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Death and a Zanpakutos’ Judgement

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Much to Yoshirou’s surprise Metabee relinquishes his Zanpakuto instead of using the demon arts. He was a little disappointed but if any Shinigami could go without their Zanpakuto it was the Commander of Kido. Not only was his knowledge and skills in the arts vast but he could also create weapons making it impossible to truly disarm him.


Even still Yoshirou didn’t hesitate in the slightest showing pose and confidence as he relied on Hoho to close the small gap between them. Raining down both Zanpakutos, Yoshi attacks right along side his comrade. It was there first fight as a team but it would further help strengthen there new friendship and build and enduring bond. With a move that would be tough even for a zanjutsu master, Monk adjusts his swing mid air, ducking down and blocks all the incoming attacks. With a strength that classified him as a true monster, Monk unleashes the potential energy built up in his legs propelling him high into the sky; forcing all the swords away from him. “Espada!?” says Yoshi unintentionally.


Wasting no time Yoshirou dashes for the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto. If he was right and he was an Espada it was all the more reason to keep him from it. No, even if he wasn’t part of that group he was surely an Espadas equal. Such thoughts only brought more questions like- were they back together? how many are there? whose leading them, ect. That was only the tip of the iceberg but now was not the time for distractions.


Sheathing his left sword Yoshirou picks up the enemies Zanpakuto while Monk hovers over the battlefield charging a cero. Also known as doom blast, it was a deadly attack but as long as neither of them was caught off guard it was something they could manage. Monk launches the cero at Metabee most likely because of his close proximity and or lack of Zanpakuto. However unfortunate, the Shinigami’s were blessed that they didn’t have to worry about civilians caught in the attack nor the damage to the buildings as they were all dead and mostly destroyed now.


Using his spiritual energy as a launching pad Monk hurls himself towards Yoshirou before his cero had even exploded. The Hollow hits the ground charging like a bull seeing only red. Yoshi steadied his stance as he prepares to receive the madman’s charge. With his spiritual pressure flowing out of him Yoshi remained composed when facing the brutish strength of his opponent.


In the hands of the enemy, his Advisor’s Zanpakuto comes bearing down upon him. Shuffling both feet to the left, Monk’s right, Yoshirou swings his Zanpakuto, in an arcing motion, intercepting the attack. Unlike before, Yoshirou's spiritual energy is flowing through him allowing him to manipulate gravitons within a certain distance. In his current form that distance was only extend to things he touches or is in contact with.


Upon clashing swords Yoshirou would force his opponents sword to the ground making it almost impossible to move via gravitons, while thrusting the Zanpakuto in his left hand, at Monk’s right side, with enough power to pierce even an Espada. Once again Yoshirou caused Monk’s attack to go across his body, hopefully causing him to release Metabee's Zapakuto, which was his initial goal. Then Monk would have to twist to try and reposition himself before he could attempt his uppercut; which he wasn’t planning on dodging but instead relying on his offense as defense. This would hopefully give Yoshi plenty of time to penetrate the Hollow with his own weapon in either his side or chest. After the thrust reached its peak he would significantly increasing its gravity immediately ripping the sword downward, tearing apart everything it touched.


If Monk still managed the uppercut despite the damage it would connect with Yoshi’s chin as he chose to deal damage over avoiding the punch; though with tremendously less force than Monk intended. The uppercut would have to fight through gravity and Yoshi's sword attacks to reach its target. Even still it would have caused Yoshirou to take a few steps back had he not been increasing gravity at that point. He immediately spits out blood, which now ran from his mouth and the gash on his chin. Going on the defensive Yoshi used shunpo to momentarily create some breathing room. Each target had just struck at each other and now standing roughly ten yards away Yoshi was assessing the outcome.


Yoshirou’s jaw was not broken but had a deep laceration on it which blood freely flowed from. There were also minor cuts on both his upper and lower lips but with some focus he was able to stop all the bleeding. By no means were the cuts gone but he at least didn’t have to worry about losing too much blood. “Release me and finish this nonsense,” says Kosumosu. As Yoshirou’s Zanpakuto spirits they hated seeing him injured.


“I was hoping that Metabee and I could land a crippling blow so that we could capture him and get answers before killing him but he’s too strong for that. I sense that like a wild animal even if seriously injured he would fight to the death,”  Yoshirou thinks replying to his Zanpakuto…  

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Metabee    216

As both Metabee and Yoshirou attacked, the Arrancar was stacked against 4 attacks at the same time. Even so, Monk had managed to overcome the odds against him and with such a simple movement as a duck he managed to block all 4 attacks using the Captain's Zanpakuto. Unfortunately, they were opponents but he couldn't help but be impressed by this. Hollow's usually relied solely on their body and Zanpakuto so compared to Shinigami who had so many tricks up their sleeve, it definitely was quite an experience.

