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The Other Side of the Coin

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Lurker    76


-The Other side of the coin-

The blue bacterium lake that was left in the Menos Forest was given a simple order. *See this thread*

"Help me become stronger."

It will obey it by the best of its capacity, and it was given the freedom to choose how. Normally, it would spread, absorbing everything that has Reitsu and then return to its Master when asked, but this pile of goop evolved further by ingesting the remnant of the Spiritual Power from the cero of the Vasto Lorde. The destroyed trees & shaken ground had just enough traces of power to trigger a mutation inside the cells of the servant. It developed a consciousness. I am Sabiduría, I will help the Master with science. Our goal will be to gather knowledge about everything and research. But first I need a body. It wasn't long until she detected the mostly eaten Gillian that hidden Lurker and Kotaro from the four others Menos. She melted a path as far as the corpse and absorbed it. After that she took the form of a miniature Menos Grande without the nose or the spikes, with the black cloak covering her head too. Yes... this will do. 


Hiding Reitsu for Sabiduría was easy, since she did not have a lot anyway. But it was growing by the minutes, so she took precaution so no one would detect her while she experimented. First, let's see how an actual flesh puppet react. The newly born hollow quickly found a tiny lizard hollow to work with. 5956d275261b93b423b1f30598715e54.jpg

She cut a finger of it and inserted a little of her inside it, then released the tiny hollow. Let's see how long it spread until it dies. Two hours... it's way too long. I need to accelerate that process or this ability is pretty much useless in battle. How about this. Instead of converting their Reitsu into more infection, how about converting it into reitsu particule. Like that I remove two steps . The first one, the bacterium absorb the flesh, and the second one, it duplicate. Five minutes later, there was several tiny holes into the hollow's body, but nothing letal. It seems like the body defended itself against the infection, and since it wasn't duplicating anymore, the infection died pretty quickly. Well then, how about a mix of these two commands. It worked! It took 25 minutes until the complete death of the lizard, and it was revived as an undead puppet, identical to its once alive body. It had the same Reitsu signature, and only someone really experienced in sensing other Reitsu could detect the slight change. It's another set of eyes for Lurker and his children. Another change, its blood was now blue. It could not change form like a pure bacterium mass could, and if it was killed again, it's over, it disintegrate into an inactive blue mess. Hmm... It wouldn't have access to any of his abilities that's not genetic nor passive huh. And their death is pretty pathetic. Let's try to improve that. Sabiduría then instructed the cells to create severals spears if they sensed the death of the host. If someone was close he would be infected too at least. Let's call this ability Flesh Sovereign!


Now, let's work on Aerial PollutionLurker already has a mist that follows him around, and he can use it as a shield to defend himself, but what about offense. We should be able to sent a chemical in the air, slowly infecting anyone that breathe it. First she tried with a little too much Reitsu but the smoke was way too obvious, tainted the air a deep blue. I should find the good balance between potency and invisibility. Several hours passed and she finally did it. But what about someone that have a high resistance to poison? And can it self maintained itself without Reitsu? After some time thinking, she found a solution to her two problems. The cells will eat the Reitsu inside the air, so the weapon can duplicate and will slowly provoke acidic burns all over someone body. It's pretty mild against someone with poison resistance but it's better than nothing. The cells were too thin in the air to receive anymore orders anyway, so this is the best she could do with the current ability of Lurker's Legion.

Alright, let's rest for today.

Ability learned: Flesh Sovereign and Aerial Pollution

To be continued...

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Lurker    76

The surge of power she felt was unbelievable. At last, father evolved once more. All parts of him were enhanced at the same time, including Lurker’s existing children. Now, let’s get to work, no time to lose. Transforming into a black slime, Sabiduría buried underground and melted herself a gigantic cavern 200 foot under the menos forest. Now she could work in peace and not worry about being detected. Right now, father needs a way to expend far in wide so he can devour without end. She thought about insects. More precisely ants. Those bugs were hard-worker and did everything for their hive. Oh yes, we need a hive. We need something that will produce hard-working creatures that will fetch others Reitsu sources. Oh oh oh yes, that is good yes.


