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Ability Approval Thread

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Welcome to the ORP Ability Approval Thread. The moderator team fully understands the major role that characters' personal abilities play in the RP. That being said, it is also understood that sometimes it can be very hard to compete in the RP without one's abilities which cannot be used until they have been approved by a moderator. When you're ready to have your abilities looked at for approval, post here to let the moderators know and we'll get to it as soon as we can.

Rule of Ability Approval: Ability Approval requests in this thread should only be made if your character is eligible to use the abilities you wish the have approved, either by reaching the Reiatsu requirement or obtaining access to the release that includes the desired abilities. If that requirement is met you can post your request in this thread using the below format:


Character Name:

Desired Release Approval: (Shikai, Resurrección, etc.)
Character Application Link:

For The Purpose of Equipment Item Approvals Use This Template:

Character Name:
Equipment Item Name:
Character Application Link:

Ability Approval Requests List:

  • XARIUS KAERU - SHINIGAMI - Shikai/Bankai/Shunko/Custom Kido [DONE]
  • CONNOR KNIGHT - FULLBRINGER - Complete Fullbring [DONE]
  • KUSHŌ ORIRU - SHINIGAMI - Shikai/Bankai/Non-Release [DONE]
  • EVANI - QUINCY - Black Sanrei Glove [DONE]
  • HIZORASHI MASATO - FULLBRINGER - Incomplete Fullbring [DONE]
  • HEMION VESPASSI - HOLLOW - Shikai/Bankai/Vaizard [DONE]
  • ARTHUR WRIGHT - FULLBRINGER - All Abilities [W.I.P 90%] Rash
  • TSUKISHIMA HIGURASHI - ARRANCAR - Resurrección/ Segunda Etapa [W.I.P 90%] Rash
  • YUROSHIMA HOSHIKO - SHINIGAMI - Non-Release/Shikai/Bankai [W.I.P 80%] Rash
  • HIZORASHI MASATO - FULLBRINGER - Complete Fullbring [W.I.P 90%] Rash
  • SAN SALVATORE - SHINIGAMI - Bankai [W.I.P 80%] Rash
  • YAMASHIRO GAZAMI - ARRANCAR - Resurrección/ Segunda Etapa  [REWORK W.I.P 0%] Rash
  • ZENAKU SHIIBA - SHINIGAMI - Shikai [W.I.P 0%] Rash
  • NARIKO MIZUSHIMA - SHINIGAMI - Non-Release/Shikai [Queued]
  • MARKO REAGAN - SHINIGAMI - Shikai [Queued]

Equipment Item Approval Requests List:

  • Owner - Equipment Item [Status]
  • Owner - Equipment Item [Status]
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Character Name: Yusei Kinoshita
Race: Quincy
Desired Release Approval: Black Sanrei Glove
Character Application Link: Enjoy

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