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Drip...drip...drip. The sound of water was all that could be heared as it echoed though out the walls of the dark cave. Yamashiro laied on his web while he nursed his wounds back to normal, he had been hurt much more then he first thought but being back in hueco mundo as long as he has the reishi seemed to be speeding up the healing time. As he was sitting there licking his wounds yamashiro contemplated how he could get stronger faster for this slow was way was not to his liking. When he was weaker it was easy to gain strength quickly for he just needed to devour other hollows, but that did not do as much as before so if he did not wish to get squashed to death one of these days then he needed to get stronger. Bzzzzzzz. Looking up he noticed that a small dragonfly type hollow was buzzing around above him, yamashiro reached out like he was gonna grab it tho it was to far out of reach a small yellow web shot forth from his hand. It stick to the hollow like it was made of glue then with a snap of the wrist the hollow was suddenly in his hand buzzing loudly as it was trying to escape his grasp. To yamashiro there was something about eating his pray alive that felt great compared to when it's dead, there is such a rush to know that you just took another's life that there exsistince was now in your hand. Rippin the wings off the hollow he took a big bite out of the hollows head, then with two more bites he finished his meal. Just then a explosion could be heard coming from within the tunnel, and from the sound of it the blast was pretty big. It had been three weeks now since he had returned from the land of the living and in all that time there had been no trouble, but now out of the blue some body wanted to attack the place which in all honesty was a bad idea cause if they wanted any luck on beating him it would have been better to have done it when he was still hurt. Unfortunately in the explosion there was no one lost which meant he was not able to lose any weaklings tho he would have some fun destroying the intruder, looking down from on his web yamashiro saw the hollow stroll out from within the tunnel like he owned the place. The hollow suddenly looked up to see yamashiro sitting on his web looking down at him so the beast would then jump as it attempted to reach yamashiro. Yamashiro looked like he was chewing on gum but he was actually mixing his saliva with the webbing in his mouth to create a sticky but soft compound that sticks to any thing it touches, taking a big breath yamashiro spit four wads of webbing on the hollows feet hands and midsection which flung the hollow back and slammed into the cave wall. Yamashiro lifted his hand up until his palm was facing the hollow as he started to charge his cero, as he was about to fire he had a idea to say a catchline before he killed the hollow. " sorry beast but it was fate that you die here at my hands maybe next life you won't die such a pathetic death. " Yamashiro fired his charged cero as it turned the hollow into dust and blasted a big hole into the side of his cave, with that boring display yamashiro went back to sleep.

Wc: 610

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It had been three weeks now and yamashiro was back to a hundred percent and more, there is always a lesson that can be learned from losing and those that see what it is they become stronger with out even knowing it. If he had to choose how he was feeling it would be boring, ever since that dumb hollow attack four weeks before there has been nothing fun for him to do which was pissing him off.

To take his mind off of just wondering around he decided to take a stroll out side, it seemed like a long time now that he just walked and looked at the large moon which shined brightly over the sand filled place he called home. Sitting on a boulder he noticed some small lizard type hollow scurrying about though the sand like they had no worries in the world, tho seeing as there so small and non aggressive they do not get pick to be some ones pray since hollows like a worthy fighter to tangle with.

But as he sat there watching them he wondered how they was able to stay alive if they could not kill hollows, just then a hollow the size of a bed flew by and as the lizard saw  it he shot his tongue out as it wrapped around the bed then it pulled it into its mouth. Ah so it seemed that the creatures could just survive by breathing the reishi particles in like food and they also hunter the hollows that was weaker and smaller then they, topical hollow behavior which meant they was no different then him.

Reaching down yamashiro picked up the lizard as he looked at it, then he placed its head in side his mouth as he then bit down eating the hollow up in two bites. He was about to get up but he felt something slam into his back,turning around he noticed that there was three hollows and from there looks and spiritual pressure he would place them into weaker ladder of adjuchas class. He could already tell that this was going to be boring even if he was gonna fight against three enemy's, it would have been more of a challenge if at least one was a vosto.

"Can I help you three, if you have no business with me then I ask you leave before I do something you won't like."

Yamashiro said to them as he stood up to face them, one looked like a monkey but since it was a hollow it was a little bigger then those from the world of the living . The second one reminded him of the minotaur which was said to be part man and part bull, tho there was no proof that they even existed. The third one looked just like a bat, but just what reason do they have for attacking him.

" you ask what we want with you, that's simple we  want your head for destroying our home and for killing our friends. You must pay for your crimes, by our self we stand no chance against you but with our combine strength we just might be able to take you down. "  

yamashiro looked at the three with a puzzled look, he was trying to remember which hollow hive he destroyed in which he even let a ant survive.

" i am sorry boys but I have no idea what your even talking about, for one when I destroy something or some one I allow no one to live but yet here you stand not being dead. Oh well I guess I just need to clean up the mess I forgot to throw out with the trash. "

the three hollows did not seem to like what he said to them so in a rage they rushed him from three different angles like a pyramid, there attacks never reached him tho. Using his multiple arms yamashiro caught all three then one at a time he tossed them away but to where they slammed into one another. Raising his arm out in front of him he pointed the palm of his hand towards the hollows, as he charged his energy up his hand began to glow before it started to form into a ball of red energy.

" cero "

with those words the energy shot forward into a beam that was aimed for the three hollows, unfortunately it was only able to kill one of them cause the bull suddenly grabbed the other two and tossed them out of harms way before his cero hit the hollow. With out a second notice yamashiro was standing in front of the monkey hollow, he reached out grabbing it by the throat as he was gonna break it's neck but out of nowhere little hair needle came springing out from his body. Unfortunately for the hollow it's hair needle broke upon contact with yamashiro body as if they was made of glass, dropping the body he used sonido to suddenly appear behind the bat hollow. Yamashiro reached out as he grabbed the hollow by his wings then placed his foot into the center of its back and with one good tug he ripped the wings right off the hollow. The hollow lay there not moving but screaming its head off as it watches its own wings burn before it's eyes. Taking his leg he stabbed down onto the hollows head squishing it which killed the hollow, with that side note over with he decided that it was time to have more fun so using sonido he vanished back to his lair.

Wc: 939

Leaving thread.

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