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The Unstoppable Force

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Ooc - hoping to make a return to my Roleplay. Have a lot of unfinished business and hope to possibly rekindle some fires of other Roleplayer or new ones.

The vast desert of Hueco Mundo, endless white sand under a pale moon and know one knew this better than the Arrancar Monk. Wandering for what felt like month now. Monk had finally come to understand the meaning of endless, this desert went on forever and even without allies he would strive towards an endless life. The Espada, the worthless Espada had given him nothing. They did not have the strength he required, the raging battle against Vatto had proven that much. This far into Hueco Mundo, Monk didn't expect to see anyone or anything. The absence of all life was more comforting than any company he'd ever indulged in. His thoughts were all that were left to keep him company along with his zanpakuto. However his thought, dreams and fears weren't the best company to have with him at all time. As Monk progressed further and further into the desert, the loneliness gnawed at Monk brain, if anyone did turn up, they'd be no ally, if the chains came for him. He rattled his head to rid himself of the sound of chains. But he was never truly rid of them. They haunted him when he rested or when his thoughts drifted. 

"How long have you been walking?" Someone asked him. "Months? Maybe a year now...... What are you hoping to find? Salvation? Peace? An answer or an end?" Monk swings his zanpakuto behind him, but cuts nothing but thin air. "Why not let a hollow devour you, wouldn't that bring peace to you?" The voice continued to mock him. "Emptiness". That was what Monk was looking for, even though he detested Shinigami, if he was far enough away, surely they'd never bother him, never come searching for him. Without shinigami, without them, his chances at survive rose. If it cost him his sanity, it didn't matter. Monk had lost hope in now finding a cause, finding a purpose. Nothing. Nothing was worthy of him. No Great War, no journey of enlightenment and no peace worth fighting for. 

"Shame....." , "what's that?" "That Arrancar was worth something, shame he decided to join that worthless Espada. If anyone could have been a worthy ally it was him." Monk remembered his latest right well. His blood hadn't had the chance to rush like that for a long time. But it was all for nought, nothing but a slightly amusement. "And a great inconvenience...." Monk cackled to himself as he looked over to his left arm, completely deprived of clothing to cover the scarred limb, as it had been torn off. No.... much more than torn, it had been erased, during his fight he'd been left with nothing, but a great chunk missing out of his shoulder, that damned Kyohi or whatever Vatto called it had 'rejected' the very existence of Monk's limb, which in turn sent Monk into a fit of rage as he tired to tear Vatto limb from limb and would have succeeded had it not been for the spectators intervening. But had it not been for Vatto he would not have his left arm back. Once the conflict had settled. Vatto used his abilities to not exactly heal, but at least rejuvenate his limb. Which is something Monk never had the pleasure of, having traded all his regenerative abilities for superior strength and what he thought was an unbreakable Heirro. "Had we journeyed together it would have only ended in conflict to produce the strongest among us" Monk argued with himself as he'd experienced destroying someone he once traveled with not long before he turned Arrancar. "Allies are pointless eventually they'll turn against you for their own gain. You can only trust yourself" Monk says out loud looking into the distance and spotting something out of place.
An object, bold and vast in size. 'It couldn't be Las Noches? Surely I haven't been going in a circle' Monk thought to himself as he continued walking towards the object and as he got ever closer as the distance was always exaggerated when all there was between one thing or another was sand.

As Monk finally reached the object. Monk stared pulled..... 'A boulder' he think. "It's not that unlikely, they must have built Las Noches from something" the voice talk to him again. It wasn't smooth, the boulder was jagged in places, smooth in others, but nothing like the stone that held up Las Noches. It seemed out of place. Monk placed his left hand against the boulder, he hadn't had chance to test out his rejuvenated arm, He pushes against the great bolder. But it remains firm, which Monk would have normally thought impossible. He switches over and uses his right arm and attempts to move the boulder. But still it remains firm and unmoved. Monk took his zanpakuto out of his belt and left it standing in the ground. Walking several feet back Monk expelled the first burst of energy he had in month as he sprinted towards the boulder and crashed into it. Still the great monolith stood against him. 'Never have I ever found something I could not move' Monk was baffled, either his strength had diminished from the lack of activity during these last long month or the battle from Vatto had taken that greater a toll on his body. Monk took his zanpakuto and fit it back into his belt. Then he dug his feet deep into the sand, one behind the other and placed both hands on the opponents that lay before him and he pushed. The colossal boulder still refused to move. "What are you doing?" He heard the voice. Monk was afraid of his answer. "Odd isn't it. Something that rivals my strength, is something as simple as this...." Monk growls putting all his strength into move the monolith. "My strength is unrivalled." Monk focused as he took a step forward and the great boulder shifted. As Monk pushed its true size was revealed as it was unearthed. But Monk fought on, pushing a simple but immense foe towards an unseen goal.  


