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~ You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space ~

There was a serene beauty that came with such silence when drifting through absolute darkness. When all senses have been deprived; darkness consumes all of one’s vision, silence echoes violently in one’s ears, numbness traces every inch of one’s skin, flavor becomes a concept so foreign to one’s tongue, and not a single aroma would approach one’s nose. This level of disconnect from the body will allow anyone to experience something greater than the life that they experience. This would be the case, in every sense of the word, for Oriru Kusho as the world became literally nothing for him.

In a rush of intensity, his eyes would be thrown open forcing him to gaze upon the expanse that was before him. There was no way to truly capture all that he was able to see before him, but the sight of darkness with specks of white shimmering lights sprinkled throughout the vast void was truly one of the most beautiful sights that he had the pleasure to lay his eyes on. Slowly his gaze would trace the details around him, seeing that throughout the blanket of speckled darkness were objects floating through the air. Each one was unique in color, size, and detail with varying features like one being a ball of pure water and another that was consumed in brown swirling gas dwarfing all the other objects.

He took a deep breath, slowly, allowing the air to flow freely through his nostrils and although he could feel the force of the air entering his body there was not a sound to be made to help him identify the fact that he was breathing. The only evidence that he was able to gather was the fact that he could smell the sweet smells of sugary dough being baked, along with other hot fruit involved in the process of making a pie. The smell shifted quickly with the second breath, as a bountiful garden had to had been placed under his very nose with the strong smell of lavender and even vanilla started to overcome his sense of smell entirely.

On the third full inhale, there was a smell that was different than the others but not one that he could identify. Suddenly it started to hit him hard, the sensation of breathing in too much smoke and exhaled sharply as the sensation instantly faded away leaving him in a state of confusion as the smell of the garden returned and was paired with the gentle sounds of a breeze rolling nearby. In the distance he could hear something moving at a high speed, almost like an engine was roaring, and the closer sounds of a collision of two massive forces. He turned his head in time to track the sound and see the aftermath of a collision of some of the objects that were drifting through the air.

Although the scene was one of a destructive force, the combination of the other senses brought a smile to his face as he took in another deep breath, but this time focusing on using his mouth to draw more air. The moment that he did that, the taste of sweet warm bread blissfully assaulted his taste buds which started to overwhelm him quickly. He started to move his tongue around in his mouth experiencing the taste of the bread before it grew hot and had a taste more like that of meat. The taste was strong and flavorful before the sensation shifted to cold but creamy with a hint of strawberries.

It was not a second later that the cold feeling in his mouth was matched by the cold that attacked his body with the breeze that carried the smell earlier, now his skin becoming reactive to the sensation as he felt the need to shiver and the hairs on his body rushed to stand at attention at the call of the wind. Luckily the air started to quietly dismiss itself allow him to feel the warmth of his own body warming up for survival.

Every inch of his body was reacting to any new sensation as if he had never experienced any of it before, a beautiful process despite some of the impact coming was not so positive as the gentle smells of a garden or taste of a delicious meal. Still, he would take pride in what was being provided to him for however long that it would last until a single moment wiped almost all of it away. Almost would be the best description because although he was placed back into a void of nothingness there was a single sense that was still definitely active.

“You experience much in the life that you have lived, much like you will no doubt have many more to add to your memories to recall and detail your exploits for any that may desire a tale or two but it is just as important to remember,” There was a moment where the voice pause, which was good for Kusho who was thrown between moment and moment with little preparation, “Perhaps more important that you recognize that the moments that are not easily recognizable or memorable will be the key moments that create value in what happens next.”

Kusho listened attentively, but he found himself distracted and unable to recompose his focus now with the lack of his senses. “We depend so much on crafting the memories we hold dear upon the world using every vivid detail that we may recall, to the point that the mind will fill the missing sensations with what would make the most sense. A tale about warm food on a nice cold day will always explain how soothing the food was to consume and the flavor profile that made it such a perfect meal.” Kusho started to smack his lips, moving his tongue around his teeth as he pictured the exact meal that would relate most accurately to what was being told to him, “Though this happens because the moment is too perfect to admit that the food was bland in flavor and that the enjoyment came from the fact that it was at least hot because the body was suffering the cold from the hole in the roof and broken window leading into the dining room.”

A sigh slid from his lips, matching the head being hung low as the rest of the details started to line up and reveal the truth and value of what was being spoken. “It is not your fault that you are unable to convince your own mind to lie to you, to convince yourself to ignore the need of survival in developing a coping mechanism just so you may acknowledge the truth; life is not always worth what we believe it will be.” A new feeling started to rise inside of Kusho, one that was a challenge to recognize and did not match a traditional sensation, “So despite our best efforts to acknowledge reality and what it entails, we are incapable of being completely rational because some irrationalities are more beneficial than the actuality of our existence. Because when we doubt the laws of reality, logic, statistical and empirical evidence, we find ourselves capable of defying each one of them.”

Passion. This feeling that was boiling from the heat inside of him was one of passion that was burning every inch of his body like a flame underneath his body. It was in that moment that Kusho recognized that he was sitting down and felt the sensation of a firm ground beneath him. His left hand reached down to his side for leverage and planted his hand. Slowly he pushed his body up off the floor as the world started to come into view before his eyes. “You see before you what has been, currently is, and eventually will become.”

There he stood on top of a golden orb looking back onto the infinite darkness with the shimmering lights scattered throughout the void. There he could see the details in what was obscured before, “Much of what you saw before, observe in this moment, and will view at a point later continues to persist not because of, nor despite, anything you do but completely independent of your best efforts or worst mistakes.” His gaze captured the four massive spheres that cover the front of his immediate view before a strange barrier of rocks that swirled around before his would recognize, although vaguely, five more large spheres in better detail. “So, take the time to recognize how pointless existence is and then find a reason and method to defy that fact.” He turned his head to the side to see a cloud of steam hovering in the middle of the air.

“Are you ready for breakfast?” This voice spoke but was not as strange as the one before. The one before spoke from all directions and sang with the voice of angels that screamed through the pain of a final breath. “Ryūka?” This voice did not make sense the more he tried to focus on it, “I know you can hear me boy.” Finally, the voice made sense as he looked upon the steam and released a sigh.


“I do not care that you work for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, I am still your mother and you will not take that tone with me!” Kushō glanced at his mother as his view of the greater world dispersed with the steam to reveal a small room with minimal decoration. He saw as his mother, quite older, making her way out of the room with the trail of steam following behind and Kushō was sure he saw a hand form in the steam flipping him off.

Immediately Kushō uncrossed his legs as he got off the small coffee table in the middle of the living room with a sofa against one wall and a love seat next to it at an angle. “Sorry mother, but I was trying to attune to my Zanpakutō!” As he started to get off the table and plant his bare feet on the floor, he moved the large ōdachi that was on his lap and hold it at his side with the base of the sheath planted firmly on the floor.

“I don’t give a damn!” Her anger was clear with every word spoke, but the love was behind the statement and that was enough for Kushō to realize he was not going to be murdered. “I will attune my foot to your ass for talking to your mother like that.” Kushō walked into the other room that his mother had walked into to reveal a small and simple kitchen with a bowl of steaming food on the table and the guilt really settled on him.

“I am sorry mother.” He immediately bowed to his mother in respect, scared for the punishment that was coming his way. “Ginga can be a bit overwhelming and intense making me a bit on edge at times.” He kept his Zanpakutō straight up at his side as he remained with his eyes on the floor. He could see his mother feet as she stood in front of him and immediately, he closed his eyes expecting a smack on the back of his head.

There was a moment of silence, worse than anything that Ginga had crafted for Kushō. “You had better get a better grip on that, or we will both whip your ass.” She gave a smile as Kushō looked up at his face giving a relieving sigh, but not before the light chuckle of Ginga could be heard from the back of his mind.

“Oh, you shut up.” He spoke those words out loud as his mother walked away which caused her turn around sharply. With a speed he was not aware that he could achieve, Kushō point his right hand at his Zanpakuto with a look so clear that he was trying to blame Ginga. She gave a glance that she was not so sure that she would believe his statement before heading back to her stove. “Mother.” He said, as he attempted to calm himself down and take a seat at the table. “Why don’t you just move to the Seireitei with me? My salary is a decent amount and I can afford to get you in a better place.”

He took a slight glance at his bowl of noodles with a variety of meat and even a few fruits, a recipe his mother loved to make. “I have lived in the Rukongai as long as I can remember, and I appreciate that you helped me move out of the 68th district into the 27th, but honestly I could not imagine being with people who believe they are better an others and isolate themselves in a fortress to protect them from their own citizens.”

There was moment of cold air as his mother continued to wash the dishes in her small sink as if what she said was not a big deal but being a member of that society now made it sting a little bit. His mother knew this was the case and they had the fights about him going on to pursue a career in the military of the Soul Society, but it was the only way that he could live a better life. “You could have easily studied a nice craft, you are so smart and so good with people that you could have managed any of the few shops in the Rukongai and made a nice living.”

“Yeah, and end up like Jinko right?” That statement seemed to have stuck a cord with his mother as she stopped her activity, “Perhaps I could have made ties with the Crimson Raiders like he did and become a part of their organization to? Become a nice businessman with an affiliation of street thugs?” His frustration was starting to rise, so much so that even Ginga attempted to subdue his spiritual pressure but not with any luck.

“Of course not.” She paused for a moment but before Kushō could respond, she concluded with, “But instead you decided to join a bunch of uniformed thugs and claim your actions are for the greater good.” She put the dish down on the counter and started to walk into another room, “You wanted to get out of the Rukongai so bad, I do not understand why you continue to come back.” Those were the last words before she slammed the door to her room.

Kushō stared at the door for a few moments before he noticed the shadow being casted by the light going through the window letting him know that it was approaching noon. “Fuck. I am late.” With that, he ran to the other room that was a guest room but was designated as his when he was home, if that is what could call this place. He quickly started to grab his clothes from all over the floor and get dressed as fast as he could manage.

He threw on his slacks and slipped his feet into some loafers quickly while tucking in his plaid design dress shirt into his pants. Once he got that far, he grabbed his glasses and threw them on his face before snatching his Zanpakuto from the wall of the kitchen leaving the steaming bowl of ramen on the table. He only had enough time to get his suspender straps over his shoulders and the tie around his neck before he started to sprint towards the Seireitei.

Kushō was in a full sprint towards the Seireitei and realized that he was way too late and way to far to make it within any reasonable amount of time. He stopped sprinting but was at an aggressive strut as he started to fix his tie as best as he could manage with the disheveled appearance that he was now flaunting. Luckily there was nothing that was needed to be done to his kinky hair, the perk of looking good with the natural nappiness of his hair. That paired with the black and white coloring of his uniform contrasted well with his dark skin.

The bright sun in the sky was a bit of a problem for him, both because it was a constant reminder on how late that he was for work and also because it was annoyingly bright, and his glasses were no help in this situation. “Hopefully I can invest in buying some prescription sunglasses.” He smiled at the thought of finally having glasses that would make him look cool and could still see. That became an irrelevant thought very quickly as he realized that he still had so much ground to cover.

“The only damn Soul Reaper that cannot manage to perform Shunpo…” He let out a sigh as he continued to walk towards the Seireitei, feeling like it was getting further and further away. “At this point, I might need to invest in some form of transportation because this is ridiculous.” So, he continued walking on with his Zanpakuto in hand at his side, a little too large for him to handle but always by his side.

Almost an hour and a half later, and after catching a ride with a merchant caravan making their way to the Seireitei to attempt and trade some goods, Kushō eventually arrived at the gates of the Court of Pure Souls on the south districts. A few merchants made their way in with a pass that they gathered from getting to know the right people and Kushō followed right behind them. “Pass?” The large individual leaned over to get a better look at Kushō.

