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From Student to Soldier

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ChaosKaiz    591

There is much knowledge in having power, but there is more power to be gained through obtaining knowledge. The Academy is a place that takes time to harness, control, and enhance the potential that exists within a Soul of the Soul Society. Regashi is one to be granted the opportunity to experience this and truly he would be one to prove the fact that the academy is capable of truly changing his way. Each class he was meant to take and the design between the years that they were meant to establish inside of him would be most interesting.

The class had designed a goal to enforce the use of the Zanpakuto, which is almost universally a traditional katana, and each person was tasked to master a style of swordsmanship with a focus on the basics of Kendo. Regashi had not had the pleasure of having a katana like everyone else, and although he would learn the style that they had provided to him. Still, he would dive further into the two weapons provided by him and would enhance the style of dual wielding leading to his ability to become ambidextrous.

A focus on the natural flow of Reiryoku and channel into the powers known as Kido, a unique spell casting method that was developed long before his time and continues to grow every few decades further. Regashi was natural proficient with the ways and art of Kido, but over the course of his time in the academy, there as a lost interest in pursuing the depth of his studies and the ideally useless techniques to him to delve further. THough he was more interested in the control of Reiryoku and would develop his own method of manipulating the power properly.

Not all moments will allow for someone to have their weapons readily available, and as such one will learn to fight with their bare hands. Perhaps, more specifically, the ability to fight without a weapon within their hands. Regashi took to this class above all of the other classes and would be considered top of his class with this. Except for the fact that his ability with his legs and kicks were not as efficient with his arms.

This class would be dedicated on effective movement and Regashi would not be the most proficient, but he would be effective enough. So much so that his early years he learned Shunpo before even leaving the academy.

Eventually Regashi would be able to graduate from the academy and even be accepted into the Fifth Division under Captain Sosuke Aizen as an unseated officer with high marks of recommendations from all of his teachers. So now, his journey really begins...

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ChaosKaiz    591

The road to becoming a soul reaper was a long one indeed, especially for Regashi, who was of the few that had come from the outermost districts of the Rukongai and made it to the ranks of the top of the class individuals. His name, his being, was now one with a select group which would include the current captain of the Eleventh Division, Kenpachi, and his lieutenant, Yachiru, who were also from the outer districts but not the same one or even same direction.

Today, Regashi would be waking up as a member of the Fifth Division under captain Sosuke Aizen. Something that he would not have expected when he first met the man back during the entrance exams, but it would appear there were many good words spoken about Regashi that held an impression on the Captain as well as the Lieutenant, Momo Hinamori, as well. Though he could be a member of the division, he was still considered a simple front-line soldier in combat or a supportive individual throughout the squad because unseated members had all the menial tasks of cleaning, maintaining, supporting, and working under the seated members.

Still, this was just another step on his journey and, unlike his comrades that were also unseated, he had no problem with his position because he had no goal like some of the others. Many wanted to one day be a captain of their own division, or be granted some special recognition for their accomplishments. No, Regashi simply wanted to be the best at what he did and be known for his capability to perform and not his abilities to shine. This mentality is what leads to many good remarks about his behavior, which was humorous to him and the few friends that he had gathered in the division.

Although he would be one to work hard when given a task, he was known to be lazy and taking a nap under a tree in the shade to pass by time so that he would not have to do any real work. There have been plenty of times when one of the seated members were frantically sending other unseated officers to look for Regashi because there was some job that they wanted him to do.

Time had changed his behavior to not be as persistent in his studies, but so much more focus on his abilities. Regashi had taken time to harness his talents with Hakuda and Hoho, becoming one of the most proficient members of the unseated level within his Squad and among many other’s as well. So much so that there have been countless times that the Eleventh Division would have members sparring with Regashi just to test themselves. Though his Kido proficiency was not one to be noted as he had been slacking on much of his reading, although he was fully aware of how to channel his Reiryoku properly.

Aside from what was already known would be the few secrets that he has kept from most everyone, being that he has mastered his Shikai (which was obvious due to part of the reason he left the academy) but that his Shikai powers and what he reveals to them are limited. There is a great power in him when he unleashes his Zanpakuto and the armor consumes both of his arms, chest, and entire back. The ability to use his skills with Hakuda is only amplified by the tungsten armaments.

Regashi is identified as a Melee-Type with his Zanpakuto simply giving him “Arms of Iron” as some would refer to, with the name he calls of his Zanpakuto, “Tetsu.” The truth of his powers remains a secret, to everyone in his squad which includes the captain. Even the academy was not aware of the powers that he had as he maintained the hidden portion of his powers. There was no clear reason outside of the fact that he would not wish to deal with the hassle and questions regarding the extent of his powers. Though when in private he would practice with the ability to increase his skills, but other than that there would be revealing it.

