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Walking to her classroom, new books and materials in hand in order to catch her up with her other classmates, Suzume couldn't help but feel a little distracted. She was sure she had made a fool of herself last night. She remembered bits and pieces, and her head was absolutely aching. Hopefully, she didn't say anything that was..unsavory towards her new friend. A Tendency to get more vocal when under the influence of alcohol was a dangerous one to have indeed, especially when someone barely knows you before they see you drunk. Her friend proved to be rather respectful, which impressed her. He seemed to have taken her home with no signs of having taken any sort of advantage of her state. In fact, it seemed that he not only didn't stay the night in her little shack, but he also bought her a new, warm blanket that he had laid upon her as she slept. Her face went pink at the thought of him being such a gentleman- she hadn't done anything to deserve such kindness. She was nothing but a common thief when they met, he should detest her. Instead, he gave her a new future, a night out, and a new blanket. Thanks to the academy, she didn't even have to worry about clothes anymore, either. She'd miss her purple kimono, and the idea of wearing the same outfit as all of the other girls was a little unsavory to her, but she was willing to put up with it. At least the outfit was kind of cute. If red and white was your thing that is. Consumed by thought, Suzume wasn't paying any attention to where she was walking. The halls were still quite filled, with the first classes of the day beginning in about ten minutes. Nearing her classroom, it seemed as if she would arrive without incident. That is, until she felt herself collide with a rather large body in front of her. Her books scatted onto the nearby ground, and she looked up at the imposing figure before him. A massive man, at least 7 foot tall(at least, he looked 7 foot from down on the floor), and they appeared to be in pretty good shape as well. 

"A-ah! I'm so sorry! I should really watch where I'm going!" Bowing her head, now on all fours as she asked for his forgiveness. She wasn't looking to get into a fight on her first day the academy. Size certainly wasn't everything, and that went double for spiritual beings. Even so, one would do well not to underestimate a foe that appeared to be quite strong, either. If he had the speed to match his heft, she'd probably stand no chance. Keeping her head low, she didn't notice his massive hands reaching down, grabbing at the belt of her outfit. Grabbing a large heft of her clothes, he pulled her straight upwards. His grip even pulled on the underwear underneath, causing one hell of a wedgie that Suzume certainly could have done without receiving today. One day with these new clothes and one pair was already going to be ruined. She flailed her legs a bit, trying to break his grip. 

"Oh, I'll make you sorry alright! You're that new chick, huh? Straight from the Rukongai and into the advanced class, just because you've mastered some low-level Hado? I don't like upstarts, you know." Lifting her up higher, now holding her eye level with himself, he chuckled at her. It was clear that he wasn't planning on letting her go no matter what she did. Still, she thought it pertinent to at least attempt diplomacy. Sick of dangling by her clothes, she spoke up to the bullying behemoth. "Uh...I-I don't want any trouble...how about uh...please..letting me go?.." Punctuating her statement with a nervous laugh, it dawned upon her just unconvincing that must have sounded. If he was willing to get into a scuffle in the hall, he probably did not care very much about the prospect of being late. Attention was really being drawn to the pair now, people getting quite the kick out of seeing the wedgied woman. It wasn't often you saw a grown adult being thrown around by their clothes. But the classes were slated to begin soon, so people were beginning to clear out, only a handful of interested individuals spectating now. 

"Let you go? Heh! I haven't even seen those kido skills of yours, girlie...so go on, give me your best shot!" Suzume was put off the sheer amount of cockiness exuding from every pore in his body. She could practically taste it in the air. Sick of her current predicament, she decided that no more words would be needed in this exchange. She'd give him what he wanted. Muttering the incantation and the words to Hado Number one, she blasted him in the face with the concussive force of the spell. His grip on her clothes let up, dropping her onto the ground immediately as he stumbled back and fell on his bum. Landing on her knees, she dislodged the clothes from her posterior. That was MUCH more comfortable than the state he had her in. She looked smugly at the Goliath that she had knocked over, standing up, hands on her hips. 