“Pass? I am Oriru Ryūka Kushō, Twentieth Seated Officer of the First Division and Administrator of the COUNT Program.” He spoke a little flustered and even intimidated by the size of the Gatekeeper and attempting to push his own authority. He tried to stare down the opposing party, but he had just rushed through more than 20 districts in the peak of the day wearing his full uniform, or most of it. “I forgot my coat!” He exclaimed more to himself.

“No problem, just show your Officer Badge and you can be on your way.” The Gatekeeper stood up back to his full size, which may have been to stop seeming so daunting, but it only made things worse for Kushō to lay eyes on this man standing more than triple his own height. “Otherwise, I will have to ask you to turn around and head back to your district.”

Kushō was starting to get a little irritated because he was already late, and this was only holding him up even more. “I left my Officer Badge in my coat, and I left my coat at my mother’s house. I have a meeting in the First Division Barracks and I don’t have the time,” He paused for a moment as he thought before he spoke, “nor the ability to go back to her house at this time.” He looked up at the man before him, if a man would be the right term to describe him and it was clear that Kushō had the look of defeat.

“I am messing with you!” He started to laugh, but with his size it was more like the sound of a mounting collapsing on its own weight before he reached for the door. “Come on in before you panic to death!” He continued to laugh as Kushō walked by him and flipped him off behind his back. “What was that?” Kushō turned around to see the Gatekeeper close enough for Kushō to count the amount of freckles on his face in detail. His body froze and he honestly felt his heart stop for a moment. “Nah, I just like fucking with you.”

Kushō turned and walked away in anger, and perhaps it was a good thing because the frustration was enough to get him moving faster.

After what felt the longest day of his life, Kushō made it to the Barracks of the First Division in time to be literally the only person there. He looked all around the main barracks floor and noticed that not a single soul was around. Quickly he rushed, as best that he could manage, towards the administration offices and saw that there were only a handful of people left in their working. This was only clear because the moment that he walked in, the entire room shifted to notice him which spiked his anxiety to levels that he could not imagine.

They all slowly turned back to their work except for one which stood up from his desk in the back and approached Kushō. “Well, Ork.” Kushō hated the fact that this was his nickname, especially from Arashi, who the current lead Office Administrator was. His popularity was based entirely on the fact that he was able to go on missions and dispatch hollows as well as come back and still run office duties. This man was truly the bane to Kushō’s very existence and being given a nickname because of his initials and because “You are clumsy like a baby Orc.”

“Since you thought you were too good to come to the meeting like everyone else.” Kushō wanted to interrupt and explain but realized that there was no reason because would not care and the truth would be nothing more then fuel for more insults later. “You were given your assignment.” He pulled a folder from his satchel and handed it to Kushō. “I told the team I would handle deliver it.” With that, Arashi and his strong jaw and slick hair stepped out of the office, presumably for the day.

Kushō looked at the folder for a moment before opening it, “Census of Officers and Unseated Needing Treatment (henceforth COUNT) Office Administrator (OA) will be assigned to assist the Eleventh Division in ensuring that their operations are up to code in terms of Human Resource Management and Division Operational Activities. Effective immediately, the COUNT OA will be on loan to the Eleventh Division as an Unseated Officer in their ranks alongside a Fourth Division Spiritual Energy Reconstruction Medic (SERM or Serum) to ensure optimal efficiency for the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.”

Kushō read the initial assessment of his assignment potential a dozen times while standing in the middle of the office space. Each time that he read it, he hoped that he had read something incorrectly but that was not the case. He was to be assigned to be a part of the Eleventh Division and attempt to bring their activities to par with the standards of the Soul Society and ensure that they follow the Standard Operational Procedures of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads.

“This is the death sentence.” This assignment is given almost seasonally because of the amounts of trauma that an Office Administrator will suffer trying to tame a literal beast of a Division. That is the reason that the position is paired with a Fourth Division Serum, partially to be an on-site medic always but to provide the Office Administrator with actual moral support.

By the time Kushō looked up from his sheet, the room had officially emptied and the light was fading from the room, meaning that his entire day was basically over and he had to check in at his new division before the day ends or receive a Coaching and Counseling Disciplinary Notice, and that is not something that a premier Office Administrator would receive. So, without much time to waste, Kushō rushed to his room in the barracks, packed his bags, and made way to his new home for the time being; the literal belly of the beast.

There wasn’t much for him to gather but a few bags of clothes and books, since he was not one to have much for himself in the barracks. Most of his stuff was in his small little place of his own that he got in the Court of Pure Souls near the perimeter but there were times that being in he barracks were ideal or even required. The one thing he knew about the barracks for the Eleventh Division is that they are meant to stay close together so that they may ‘grow close together’ which was already a massive discomfort.

Just before sunset, Kushō made it to the front entranceway leading to the Eleventh Division and gave a soft sad sigh as he prepared to make his way in. As he took the first step pass the archway, a body was sent through the wall next to his left side. Slowly he turned to see the person in the new hole in the wall before looking over to his right. There he saw a large hairy man flexing his muscles, “Come on Kinkazu!” Not a moment later the man, presumably Kinkazu, jumped out of he wall and charged the hairy man with curiosity.

“You must be the new Office Adminstrator.” Kushō turned his head and shifted on his right food to search for where that voice came from to see a woman with medium length red hair and green eyes looking at him with a smile, “Call me Ginger.” He looked at her for a moment to which she gave a laugh, “It is the name that they gave me, and I do not have the time to correct them.” Kushō chuckled in return as awkward silence took over the moment. “So…” She stood there looking at him giving a curious look to which he returned an awkward face and blushed, “Are you going to tell me your name?”

Kushō made another face as he watched Kinkazu literally uppercut the hairy man into the air. “Oriru Ryūka Kushō, 20th Seat of the First Division, Premier Officer Administrator of the COUNT Program.” He spoke his full introduction quickly but with a clear proficiency.

“Well there was no need for all of that but alright.” She walked ahead as Kushō stood there staring at her. After a few moments of walking, she looked back at him, “Are you going to follow or stand there like a broken wind up toy?” Kushō quickly gathered himself and his items and followed Ginger down the pathway.

“I will first tell you; the Eleventh Division is not as bad as certain Divisions attempt to paint them. They know what they are good at and they focus on being better.” She gave a smile as she looked over at Kushō, more so to comfort his nerves.

Kushō gave a shrug, “They operated better when Elevander Jecht was the Captain of the Eleventh Division.”

“Yeah, but he also wasn’t one that followed he standard of their specialty. Hence why he is my current Captain.” Kushō gave an acknowledging look to Ginger before she stopped and motioned at a door. “Here are your private quarters so that you may conduct what ever work you need,” Kushō only gave a look of surprise, “Like I said, they are not that bad. They are pretty accommodating.” With a smile she pushed open the door to she a decent bed in he middle of the room, a desk in one of the corners, and a few weapons scattered throughout, “Like I also said, they are good at what they do.” With that, she turned to walk away.

A few steps later she turned back towards Kushō, “Oh, be ready bright and early. The Proving is tomorrow.”

“What is the Proving…” He shouted towards the door as he moved towards it to see Ginger far down the hallway. Now confused, among his other emotions, he set his stuff down near he bed and took off his uniform before climbing into the bed.

“Why do I feel like this is going to be literally the worse thing ever…” A sigh slide from his mouth as he set Ginga against the bed opposite of the door, “And you have been awfully quiet this whole time.” He had expected a response but got nothing out of it. “Whatever.” With that, he made his way from this world to what ever his mind could craft up during his recovery from he exhaustion of such along and stressful day.

WC | 4784
TWC | 4784
Incomplete Shikai Achieved in First Sequence

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Kushō had landed his head on the pillow and slowly felt himself drift away, feeling the anguish of the day completely wash away. That was the sensation for only a few seconds before the constant pounding on his door threw him up from the bed. He sat at the side of the bed, a little annoyed and certainly exhausted from dealing with all of the drama of the day. Still, he lifted himself from the bed and picked up his glasses from the nightstand that was next to his bed. He considered grabbing some clothes to put on, but decided that a person bothering him at this point in time will have to deal with seeing a man in his underwear. So he approached the door nonetheless and opened it to cease the constant knocking. "Yes?" He spoke up, the irritation clearly in his voice especially when he laid eyes on the individual bothering him.

"Well hello there." Arashi said in his typically condescending tone as he gave a single full look of Kushō up and down with a humored gaze, "I hope you weren't expecting any funny business within the Eleventh Division, or especially nothing of the sort with me." He made an arrogant chuckle, or perhaps Kushō was just biased on the fact that he truly disliked Arashi with every fiber of his being. 

"Trust me, you were the last person that I wanted anywhere near my room, let alone in my bed." Kushō scoffed as he subconsciously closed the door slightly to obscure the view of his body. 

Arashi smirked, "Trust, most times it does not make it to the bed." Instantly Kushō got flustered at those words although Arashi maintained a straight face with his comment and even continued to speak as if he had not just said the most outlandish thing possible, "I am here because I am the acting Administration Supervisor on this current project. So, as long as the 20th seat is dispatched to help improve the efficiency of all of the Divisions, you will be reporting to me on all of your documentations." 

"Who put you in charge?" Kushō said sharply as the frustration could be seen by the pulsing vein in his temple, "Because this program is operated independently and then provided to the Captain for further evaluation. That is the Standard Operating Procedure for all Administrative Managers no matter what level!" Kushō was firm on his point as he spoke, because he had spent countless hours (honestly days) going over all of the Standard Operating Procedures for the First Division and even many of the other divisions in order to be prepared for anything. Granted, his preparation gave him a great resource of knowledge but his lack of focus on Hakuda, Zanjutsu, and Hoho may have proven counterproductive with his placement in the Eleventh Division.

"Funny that you mention that the Captain is the one dealing with the evaluation, Sif Barkuz is the one that placed me as the Supervising Account Manager so that he can focus on other things. It was even at his suggestion that you were placed in the Eleventh Division so that, what was his words..." He started to stroke at his chin as if he was honestly think about the words that he was trying to say, "Ah, yes. Maybe a little time with real fighters that know the value of combat will make him an actual asset to the division as opposed to a desk jockey all of the time." He laughed softly with a smile that only bothered Kushō more, "Again, his words, not mine." He shrugged, "Honestly though, I couldn't have said it better myself."

Kushō reacted... and threw the door open and grabbed Arashi by the collar with a fire in his eyes, and with a swift action he lifted his right hand to the face of Arashi, "Eat shit!" A massive black orb of energy formed in his hand and unleashed a wave of energy as he saw the fear in the face of Arashi. The wave consumed his rival in raw power and blew the buildings behind him into nothing but dust for several meters. When the wave stopped, people would peak over the space in the buildings with curiosity as they looked on to see Arashi with an aura of black energy and glowing bright blue eyes as he stared at the space that Arashi just stood...

Sadly this was the thoughts that he dreamed of having part of his life but the reality was more of him sneering at Arashi who laughed at his face. "I expect a full breakdown tomorrow, before dusk." Those were the last words before he turned to walk away and the memory of his little day dream still rang in the mind of Kushō. All he could do is sigh, because the last time that he confront Arashi, all he could manage to do was land a rough punch that quickly turned into Kushō getting hit with a series of attacks that he could not even see before being knocked to the ground. He got up afterwards, but his bruised ego broke his confidence when being so severely humiliated in the middle of the First Division Barracks. The worst part was that Arashi used to be his best friend, he was the only person to become friends with Kushō when he got Special Accommodation to join the Academy.

Kushō is not a great warrior by any accounts, but he was given a chance when he proved his knowledge of the details of the Soul Society and excellent Administrative skills. More so, he found out that he was supported by his cousin who was a member of the Crimson Raiders that had rumored to included Captain of the Fifth Division Regashi Hokori, but those rumors seem to be just that. There was no evidence that this was the case, and both the Captain and the Raiders agree that it is far from the truth. Though whispers of the Blue-Eyed Beast still make their way and some of the details match the captain, but then it becomes clear it matches a lot of people at times.