His changes over time also included his appearance, as he had decided towards the end of his time at the Academy that the mass that he called hair was annoying and decided to cut most of it all off and left nothing but the portion on top that he would tie into a bun at the end proving to be an improvement in his appearance but also for his combat abilities. He would even request, instead of wearing the traditional uniform of a Soul Reaper, he would request a shirt that would hold firmly to his body and without sleeves. Mainly because of the comfort that it brings, but also because in any instance that he would release his Shikai, it would become complicated to effectively utilize his techniques. The other reason being that fully releasing his Shikai would burn away his clothing, and attempting to explain that he attempted a Kido and it backfired was becoming annoying.

Today, Regashi would find himself in the Eleventh Division Barracks walking slowly towards one of the training areas entirely based on the request from one of the seated members of the division. There was a momentary thought of denying the request and simply taking a nap for the rest of the day, but he had to get some of his training in for the day. Although there was little work that he wanted to do, there was a technique that he had wanted to perfect if not efficiently perform. It would honestly seem like the better decision and thus the reason he was making this walk. Also, it allowed him to have a reason to be excused from non-priority tasks from his own seated officers. Since sparring session is an actual important asset to the Eleventh Division functions.

Eventually, he would make the turn down the last hallway into a large opening that would reveal a stage like an area that was set outside in the light with a handful of people all gathered around. Many of which were practicing their sword techniques and Regashi would recall that not all individuals who became members of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads can release their Shikai although they could communicate with their Zanpakuto. He would shrug at the thought as if he was in the middle of a conversation with someone.

Hey, Regashi!

Someone would shout from the right of him and some distance away, but he would take note of the man running towards him. Someone that he had interacted with several times but cannot seem to recall his name, and honestly his existence did seem to skip the mind of Regashi from time to time. Either way, he would wave halfheartedly at the man to show that he acknowledged him before the man approached and engaged in conversations.

So glad that you could make it because we got a few of the unseated members of all of the divisions to come down for a little battle to see who has the strongest members in the divisions.

It did seem like an interesting idea at the way he put it, and it was in that moment that Regashi realized that was the reason some of the people were not easy to recognize because he was attempting to remember all the people that were in the Eleventh Division but many of them were from other Divisions apart from the First, Second, Fourth, Sixth, and Twelfth Divisions, but for obvious reasons. The first division is full of people who must set an example, the discipline for those in the second division would not allow such a frivolous waste of time, the fourth was not combat proficient as the others, the sixth just had sticks too far in their rears, and the twelfth division was mostly full of researchers.

The man would move towards the stage as he would make his way up, and upon seeing this many of the others would do the same. As they would approach the stage, Regashi would be able to count on a good 30 or 35 men and women that were making their way to the stage. As they would all make their way up, the man would be speaking, addressing everyone.

Simple. Last one on the stage… and conscious,

He had to add that last part just to make it very clear to the gathered crowd,

Will be declared the winner. All weapons and skills allowed, but no killing or maiming.

That would seem clear, but Regashi knew that not all individuals that enjoyed combat also held restraint and could be able to take it a little too far from time to time. Not that it mattered to Regashi as he was not too worried about receiving such damage from anyone anyway, but he still would have to be cautious. Though there was nothing else to say as the next second would bring a rush of activity as people would start to aim for the advantage and throw a few people off the stage to remove immediate competition.

Regashi would not be a target for that rush since he was closer to the center, but that would make him and a few others the target for rush attacks to knock them out. It was all too obvious and the person that was aiming for him couldn’t have seen more than training combat in his life and it was comical. The form and technique were flawless as he came at Regashi with a swift sweep kick, but with a quick lift of his forward foot, he could lift himself, spin slightly, and deliver a quick leaping back kick to the face of the young man who would collapse immediately.

Within seconds there stood perhaps 10 or 12 people left on the stage as a few people would leave the fact that they were already eliminated, but it would be the same people who wouldn’t have lasted in direct combat as well. Of the remaining off stage, they would take the time to come on the stage and move some of the bodies, which was only allowed because of the remaining people all kind of stopped to plan their next moves.

Many of the first strikes lead to them being eliminated instead except for maybe a third of the remaining combatants. Regashi was not expecting this kind of spar session but it seemed a bit… Lame. In either event, he was not one to lose a contest in most cases and it would prove interesting to see what these individuals that remained were capable of and being in the thick of it would provide the most amount of information possible.

His position in the group was almost center, with two people taking that position, and him on the left side of the center with a few people on the outer end of his left side. This lead to him realizing that his Eight Trigrams Technique would not effectively operate and his Wing Chun would be compromised by the potential sneak attacks. This meant that he would revert to his base of Kenpo and maintain a surveillance of his surroundings.

The first thing that he noticed would be that most of them hadn’t even touched their weapons, all remaining sheathed, and the individual who did have a weapon had a whip meaning that he had released his Zanpakuto. A few moments later, another rush would take place as everyone would attempt to target a single person. Not a single person had decided to go for Regashi, the one-eyed warrior, and that would prove to be disappointing for the larger individual would grab him and start charging towards the edge of the area.

Apparently, this large man decided that he would be taking the chance to throw Regashi from the stage by running him to the end and even lifting him off the ground. Quickly he would take his free arms and clap them on the ears of the man with a pocket in his palm to force a large amount of air pressure to enter the ear canal. It obviously did prove to disorientate the charging man but not enough to cause him to stop.

