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Jessica's Point of View & Thoughts (First person)


“It was great to finally receive word on the status of the caravan. Not only was Lord Kyoraku on that convoy but also his newly appointed Advisor Metabee. Had they both gone missing it would have been a blow that we probably couldn’t recover from. Of course there was no way they could lose, right?” Or so I pondered while awaiting their return.


Looking around it’s easy to tell that I’m not the only one concerned. JDan and a few others are also here waiting. Earlier we expressed our curiosity and discussed what on earth could have happened. But at this hour the room was pretty quiet as most had fallen asleep. It couldn’t have been but a few more minutes when Lord Yoshirou walked in to the staff’s break room, livening up the place once again. Us worried bunch wasted no time in greeting him, relieved that beside the tattered clothes and the occasional bruise they were all ok. Well at least everyone that was part of the convoy. Unfortunately the same could not be said for the people of the Rukon.


Lord Kyoraku told us what happened but I got the feeling that he was leaving out some details. Whether it was because it was late or there was another reason I did not know; but as his subordinate no comrade for many of years now, I have complete faith in him and no reason to question it.


It was now just the three of us and until the Advisor was appointed we were the top of the hierarchy.  Lord Metabee seems like a genuine person and is having no troubles fitting in. In fact there was a lot of clansmen asking about his safety once the rumors started spreading, especially the women; seems he made quite the impression on them already. I mean with his looks and talent what women wouldn’t be enticed by him…


It was JDan’s goodbye that snapped me back to reality allowing me to regain my thoughts. Just as I too was about to take my leave Lord Kyoraku inquires about my wellbeing informing me that he had an important mission he needed carried out. Without a second thought I bowed ready to accept whatever task Lord Yoshirou would need completed.


While we walked back to his room to discuss the details in private I couldn’t help but wonder about the timing of this mission. It had been a while since he has had a mission he needed me to accept. Was the encounter with the Arrancar that concerning or was it something else? My curiosity on the matter only grew once hearing about the mission’s details and peaked once he handed over the Clan’s seal. That alone told me the grave importance of this task; never have I gone on a mission requiring such an extravagant item.


Knowing all I needed to know I left with great haste. If I’m only to take one person then I need to make a smart decision. This is not a subjugation mission so muscles aren’t needed. No what would be useful this time is someone who is either smart, can track, or has connections that could provide useful information. I immediately thought of a few names but the problem was that none of them stood out over the others… That’s it I remember one of the newcomers stated he was an ex-mercenary, what was his name though?


As I appeared at my post some of my fellow comrades jumped back taken by surprise. “You guys are lucky I’m not an intruder,” I reply as I caught nearly everyone off guard. After exchanging a few words I make my way over to the files on the new recruits. There were many that applied but luckily the stack I needed to go threw were the ones that were accepted, which was a much smaller stack in comparison.


Awe here it is, a 183 years old, former mercenary, Shikai achieved but not Bankai, and he’s a Vizard. Seems I’ve found my partner… Nolan.

(to be continued)

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