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Grimm the Ripper

House of death.

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A large wooded door appeared out of thin air above the town of karakura, it was a cold and misty day. Using flash step saizo landed onto the ground as his light step made marks on the grassy lawn. As he looked around his surrounding s he could sense something was not right, for one where was all the people it was like he just walked into a ghost town. "Hahaha this way soul reaper this way, that is... if you wish to know what happened here." 

There was a creepy voice that rang out though the misty fog, so like the said saizo followed the sound of the voice knowing all well that this could possibly be a trap. But if he wanted to know why there was no soul around he would have to investigate it, the further he went into the mist the denser the fog became.

Suddenly the fog disappeared and standing in front of him was a house, the door to the house suddenly opened up but there was no one there which was freaky. Since the house was clearly inviting him in saizo walked into the door where it slammed shut behind him. "Welcome....welcome young captain and welcome to my abode or domain if you wish, now let's get the fun started. So captain let's see how long you can survive for or will you meet your death inside my house of death hahahahah." 

After the voice spoke hollows started showing up one at a time until the room was full of low level hollows, nothing that he could not handle but it was the share number that bothered him. DING!!! The sound of the bell caused all the hollow,s to go into a frenzy, reaching down saizo grabbed the handle of his zanpakto and as he pulled it from his sheath his sword activated turning into a pair of gloves. Thrusting his arms out to his side he made very fine thin wire to shoot out and then wrapped around the hollows head, then making a fist the wires contracted and cut the hollows into tiny pieces. "What next, that's not all you have is it if so that's so weak."

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