Monk then leaped up high into the air to leave them behind but he wouldn't run away. The Noble quickly ran for the Arrancar's Zanpakuto while the latter fired a Cero at Meta. He had to react fast so he stabbed his swords into the ground and put out his right hand to create a barrier. This was no simple barrier as it had seven layers to it, the last layer being the strongest. In his spars with Yoshirou, 5 layers proved to be barely enough so he had to adjust to a stronger opponent. The Cero came into contact with his barrier and made its way layer through layer but at the same time it was also weaking and with Monk gone towards Yoshirou, there was no one to give it more energy.

When the Cero arrived at the last layer, Metabee once again took hold of his swords and braced for impact. The last layer broke and the Cero collided with his swords but at this point it was very weakened so after a few moments the energy dispersed, but not without leaving a few burns on both his hands. Even though his hands were important at least he wasn't severely bleeding so he would just have to tough it out for a while. Surely, this was a much better outcome than not using the barrier at all.

The Captain turned to where the two were fighting to assess the situation. With the way things were going just charging in without a Zanpakuto would be quite reckless so at least for a moment longer he would stay back but not without helping. Metabee dematerialised his swords and also jumped high into the sky. This time he made a bow and 'arrow'. He put the arrow in its place and drew it back along with the bowstring before beginning to gather Hollow spirit energy at its tip. 10 seconds. That was the time it would take for the attack to reach its full power. Monk had his back towards him so he hoped he wouldn't notice him preparing. Metabee didn't really want to use such a powerful attack so early in the fight but if it helped them break through then that's all that mattered.

The attack was ready as the arrow was pulsating with red energy and without further delay Metabee carefully followed the movements of the two and fired the arrow. Very soon after leaving the bow the arrow turned into a large bullet of Hollow energy, one that could almost be compared to a Gran Rey Cero or a very strong Cero capable of big destruction. With the arrow in flight there was nothing more he could do than await the result. Hopefully, Yoshirou had noticed this and would dodge. If not, Metabee would use a Hainawa to pull him away with all his might. However, if the Noble wanted to absorb some if its energy with his Shikai, he wouldn't act.

If the Arrancar took a hit, Metabee would then once again create his swords and throw the dark one at the ground very close to Monk's location. Using his newly learned ability, the Captain would warp to the location of the sword and attack Monk with an Agitowari with the white sword in his right hand. In the even that his Zanpakuto was free he would reach out for it and grab it and if not he would simply pick up the dark sword behind him and await his opponent's next moves.

If Monk had noticed Metabee in the air and began moving in a way that made him too hard to hit then Metabee would simply cancel the attack and the energy would disperse. It was an attack he could only use once per battle so he would rather not waste such a shot. Instead he would dematerialise the bow and arrow before using Shunpo to rejoin the fray. The Captain would appear behind the Arrancar with his white sword and use Ryodan. He would follow this up by creating the purple sword in his left hand and using Onibi, which would be a strong attack even if it did not make a whole in the target. Just because he didin't have his Zanpakuto didn't mean he couldn't use Zanjutsu techniques and these two were particularly lethal ones.









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Maskmonk    312

To Monk disappointment Yoshirou dodge the attack instead and what came shortly after would put Monk in a tight spot. Once the Zanpakuto Monk was holding passed by Yoshirou, Monk attempted to carry on his original plan by bring the blade up for an uppercut. But before he could Yoshirou clashes his toward on top of Monks and a tremendous amount of weight forces the blade to crash onto the floor. ‘That settles it. Weight of some kind’ Monk had figured as this was twice something like this had happened. First his first, now this blade and it was becoming troublesome. When it came in such short powerful burst, even with Monks strength it was difficult to counter.


Once Yoshirou had trapped the Zanpakuto. He thrust Monks own blade at him, aiming for his right side and since he couldn’t hear any foot steps behind him Monk presumed that he was in a good position to remain on the offence. Twist his right hand to get a firmer grip on the Zanpakuto he pulls, the weight was unbelievably heavy, but not unmovable, Monk grabs the Zanpakuto out from underneath Yoshirou’s with a scream of grinding metal and attempts to get out of the way of his own incoming blade. But he had been to slow, just. The blade makes contact with the right side of Monks stomach and starts piecing in and Monk drags his left hand over and takes hold on his Zanpakuto once again. “I won’t be hurt by my own blade I’ll make you pay for this: Sin! Kasai Kokyō So!” Before Monk blade can be pushed in any further the blade snaps, losing the driving force which was Yoshirou’s end. 