"So...how'd you like my kido skills?" The man flew into a rage almost immediately at her quip, standing up to charge at her. Due to being so close when the kido was launched, blood was dripping from his nose. Before he could lay a finger on him, a teacher stepped in. "Picking on the new students, Ira? If you have frustrations, save them for sparring. I'll let you off with a warning for now. " With a hand on the bully's shoulder, he convinced him to cease the fighting that was about to break out. With a scoff, he walked off, heading into the classroom of the teacher in question. To her dismay, that would also be the classroom that she'd be attending. That big oaf was in the advanced class? The term "advanced" was beginning to lose it's meaning to her. "Now then... I believe you're in my class, aren't you young Madam? I'm Professor Tokunaga. I teach one of the advanced courses. You must be Suzume?" Suzume simply gave him a nod, affirming his statement. So this was the man who would teach her. He was a rather calm and collected individual, with an air of intelligence about him. "You know, despite his blunt behavior, Ira is actually one of the more talented students in the class. I'm impressed that you stood up to him. Using Kido, no less. That's one of his weak points, you know. So no wonder he's upset at some girl from the outside coming in and, from his eyes, flaunting her skills. But never mind that, hmm? Gather your books and step inside my humble little class!" 

Gathering her books and other things from the ground, she gave her teacher one more nod, before heading off into his classroom. She took her seat, one of the only ones left, right in the back-left corner of the classroom. Not the most luxurious seat, but it might save her from having to answer questions here and there while she was catching up on some of the text-book parts of the class. She had talent, but knowledge was something she was lacking right now. The first class was beginning now. To her delight, it was beginning on what could be considered a high note for her. On the board at the front of the class, was the words "Low-Level kido mastery, Hado number 4- Byakurai."  A new Kido to add to her repertoire? It was her first day in class and she was already gonna be ahead of many people. Now THAT is the kind of education she had come here for. First, the teacher explained the nature of the spell. One would gather spiritual energy to their fingers, not much unlike Hado 1, Sho. However, the spell manifested in a much different way. Whereas Sho produced an invisible burst of energy, meant to cause minor damage and knock the target away. Byakurai was a Hado that produced a stream of lightning from the point of spiritual concentration, aiming to cause damage at a point of impact, capable of piercing flesh. Mastery of this Hado could prove useful even to captains, in the right circumstance. Then, after making sure that the class understands the nature of the spell, he set up a dummy in the front of the class. The dummy is lined with a very small amount of sekkiseki, so it would absorb the impact of the spell. He demonstrated the proper techniques and postures for launching off the spell successfully. He fired a byakurai, hitting the dummy right in the head. Upon contact with the dummy, the spell dissipated, proving that the sekkiseki was working. He showed the spell once or twice more, and then he addressed the class. 

"Now then...we all have seen the spell used, so how about we get some practical experience in! This dummy can handle anything you all could throw at it, so please, don't hold back when performing this spell. I think we'll start with....you, Suzume! Show us the Hado proficiency that got you admitted!"  The professor gave her a warm smile, making it clear he had faith in her ability. It would seem that he wanted to give her an early chance to establish herself to the rest of her class. Ira gave her a scoff, clearly fully expecting her, or rather hoping for her, to fail. She approached the front of the class, and the reality of all the eyes cast upon her set it. She was starting to get a little nervous, so she turned away from them, facing the dummy now. She took a deep breath and took aim at the dummy. Using the practice she had from perfecting sho, the energy gathering was a simple feat. It took her a moment to grasp how to manifest the energy in lightning form, but soon sparks were crackling from her fingers. She said the incantation, and fired off the spell, seemingly getting it right on the first attempt. This earned a scoff from Ira, who refused to look her way, although many other members of the class seemed impressed with her. 

"Very very well done! I'm not sure if you're 100% combat ready, but just a few more attempts and you'll have this spell mastered in no time! You must have spent a long time perfecting your spiritual energy handling before coming here." Giving a quick bow to her teacher, she returned to her seat, happy to be out of the limelight now. The whole class went through the practice of the spell, and by the third or fourth time of casting Byakurai, she pretty much had it down pat. That was another spell, ready for combat use if the day should ever come to pass that she finally sees some real combat. The class continued for a while, mainly discussing the proper time to use kido. Whenever zanpakto combat cannot provide the advantage needed, kido can be used to create openings. Obviously, it is very useful whenever the zanpakto cannot be used as well. Next up, the class was moving on to Zanjutsu, the practice of using one's zanpakto. This was something alien to Suzume. She was heavily inexperienced with the art of wielding a weapon, mainly rely on her speed, and in a pinch, he hands and feet, to get by. But using a blade seemed far more useful than a fist could ever prove to be, so she knew this class would end up being worthwhile. Everyone was assigned a partner to spar with, without much basis it would seem. People mixed and matched of various skill levels. The biggest difference, unfortunately, being between Suzume and her opponent. Much to her horror, it would seem that she was up against Ira. Looks like the incident in the hall wouldn't be an isolated one. She could only hope he'd be more gentle with her clothes this time. 

Hado 4:Byakurai Learned. 

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