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It wasn’t often that Yoshirou took advantage of being lord of a Noble Clan, but right now was an exception. Instead of walking to Central 46 he rode in a carriage but it wasn’t because he was being a complete snob. No, it seems Metabee’s words were more warranted than Yoshi initially gave him credit for. While there was no serious backlash from recklessly using Kijin he was extremely fatigued. The unexpected surge of energy was more than he was prepared to initially handle; Yoshi never expected for the ability to already be so powerful.


“We’ve arrived,” said the driver as he opened the door for the Noble, breaking his train of thought. He was so entranced that he didn’t even realize they had stopped moving.


Exiting the cart Yoshi was now at the outer walls of Central 46. He quickly approached the guards who open the gates allowing him to enter; “You are expected please proceed,” they stated while doing so.


For someone entering for the first time they would be surprised at how unassuming it all was. The compound looked more like a courtyard with a pond that left much to be desired. There was even a small circular building in its center were fountains normally would have been. But Central 46 built its marvels downwards not up. The Noble proceeded into the compound heading deeper and deeper underground entering the interior before finally coming into the center of an assembly.


Keeping up the formalities Yoshirou bowed while introducing himself to what was left of Shinigami that made up Central 46. Although their rosters weren’t full they were still the highest authority in Soul Society and were not to be trifled with.


ooc> will wrap this up next post.

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“Well if it isn’t the noblest Noble of them all. Here to reform and rebuild us as well?” states a voice behind plaque number 27. His tone was full of sarcasm and jealousy.


Yoshirou sighed knowing that it was most likely a lesser Noble growing envious of the widening gab in their influence. “You are too kind but I did not come here to gloat,” he replied further infuriating the man who could do nothing as his colleagues chuckled.


“No, so why did you come here?” said a sharp voice behind plaque number 2. “If not to receive praise then is it to finally accept your punishment for abandoning your position as Captain of Squad 13; some would call that desertion.”


“I did not abandon my position but stepped down do to differences of opinion with Emmell but more importantly due to the near annihilation to my clan.  Or is that simply to be ignored,” says Yoshi rhetorically. “I tell you this that I did not come here to have a pissing contest with a crippled, simpleminded committee.”


“Watch your tongue…” one of them shouted but Yoshi continued without batting an eyelash.


“I refuse to believe that the esteemed Central 46 has fell so low that they do not know why I am truly here,” Yoshirou says disappointed at how the way things have turned out so far.


“The mysterious attacks!?!” replies a feminine voice.


Yoshirou looked in the direction the voice came from but could only see the plaque with the number 1 on it. “Indeed but the attacks aren’t that mysterious. We know irrefutable that the attacks all come from Hell.” Immediately the room burst with commotion, some doubting his words while others are stating, “so the rumors are true!”


“Order, order,” says the feminine voice again though this time their was no sweetness left in her voice but instead replaced by a touch of sternness. “Irrefutable? So you have proof?”


“Yes a multitude of witnesses including myself. Humph. I’ve been unfortunate to encounter them three times myself already most recently with Metabee Ainsworth,” says Yoshirou.


“Ainsworth…” asked a few of them in unison.


“The Kido Commander Metabee. It’s a long story but that is his surname,” answered the Noble. He continued to fill them in on the prior events including: his first encounter with Sama’el the Overseer of Hell, his battle against the so called Lord of Wrath, as well as the hard fought battle against the Espada class Arrancar being manipulated by the Overseer.


There was no longer a critic in the crowd as they were all engulfed in the Kyoraku’s words. His words were hard to believe but if it was true, the Kido Commander was also involved then there was no way to dispute it. While some wouldn’t be convinced without speaking to Meta the rest knew the Lord of the Kyoraku Clan had nothing to gain by lying.


“I hope you came with a solution as well seeing how you choice now of all times to be forth coming with all this information,” asks a councilmen.


“Yes the Kyoraku Clan and the Kido Corps have been diligently training and preparing for war. Furthermore, the Kido Commander himself is rallying the rest of the Gotei to our cause. Which brings me to what I’m here for. I believe that if we are to survive we need to present a united front. Not with just clans and division but the entirety of Soul Society, including the representatives of Central 46,” Yoshirou stated.


“But what is it that you need from us? We cannot help in a fight.”


Yoshirou smiles as he was setting up everything for this. “No but you can help prevent these malicious culprits from being repeat offenders.”


“I don’t follow.”


“Baal and Sama’el are both immortal beings and there is only one way to deal with adversaries like that… the Muken,” answers Yoshirou. Once again the room burst into a roar, "Leader of a Great House or not this is going to far!"


“What prove do you have that, that will work?”


“I don’t have any but the history behind the 8th level of the underground prison. What I can guarantee though is that I have yet to discover away to keep an immortal being dead,” states Yoshi.


“So I suppose you want us to you they keys. In all the millennias a civilian has never been granted access to the Muken. Not a tradition we can break lightly.”


“I’m not asking you to,” Yoshi responds. “Yes, I am requesting the keys from you all but not access. I would merely be there guardian escorting them if you will. No the one I’m requesting access for is none other than Kido Commander Metabee Ainsworth." Yoshirou cleverly found a middle ground capable of gaining what he wanted while appeasing the Council.


The Noble had come clean putting it all out on the line, now it was up to them to come to a decision one way or another…


(The answer will be revealed in the Kyoraku Mansion thread but I'm sure you can guess)

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