That was not the important details to think about right now as he closed the door, realizing that he was standing there in the doorway in his underwear staring at the ground. He only snapped out of it because a pair of Unseated Officers walked by and saw him, and the pair of women chuckled at the man randomly in his doorway barely clothed. "Fuck you Arashi." He whispered under his breath as he closed the door completely and approached the bed once more and slowly turned to seat on the edge. "Fuck you Captain." It was clear that he was burdened by so many problems it was boiling up, "Fuck you Jinko..." So many things continued to go wrong and all he wanted was a better life, but instead he got the same problems but a different environment to experience it in. No longer surrounded by the constant gang violence fighting for territory while he attempts to survive. Now he is surrounded by the constant power struggle for better positions while he attempts to stay afloat. 

He turned his gaze over to Ginga, who was leaning against the bed post undisturbed, "I work hard every single day; doing other people's assignments when given to me and working insane hours with absurd duties and yet I have been stuck as a 20th Seat Office Administrator..." He leaned back to lay on his bed, "I know that I am not the most effective combatant, but that does not diminish my value to the First Division... Or the entirety of the Court of Pure Souls. I process all of the paperwork that allows this place to function despite the loss of so many Captains over the years..." He closed he eyes as he leaned back, "From the invasions, the wars in the World of the Living, and various complications that spread around I was there each and every time. I have worked with Elevander Jecht when he transferred Divisions, when Xarius Kaeru vanished... The best Captain ever..." He smiled a bit, "Mikoto Shuu had been so kind when he bumped into me and dropped my paperwork. He took the time to help me gather it and even bought me new glasses that were held together by tape."

The journey through the memories seemed to have established a hidden resolve as Kushō lifted himself to a fully seated posture and reached for the nearby drawer. There he pulled out a worn out book with several sticky note tabs and turned the pages. Notes were scattered on every worn page of things that Kushō had recognized and decided to work on to perfect. Details of Kido and variations of the sorts and all of he things that could be done with them, and that was the goal at this very moment. He may not be the best fighter by any standard, but that doesn't mean that he could not supply the appropriate amount of information to excel at something. 

He noticed that the string of the book was set on a specific page and he decided to turn to that page, assuming it had to have been a key point to bookmark with the string. When he got there he started to read the actual text before his notes; "Falling Mountain Crystal, also known as Inverse Mountain Crystal; Bakudo Number Seventy Three; Tozanshō. A high level Bakudo that creates an inverted pyramid that can act as a barrier which allows for the defensive coordination of the caster or the capturing tactics of a target. The size of this Kido can vary allowing for a comfortable containment of a single individual and on a greater scale has been documented holding up to three individuals with moderate room to move."

Kushō looked through his notes that he wrote on the page and laughed softly to himself, "When used it can create a solid barrier, once could potentially create small triangular openings to allow access in or out of the Bakudo. This could be used to create a sort of barrier in which a caster may create a bunker for protection and generate an opening for a partner to fire Hado carefully and seal when under fire with minimal exertion. If enough potency applied, one could count for both the Bunker and the Fire, if concentration is not broken. Request a partner to attempt theory; ensure associate is aware that the Hado may get trapped and harm both of them." Kushō  smiled as he placed book on the desk with his glasses, "I still need to practice the capabilities of this tactic, then Soul Reapers can use it to assault Hollows from the safety of a Bunker..." He laid back and fell asleep quickly, hoping to not be disturbed this time around.

Bakudō # 73: Tozanshō - 1,700 words [Achieved]
Meaning: Inverse Mountain Crystal

WC | 1845
TWC | 6629

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~ Consult not your fears but your hopes and your dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what it is still possible for you to do ~

Oriru woke up on his own after a solid night of sleep, undisturbed aside from the single instance from literally the worst person that it could have been in all the Soul Society. He laid on the bed for quite some time, keeping his gaze fixed on the ceiling for no reason outside of the lack of energy to get out of bed. It was not so much that he was tired, but more so he was bothered by the fact that he was going to have to deal with Arashi by the end of the day when he goes to turn in his reports for the day. He would be satisfied knowing that he would not have to see that man in any situation but there would be no way to avoid it if he was going to continue working on moving up in the ladder and gain enough to really help his mother out.

Slowly he turned to his side, towards the door of his quarters, and noticed a small object near the doorway on the floor. He pushed himself up with his left arm and moved his legs off the bed so that he could sit on the side of the bed as he had a half focus on the small object. He was not sure what it was, but he reached for his glasses that he placed on top of his book on the nightstand. As he put on his glasses, he also placed the book back in the drawer so that he would be sure no one would happen across his notes.

Once he had his glasses on, Oriru turned his head back towards the door and pushed off the bed to his feet and approached the door. As he approached, the object became clear as an envelope, sealed by the Captain’s Mark, which means this is an important and official document that has been delivered by the Eleventh Division Captain, or at least on behalf of the captain. He took the envelope in his hand and stepped over to his desk in the corner. Carefully he sat down in his chair and opened the envelope to reveal a letter and a strange coin. He removed and opened the letter, unfolding it carefully and reading the contents:



Today is the Day!

The Proving begins today, which means everyone will get a chance to take the seat that they want, or just settle any problems in the best way possible. During today, everyone has the right to openly challenge any person that they want in the Eleventh Division and anyone who declines the challenge will be considered defeated and demoted immediately. Everyone will be given a coin with their name on it and must surrender their coin when defeated. It is that simple, and anyone attempting to believe they are exempted from the Proving will be kicked out of the Eleventh Division without hesitation.

Vice-Captain of the Eleventh Division Osore Shinsei


He looked at the coin that was on the desk now for a moment before picking it up into his hand. The letter slowly slid from his fingers and fell to the desk as he focused on the coin. As he shuffled it between his fingers, it was clear that his name was on the coin meaning that even he, the loan Office Administrator from the First Division, was an included participant of the Proving. “This has to be some kind of joke, they can’t seriously consider including me in their ritual of combat…” He took a long exhale as he looked over at Ginga, “My Zanpakuto doesn’t even technically qualify as a pure melee type…”

As he lifted himself out of his chair, he considered the day for a moment, “The amount of challenges that might happen to day means that so many people are about to have to deal with medical treatment, which means I have to be around to evaluate this.” Eventually he made his way to his closet and looked at the variety of clothes, or suits, that he had. It was customary for these administrative types in the 20th Seat to have a formal wear. Luckily Oriru discovered that he could wear a nice fitted suit if he wore his Office Administrator Black Haori on top of it. This was a nice benefit as he started to dress in the black suit with the white shirt underneath. He would ensure that his black tie and black vest was a solid fit before he put the Haori on.

He turned to grab his case with all his documents and placed it on the bed as he took Ginga and strapped her to his back at and angle and latched the harness around his front. He took a moment to make sure that she was secure, and it was then that he took a moment to appreciate the magnetic harness that allows him to simply place his Zanpakuto on his back because otherwise he would have trouble managing Ginga and her size.

With little else for him to do, he made his way out of the room and made sure to secure his door behind him. “Well.” As he took a moment to compose himself, the loud chanting of a crowd could be heard nearby which meant that the Proving would be starting bright and early; a long day of senseless combat that would no doubt end with several medical treatments and a pile of paperwork to complete.

He slowly made his way towards the sounds, as he could hear the chants growing louder and becoming more aggressive. Then he could hear the voice of a single person echo louder than he others and caused all sounds to stop instantly, to which Oriru rushed so that he would not be late to the event.

WC | 1022
TWC | 1022

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Oriru Ryūka Kushō made his way around the last corner that would lead to the sounds of a speech and low murmurs of a crowd and metal clanking throughout the corridor. The moment that he turned the corner and passed through the archway to see a large clearing of sorts. It was almost like an arena with a raised platform in the center of a crowd gathered in a circle. On the center of the platform stood a pair of individuals who were already engaged in combat. Oriru went through one of his documents that included the roster of the current members of the division and located the two individuals that were already fighting. “Might as well prepare the documents for them both to be submitted into the Medical Attention by the end of this round.”

As he got closer to the crowd, he recognized the red hair of his declared associate from the Fourth Division, “Hello Ginger.” She turned to look at him with a smile and pointed towards the stage.

“I assume you know how this process works,” Ginger made room for Oriru to stand next to her before she continued to speak, “After any battle, a person is welcome to step onto center stage and issue a challenge to any number of people from the division. They have to accept the challenge or surrender their coin immediately.” Oriru revealed his coin that he placed inside of his breast pocket, “Yeah, and you are technically a member of the Eleventh Division as of yesterday which means you are included in the Proving as well.” She could see the concern that came on his face from that statement, “But you shouldn’t worry, because no has any reason to challenge an unseated officer from the First Division.”

Oriru chuckled, realizing that he made it clear that he was uncomfortable with all of this with the chance of becoming included in the activities of barbaric promotion. “You are right, there would be no reason to challenge me. There would literally be no benefit.” Ginger gave him a nod of acknowledgement before turning her focus back on the battle. Though it was not much left to watch as the individual got knocked down and Ginger went to respond. Other members of the division got on the stage to pull the defeated off the state and Ginger could be seen through he crowds using her Kaido to heal him. The other was getting medical attention from other members of the division simply sealing up the wounds before he would join the crowd and watch the battle.

This went on for what felt like hours as each person would engage in battle, if not multiple individuals, and eventually one would be beat senseless before their coin was taken and each obtained medical attention with Oriru having to document each instance. The day was ending when Oriru realized that his assignment was not as bad as he though it was going to be but then, he saw small teenage boy stand in the middle of the stage and speak up, “Alright, you animals! It is almost time for the Pit.” There was a massive roar of excitement from the crowd at those words, but Oriru had nothing but confusion as he considered what the pit was. It was not mentioned anywhere in his notes.

“So, before we begin the Pit, the all-out Battle Royal, does anyone have any last challenges that they would like to issue?” It took a moment, because Oriru was thrown off by the young man’s appearance initially but standing before him was the Captain of the Eleventh Division, Kenpachi. Many people would disregard him because of his size, but the strength in that little boy was truly something of a devastating measure.

“Yeah, I would like to issue a challenge…” The words, that voice, stung at the chest of Oriru as he watched Arashi get on the stage and approach the captain. “I would like to challenge Unseated Officer Oriru Ryūka Kushō.” As he spoke, he revealed a coin in his hand that signified his ability to participate in the Proving.

“Well, Oriru Ryūka Kushō, it is best you come up here and face your opponent. Because if you deny the challenge,” Everyone in the crowd chanted the next phrase in unison, “You deny the Division!” Oriru attempted to consider what the repercussions would be for denying the challenge, and he worst case was that he was removed from the Eleventh Division which would mean he would be unable to complete the assignment and Arashi would take the chance to finally release Oriru from the Office Administration.

Oriru decided, in his best interest, to make his way through the crowd and towards the stage as Arashi shouted something that was too hard to hear over the constant sounds of the crowd around him but by the time he made it to the edge of the stage he could see Arashi holding a halberd to his side with a smile on his face. Apparently, he had activated his Shikai, which only complicated things further. Oriru made his best attempt to climb onto the stage realizing that it was much larger than her thought from the distance he was at.

Eventually he made it and stood on he raised platform just in time to see Kenpachi make his way off of the stage and into the crowd so that he could watch, “Come on Ork, I will even let you get the first hit.” Arashi knew the ability of Oriru was not that great, because the young Office Administrator was slow to move, and his vision was not the greatest. “You can release your Zanpakuto, if you even know how to.” He had to add a laugh to his last insult and Oriru could only let out a sigh.

“Call out to me.”

