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Grimm the Ripper

Ryu,s first day in squad 3

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It was Ryu first day in squad three along with his friend niomi shinada who was a year ahead of Ryu in the soul reaper academy, but he was smart enough to graduate early. He was supposed to head over to the large hall to listen to some entrance speech but he did not feel up to it for it was just a drag.

He already knew what they was gonna say and he was not to excited like most to know what his rank would be, if they wanted to put him in a high possession then he would rather earn it. So climbing up into a tree he laid down on a branch while he read his latest issue of monthly jump as he listened to what was being said inside the hall.

It was about thirty minutes into the meeting when he heard a girl's voice from the bottom of the tree so looking down he noticed that it was his friend niomi tho she did not look very happy. 

" You idiot how can you be missing the big speech on your first day, I know your all smart and stuff Ryu but come on at least behive today of all days. So let's go and we should be able to make it to the tests where they put us in our proper ranks." 

With a large sigh Ryu got down from the tree as he brushed the pine needles off his kimono. " I'm only doing this to shut you up so let's get going niomi." The two of them made there way over to the squad 3 training field where other members was already lined up in a military line. 

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Ryu and niomi walked up as the teacher was finishing up his speech and from the look that he gave the two of them as they arrived told him that he had no intention of repeating him self.

" It's nice to see that some around here could find the time to show up on time, but as I was saying you shall all be tested in four different categories. Shunpo,hand to hand combat,kido and lastly zanjutsu the way of the sword. Now you should all be familiar with each class since you learned them all while in the academy. So when I call your name you shall step up and demonstrate the appropriate skill in which we are testing in. First shall be hand to hand, after kido after that zanjutsu and lastly shunpo."

One after another the Shinigami was paird up to spar and wouldn't you know it Ryu was unlucky to to have to go up against a gaint.

" Do not worry little man I will not hurt you at least I shall try not to but when my opponent is as small as you I some times get carried away hahahah." 

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