Then with no warning fire burst out from both ends of the broken Zanpakuto. Wrapping Monk in flames for a brief amount of time, wrapping around his arms and his legs. Forging his released state. How he was looking forward to using his full strength in this form. However even during his release Monk wasn’t wasting a golden opportunity. He used the blade he had set free and continued with his original uppercut, which to Monks joy hit a small spray of blood comes out from Yoshirou’s chin which Monk relishes in at his opponents first drawn blood and he had forced Yoshirou away. Clearly he no longer wanted to be this close to Monk and who would no his Reccurection was complete. A newly formed white Heirro covering his arms and legs. Unlike his normal skin this was unmarked, no scars, no burns, nothing in a way. His body became his Zanpakuto he was a weapon and a devastating one. 


Now Monk would have to deal with the other Shinigami as he’d felt an odd mixture of spiritual pressure. Monk turns his head, believing he didn’t have enough time to turn his full body he seems a red bullet, something the size of a Bala. But with the feel of density it was much worse. Monk pushed hard on the ground with his increased strength thanks to his Ressurection, with a powerful jump, Monk is out of the way of the mysterious bullet, but the Shinigami was relentless. Even after this he throws the strange dark coloured blade near Monk, which Monk at first presumed had missed, which was almost laughable in a life and death battle. But to his surprise, the Shinigami shunpo’s or teleports Monk was unsure as the speed the distance was traveled was lightning fast and then he attempted to cut Monk with the white blade. But being this close to Monk in this form was just what Monk wanted, shifting his left arm, Monk intercepts the white blade with his Hierro stopping the blade in its tracks. “Let me show you how to swing a blade” Monk pushes the white blade to his left away from him and grips the Zanpakuto he is holding with both hands and raises it in front of him and swings down with all his force. Unknown to Monk this was almost like using zanjustu and a technique like Ryōdan. But for Monk was imperfect and wild. 


If the swing missed, Monk still wanted to stay on the offence, so using the force of his swing down with the Zanpakuto he would front flip forward and bring down the heel of his foot down upon the blade or his opponents, which ever got in the way first. If his opponent had moved out of the way of the kick he would drive his foot down as hard as he could and hope the debris from the force of his foot hitting the earth would hit one of his opponents. Then upon landing Monk would stand firm and proud. “Come and face true power and face true sin.” Monk says to both his opponents. ‘Kill them all’ a voice whispers inside Monk head as Monk killer instinct leaks out his rage boiling and his intent to kill the two in front of him was now unstoppable. This fight would only end when death had accord. 

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Yoshirou’s attack had speed, precision and a surprise but it was far from enough. Trapping the enemy’s sword Yoshi immediately attacks the opening he skillfully created. Unfortunately it got him nowhere as he watched on in disbelief at how easily the Espada level Arrancar countered his attack; as though the Noble was moving in slow motion. First readjusting his grip, on the Kido Commanders Zanpakuto, Monk began to lift the weighted swords. With little effort he managed to instantly pull free from the immense weight that Yoshirou modified after having already experiencing the strength of the monster before him. He wasn't underestimating his opponent but he was far stronger, faster, and skilled than Yoshi thought possible. 


“Impossible,” Yoshirou shouts questioning the sight before him but it does little to slow Monk down. With his hand some how grabbing the blade as it barely pierces him the attack comes to a complete stop. Having a sense of foreboding Yoshi immediately lets go of the Arrancar’s Zanpakuto, momentarily retreating. In the next instant fire shoots out both ends of the sword, soaking the demon in energy as he unleashed his Resurreccion.


Yoshi’s left hand was damaged but thankfully he let go in time to avoid receiving a serious burn. A pristine white hierro covered Monk's entire body as he takes on his new form. Leaning in with an uppercut the Hollow finishes his counter attack. Having already but a little distance between them Yoshirou was able to avoid the attack, one that could have easily devastated him.


Suddenly the newly reformed Arrancar turns his attention to something brewing in the sky. Like Yoshirou he was able to sense the build up and fusion of different energies. Taking this moment of reprieve Yoshirou quickly releases his Shikai. The release was expertly controlled, using the energy to help heal his wounds, instead of as an attack. A silhouette of shadowy fire replaced the Zanpakuto Yoshi held in his right hand. Like Monk the superficial wounds he’s received vanish without a trace, as if hitting the reset button. Not only has the strength and ability of his Zanpakutos changed but also his power over gravitons, enhancing his current skill set as well as giving him new ones. Not only could he increase and decrease weight but gravitons also allowed him to push, pull, repel, levitate objects, fly, create barriers, and a few other gravity-defying acts. By far the deadliest and most used was Kosumosu’s passive ability to absorb/devour. Leaping with far more power than before Monk evades the compact ball of energy. Seeing an opportunity present arise, Yoshirou prepares himself.