Oriru was startled for a moment as he heard the voice of Ginga speak out to him, her extended silence ended in this moment. “What do you mean? I have constantly been calling out to you and you keep redirecting me.” Oriru realized that he spoke out loud and everyone heard him.

“Call out to me. You know the place where we have seen each other the most, so call out to me from there.” She spoke so plainly and without any emotion for Oriru to work with, but his confusion was clear. “From once I was and now, I am, tell me what I did to reach this moment.”

“Oh!” Oriru exclaimed finally feeling like he understood. He reached back for his Zanpakuto and held in front of him. “We met at my lowest point,” He pointed the blade side down with both hands on the handle and sheathe still secured before tapping the ground. “We reached great levels together, so I understand what calls you here.” There was a small breeze that started to generate as he spoke these words in a crowd of people more confused than anything.

“Dream, Ginga!”

The moment he said those words, one of the marbles in his Tsuba fell out and grew more than ten times in size and crashed down into he ground. “Close enough, I suppose.” Oriru couldn’t heard what she said but was also distracted by the atlas stone that fell out of his Zanpakuto. He reached down to try and pick it up and realized how heavy that it was. It was not easy, but he was able to lift the large marble to his chest with both arms crossed over it.

“What kind of pathetic display is this?” Arashi could not help but laugh, “Come on, give me your best sht because I doubt you can even carry that thing for much longer.” He stood with arms out to his side to show his willingness to deal with what ever attempt that Oriru was going to display.

“Now throw it.” Ginga spoke to him once more.

Oriru responded, “You want me to throw this?” He inquired.

“You can try what ever you want if you think you can throw it more than a foot in front of your feet.” He continued to laugh as Oriru ignored him.

“Fine.” Oriru did his best to get the marble over his head. “Here goes nothing.” He took a large step forward and used that momentum to swing his arms forward over his head and release the marble. What happened next caused the entire audience to stand in shock and silence, because the moment that the orb left his hands Arashi was in the wall behind him unconscious with his Zanpakuto sealed once more, covered in blood from the bones that tore through his skin, and Oriru remained just as shocked as the rest of the crowd.

Nobody moved for a moment until Ginger rushed over to him and attempted to pull the marble off his body, but to no avail. Several other members attempted, but not even one was able to get the marble to budge as it became clear that Arashi was alive but not much longer if the marble continued to crush his chest.

After finally getting over the shock of what happened, Oriru ran after Arashi and leaned his Zanpakuto against the wall. Once it was set, he made the attempt to pick up he marble as well. There was a bit of a struggle, but he was able to get it off Arashi long enough for others to carry him away as Oriru dropped it on the ground. Shortly after it shrunk back down to the size of a marble and flew back into the portion of the Tsuba that was missing one.

The crowd started to go wild for what it was that they just saw as Kenpachi approached Oriru, “Well, that was a blast!” He laughed as he placed a hand on he back of Oriru, only because he was too short to reach his shoulder, “And you get his coin it looks like.” He revealed Arashi’s coin in his other hand and passed it to Oriru who accepted.

“Doesn’t do much for me, because we are not official members of the Division.” He attempted to put his Zanpakuto back on the harness while holding the coin out of respect of Kenpachi and less about the value it would normally have.

“True, you are not members of the Eleventh Division, but you are considered part of both this one and the First Division. By choosing to join, although he did not have to, Arashi put his job and title on the line to issue a challenge.” Oriru looked at Kenpachi in disbelief, “Rules are Rules, which means you have that man’s position if you want it, and this is accepted by some Captains who think if an officer wants to risk it, they are more than welcome to which includes Sif Barkus.” With that, Kenpachi turned and walked away, “Keep the coin for proof, but I already did the paperwork to make it official and the COUNT Paperwork too.” Through all of what has a happened the last few days, there was no better combination of news than this one right here.

“I am the new Senior Administrator…” He could not believe it, which also meant that he was free to leave and establish his new office and prepare for his new duties.


WC | 1906
TWC | 2928

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Oriru departed from the Eleventh Division after returning to his room and gather his stuff from his room, but the moment that he shifted out of his door he was stopped by Ginger standing in his way with her arms crossed and a face of disappointment. “Aye, were you trying to leave without saying good bye?” Her face turned a little more aggressive as he spoke, and it caused Oriru to grow very uncomfortable, but another sensation also consumed him from the inside. Suddenly Ginger started to laugh before lightly punching him in the shoulder, “Just pulling your tie.

Oriru started to laugh as well realizing that he did not have too much to worry about, “Thank you for being so nice to me, Ginger.” He gave a welcoming smile as he set his stuff down and held out his right hand for a handshake. “I appreciate it and look forward to future associations between the two of us.” There was a moment of silence between the two of them as Ginger smacked his hand out of the way and brought him in for a hug.

Come on big guy.” There was a moment of hesitation for Oriru as he was not ready for such an embrace, but he respectfully acknowledged the gesture and did the same. There was a solemn moment for the two of them as the embrace became tighter for each of them, where Oriru could feel the concern of Ginger being in the Eleventh Division not because she could not handle the aggressive nature of the people but more so that she would lose a decent associate. Oriru also radiated a similar sensation of losing a good friend but his own distraction caused him to miss the fact that Ginger had already let go. “You might want to be careful or else you might send the wrong signal.

Instantly he let go and started to apologize, as he attempted to gather his stuff. “I wasn’t trying to give signals…” He looked at her after getting his stuff and noticed her emerald green eyes, “Not that you aren’t…” There was a hesitation before he spoke because the last thing, he needed was his first potential harassment claim to happen in the first hour of getting a promotion. “Maybe I should go now…

Oriru made for his way pass Ginger and, for a moment, felt a genuine sensation that confused him as he went on his way through the corridor out of the Eleventh Division but just as he was about to turn the corner he looked back towards Ginger with a half-smile and noticed that she was looking at his direction at that moment. The level of embarrassment consumed him as he saw her massive smile almost mocking him as she watched him turn away from the corner and away from the Eleventh Division.

Eventually Oriru made his arrival to the entrance of the second place he was able to call home when he arrived in the employment of the Court of Pure Souls seeing the banner for the First Division. As soon as he walked through the front door of the Administration Office of the First Division, he laid eyes on he receptionist who was locked in to her device typing something away. He approached the front desk and looked at the woman for a moment, waiting for response from the woman but got nothing.

There was an attempt to clear his throat which was used to garner her attention but there was no luck in that method either, as he patiently waited for her to say anything. “Hello?” He spoke finally to which the woman responded with no movement aside from grabbing a clipboard with several forms on it and passed it over the desk.

“Fill out the first three pages then read and sign the fourth page. Once you complete that, in totality, then return the clipboard and head back to the seating space and someone will see you when they are available.” She continued working on something as Oriru pushed the clip board back towards the woman who, without breaking a step, “Unless you have an appointment,” She pulled the first clipboard back from the top of the counter and replaced it with a different clipboard, “Fill out the first two pages, read the third and initial, then finally sign the fourth one. Return the documents when completed and the individual will come out when they are available to do so.

Even though he was being a little ignored, he was impressed by the efficiency that she was working and respected the craft of what she was doing. He, for a moment, considered he previous supervisor and decided that something had to give. “Excuse me, I am Senior Administrator Oriru Ryūka Kushō and I require assistance.” Those words finally illicit an actual response as the woman stopped working on her devices.

Oh, we just received the notice of promotion for you sir.” She spoke promptly, but still with the sense of urgency, “Your new office is located through the main floor in the back.” She returned to her devices and motioned towards the corridor on her right that would lead deeper into the building.

Oriru gave a gentle and respectful bow and made his way down the hall until he came into an open space cubicle area with about five lanes that has about fifteen in each one with six large offices, three on either side of the room. He made his way through the cubicles as some of them would look up from their desk and take note of Oriru, some who were aware of the situation due to the email that they received, and others wondered why a low Administration Officer would be wandering the main space.

Eventually he made it to the back office that already had his name on it:

Oriru Ryūka Kushō
Senior Administration Officer

There was a sense of pride that consumed his every being as he reached for the handle, and the energy of his own body caused a small spark and the door opened. Though many people would ignore the Administration Department, but the level of technological advancement and capabilities are massive. This department is directly connected to Central 46 and as such, they funnel a large amount of their resources that the Thirteen Court Guard Squads has into this department.

The door responded and opened wide for him to which some people took note of this detail acknowledging that this was their new boss. He turned to see the people all coordinating the Administration for all Thirteen Divisions, the Kido Corp, The Onmitsukidou, General Court of Pure Souls, The Rukongai, and the World of the Living. Of the Six Major Administrational Regions, there is a single Operational Administration Officer which is for the large offices and each one would report directly to the Senior Administration Officer.

Oriru made his way into his office and closed his door behind him as he investigated the office. It appeared that it was recently refurnished for occupancy as he saw a nice noticeably sizable desk and a wall full of books right behind the desk, which was probably the greatest part of the set up of his new office. The part that he was not initially excited about would be the massive number of files that are settled on the desk, some on the floor, and falling out of a file cabinet in the corner.

 Ginga, do you mind?” He spoke casually as he pulled his Zanpakuto from his back after setting down some of his stuff in the room. He tossed his Zanpakuto into the air above his desk as it turned and floated horizontally slightly behind the desk. Oriru walked over to his desk and removed his coat, hanging it over the seat before taking a seat. The next moment was one that was truly a dance of elegance with paper and pens.

Books started to float out of the shelf and paper was pulled from all over the office consuming the air around Oriru. He held a single notebook in front of himself as he started to document something with pens now in the air and writing on many of the documents. Everything in the room was a storm of paperwork and pens compiling information. As documents were completed, they were filled aware properly in folders and drawers throughout the room. His notebook being filled with information from all the books that were floating in the air. In this moment, Oriru was using his power in a way no one was aware he was capable of.

He had completed the last page of his notebook with nothing left to put in the book with so much space taken up. The book had drifted from his desk and was placed into his bag with another fresh one landed on his desk and opened to the first page. Oriru clicked the new pen that he grabbed from the air and spoke with a smile,

Time for A New Chapter…

WC | 1519
TWC | 4447

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Oriru Ryūka Kushō had written only a few words in his note book when something caught his interest causing the storm of office supplies to stop moving immediately. He lifted himself from his desk and headed towards the back of the room where a book remained floating in the air open and facing him. He reached his hand out and pulled the book out of the air so that he could get a better look at the contents. He placed a finger on the open page and flipped the front cover over so that he could read it:

The Way of Binding and Maintaining Control
The Nature of Barriers and Seals

Oriru knew that there were more Kido spells available to learn, but he had only considered the official texts as resources for many of them, and sadly he was not of a high enough caliber or rank to be permitted to have and read the information on them. Bakudo Number 73 was only because he was able to take a peak of an article that captain Sif Barkus had been reading at one point and made a note in his notebook for later usage.

It was nothing extensive, but this text that he held in his hands had the nature of various Barrier and Sealing Kido including Bakudo Number 73, Tozansho, which mean that the would be able to expand on what he already knew. He took a moment to hold in his excitement and decided that he needed to make sure that his job was following the pace that was needed. So, he allowed the room to settle and everything was placed wither where it belongs if it was not completed yet, and everything that was complete was set into a small bin at the edge of his desk.

He placed the new book of his on the desk close to his chair and reached for the intercom on his desk, “Excuse me, I need some paperwork to be processed.” A few moments later, the door opened and revealed a young male Office Administrator with a gentle smile. “Can you take these?” He motioned to the stack of paper work on the edge of the desk to which the young Admin started to lose his smile.

Okay sir, I will finish the paperwork for you.” Although it was clear he was not happy about it, he maintained an air of positivity which is usually the key when in an office setting and engaging with conversation with your superior, especially once that had only recently become that role and there are no established parameters of the work relationship. “Give me some time?

