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URP Overview


World of the Living – Perhaps the safest it’s ever been. This is not necessarily due to the policing of the Shinigami, the Quincy, or Bount, but to the current lack of interest from the races. Perhaps this will change soon with the movements of Hell but for now it was the quietest of all the realms.


(Introduction to Vizards) (Bounts) 


Hueco Mundo – Even in peace death can always be found here. The word peace would be a stretch here but there was a relative calm now; but it wasn’t always like that. Absolon the Cero Espada began to rekindle the Espada’s and Las Noches started to show signs of life once again. However, the Quincy quickly but a stop to that attacking for a brief but all out skirmish that left Las Noches mostly destroyed. Luckily the Espada’s were able to push back the Quincy with the help of an unknown alliance that Absolon made with Hell.


After which all ties with Hell were severed at least for the most part. Absolon rebuilt Las Noches but unfortunately he couldn’t stop the current Espadas from going there separate ways. The battle with the Quincys took a toll on each of them differently, even creating animosity between some of them. Currently the Cero Espada resides somewhere in Las Noches though he is rarely seen nowadays.


Off in the vast sands of Hueco Mundo a few newcomers start the road of cultivation and survival, their final destination unknown. Even old faces emerge from the shadows, as curiosity is a worthy adversary.


(Introduction to Hollows)


Soul Society  – There is no place like a peaceful after life. Well you wont find it here. Arguable the most war ridden, enemy invading, traitor plotting realm currently. You will find survival tough. Not because of the low quality of life but because of the unexpected enemies that like to pop up like pesky flies; for the residents of Soul Society it has become as natural as the seasons.


Even with all its problems there are still few that defend it. Particularly Lord Yoshirou Kyoraku and Kido Commander Metabee who just recently took up the surname Ainsworth; from his lost beloved. Even without a single Captain in the infamous Gotei 13 the Seireitei has never been safer with the two of them protecting it. But for how long? With threats in every direction growing how long could just two Shinigamis serve as its guardians? That was easy to answer; until they drew there last breath of course.  Even now they train to prolong the end, increasing their strength and power. Current they are working on a new hybrid technique that combines both Kido and Zanjutsu. Will it work? Will it help strengthen the overall defense of the Soul Society? That remains unseen…


Furthermore what is Yoshirou plotting? What sacrifices will he make and just how far is he willing to go to protect the things dearest to him??


(Introduction to Shinigami)


Hell – The stuff of nightmares. Imagine a place meant to torture sinners and then magnify that by a thousand; I give you Hell! The Kushanada roam and torture the Togabito in an eternal game of cat and mouse. Although they have kept to themselves for the past millennium this place was beyond savage. The King of Sins has awakened after a thousand year slumber causing Hell to become active once more; his ultimate wish is nothing more than to experience freedom to its fullest. True freedom was achieved through sin and only then could you fully appreciate its beauty. But of course at a price… Eternal damnation bounded in chains, which brings us to the current situation, or problem depending on your point of view.


Leave it to the trusty Overseer of Hell, Sama’el, to have a plan though only he knows of it. But time will soon tell, as the last requirement is a virgin’s blood. Then the rumored ritual can take place unleashing a “Hell on Earth.”


(Introduction to Tsumikami) Very important post to read in order to understand the URP's version of Hell


Wandenreich – Not much is known about their current condition. Besides having a strong hold destroyed by Sama’el it is believed that the survivors of the race disbanded. However there is one currently on the move but their intentions and plans are kept secret. 


(Intro to Quincys)


*****Just reach out to me if you have any questions or updates for me. If this is useful I will update it every so often

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