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Samsara    19

Character: Isoya

Day: March 9th

Location: J Hall


I've gone past what most thought was impossible. Always having a Top Locker which was something rare at the "Time". I feel the senses of my core heightens. There is little time to falter as the echo of souls who have lost their reason to fight, the will to live. The lost ones that have become chainless on this earth lose their center of gravity in a reverse six feet under.


In a days notice I was alert enough not to evacuate the city and see through the main illusionist and seek the truth about his damaged subordinates. Before I enrolled this year and had all my documents along with my flash drive I faced one hundred and ten disasters called hollows. Blink I did at the unbelievable sadness and once my vision saw the truth they were left obliterated. Now I find myself with six assignments to be done.


Height: 5'11

Weight: 185

Eye color: Dark

Hair: Straight

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