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From Birth to First Kill


Darkness, absolute darkness; a space so void of light that it achieves absolute black, an impossibility on Earth. But in Hueco Mundo it was a feat commonly reached in the voids of the Forest of Menos. The only signs of light was the unimaginable darkness bouncing of eight small reflective surfaces…


I open my eyes for the first time but immediately I’m confused. Some how I know it’s completely dark but I can see as if it’s the peek of day. Even more I can see in a three hundred and sixty degree radius with high depth and extremely vivid details. Its obvious some things different but the harder I try to think about events prior to now the more my head hurts.


“What and where am I?” It seems those thoughts don’t cause any pain. In fact some how I know the answers making the questions irrelevant. I’m a newborn spider type Hollow in a place called Hueco Mundo, more specifically the Forest of Menos. That and my every instinct right now is telling me to feed. I am hungry but my urge to hunt feels more powerful. Perhaps that’s my instincts telling me to fight and grow stronger. Well no point in over thinking it, food sounds good anyways.


Stepping out of the pit of darkness I find it quite unnatural how natural I could walk with eight legs. But that in it self was strange. I had just been born and had always been a spider so why did it all seem like it was only partially true. Again an intense pain shoots through my head. “Ok, ok I wont think about the past,"  I tell myself while moving along the forest floor. I made sure to move as quietly and stealthily as possible. And with eight eyes and legs the speed at which I could do so was incredible for being a new born.


It only took a few minutes before I came across a fellow Hollow. It looked like some sort of rodent, like a raccoon, chipmunk, fox hybrid or something. For now it doesn’t notice me as its busy feasting on a carcass that looks like it had been dead for days; with its head so far in its stomach it wasn’t surprising. Without hesitation I climb the tree in front of me. Again the eight legs make it particularly easy to move even on vertical surfaces so I easily made it to the top without being noticed. Making my way to a branch that overhung where the rodent dined my preparations were complete. Attaching a piece of web to the branch, like it was second nature, I slow start descending. The further down I go the faster my heart races. Although I have all the instincts for the hunt this was still my first kill. I was both excited and nervous but most of all I was hungry. That hunger allowed me to suppress those feelings and hone in on nothing but the target. My heart stop racing as I dropped on top of my unsuspecting victim, dinner would be mine…


Everything after that point moved on autopilot as my instincts took over my entire body. My fangs easily sank into the back of his neck as the rodent feasted without the slightest suspicion. Immediately the venom from my fangs seeped into his body quickly paralyzing him and causing the area around the bite to start breaking down. Finishing up the hunt that was more like an assassination six of my legs quickly spin its body wrapping it in webbing.


Just like that his life was gone and his body now encased in a coffin of webbing. Furrowing my non existing brow I drop to the ground and inspected the web treads which looked like tiny metal fibers. Despite being so tiny they were very sticky and durable, like threads of kevlar or chainmail dipped in bacterial glue. Luckily my spider legs are able to cut right through them otherwise I would have acquired food with no way to eat it. Taking its body back up into the tree I fest for the first time enjoying the spoils of my first kill.


OOC> wanted to try first person. i've been reading a lot of JP light novels and web novels 

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