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Hitsuyona Shizukesa

Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

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Fate Points can be obtained through two methods, which are Reiatsu Growth and 'Achievements'. You will obtain FP at 30/45/60/80/100/125/150/200 Thousand Reiastu, which will range from 1-3 points depending on the tier of Reiatsu and is added to a Points Balance on the Rankings. Achievement Rewards shall vary, and examples of possible Achievements are obtaining Ranks Such as Vice Captain, Espada, Captain Commander etc. A full list of possible achievements are listed in a subsequent post and are subject to be added or removed later on. Please note that not all Achievements will reward Points for the shop, and could include things such as a small reiatsu boost or 'unique items'. 

Major: You may only purchase two 'major' items over the course of your RP characters lifetime. 

[5 Points] Duality

[4 Points] Vaizard

[3 Points] Shunko -Shinigami- (Comes with 2 Abilities revolving around 'shunko', Can not be purchased if you have Vizard)

[6 Points] Full Hollow Form -Vaizard Extension-

[4 Points] Segunda Etapa -Arrancar-

[3 Points] High-Speed Regeneration -Hollow/Viz-

[4 Points] Reishi Heisō -Quincy (Armor, gives 2 additional ability slots based around theme of said 'armor')

[4 Points] Power Transference -FB/Bount- (Gains a secondary ability 'theme' from an NPC that merits 3 additional ability slots for such)

[3 Points]Pledge Allegiance -Human- (Able to 'Join' the hollow or Shinigami, and learn either sides reiryoku based techniques as well as granting transportation between worlds.)



[2 Points]2nd Blut Power -Quincy-

[2 Points] Ransotengai -Quincy-

[1 Points]2 Non-Release Ability Slots (Must be related to Kidou-esque racial powers, personal non 'release' powers, or be non elemental otherwise. These can be things like a custom Kido or Cero, or even be related to some secondary non spiritual weapon, etc etc.)

[1 Points]Release Ability Slot 

Ability Slots RULING: Essentially you can only purchase ability slots a total of 5 times, however you divvy that up is totally up to you, but the end total is 20-25.

[1 Points] 'Rei'dar - An electronic device of your choosing that emits a signal upon activation, which gives you knowledge of spiritually aware persons within a 100 Meter Radious of yourself. Especially handy in finding Spiritually Aware humans, or for those specifically paranoid of a ambush. This device gives a rough estimate of their Reiatsu. (Meaning if they are 50k it would simply tell you in IC terms they are around 40-60k in whatever IC fashion they would interpret it as)

[1 Points] Convincing Disguise - Much like a gigai, but this device makes your persons appear to be different, such as an espada appearing to be a natural human or simply a complete makeover. This device is however susceptible to your reiatsu limits, and deactivates if using more than 30% of your potential Reiatsu, AKA 30% of any stat. 

[2 Points] ESP (Electro Spirit Pulse) - A device that prevents anyone within a 50M limit from using their 'powers' aka Releases for 5 posts, but works on ANYONE near it. Only one use per battle. Five Overall Uses, and costs 1 Points to Recharge

[1 Points] Reiatsu Boost - One Time Use ONLY 5K Boost

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PLEASE NOTE l Some Achievements are left to Mod Discretion, as to not allow persons to try and abuse this system with minimal effort, if you feel you have earned one please note so in your weekly WC, and supply a link to the thread, and in some cases the post in which it occurs specifically. Limit to one possible Achievement gained per week, just in case anyone feels like cheesing the system. Blue Achievements are limited ones that only a few can achieve, or pertain to something of a limited time ordeal like arcs or positions only one person could hold at a time.


Legacy Point Recipient l Special Achievement for those who participated and attempted to make the last reset 'work'. Recipients are: ChaosKaiz, Hitsuyona, Dan(Kaz), Grimm, Kite, IchigoLink, Kumo, Aiden, HavocReaper, The Waster, Mehrune.

Ditching the Grunt Work l Achieve a Position similar to Vice Captain, Fraccion etc.

Leadership Is Key l Achieve the second highest possible rank, such as a captain, espada, Viz Cell leader etc.

King of the Hill l Achieve highest possible leadership of your Organization

Screw the 'man' l Form a non-standard Organization consisting of at least 4 role players, and maintain the 'group' for over one month. -Given to all participating-

Learning the Ropes l Achieve and use your 'first release' in a battle against another Role Player. -A 'friendly' spar does not count!-

Veteran of War l Achieve and participate in a battle against an opposing race, in which you used your 'second release' and lived to tell the tale.

PTSD l Defeat and kill an opponent in battle, in which the person defeated is not controlled by yourself, or a person whom we deemed didn't lean the battle in favor of yourself. -Another RP Char, or Player controlled NPC required-

Make Peace, Not War l Establish a peace between two persons involving influences of the opposing races as a whole, while doing so in a way the encourages character development as opposed to word count or 'meet and greet' style threads. -Requirement for the 'Pledge Allegiance' shop item-

Mercenary For Hire l Complete two self driven 'missions' within one or two threads, which go against two races as a whole. Imagination is key, assassinations of a Player controlled NPC or RP Char, prison breaks, intelligence gathering, etc. 

Reinforcements have arrived l Come to the aide of a previously established or clearly insinuated ally in the heat of a PVP battle, and help assure their life. 

A Kind Heart | Spare an opponent who truly attempted to kill you in battle -Another RP Char, or Play controlled NPC required-

Serial Killer | Defeat and kill five people in battles in which the people killed didn't willingly throw the battle in your favor.  -Another RP Char, or Player controlled NPC required-




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Spending 1 fate point for the one time boost of 5k 

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