The Legion needed a queen, and Sabiduría was the only choice for that matter, so she began her full conversion. She reprogrammed her cells one by one, enveloped in a flesh sack resembling an ant egg. Several days passed and her Reitsu had grown more than three times than before. Of course, it caught the attentions of several hollows, but nothing strong was to be seen 200 foot under earth. If one approached near her, a Gillian’s tongue coming from her egg destroyed and absorbed them. Two days later and she was ready. She ripped her sack apart in a few seconds, now standing in the middle of the tiny lake of yellow amniotic fluid.



Good.” she hissed. “Let’s make this cave our first Hive.” In two hours, the new queen laid a hundred eggs. 30 fetchers 20 defenders and 50 workers. Her power now depleted, she decided to rest until hatching. A few days later, the new born were already working. The workers reinforced the cave with a flesh like substance, hiding the Reitsu inside and protecting against weak hollows. They also mined complex tunnels and others rooms to enlarge their lair. The defenders did exactly what they name suggested. They protect their base. The fetchers went out to hunt hollows and bring food to the queen. For now, Sabiduría only used her gains to lay more and more eggs, making her underground castle bigger and bigger. When she was finally satisfied, her army was in the thousands, and her base well protected. Now she didn’t need to use all of her Reitsu to lay, she could send Lurker 60% of it with each feed, the rest for laying eggs and her personal growth.

Now that the prosperity of Father is assured, I can continue doing research. She could also lay another queen to expand, but right now she didn’t want to pull any more attention to her. She was still pretty weak, including her army. If only one arrancar found the entrance, she would be wiped out with one cero. Of course, she took precaution. There are inactive eggs hidden all across the underground of the Hueco Mundo, and the entrance of her base change every time a fetcher finishes its mission. She also instructed her minions to NEVER EVER go near Las Noches. Her power was in her numbers. One fetcher could never kill a normal hollow alone, but 50 would easily do it. Every one and each of them was so weak, they could easily be mingled with the ground when using spiritual senses. They also travels semi-buried and doesn't picks up a fight with a way stronger foe. Their biggest weakness was that they were made of flesh, not of bacterium like the First Queen or Lurker. 

Now Lurker's Reitsu will grow more and more passively without the need to actually feed. And this, way more faster than by eating the Reitsu of the ground.

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Lurker    76

There is the Legion, which represent the entirety of Lurker's bodies, scattered between worlds, and there is The Legion. That one is the mass of consciousness of the thousands and thousands of souls inside his bodies. They wants to consume everything, like a mad hunger, but not because they are hungry. They want to fill the holes and the pain of their heart, eating and eating without end to plug those tears. The more spirits Lurker devour, the stronger the link between The Legion and Lurker's bodies becomes. Their craving increases. The Legion is the one stuck with all the bad memories of the souls. This needs to cease. This is my burden to take, I'm in charge of us. Every souls I take resist being absorbed, they are stuck with the bad shits. If I take it all, these will become my agony and mine alone. Then maybe the souls will give me their power willingly. After eating shinigami, Lurker learnt about the inner world. Now is the time to put things where they should be. He then started meditating for the first time. All parts of him, at the same time stopped. The link was made. The world faded to black.




Lurker was standing in a gigantic lake of black goo. Well, he thought he was standing, but he wasn't. He was floating there, as a single cell, nearly invisible to the naked eye. The flow of time seemed to be disrupted, nothing was moving except the viscous liquid under him. Then he fell. The single bacterium was thrown beneath tons of cells just like him, but with everyone he touched, a vague of sorrow and solitude hit him. As the cells collided, they stacked together, becoming bigger and bigger, and so was the agony inside Lurker's mind. As he was falling & fusioning with other souls, a voice echoed in his brain. "This is our anguish. Feel it. Bear it. Do you still want to appropriate it all?" He answered, panting: "I... have too. So I can be in peace." "So be it. Then bear it all, become one with each and everyone of us. Liberate our weight." There was so many of them. Every hollows Lurker ever ate, every victims of those hollows and every dust particles made from reishi. "It's time to put you all to sleep. Not by kindness but by domination. I'm the sole owner of this body, and never again will I lose control like I did. Kneel your consciousness to me." Hundred of years after hundred of years, Lurker forced their memories into his. One by one, they surrendered their lucidity to him and him alone. His mind was often broken, but nothing time wouldn't heal. After 1853 years, he had taken all of the 349 471 spirits for himself, and he knew their story by heart. It's the first time in years that Lurker was truly alone and in total silence. The clouds started moving and the sun began to set. Every resisting pieces of mind stopped. Now their energy all went to Lurker. The world faded to white.