Still, with the fact that the man was shaken a little bit would be all Regashi would need as he would strike his right hand, two fingers, into the muscle of the man’s neck next to the jugular before placing his left hand into the deltoid muscle and striking at it had with another precise attack. His following motion would be to brace his feet on the abdomen of the man as his right arm would wrap around his head. The attacks would sting and leave his arms weaker and his focus broken as he dropped all his weight backward and feeling his momentum shift both in the air temporarily. Using the force of all that charging momentum he would continue until he could feel the ground across his back and kicked the man from the stage before rolling to his own feet.

Regashi would dust himself off as he would make his way back towards the center seeing a few more people on the ground and even a few flying off the stage as well with one voluntarily walking off with a limp. There would be four members left on the stage, Regashi included, and each of the three would look at one another with a smile.

Yes, they were all from the same Division. This had become very clear as each of them began to move around Regashi attempting to circle him. This would be their mistake, as Regashi would relax his stance and lower his posture with his body moving slowly but smoothly. His eye would scan as he would move in a small circular pattern within the center. His position made it clear that he would be unable to be removed from the stage meaning that they would go for the knockout. Regashi would wonder why he was the only member of the Fifth Division that would be here and wondered if there would be a different outcome if he had collaborated up like they have but that thought would drift from his mind as soon as it arrived.

Quickly they would all remove their Zanpakuto and release their weapons. His eye would scan each release taking note of the design and way that they each handled the weapons. All their forms seemed to be combat ready, meaning the base would be melee but he was not sure of anything else about them that he should be aware of. So, he would pull his Zanpakuto from his back and speak,

Engage, Tetsu.

Quickly the glow would change like the others and light would consume his upper body, save his abdomen, and would shatter revealing the black metal that would be his Zanpakuto. Many of the fresh unseated individuals in the crowd was excited to see the release of their comrades and the power that was behind them. Although Regashi would be keeping his power suppressed a bit to keep this entertaining and to not exert himself too far and accidentally let his power out.

The man with the hammer would strike first with a leaping strike at Regashi. Regashi would quickly be able to sidestep the strike and in the motion, was able to push his right hand into the armpit of the man wielding a two-handed hammer just as another individual came at him with a short sword. It was a quick motion, faster than Regashi to dodge and so he would take the blade as it was being lunged with the palm of his left hand. He would then sidestep to the left and force the blade to move towards the man with the hammer.

Though their coordination was impressive because it would be that moment that he sides stepped that he would recognize the third individual had thrown what appears to be a boomerang at him, aiming for the space between his two comrades. Quickly Regashi would smack the straight sword up to deflect the boomerang with his left hand while entering a squatted position. Like a spring he would lift and deliver an open palm attack on the chin of the hammer wielder.

There was enough force to lift the man off the ground. As he followed with the leap, Regashi would grab the boomerang with his left hand that was in the air and throw it at the swordsman. He would grip the hammer wielder with his right hand by the collar and launch him down at the swordsman as well, pulling the hammer from his hands. Using the momentum of the air and channeling the slightest amount of his Reiryoku he could alter his position and launch the hammer at the boomerang holder.

The speed his actions were impressive as he could incapacitate each of the three in a sequence of rapid actions with a roar of excitement from the crowd. Just as he landed he would hear the voice of what sounded to be Momo cutting through the cheers.… “Regashi Hokori.

The way that she spoke was a bit intimidating to the others who were fully aware of her skills with a weapon, and more so her proficiency with Kido was nearly unmatched as the seated member of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. Due to that respect formed, everyone would fall silent as she would approach the stage as Regashi would seal his Zanpakuto and place it inside of his sheath upon his back.

Yes, Lieutenant Hinamori.” He would respond with a firm stance and a slight bow because of any time that he heard his name said like that, he was about to have to clean the entire barracks with the other troublemakers. Though this time that would not appear to be the case as a smile would appear on his face,

First, let me say very impressive.” He had not expected that response but would say nothing to ensure that he did not put his own foot in his mouth. “I have not seen you engaged in actual combat, but I would say that would be pretty close.” There was a slight boost to his ego, but not one that he would visibly show as a few members in the crowd would agree, slightly inaudibly so, based on his performance. “In either case, you have a mission with Kuja and Izual in the World of the Living.” This was even more surprising than the change of tone from Momo, for Regashi had never been to the world of the living up to this point and only knew about it from his studies. There was an actual sense of excitement about it overall. “Meet Kuja, who will lead the team, at the Senkaimon,” With that, she would move him towards the direction that the Senkaimon was and he would obey the order but not before she said one last thing.

Way to prove that the Fifth Division is best.


TL; DR | Regashi spent time reflecting on his time in the Fifth Division and his own development from Academy to Unseated Officer. Everything from his appearance down to his disposition in general. He was invited by a friend from the Eleventh Division to engage in a special training session with other Unseated Officers from other Divisions. Regashi was effective in his ability and could take the victory just as Lieutenant Momo Hinamori would arrive to see the conclusion and inform Regashi of his first mission in the World of the Living.

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TWC | 3,759

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