What?” Oriru interjected, “No, I don’t need you to complete them I just need you to send the completed reports to be processed for filing. Also, can you have the other Admin’s send me their reports so I can compile the information for the Director?” There was a pause for a moment as the young man stood in disbelief seeing the large pile of paperwork that had been completed in a short amount of time. “Once you have all of the reports, just deliver them to me before you leave for the day?” Oriru gave a smile as he sat back down at his desk and looked at his book.

After shaking himself free from the confusion, the young Admin rushed over to the desk and grabbed all the paperwork and made his way out of the office. The door closed behind him and Oriru returned to his previous focus of the books as the room started to swarm once more with the storm of office supplies. He turned to the first page:

The following is a collection of notes and not to be confused with official details of the well established Bakudo Spells that are permitted by the Court of Pure Souls and Central 46. Everything contained between these pages are my thoughts and ideas that expand on the traditional use of many of the Bakudo to broaden the capabilities of such skills. Signed, Raiden; the Blind Captain.

Oriru recalled hearing of a Soul Reaper who was blind, who was referred to as Raiden believe to have been a Captain of the Second Division once upon a time before sickness consumed him. Rumors were that he was infected by a Hollow and it changed him, so he took it upon himself to end his life and others say he was given the chance to lose his Spiritual Presence and living in the world of the living until mortality took him. Now, it was not that important as he flipped through the pages and found the first spell and the documentation about it.

Bakudo Number 37, Tsuriboshi; known as the Suspending Star Bakudo spell. This spell has been used to protect an individual falling from an elevated height without the ability to catch themselves otherwise. The design is simple, as six ropes extend from the blue orb that is launched and once, they latch onto surfaces, the pocket will form catching what has been falling. The benefit of this technique is that it creates an elastic cushion to catch things, but if one removes the cushion and focuses on elasticity, they can use it to launch things, or even rebound things sent their way. Also, this technique does not have to be used like a netting from one falling, it can used facing any direction. Other options include using multiple to create a seal that may contain a massive explosion in the multiple elastic walls. Unlike a barrier which has a fixed durability, this Bakudo is meant to flex to the impact allowing for one to, in theory, prevent large scale explosions with several low level Bakudo.

A smile grew on Oriru’s face as he pulled up his notebook and started to transfer the notes from this book to his notes and started to add his own theories on the potential of this Kido. This continued all while in the middle of the storm of paperwork.

Learned Bakudo Number 37 | Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star) – 800 Words [Achieved]

WC | 1027
TWC | 5472

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"The very nature of Kido, also known in translation as the Demon Way, is quite interesting in the way that it is allowing an individual to manipulate refined Reiryoku, typically their own, in order to cause an effect in one of three primary directions. The first direction is the implementation and direction of a destructive output or devastating force which is known as Hado, or the Way of Destruction when translated properly. These techniques are typically used in order to cause direct damage to a target and, although there stands to be multiple uses, the intent is originally to cause as much harm as possible." Oriru Ryūka Kushō continued to write in his notebook, documenting all of the details of his findings of the text that he discovered. Above all he was enjoying the details of what this previous individual had documented and generating his own research notes from the discoveries. 

"The second direction is the coordination of control, which is used in order to obtain or defend against an opponents same intent, known as Bakudo or the Way of Binding when done in a soft translation. This one is more complicated compared to the other disciplines for the simple fact that one can attempt to control with Bakudo by using the Kekkai, or Barriers, and Fu, or seals, in order to attain the maximum amount of battlefield and tactical advantages." This section was shorter in the notes for both the book he was reading from as well as the notes he was crafting, but this was because the extensive knowledge of the book was focused on Bakudo Arts. Oriru had plenty of time to dig through the details that would reveal a great level of potential. 

He turned the pages of this notebook and discovered an interesting section of notes; "Now, there is a third potential for the Kido Arts but it is not one that I can really detail much not because of any impressive reason of the power or potential, although the practicality of the techniques are immeasurable, but the truth is that I have not actually had any training, formal or otherwise, in this techniques. The nature of Kaido, or to Turn Way - which I find quite enjoyable when I consider that the technique itself will literally turn away the injury and ailments, but the usefulness of healing Kido is truly a beauty to behold off and on the battlefield. Granted the strength of the Fourth Division is minor in comparison to what other divisions may be able to accomplish, never underestimate an entire group of seated medics, because I have seen a handful of instances where a team of five stood against dozens of men in inter Division training."

Oriru paused for a moment and realized that he had been pacing throughout his office for quite some time, but there was no way to keep track of the exact amount of time that had transpired. Still, he found himself so engrossed in the book that he had not acknowledge the fact that he had completed the transcribing process of the book, and several others, into his small notebooks. He approached them and pull them out of the air, placing them inside of his coat pocket to pull out for later, and made sure to leave a blank one always ready and available so that he could manage to document more details. "Well, it appears that I have completed the initial work for the day to make sure that the Senior Administration is completed." Then he made his way back to his desk with a dry look before fixing his glasses.

"Perhaps it is time to extend my options." With that, he placed his finger on the intercom of the desk, "Quick question." His finger would lift from the desk as he waited for the response but nothing happened. Once more he pressed the button, "Hello?" For a few moments he awaited a voice to speak back to him but with no avail. So he turned towards the door and pushed it open, looking out into the main office space and realized that no one was around at all and it was pretty dark. It was a total surprise to realize how long it was that he spent in his office compiling the rest of his paperwork. Slowly he made his way down the walkway closest to him towards the front of the building taking note of the stacks of paper on different desks. His eyes traced the walls with books of old records and details, acknowledging the singular benefit of the multiple amounts of paper documents. 

People always want to move forward with the power of technology in order to have better records, which is not a problem at all, but it is with paper that his power thrives. "Expand... Ginga..." There was a slight surge of power from him for a moment but he kept it all contained as his glasses slide off of his face, and quickly he snatched them and put them back on causing the surge to subside instantly. None would see the events that initiated when the power surge occurred, but the room was now a cyclone of papers, pens, books, staples, clipboards, paperclips, sticky notes, and so much more. Everything moving at a rapid pace with pens writing things down, staples binding documents together, sticky notes categorizing items, and causing a mass of organization throughout the room. 

He made his way to the front door and ensure that it was secured firmly, "Hainawa." The golden strange would launch from his hand and bound itself to the door handle and had secured itself into the wall preventing the door from being able to open. He rotated back into the Administrative Storm and continued to propel the documents for the Onmitsukido, the Kido Corp, the Rukongai, the World of the Living, the Court of Pure Souls, the Thirteen Court Guard Squads, and all affiliate details of the Soul Society. Slowly he would make his way to each of the locked offices that belong to the other Lead Administrators, "Sho." A light amount of force would blow the doors open and allowed the storm to consume their officer supplies as well. Each door was pulled open to allow the force of the storm to reach all of the contents. The whole process, Oriru focused on keeping his glasses on his face. 

Each word that existed in the storm became something that his eyes would be able to examine and the details that decorated parchment and file them into his memory, "I shall use all of my power to ensure that all of the Soul Society will have up to date documents and that all Administrative Duties are done in a timely manner with zero errors." He continued his rounds of the officer space in order to properly organize the documents and reorganize the structure of the current filing system. "Central 46 may have given this department the resources to run as efficiently as they could manage, we are still bound to be a subsection of the First Division and I firmly believe that has limited the potential of what we could accomplish if given the full accommodations of an entire Division." He proceeded to analyze the budget expenses of each of the Divisions as well as the Daily Activity Reports in order to see how they are utilizing the resources that they are obtaining to discover a single Division operating under budget due to minimal allocation of resources. "The Thirteenth Division has no official assignment within the Thirteen Court Guard Squads..." A smile grew over his face as he continued to his rounds.

WC | 1288
TWC | 6760

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Oriru pulled a document from the air that caught his interest, some of the details holding some curious information. "Report - The Warrior of the Rukongai Badlands. The information within this report will refer to the large man, being of curiosity, that took residence outside of the general jurisdiction of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Initial analysis; Mid Level Threat. The Khan, as he has been known to take preference to being stated as such, is a danger to the outer districts of the Rukongai but has not made any true threat to the Seireitei. Further details shall be expanded upon in future reports." He took a slow breath as he released the document from his fingers and let the storm consume the paper before taking a mental note; "The Warrior Khan of the Rukongai..."

WC | 138
TWC | 6898

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Oriru Ryūka Kushō allowed the detail of every report, every document, every word sing in his mind with a vibrating echo as they became visual representations in his mind to not only absorb the information but define the description of all of the possible contents. Through all of what he was exploring, there was a string pulling at the back of his mind as he made his way back towards his office, a quick glance of the storm, and sat back at his desk placing several books upon the wooden surface with such vigor. His notebook was open as well, prepared to consume several ounces of ink and define a world without details. "The ability to deflect the nature of intent directed for harm upon another as well as the potential to prevent the increase or escalation of damage unto others. To take the nature of Bakudo, the way of binding, and find a way to evolve the very potential of the skill itself in order to transcend the simple acts of deflecting or containing and utilize the techniques to alter the situation in which someone may have trapped themselves in." A smile came on his face as he took a moment from his book and looked out of the door of his office into the dark storm continuing.

"That is the key to Bakudo, as too many people point to the door that the Way of Binding leads to. A way to stop things from passing through the door into a place that may cause damage or to contain one on the other side to prevent them from passing and destroying what exists opposite of their own desire. This form of the Kido Arts focuses on being able to utilize the ambiguity of Bakudo in order control the battle in every way possible. Too many believe that the best method is through the Path of Destruction, by using the power of Hado, but perhaps one could understand the value of the Path of Least Resistance." He turned over the next page in order to continue transcribing his notes into something usable, "Bakudo Number 39, Ekosen; also known as the Round Lock Fan."

He altered his notes and proceeded to draw various designs on how he believed how the technique would look in use, "The technique will take the energy that the user provides and extend it in a line from a central point, and from there the momentum of the line would start to rotate with an increasing velocity until a fully formed disc would appear roughly the size of the average caster in order to defend, or deflect, the attack." After finishing he drawing, he was able to see a circular pattern being held over the head of the subject with arrows point upward with the formula for lift, "The modern lift equation states that lift is equal to the lift coefficient (Cl) times the density of the air (r) times half of the square of the velocity (V) times the wing area (A). Assuming that an individual can manipulate their own reiryoku in order to alter the density of air and extend their power potential and adjust their wing area then propulsion would be possible. Then perhaps..." He started to alter the drawing slightly until finally he was satisfied.

"In the same equation, if one were to alter direction and..." He took a moment to add to his written notes based on his recent drawing, "Fan efficiency is defined as the air power divided by the fan input power. Both Static and Total Efficiency can be calculated from fan performance data where cubic feet per minute equals Fan flow rate, with cubic feet per minute in pound force per square in equals Static pressure, and including the total pressure in inches." There was a pause for a moment before he continued with his notes; "If the amount of pressure is increased from the velocity of Ekosen and warp the blades so that the air force direction flows over the body in an linear manner allowing the individual to launch themselves and with the density of the blades..." He finally concluded the page ending with the final punctuation and read the ending of his notes. "One could potential burrow through a defense; the greatest offence is a good defense."

He closed his book and placed it back into his breast pocket of his vest before standing up and taking in the moment, a soft smile spread along his face as he slowly made his way around the desk and back into the main space. He knew that time was counting by with a rush, placing him into the off hours of the office but there was a level of determination that he was aspiring to. The goal would be to complete all of the appropriate work from this office by the end of the day, or more so by the time that the following day would begin once more. It wasn't until it was late in the day, or early in the morning, that Oriru realized that it had been quite some time since he had ate and was looking at almost a full 24 hours being awake. 

