captain with the expectation that he could reveal his true power. There were parts of this he had a lot more questions on, but those could come later as this was an opportunity to gain more trust in someone not fully from his past and now part of his forged new future.

"Every captain is expected to at least do that much for their squad members," Kaeru replied with a level tone and a powerfully upright stance, "Nevertheless, it would be my honor to not just train you at your request but help you prepare for controlling that potential you are now striving for. Everyone within the First Division will be better for us reaching our unified greater potential." He could tell that he was close to returning to his former power levels, but there was still a lot of work to do on the noncombat side of things to get back to where he was before, that is where Oriru would be helping him out a lot more than he would be helping the lower ranked shinigami.

"As far as not revealing your true or full potential," Kaeru shifted his head to look towards the center of Seireitei, "Those are some wise words as once you reveal all of your cards then your opponents will know how to counter your abilities. Knowing when to use your abilities and not is a difficult balance that even a skill combatant. I have a few places we can cut lose as we train without prying eyes." There were two places they could do this training; in the Kaeru family basement or the e Central Great Underground Prison. Both had their place, but one was much closer to get to than the other. 

"However," Kaeru spoke with a now stoic aura about him, "I must go reclaim my title of Captain Commander before I address our squad proper or before I can train you. My meeting with the Central Forty-Six is tomorrow. Once that is handled we shall get to work with no more distractions on my part." The words coming out of his voice were of certainty rather than of hopefulness. There were not a lot of people he would confide in about his goals, but Oriru was now in a position to potentially be the main person he would talk to as he moved forward with his rebuilding of the Gotei Thirteen Death Squads. "I hope you are ready for a wild ride Oriru," he added as his haori flapped in the wind as he prepared to Flash step down into the barrack's open training field to head towards his office.

[WC: 767]
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