The highly volatile arrow strikes the ground exploding with the force of a large bomb. Immediately dust and debris is kicked up and is expanding with the explosion, sending out an omni directional shockwave. As the blast wave continues to spread, just before reaching Yoshirou he takes a step and thrust his Zanpakuto forward. With a speed neigh impossible to match Yoshi’s sword devours without prejudice. Fire, smoke, dust, and other debris are all absorbed while not only shielding him from harm but also increasing his power and reserves.


With his sight now unobstructed Yoshirou can see the other two still in heated battle. It was imperative that he returned to the fray as soon as possible. With Monk in his Resurreccion form and Metabee without his Zanpakuto he was at a severe disadvantage against the mad titian. With a surplus of energy Yoshi flies towards the two combatants at speeds unreachable in his sealed state. Kosumosu carved up the terrain as he drugged it behind him the entire way; absorbing everything in its path.


With each passing yard Yoshirou could feel the power swelling up in side him, even still Yoshirou knew he wouldn’t make it time to help out with the scuffle unless he attacked now. Placing his left hand on the hilt of his sheathed Zanpakuto, Yoshirou unleashes two slashes before returning it to its sheath. The skill and speed of the slash made it appear as if he only removed it half way from the scabbard before changing his mind and sheathing it. The laijutsu type attack created two wind like blades that he aimed at the back of Monk’s knee. Seeing his comrade in a rough spot he tried to help out. While the attack wouldn’t do much to an opponent of Monk’s level of durability it could achieve some effect. The idea was to force the Arrancar’s stance to falter, lessening the strength behind his primitive yet powerful kendo strike. 

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Metabee    216

The battle continued and it seemed that for a moment Yoshirou had the upper hand as he disarmed Monk by using his gravity ability. The Arrancar was once again left without a weapon and this might have been Metabee's chance to reclaim his Zanpakuto. However, this opportunity did not last long as within the next moment their opponent used his strength to pull out the Zanpakuto despite its current altered weight,'This guy's strength is too crazy! Unfortunately, he has the brains to use it too,' Metabee thought as he watched on.

Even more than that, Monk being confronted with his own Zanpakuto decided to use his Resurreccion, getting himself rid of all his damage and protecting from the oncoming attack. The battle took a turn for the worse because of this. If he was that strong in his normal state what would his strength be like now? Seeing Yoshirou take damage, the Captain fired his arrow which hit the ground and created a massive explosion along with a massive cloud of dust. Metabee warped in as he wanted to use the low visibility to take his Zanpakuto as he needed it now more than ever.

He was confronted by Monk who didn't have a single scratch on him which meant that he had dodged his attack completely. Metabee swung the sword with his right hand at the Arrancar to keep him busy while with his left hand he took out the purple sword from the ground. His opponent effortlessly redirected his attack and launched one of his own. Blocking such a strong attack was not an option so Metabee had to get out of there. The Captain Shunpoed behind Monk who left a scar in the earth where he had been just a moment ago. While this was happening Yoshirou, who had also released his Zanpakuto, attacked the Arrancar from a distance to give himself some time.

However, as long as he wasn't right next to him Monk still chose to focus on Metabee since he was the closest. After his swing attack he did a flip and attacked with his foot. The Captain once again wanted to avoid it so he stepped back far enough not to be hit but as soon as the Arrancar's heel hit the ground countless rocks erupted and hit Metabee who quickly took a defensive stance to protect his face and as much of his organs as possible. The rocks didn't pierce straight through his body but they surely made their mark as countless blood stains started appearing on his white shirt and trousers. The swords which he had used to block some of the rocks were destroyed from the impact, leaving him disarmed. The impact felt almost as if he had been shot with a gun but due to their size they didn't reach deep enough to damage his organs.

Luckily, the Arrancar didn't continue his onslaught and instead chose to boast about his power. Metabee had to close the gap in strength without releasing his Zanpakuto and fortunately he had one more annoying spirit inside of him. The Captain jumped back with all his strength and put his left hand over his face to summon his Hollow Mask in an eruption of energy. Metabee then made a ball of Cero in both his hands before fusing them together and firing as one. While the attack would fly towards Monk it would simultaneously push Meta back even further. By the time the attack hits the Noble should finally reach the Arrancar and continue to engage the him.

