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The Condition of the World

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The Condition of the World

This thread is meant to keep track of the current events within all of the realms and site plots effecting those realms. In the Current Events thread players can post a short summary of their character's current story path for others to read and get a gist of what is going on in the day to day life. This thread will be updated every Sunday at 10am eastern.

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Karakura Town

The day to day of the Material world goes on like nothing has happened since the rifts. There are still some left over that the Shinigami are closing. The bigger issue is getting back to the normal jobs that a shinigami has helping souls move on and the hollows that invade the plain. Some of the presence of new Fullbringers, Bounts, and Quincies have started to pop up as well, though their interactions with one another seems to be limited. The leaders of each of the groups is actively trying to recruit new members into their ranks. 


Connor Knight: TBD

Tamura Ryūnosuke: Hoping to "turn a new leaf" after a tragic accident, Ryūnosuke and his mother Mariko leave Osaka and move to Karakura Town. While Mariko tries earnestly to reconnect with her troubled son, Ryūnosuke struggles to rid himself of his guilt and anger while adapting to his new life. Amidst a turmoil of mismanaged emotions, Ryūnosuke continues to pull away from Mirako and refuses to accept that he must learn to live with his past mistakes. After only two days in Karakura, Ryūnosuke considers running away from home and never returning, however he realizes that he can't abandon his mother. While rushing home that evening, Ryūnosuke is attacked by a Hollow, Baron Quadhorn. Unwilling to draw to the creature to his home and mother, Ryūnosuke fights Quadhorn, armed with only his metal baseball bat. The battle triggers the awakening of Ryūnosuke's latent supernatural powers. The battle ends with Ryūnosuke critically injured and Baron Quadhorn forced to flee at the arrival of a group of masked-humans. When Ryūnosuke next wakes his wounds have all mysteriously been healed.

Tetsuya Kataoka: TBD

Hizorashi Masato: TBD

Arthur Wright: TBD

Hueco Mundo

The Grim Reaper Draka Acturial continues to lord over Hueco Mundo. The White Desert is full of unknown danger. . Though his realm have new forces seem to be at work and whether this is for the better or not only the future knows. The Grand Menos seemed to be gathering for some reason.


Yamashiro Gazami: TBD

Tsukishima Higurashi: TBD

Hemion Vespassi: TBD

Soul Society

Like the Material Plane, Soul Society has only a few rifts left to close. The real issue is the disjointed and mess that was left in the wake of things. There are a lot of shinigami potential moving around in Rukongai and Seireitei. The Central 46 is continuing their 4 year long search of finding a worthy candidate to take the title of Captain Commander, which is currently held by Mikoto Shuu in a temporary fashion as he does not desire to maintain the rank. 


Oriru Ryuka Kushō: Oriru, originally from the slums of the Rukongai, had joined the Gotei 13 by assignment from Central 46 as an Administration Officer. Eventually he was able to earn the promotion that he worked so hard to claim, Senior Administration Officer of the Administration Department with the First Division. During this time, he had become a well known and well respected member of the Soul Society. He had taken the time to know every person and every activity that has been documented and processed through his department which allowed him to strengthen bonds with nearly every Officer, Citizen, and Affiliate. Within the Administration Department, Oriru has been able to do some good, but he has decided that he needs a position of obvious power to really help improve the operations of the Soul Society and as such as set his eyes on the 13th Division. The only thing holding back is an untapped potential. He has now claimed the title of Vice-Captain of the First Division.

Xarius Kaeru: Kaeru has recently returned to Soul Society after 4 years trapped in a dimensional rift with memories of a different life. Upon returning to Seireitei he was taken to the Central 46 and his memories were restored. They tasked him with working his way back up through the ranks of the Gotei 13. He recently lost a fight to Möröödögch in which he should of died, but Hitsuyo na Shizukesai intervened at the last moment. He has just taken the Captain's Proficiency test to claim the title of the First Division Captain from Sif Barkuz, who is now the Director of Administrative Affairs. His goal is to provide Soul Society with some stability as he has now returned the rank of Captain Commander.

Yuroshma Hoshiko: TBD

Aurora (Aya Isamu): TBD

Dante Hirako: TBD

Hitsuyona Shizukesai: TBD

Möröödögch: TBD

Nariko Mizushima: TBD


Emperor Haschwald has moved back into the Wandenreich realm to regain his power and recruit members once again. Those that he is able to pluck from the Material world are the chosen. Who could he recruit into the fold to protect his realm from possible invaders?


Otoya: TBD


Everything is relatively calm in each realm at this time, but that is subject to change with each group finding new members. Who will stand out? What stories will shape this new chapter? Who will be the first to tip the balance on the scales? Was is lingering issues will mold the future? Where are all of the Vaizards?


Welcome to the ORP newest reset.
(lol hopefully activity will be plentiful and we can pull out some events)


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