Learned Bakudo Number 39 | Enkosen – 830 Words [Achieved]

WC | 881
TWC | 7779
OWC | 8711

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Oriru stepped out of his office area and entered the main floor of the Administration department seeing that the last of the paperwork that had been in the back logs was finally completed. A smile slid on his face as he finally sealed his Zanpakuto, took hold of the Odachi and gave a last look around. He released the door that was being held by his Bakudo and took another step forward only to feel the effects of his lack of self-care. He was pushing himself hard for the greater part of six hours without sleeping the last 24 hours and barely recalling the last meal he consumed and because of that fell backwards blacking out. The sounds of water would sing to his ears in a soft tone…

“At night, when the sky is full of stars and the sea is still you get the wonderful sensation that you are floating in space.” Ginga spoke so softly the words that she has learned through her life, sharing the knowledge that has been provided by being so connected to Oriru Ryūka Kushō as well as the information gathered from her extended existence. It would be fitting that her words reflected a moment of physical truth as Oriru laid firmly against a plank of wood just large enough to hold his body with a little room of comfort.

His eyes would drift around the immediate area allowing himself to take in the fact that he was drifting along the water with nothing in the distance, or at least nothing that he could see as far as he would attempt to see. Still, there was little to concern himself with as he turned his eyes to the sky above him in order to absorb the idea of the stars above him and allowed him to embrace the fact that he could imagine himself in the space with the stars. “It seems light it might be time to take a journey, one that will show you a truth if you allow the knowledge to wash over you.” Almost like it received a signal, the water caused a ripple and a wave crashed over him.

[ 1 ] – Hades | The God of the Underworld and Wealth, the Ninth Realm from the Core.
“This one would be the most recognizable of my power, or at least the fragments of my body, that you have interacted with in your contest with Arashi during the Proving of the Eleventh Division.” Oriru recalled that battle, or at least display of his power, and found himself smiling looking around as he stood on an ice-covered plain. His plank that he was drifting on was nearby, shattered into splintered wood fragments. “Now it is time for you to work with them and acknowledge the potential that you may gather.”

From the ground beneath him, something could be seen moving below the surface until ice splintered in the near distance revealing a pillar of ice with the face of an elderly man with a beard. “Hateful to me as the gates of Hades is that man who hides one thing in his heart and speaks another. When you act in the right of this power, you must act in the right of the promise. Stand true to what you value, and perhaps you will be permitted to maintain the control of power.” Oriru stood with eyes focused on the face as it exhaled a gust of air and pushed him from the surface of the plains.

[ 2 ] – Poseidon | God of Sealed and Open Waters, the Eighth Realm from the Core.
Oriru found himself drifting through space before crashing through the surface of water and sinking heavily through the water, forced to hold his breath. “This one, much like the others, would be new to you and shall provide you a depth of insight into what is possible when one will hold tight to the potential of mortality even for those that hold know mortal strings.”

From the mild darkness of the waters a bubble would form with a radiant glow and, much like the ice, a face would form in the middle of the bubble, “You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty. Poseidon held little patience and no mercy for those that were shameful in behavior but would guard those who stayed true to themselves and the nature of duty.” Water would start to swirl around his form before ejecting upward towards the surface of the water before being launched into space once more.

[ 3 ] – Caelus | God of the Sky and Literature, the Seventh Realm from the Core.
He continued his journey through the void that is space until eventually his body started to slow down. There was a cold sensation all around him as the visibility seemed to all fade away from the light blue mist that he found himself within, “Fear keeps us focused on the past or worried about the future. If we can acknowledge our fear, we can realize that right now we are okay. Right now, today, we are still alive, and our bodies are working marvelously. Our eyes can still see the beautiful sky. Our ears can still hear the voices of our loved ones. So, cherish the moments that you are given and move forward with your mission.”

Oriru drifted through the cold mist on his way down through the thickness of the air, feeling that he was landing upon blankets that tore each time he landed upon one. This went on for way too long until finally he landed on the soft ground with snow everywhere, or at least as far as he could manage to see. Close by a ball of snow would form with a face looking at Oriru, “The world is full of poetry. The air is living with its spirit; and the stars dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness. To truly experience what the world has to offer, Caelus knows we must accept the beauty within the tragedy.” Snow would create a small tornado as Oriru attempted to turn and run away from the coming storm only to once more be blown away.

[ 4 ] – Cronus | God of Time and Rest, the Sixth Realm from the Core
Time went on as Oriru would soar through the emptiness that is space, feeling his body being forced to resist the gravity around him unable to accelerate his movements. As he turned around to face his next destination the first thing that he had to deal with was the dust cloud of rocks and the electrical shock being distributed throughout the air and his body. “Think of energy almost like emotional electricity. It has a powerful way of uniting ordinary people, their connected spirit, to do extraordinary things. So be charged for the next encounter and focus.”

Eventually he was able to land on the surface of a metallic surface feeling the electrical current charged along the floor beneath his feet. The sound of the electricity would echo in his ears before the sudden bolt of lightning revealed an orb of condensed electricity in front of him consuming a metal sphere. “Do not wait; the time will never be 'just right.' Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along. Cronus has given you the chance to live longer than most, so do the most with the life you have.” The orb started to generate a massive amount of energy before launching a bolt at Oriru and sending him away from the land.

[ 5 ] – Zeus | God of the Heavens and Thunder, The Fifth Realm from the Core
The journey through the world of Ginga was one that has become a little more intense than he had originally prepared for and found himself unsure if he could continue on. The constant force of the impact of landing from surface to surface was starting to take its toll on him. “From the world below, you have seen the nature of evil spread, from the world above you will see the nature of evil take root in every essence and decide to smite or retreat.” The last statement hit hard as his body struck the dense surface of something. He turned to see the thick clouds of his next destination and the debris of a large rock he struck.

The air became thick and hard to breath, not to mention the density started to compress upon his body causing a variation of sensation that all accumulated to a massive surge of pain that quickly became problematic. This continued until he finally broke through the super dense clouds and found himself looking upon a beautiful brown land much like a desert but with elegant colors. This was ruined by the sudden bolts of golden lightning striking down on the surface of the land. He watched as one flashed right by his body. His focus was dedicated on that bolt and was not prepared when he struck the ground with a sharp force. The gravity was intense enough to keep him from fully raising from the ground, but he was able to look up and see the golden electrical current form an orb like the previous location, but this one held no bond to a sphere. “Quiet minds cannot be perplexed or frightened but go on in fortune or misfortune at their own private pace, like a clock during a thunderstorm. Do as you wish, but the peak of power brings a conductivity of fury from those that seek a current of maximum potential.”

Suddenly the orb of lightning would surge forth and blast Oriru through the thick air clouds above him back into the endless void beyond.

[ 0 ] – A Reprieve
Oriru continued his journey through the space that is Ginga, his body beaten and bloody from all of the trials he had endured. He could not understand what the point of it all was, and the fact that he had no ability to control himself while here made all of it worse with each passing moment that he had to deal with all of this. Eventually he found himself drifting through a field of orbs that would gently pass around him. For a moment it was a peaceful sight compared to the trouble he had been facing prior.

It gave him the chance to really take in all the splendor that is the trusted companion of his, “I see…” This moment, right here, is why there were so connected although so distant from one another. “This is not part of you… This is created by you…” As soon as he finished the thought, he was free from the storm of orbs and found himself drifting towards another destination. “And I shall persevere.”

[ 6 ] – Ares and Athena | God and Goddess of War by Force and Strategy, the Fourth Realm from the Core.
Not a moment after leaving his moment of peace was Oriru struck by an onslaught of debris as he barreled towards the land below at painful speeds, “The price paid to achieve such peace has always been the battles that defeated the ones who would question total dominance. To surrender is to allow peace in a way, but to stand for yourself against such power would cause an eternal war.” Ginga spoke with a force of volume that startled Oriru as he finally crashed onto the location.

As he rose, his body was covered in the red ash of the land and blood stained his clothes as he saw nothing, but this red desert stained with blood and a scorching heat upon his body. Slowly the red ash would rise from the ground like sand with blood flowing between the grains until an orb was formed. Suddenly the orb would burst into flames with even the dripping blood to be consumed in fire, “The fires of war have brought countless lives to an end, and we mourn the fallen with every fiber of our being but the truth is people fight so that others do not; we lose a few to spare many. It is not an ideal equation, but such is the way of balance.” Then, suddenly, the land was consumed in fire burning Oriru relentlessly until a sudden strike of something sent him into the air and back into the void.

 [ 7 ] – Gaia | Goddess of Life and the Earth, the Third Realm from the Core
The next journey was a short one as his body began to become consumed in heat as he turned to see a familiar sight only to be interrupted by the impact of the ground, “One that is familiar to you and yet so foreign, a gift that she has to seem one way yet appear entirely different; a mirror of her own truth. A complicated path even you must learn to sort within yourself.”

He pulled himself from the ground to see a beautiful forest that surrounded him. Though moments later his legs would be caught in what appeared to be roots as vines pulled at his wrists and forced him to become elevated. From a nearby tree, a face formed and protruded from the trunk. “Above all that you will learn, you must acknowledge that your actions will have a price. It may not be one you pay soon, or at all, but someone will have to pay the price for your decisions. The same could be said for your generosity, as you pay the price for someone else to benefit.” The face gave a welcoming smile before the forest floor ejected Oriru away from the ground.

[ 8 ] – Aphrodite | Goddess of Love and Passion, the Second Realm from the Core
This time, as he fell towards the new location, he did not face any immediate troubles as he landed firmly on the ground which brought a smile of relief. The land was void of color, almost pale, but it held a uniquely purple colored sky that allowed him to feel a sense of comfort. Slowly the ground beneath him would glow and the light would start to converge. “Despite the greatest challenge you may face, there will never be a moment in which you are alone; so, fear not being the single individual in opposition of what is unjust.”

The light became so concentrated that Oriru had to look away, “See that the light will guide your way, not because the light will push the darkness away but reveal what hides within the darkness so that it may be faced without fear or hesitation.” He finally opened his eyes to see an orb of light that he could not take his eyes off at any moment, the glow became so vibrant as it approached him. He reached up to place his hand on the orb and the moment he did, his body was launched away once more.

[ 9 ] – Hermes | God of the Common, the First Realm from the Core
There was a sad feeling consuming Oriru after leaving Aphrodite’s light and as he turned to see the great ball of radiant light beyond, there was a moment of concern. The concern was turned into a fit of temporary panic as he suddenly saw a small object in his path. It became very large quickly as he approached, “There will be a point when the things that are hidden become open for the world to see and the question becomes clear; how will you manage?”

Finally, he landed, almost gracefully on the surface surrounded by a darkness that he could not seem to see through. The light of Aphrodite was a faint speck in the sky much like the other sprinkles of light through the abyss. Oriru felt a pressure on his shoulder and as he turned around, he saw a large orb of darkness with a lavender halo around it. “In the darkness is where many find comfort, where none may see what actions or decisions are being made leaving the chance to hide from the consequences, but the shame is that the darkness will one day reveal everything at once and the mistakes made do not add; they multiply.” The orb started to fade, and absolute darkness consumed all his senses.

[ 10 ] – Apollo | God of Truth, the Guardian of the Core
“The end of your journey, begins here.” The darkness was defeated by a powerful golden glow as Oriru found himself standing on the surface of what he thought to be fire. As he crouched down and ran his hands over the flames, it was cool to the touch and felt soft like fur. Part of the strange energy from the land rose into an orb of golden design.

“At the end of your journey,” As the orb pulsated with each word spoke, each of the previous orbs arrived to surround Oriru. “You are faced with options and must understand the potential that you are being given.” Each of the orbs began to orbit Oriru.

“I understand the power that you have revealed to me, as a unit the 10 of you are what is considered the power of Ginga…” He took a moment, “But the truth is you are a creation of Ginga, a fragment of her true potential.” There was a smile on his face as each of the orbs shattered into dust and all fragments of the current land faded into ash.