Ever since putting on the mask his wounds had already begun healing though it would take a while to heal this many wounds. However, he still wanted to support his teammate so he wouldn't be just standing still. Metabee circled to the left and fired a Bala at the Arrancar but this was simply meant as a distraction. If Monk decided to take the hit without moving he would quickly follow this up with a Rikujokoro to bind the opponent in place and give Yoshirou an opportunity to strike. If Monk decided to to dodge the Bala then Metabee would aim for his knee with his index finger and fire a Jugeki Byakurai to attempt to at least cripple him.

Hollow Mask (6 posts)



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Maskmonk    312

Monks blade rushes down. He though that it was the end for the interfering Shinigami. He would cut him clean in half. But as his blade rushes down. Not only does the Shinigami dodge the attack by shunpo’ing out of the way. But Monks attack had been interfered with. As his blade was about to come down upon the Shinigami. To blades ran across the back of Monks knees. He felt them, they had not been enough to cut. However when he advanced into his kick. Monk saw that the Shinigami had attempted no slash and his other opponents was still on the charge. 


But at least Monks kick had been slightly effective, the full force of the kick had been dodged. Which once again disappointed Monk. A kick like that on an opponent skull would crack it like a melon. But the debris that had been created from the kick had been the most successful part of Monks offence. The debris had destroyed the Shinigami energy based swords, the blast of rocks had shattered them. Which was good information for Monk in the long run, now he knew that with enough force they could be destroyed. As well as that though the smaller bit of rubble from Monks kick had acted as bullets and had penetrated the skin of the Shinigami, shown by the small stains appearing on his clothing. 


It now seemed that Monks time to boast about his power was a waste of time, if he had continued his assault Monk may have even had the opportunity to kill one of the two Shinigami’s. But what did it matter. In this form. Monk was the unstoppable force, he wouldn’t be killed and would take anything that stood in his way and remove it. Plus he had the unnamed Shinigami’s Zanpakuto. So at least he wouldn’t be able to release it. Or Monk hoped that was the case anyway. 


So with the time that Monk wasted boasting the unnamed Shinigami jumped back, putting distance between him and Monk. Which seemed like the obvious thing to do now that he was defenceless. Or so Monk thought. The Shinigami raised his hand in front of his face and what happened next shocked and surprised Monk. What he saw was a Shinigami with what was undoubtedly a hollow Mask. Monk had only ever seen this once before, but had never had the opportunity to fight against it. ‘How much power have the Shinigami’s gained’ Monk thought angered by what was a mockery of hollow and arrancars alike. 


Then just to rub in the mockery of hollows even further the Shinigami prepared what was clearly a Cero, a powerful one, using two hand to charge it together. But all it was to Monk was a fake version of the real thing. As the Cero beamed towards him. Monk took the Zanpakuto he was holding and sliced into the Cero as it reached him, cutting the beam in half it passed either side of him. His strength acquired from his ressurection made guarding against attacks almost too easy. 


Soon the Cero had dispersed past him and the next attack was coming in. A pathetic excuse for a Bala coming towards Monks right. So he didn’t even waste time moving the Zanpakuto to block it. Monk shifted his free hand and back handed the Bala. Letting it clash with his Hierro. Causing his Heirro to smoulder with heat. But no actual damage. But what came next came as a surprise and as Monk saw his mistake regretted not dodging the attacks. A bar of light appears in front of him and in five other directions. He brings the Zanpakuto down in an attempt to block the incoming bar of light. But all of them together pin him in the centre of his stomach restricting his movement. 


Monk released he could waste time. Taking the Zanpakuto he jams the blade into the small gap that separated the bar of light at the front of him and the one beside it and begins to pry it open. Once there was a gap he rushed his left hand into it to keep it open, now he needed his full strength and his own techniques. So he makes the decision to drop the Zanpakuto and begins ripping the Bakudo apart with his strength. Like it was made out of sheets of iron. Monk starts ripping at each now crack that appears and after some time forces his way out. 


By now he presumed Yoshirou would already be upon him, if not already about to hit him. So Monk prepares his defence. Cupping his hands together he swings them towards the already crack and uneven ground. A feat of strength that would again said rocks flying and create a small kinetic shockwave that would drive just and stand into the sky and around him. Which would hopefully throw off any attack that would be coming towards him. 


Monk couldn’t allow his cockiness to get the better of him. He knew he was the strongest. He didn’t need to prove or flaunt that fact. All he had to do was kill his opponents. If he hadn’t been so cocky he could have avoided such a tight situation that had led him to use such a drastic and devastating attack as defence. 

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