Only a few hours passed, and as soon as he awoke, the boost of reitsu he received was tremendous. The vast desert of Hueco Mundo wasn't enough to completely muffle the sound of the explosion of energy. Now he was one. He is The Legion & the legion. He was now an adjuchas, but his body didn't change. What's up with that? I'm I that different form the others hollows? I'm I even one? What the fuck I'm I?  Not even nearly 2000 years inside of his own head gave him that answer. What will?

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Lurker    76


Only an exceptionally powerful Arrancar with a Pesquisa without equal could sense the hidden Reitsu of Lurker's main body, buried a hundred meters under tons and tons of sand coming from the barren desert that is the Hueco Mundo. Fortunately for him, those kinds of opponents would not waste time on such a small matter. Now was the time for the hollow to leave his impossible hiding place. Upon meeting Absolon, he realized that his power was far from mighty and more like a weak ant, waiting to be crushed. Yes, he will be more vulnerable. If someone chose to obliterate that body, he would lose more than half of his total Reiryoku. However, this was entirely worth it.


In theory, using more of his power would accelerate his training tremendously. The mega mass of goo recalled all of his melting lakes that were dispersed all over the wasteland. They then joined together under the Menos Forest, still hidden by the grey dust. He would stay underground to avoid attracting unwanted attention, but he needed to make himself an acceptable training terrain first. Using his high cell counts and his ability to disintegrate the bounds holding Reishi together, he melted an enormous cavern in a perfect cube, with a radius of more than five kilometers of open space. He left huge pillars supporting the cave. In the center of the room was the entrance, encrusted in one of the posts like a staircase tower, leading straight to the surface. From the forest, the opening was hidden into the biggest crystal tree with a concealed door. For sources of light, he left tiny spheres of himself floating. They were consuming the insignificant amount of Reiryoku particles that saturated the air of the Hueco Mundo to irradiate a cold white light and to stay afloat.


Now that his secret training ground was completed, Lurker could concentrate on more physical exercises, which he never did yet. Before, his only focus was energy gaining. Now, he understood that it wasn’t the only way to become stronger. Actual practice was needed. He lacked speed, strength, and agility. His three core stats were augmented because of the power of his Reitsu, but he could bring them to an even higher level by training for real. He wasn’t even able to do an adequate Sonido because of that. I guess this is the first step of my furtive training.


Lurker separated his body into thousands that took the appearance of bare, black, gooey humanoids. Then, they formed a basic army formation. They were exactly 1342. That way his Reitsu was equally distributed between all of them and they all had the same amount of internal spirit energy that his current body in Soul Society and the one with Absolon had. With that much workforce, one hour of training was equivalent to nearly two months of it. This meant that in seven hours, he could achieve more than a year worth of improvement. This is acceptable. Even if his main pool of energy was shared with all of his parts, their inside pool was also crucial for emergency and quick access, so he couldn’t just make millions of them without rendering them useless.


The army then began practicing their Sonido, each with a slightly different maneuver. In each wave, the fastest one was copied, and again, a thousand slight iterations were made, restarting the cycle. After a few hours, it was made evident that the troops longed for discipline. Each being was given a different soul and limited independence so they could think by themselves, this brought a different set of problems. Sure, it was way faster than by coming up with iterations alone, but the souls were prompt to laziness and were easily distracted. A solution quickly arose into Lurker’s Cognizance System, the Legion. Some of the lights previously created came together to form a single entity, which was given one of the most vigorous souls he ever consumed; his first Arrancar.


“What the hell are you doing maggots!?” he exclaimed with frustration. “I’m not here to watch some fucktards fucks each other, you all better be working, or I’ll whip your asses.” With every harsh word and punishment, the troops began to work more efficiently. With some little independence adjustment, they were now practicing correctly, with not a second of wasted time. Another hour passed, and Lurker’s Sonido was already noticeably faster, improving at an extreme pace. However, he did not only want to increase his Sonido speed, but he also wanted to raise his overall agility. Separating the group in half, he then instructed the newly formed squad to move as fast as they could, trying to dodge each other blows. That was a two-in-one training since they would improve their speed and their dodging techniques. With every cell improved, all other enhanced at the same time because of the Cognizance System. That ability is hugely advantageous. I was dumb not to use this method sooner.


Lurker then decided to keep training like that for a full day and a whole night, giving him the equivalent of more than three years of continuous improvement.

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