“So you understand… The power we have is not a simple as it seems, because we have the ability to create…” The voice echoed in the ears of Oriru as he smiled.

“Yes, Ginga Toki Kūkan Renzoku-tai no Genshō.”


Learned Bankai, Not Mastered | Shikai Control Increased, Not Mastered – 3,000 Words [Success]

WC | 3023
TWC | 3023
OWC | 3023


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~ During the Darkness the Truth shall Talk ~
Time, for a moment, would stop being something that would make sense as the seconds passed like hours and weeks took only minutes by measure. It was an interesting passage of moments as the darkness was paired with the voice of a collection of people. The words were a little difficult to manage understanding, each voice collaborating on a single effort but not even one of them made sense to the ears of Oriru. “It is simple. We have a potential problem with such an abomination taking root within the Soul Society, meaning that there are too many chances that such a vile creation will find a way to surge and consume more souls along the path of corruption.”

“Tarkon, you worry too much about the details that might come.” The voice was one of an older and more developed individual with the age in their voice, “In that same breath, we should not allow an individual to join the Thirteen Court Guard Squads because they may be capable of taking control of all of the active Divisions and enact a coup, or perhaps we should destroy any spiritual aware human because they may find a way to tame a Hollow and use it to raid the Soul Society.” The elderly man laughed at his own statement, and a few of the other voices in the room joined in.

The faces slowly became clearer to see to Oriru as he opened his eyes and saw a room of a bout 7 individuals who were all dressed in uniforms that he could recognize as the Kido Corp from his studies in the Spiritual Arts Academy. He had only been out of the academy a few months at this point, so their images in the textbooks were still in full detail. Though he had a bit of trouble identifying much more since he did not have his glasses. “What… What happened?” Oriru inquired as he considered the moments leading to this point, but the pounding headache advised him that it would be best to avoid that line of thought.

“Ah, you are awake young Kusho.” The elderly voice spoke as one of the figures approached, “You said that when you joined Central 46 out of the Spiritual Arts Academy, that you would do what it took to show your worth in this Administration and for the greater good of the Soul Society.” The man spoke with a calm and serene voice as he addresses Oriru.

“Yeah… I remember that…” He was just trying to make it through the headache enough to speak up, “But why am I tied to this table?” There was an attempt to move his arms and legs, but they were bound to a table that held him in a seated position.

“Easy.” The moment that word left his mouth, there was a strange sound coming from the side of Oriru and as he turned to look at it all he could see was something that was hard to identify but the hole in its chest was enough to understand that this was spirit in nature, and potentially a hollow of some sorts. “We need you to help us and Central 46 ensure the safety of the Soul Society.”

Oriru felt a strange sensation of grogginess as he attempted to focus, “I made a vow, but I would like to know what you mean or intend for me to be a part of.” It was not easy to generate the appropriate statement and focused hard on the way that his tongue felt in his mouth and the strange sensation. “And why is it that I feel so off.”

“Well, Kusho.” Another voice, one of a younger female approached and spoke up, “In order to make sure the process went smooth, we had to decrease your ability to manage so that the transfer would take.” There was a clear amount of confusion on his face, or at least that was the sensation that he was attempting but his face was nothing but the clear sign that he was disoriented. “Once the transfer has complete, we will force inhibit your spiritual pressure so that you can properly complete the seal and maintain the barrier.”

“I…” Oriru attempted another response but it was clear that he was truly losing a grip on reality. “I…”

“All that matters is that you will have to remember that this will be done in order to maintain the wellbeing of the Soul Society, of your mother…” Those words caused Oriru to mellow out a bit and stop moving as he felt the overwhelming sensation of pain in his body forcing a single tear. “After it is all said and done, you will be able to maintain your normal life. Truth be told, this entire process will be removed so long as the barrier remains. We estimate that you will never be able to achieve the full length of your bond with your Zanpakuto and thus will never allow the seal to weaken.”

“Why are you so intent on explaining the entire process to every subject we had to work with.” This one was the voice of a young man, but his tone and sound was more aggressive and harsher. “This one probably will die like the others.”

“They were people too. With lives, goals, and-“

“And they served their purpose, much like this one.” The man walked away with a smug step as the female voice brought her head down for a moment before coming back to Oriru.

“You will be able to move on your life, I promise.” She pulled down her face garb a moment as a few strands of red hair slid from the mask being moved and gave a tender smile, “Just know that when the seal starts to falter, I will be there to ensure that you find control within yourself. I will not allow your Zanpakuto to reach their full potential and prevent the seal from breaking.”

“Enough!” The elder man shouted over the gentle female and the rest of the group that were speaking in low murmurs in whatever topics that they desired. “Before we can continue the process, we require a catalyst of enough potency to bind that creature to the subject. The barrier is prepared to contain him and the hado is set to destroy them both if we will be unable to contain them.” There was a momentary pause, “If this is successful, the creature will be sealed within the body of the subject and thus contain the being properly. If done, we will be able to bind the stronger ones to other Soul Reapers and ensure our ability to deal with the threats as they come.”

Suddenly the hand of the female reached down and grasp the hand of Oriru, clenched a little harder than he would have liked but the clear sign of comforting was there. Then, for a moment, there was a spark of golden energy that surged between their fingertips before she let go and stepped away. He watched as she wrote something on the wall nearby before placing her hands beneath the circle, "Heart of the south, eye of the north, finger of the west, foot of the east, arrive with the wind and depart with the rain. Bakudo Number 58, Kakushitsuijaku." The symbols inside of the circle began to move around.

Oriru was losing his ability to maintain the composure of consciousness and darkness started to consume him once more with silence being a close pair. He fought, continuously and adamantly, but it was not going to last much long. “I promise mother… I will make you proud…” Finally, he fell into darkness once more as the world completely drained of color and the sounds started to sound further and further away.

Eventually, in the middle of what appeared to be absolute silence, a deep and demented voice spoke out; “Time is all I need.”

Learned Bakudo Number 58 | Kakushitsuijaku [Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows] – 1,350 Words [Achieved]

WC | 1358
TWC | 4381
OWC | 5713


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~ A time 70 years before, but not a minute after ~
Oriru found himself slowly escaping the darkness of his own mind as what was used to keep him under was starting to wear off slowly but surely. As his eyes opened to reveal his surroundings, a moment of mild panic consumed his thoughts as he took the time to note the absence of people in thew room. Both of his hands and feet were bound to a table that kept him parallel to the ground leaving him little to no room to move around. He attempted to struggle, but as he did he could see the shimmering light from between the leather straps, "Bound by the straps infused with kido, they reinforced the straps?" He understood what was going to happen and what may be the result, but for what reason that they left him alone and enhance his binds he could not determine. There was a moment where he was curious about the potential possibility that everything was already complete and he was able to survive it but he did not feel any different and expected people to be around; or at least a single person.

Once more he attempt to pull at each of the straps with all of the forced that he could manage, but it just was not enough. The amount of forced that was being applied by these straps were too great for his own strength, but then he considered. "Ye lord, mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man. Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath-"

"Perhaps you shouldn't unleash a kido in this contained room with the other subject." A voice spoke from the other side of the room and caused Oriru to halt in his words and attempt to see who it was, but his position did not allow such a thing. "Especially not a destructive one such as Blue Fire Crash Down which could cause tremendous complications if it caused the subject to become stronger or, Soul King forbid, be released." Oriru resigned to his tabled with a defeated sigh as the sound of footsteps echoed throughout the room, slowly with the source growing closer to him. "I suggest you take the time to enjoy the peace and quite, because soon enough you will have the rest of your life to deal with the constant company..." The man paused when he finally got to the table and looked down at Oriru from behind his veil, the mark of the Kido Corp clearly marked on his mask. "Or you will not live long enough to have another problem."

Despite the mask covering his face, Oriru was able to feel the smug face being made by the Kido Corpsman and it caused a note of irritation. He wanted to react, to respond in some manner, be he dejected to simply turn his face away from the annoying corpsman as other people started to enter the room. "Are you bothering the containment subject again?" Another voice spoke out from the other side of the room, "Because the last thing we need is for him to be all riled up before receiving the subject and then we have a volatile containment on our hands.

"I was simply advising the containment subject, who was prepared to drop a Blue Fire Crash Down, how ill advised it would have been to be so destructive." The man spoke with a smooth retort, realizing that he was wrong in the interaction, but his details were solid enough to defend himself. Oriru found no reason to speak against his claim and point out his constant pestering and left himself to staring at the wall opposite of the annoyance. "I wouldn't dare cause our containment subject any discomfort... Physically."

The echo of several footsteps could be heard, meaning that several people had entered the room at this time and were gathering around the space. "Well if you are done annoying me, I would like to proceed with the containment." That elderly man always seemed to be in charge as Oriru turned to see him approach a table that was shrouded in shadows from the soft light that was focused more on himself. "And it appears that subject is still in stasis." A light was generated above the location of the elderly leader and revealed something, in small detail, that was placed upon that table. It appeared to be a man of sorts, but there was definitely something wrong with him. The first sign was the bone structure on his head with horns extended up and, from the angle Oriru was at, a strange black spot near his solar plexus. "This creature has proven to be a challenge to control, and this man has already been too infected to save.

It became to great of a strain to maintain his head to keep look at what was going on and Oriru allowed his head to fall back on the table and simply allow the moments to pass. "If we can understand how this injection works, we may be able to save others that have been afflicted with it." He continued on, the obvious pain in his voice, "A single hollow had the ability to breed, and spread hollowfication and if we don't figure this out, then we may be too late."

"What we know for sure is that the process first tries to claim the body, and if it is too weak then the hollowfication becomes violent creating another mindless beast. If it is able to resist, then the process will attempt to corrupt the Zanpakuto and feed off of the strength of the soul until the body is unable to generate a defense to it." This one was of a woman in the distance, "If we apply this to the containment subject, and they are able to resist it he could potentially produce the antibodies to fight the virus and prevent others from being turned into mindless hollows.

Suddenly a person appeared for Oriru and revealed their face with a smile with the strange of red hair poking through, "I am sorry that they continue to call you a containment subject Oriru." He had been called everything but his name by these people, and at first it bothered him, but the rude one explained that it is easier to separate themselves from the subjects to avoid being too attached and deciding not to follow through for fear of what might happen and more so to avoid a greater feeling of loss when it all fails. It was moment of genuine sincerity, and only a moment since that man had not shown a single second after. "I promise that I will be there for you to make sure that you make it through all of this."

"Extracting the Virus Core."

"What is going on with the core?"

"The stasis wasn't stable!"

"Thanks for the nap; play time."

Suddenly an explosion was triggered nearby as Oriru attempted to lift up and see what was going on only to see one of the Corpsman get launched across the room with a hard smack against the wall. "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens." The rude scientist started to chant the incantation as other members of the corps swarmed the location of the infected individual, but with so many people it became impossible to see what was actually going on.

"Please let me free, I can help." Oriru spoke to the woman who had been so kind but all she could do was look at him a she slowly backed away and out of his view. "Don't leave me here!" He tried to look over as he saw the massive force of the Twin Lotus Blue Fire Crash Down surge from the rude corpsman. 

"Call my name." He could hear the woman speaking out to him from the darkness beyond his view, "Please just call my name Oriru!" He was confused by this, as if he just knew her name because she revealed her face to him a few times. "You know my name, I just need you to call out to me and I can be by your side." Oriru started to panic as he thrashed around watching as blood flew around and splattered on his body. "Oriru Ryuka Kusho, in the nights you spent alone you spoke out to me because your mother said I would answer back and now I just need you to say the name of that person, that person you spoke to."

"What are you talking about!?" He was getting angry at this point, unable to understand why she was being so enigmatic about this with what was going on, "Mother told me to speak out to the universe and it may speak out to me. I was told to acknowledge a name for the Universe so it new me personally by name too.

"Yes, Oriru. I know you by name and you know me by the name as well. Who did you acknowledge as the universe?

"Well, this was supposed to be my potential new home?" Oriru turned to see the demonic looking presence approaching him as other members of the Kido Corps, that were still live, made their best effort to stop him, "I might need to do some renovations." A smile so wide formed as smoke would flow heavily from the mouth of the beast.

"Please tell me that you can hear me, Ginga."

Suddenly, from the darkness, a black orb rushed through the air and collided with the creature sending it through the air. Two more orbs, one that appeared silver and another that was a light blue, appeared and create a thread between them that formed under the straps. With enough force of the orbs pulling and him trying to free his arm, it finally snapped and the process was repeated when seven more orbs appeared and assisted in releasing Oriru. He jumped from the table and planted on the floor facing the direction of the creature in the depths of the darkness. "He is too strong to hurt, but if you can contain him long enough..." From behind him, the rude corpsman appeared with a missing left arm and blood staining his clothes. "I can force the containment..." The man spoke through labored breathing. "I will contain it within me and then I need you to destroy my body entirely."

Suddenly the beast rushed forward from the darkness as a few of the orbs made their approach with strings being tethered between them. Suddenly the beast hit a wall of golden energy, "Bakudo 61, do you know it containment subject?" Oriru could only manage a soft nod.

"Only in theory..." Admitted he studied it, but he had not been able to use it in full practical applications.

"That will be enough." The best attempted to get around the barrier, but it continued to reform with the help of other orbs to slow it down. The rude corpsman placed his hand on the back of Oriru, "We shall do it together, but I need to channel it through you because my body will not be able to sustain the amount of strain of that level." Once more Oriru gave a solemn nod.

"Carriage of thunder, Bridge of a Spinning Wheel. With light, divide this into six!" Each of their bodies would give off a glow, with the rude corpsman having a gentle purple glow and Oriru a more traditionally based green. Their energy began to merge as Oriru pointed his finger at the beast approaching after passing the last barrier between it and them. "Bakudo Number 61, Rikujōkōrō - Six Rods Prison of Light!" From that moment a golden beam of energy shot forth and collided with the beast.

"You can not hurt me with that trivial attack!" The demented creature made it about one more meter before his body stopped suddenly and five more beams struck him. "Damn you, I will break out of this too!" The rude corpsman approached the beast with a solemn look with Oriru closely behind.

"Nature of the beast, eye of the storm. Charge forth and pull the soul, moments pass and break the cycle!" The rude Corpsman raised his hand as best he could, "Torimazeru!" Suddenly a dark green ball form from the hole of the beast and an arc of energy would make its way towards the rude Corpsman. Just as it was about to reach him, Oriru shoved him to the side as the beam connected with his body, "Oriru, no!"

The moment it connected, the creature began to dissolve into dust and flow through the stream. Once it was all gone, the beam condensed upon the body of Oriru giving him a dark green glow that slowly turned purple. Immediately his body began to generate a large amount of smoke, "What is going on!?" His body started to experience a massive amount of pain, "What is happening!?" He spoke as he fell to the ground and began to vomit profusely, this white fluid burning as it ejected from his body. "Make it stop!" He could only yell in pain as his bones made the sounds of snapping and he began to contort violently, blood leaking from various parts of his body mixed with this fluid. Suddenly each of the ten orbs shattered into dust from an Odachi fell in front of Oriru. 

The pain stopped, but the burning remained. He laid on the floor in tears from the experience, "Oriru..." The rude corpsman made his way to Oriru as best he could and reached for him. "You are now bonded to that being... As long as you live, so does it." He let out a sigh as he attempted to comfort Oriru, "You are not allowed to bring out your power, because the more you use it the strong it will become and one day it may be enough to consume you from the inside out..." Oriru continued to cry in pain as the burning continued, "The burning sensation you have will persist, and other symptoms as long as you live until it completely bonds to you."

"Kill me...

"I won't-"

"Kill me."

"I can't-"

"Kill me!

Oriru perched up to his feet with a dark look, "I will set you free..." There was a moment as the man rose to his feet and placed his hands on Oriru's forehead, "Kyakka Suru." A lavender glow appeared at the palm of his hand, "You truth will be locked away, and may the time it takes for the truth to come back be enough to bring peace to the storm that is your soul." He watched as Oriru's eyes went blank and his body collapsed to the ground. He looked around and saw the death all around him, leaving just these two as the survivors, "I think your mother would have been vary proud Oriru..."

Learned Bakudō Number 61 | Rikujōkōrō [Six Rods Prison of Light] - 1,380 words [ Achieved
The practitioner points his/her index finger at the target, generating a spark of yellow energy in front of the user, which summons six thin, wide beams of light that shoot from the spark and towards target's midsection from six different directions to hold them in place. The target is unable to move any part of their body, including the parts which were not struck by the beams. If one beam hits, the other five lock on.

WC | 2640
TWC | 7021
OWC | 10550

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~ 70 years after, but a single minute before ~
The amount of time passed felt like several years when Oriru Rykua Kusho finally opened his eyes to see the new location that he was placed in. His mind was stuck on that strange area he was in with the Kido Corp, a place that he had all but forgotten about until this moment. Something was stirring inside of him that he could not manage to understand or get a full grasp on. His head was giving him the similar sensation of being stuck in a vice grip, something akin to a hangover. Which is something that he had not experience in quite some time, his ability to handle alcohol earned him a significant placement as a tank in the bar scene.

Slowly his eyes scanned the room in order to gain a better understanding of his current situation, taking a moment to breath seeing the gentle colors of a beige wallpaper. The sweet aroma of lavender with a hint of vanilla was a soothing sensation on his nose, and even the rest of his body. It took a moment, but the details of the room were a bit of a challenge to gather, and then it dawned on him that he did not have his glasses.

Panic consumed him as he tried to look around from them, launching himself from the bed, and scanned the nearby table before sweeping through the isolated room. He went through any draws that he could find, cabinets, and containers but had no luck. “You should really be in bed.” The voice from one end of the room spooked Oriru a little bit as he turned to see a man in all white robes and a special head garb that obscured his face. He took note of the flap of his right sleeve that was folded and sealed shut instead of an arm.

“You are recovering from quite an incident.” Oriru listened to the man speak from behind the mask as he motioned with his left hand back to the bed nearby. “So, might I have you take your place on the bed?”

Oriru took a moment to think about it as he scanned the man, realizing that he was in a medical room, potentially within the Fourth Division Infirmary. He thought about the last thing that he was doing and recalled feeling a little weak after completing all the old reports that were not touched yet. He had done that right after the incident at the eleventh division, when he was part of the Proving where he accessed his Zanpakuto. The moments followed continued to have his connection to his Zanpakuto deepen rapidly before his body finally gave out.

“I am fine. It was a bit of exhaustion from the lack of sleep and lack of food.”

The man released a chuckle, “Had that been the case, you would have been given the required treatment and released and I wouldn’t have needed to show up and prevent everyone from seeing the truth.” Oriru looked at him with confusion, “I assume since I saw the damage at the office and the residue and smoke coming from your body that the seal broke once more.

“Seal?” He looked at the man in confusion, the details of his fever dream coming back slowly, “Residue and smoke?” The memories of the night 70 years ago came back.

“The seal originally was intended to last at least one hundred years, and it lasted thirty instead. When we attempted the seal again, only twenty years was enough. The third attempt reached about a single decade. It continued until this one failed to last more than a few months.” As the man spoke Oriru only stared in shock trying to understand what was being said to him. The memories of each of these instances started to flood his mind.

“That can’t be…” The image of the beast that he had to face the first time after watching that portion of the Kido Corp get eliminated before his eyes. Then again of the time that he was dispatched to handle hollows with the Thirteenth Division and the smoke consumed his vision. Again, when he was patrolling the Rukongai with the Third Division when the darkness took over. Every time he was placed in combat stress and accessed his Zanpakuto, it triggered.

“Yes, that is the same expression you made the last time that you recalled the truth. At least, that was the one I was at to witness.” The man spoke calmly as he motioned to the bed once more, to which Oriru would respond with a slow nod and sit on the bed. “We thought that it could be sealed inside of a resilient soul and contained, when that proved in effective we attempted to rip the soul apart-“

“You tried to rip my soul apart!?” Oriru exclaimed as he turned to face this man with the clear anger in his eyes and the smoke slowly coming from his mouth, “Because of your mistakes!?” The smoke slowly began to grow in thickness and intensity.

“When you almost killed your own mother, you begged for me to do it.” That sentence caused the smoke to stop, but it caused Oriru to feel the weight of the world on his body as his eyes drew cold. “But it didn’t work, the seal had cracked, and the souls were bound beyond what I created.” The man took a few steps closer, “When we, or more so I, tried the last time there was an attempt to eradicate your soul but it came to protect you.”

“It?” Oriru inquired.

“Your passenger…”

There was a moment of silence, “So, is this the moment that you seal it again and a few weeks later it is set free again?” Oriru released a defeated sigh, a bit of the white smoke flowing from his breath.

“That would be the case, before the seal breaks completely. The only reason no one has bothered us is because of the barrier I placed obscures your power so no one would know.” He turned to Oriru as he took a few steps back, “Lay back.”

Something clicked in Oriru as a large cloud of white smoke exploded from his mouth, “Shit!” The veiled one shouted realizing what was about to happen. “Bakudo Number 63, Sajo Sabaku!” Massive golden ropes shout forward and wrapped around the torso of Oriru as the smoke began to solidify on his face. “Bakudo Transition, Nine Dragon Seal.” Instantly the golden rope turned a deep black and started to bleed a white light.

The man approached and placed his hand on the face of Oriru, “Cascade.” Immediately Oriru’s eyes turned a full black with tears rolling down his face of pure light. Slowly the man pulled out a pair of glasses from his shirt pocket and slid them on the face of Oriru as the smoke faded once more. Oriru slowly began to calm down a bit as he laid back out of breath.

“I remember… So, the seal didn’t work…” Oriru spoke between labored breaths.

The man let out a sigh keeping Oriru restrained, “It worked. The seal will remain for 9 more days, best case scenario, or 4 more days, worst case scenario.” Neither looked at each other as the man faced down the wall across from him and Oriru remained fixed on the ceiling. “There is no point attempting to keep sealing you and your memories over and over…” He stayed on the edge of the bed next to Oriru, “Instead I think we need to dedicate our time to train you to handle your passenger when it comes time.” Oriru sat up, though with a bit of a struggle. “Oh.” The man released the Bakudo as Oriru moved around a bit now that he was not bound.

“You have been around these last 70 years to help me…” Oriru spoke with hesitation, “Even though you were literally the worst person in that room…” Slowly the man stood up and made his way to the door, “Why?”

The man faced Oriru, and his eyes gave the hint that there was a smile under that mask, “Because you remind me of my son.” There was a moment before the man motioned for Oriru to come closer, “So shall we be on our way to training?” Oriru slowly would rise from his seated position and make his way towards the man.

“All these years, and I do not think that once I ever got your name.”

The man tapped the door and a glow happened from the frame before he opened it and revealed a massive desert, “You can call me Hiko.” With that, the both went through the door closing it behind them. Moments later the door opened to reveal one of the Medics for the Infirmary with a clipboard in hard coming from a hallway.

“Oriru Ryuka Kusho?”

Learned Bakudō Number 63 | Sajō Sabaku [Locking Bondage Stripes] - 1,500 words [ Achieved ]

The practitioner, raising his/her palm up to the target, closes his/her hand into a fist. The user calls forth yellow energy, taking a form of very thick rope, which ensnares the opponent, similar to Bakudō #4 but much stronger, instead binding the upper body of the target.

WC | 1567
TWC | 1567
OWC | 1567

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