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Embracing the cold still air, Monk now laying on top of the giant monolith he had been pushing for days now. He didn't know where he was taking it. What he did know though, was that it was coming with him. It gave him something of worth to prove that he could move this and that his strength was on another level.  Nothing else seemed important, even the hollows that had followed the trail he'd left in the sand. They roared and screamed unable to do anything about his position on top of the monolith. He could no longer remember when he was just a lesser hollow. No better than an animal. 'I suppose I wouldn't have know that back then though' Monk thought sitting up seeing that once again nothing and no one was around him anymore. "

"Why are you doing this?" Monk turned around. An arrancar sat beside him. Similar to him, its mask was cracked roughly down the middle and wore white robes, but in comparison to Monks they were far cleaner and the arrancar appeared to be a lot younger than he was. "Doing what?" Monk questioned. "Nothing. Your goal is pointless, what do you gain?" The arrancar questioned him. "I prove my-" , "you prove nothing! You showed your strength, once there would have been at time when a hollow would not approach you. The Espada would have been proud to have you in their ranks. You are a failure and this, this thing you call a foe, is holding you back and in the end will only get you killed." The arrancar swings his fist down onto the giant bolder, cracking the top of it. "If I attract attention to myself again. If I raise an army, if I raise my strength, if I join an alliance, my chances of dying rise." Monk flinches as he hears something behind him and he stands up to see if he could see what had made it. "Then your existence is point!" The arrancar bellows standing up, challenging Monk. "I will not end my existence!" Monk goes to challenge the arrancar, slamming his foot down on the arrancars leg. But the arrancar had already disappeared and all he had achieved was expanding the crack on the bolder. Monk jumped off the bolder back to the bottom and began pushing again. 

"MONK" the arrancar had reappeared throwing a fist at his head, but he had already revealed himself by shouting. Monk dodged the punch by sidestepping to the left and using the momentum to change into a kick, but this missed the arrancar had jumped and was already aiming his heel towards Monks temple. Once again it missed and Monks next attack did and the arrancars attack after that. This pointless fight raged on, every attack that the arrancar threw missed. Unknowingly destroying what he wished to save. Monks final swing, once again missed the arrancar who was once again gone and Monks fists had landed into one of the cracked lumps of the bolder, looking further upon the battlefield, Monk found the lump was one of many. "I've saved you from your pointless goal" the voice whispers to him.

In a fit of rage, Monk leaps into the battlefield once again. Crushing the last fragments of the bolder, if it was going to be destroyed it would be by his own hand. He tosses and crushes and smashes all the blocks together slowly eroding it down into the white sand beneath his feet. Only showing him that his goal, what he thought was a foe was in fact worth nothing. It was as pathetic and pointless as the thousands of grains of white sand that rested beneath his feet, it had been greater than him for a time. But he had mastered it. Pushing it the great distance that he had, had once again bolstered his strength. Monk began to wheeze breathing in the sand that was settling down from his massacre. Then he began to cough and slowly he turned into a laugh. "I truly am my greatest ally" Monk said to himself still laughing. 

Once Monk had got over his recollection, he ran deeper into the desert of Hueco Mundo, the vast endless desert and in Monks head, if the desert was endless then surely there would be endless goal to conquer. Which in turn would make him stronger and help him survive, that was all he ever wanted. The rattling of his nightmares had never felt so far away and if he kept running then he would only make the distance greater. There were so many goals to choose from in Hueco Mundo however and not all of them worthy of Monk. Finding the ones of worth would be a great challenge in itself. However one shortly presented itself, the spindly white tips of a Menos forest stood in the distance. If something could be of worth, it could be there. So Monk marched on, his eyes fixated on his destination.

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A Menos forest could be the beginning of many great hollows and was once what Monk would have called home. Menos Grande, Adjuchas even Vatso lordes could call a forest it's home, a great place to feast on hollows regularly and a even better place to find ally's. If there where any hollows with the intelligence to speak and as of recent Monk had only come across screamers. Unable to make sense of his words and attack him relentlessly. But it didn't matter to Monk, any lesser hollow was unable to hurt him and thus Monk didn't fight back. He had at least some mercy for his own kind, especially when they were so inexperienced that they would attack him. But with the level of spiritual pressure Monk was releasing, which was very little, as he had little use of it when there where no worthy enemies about. It was no wonder lesser hollows and adjuchas didn't perceive him as a threat themselves. 

Monk eventually reached the decent that lead to the Menos forest and walked down. He sensed plenty of spiritual pressure. Perhaps he had traveled enough distance in Hueco Mundo to actually reach some form of life again and as Monk descended further he realised why all these hollows where so far out in Hueco Mundo. Monk knew how natural it was for hollows to feast on one another to become a Menos. But what he saw, amazed him. Lesser hollows seemed to be talking to one another, which wasn't out of the ordinary, what was, was the number of hollows almost as if they were cooperating and deeper in the forest Monk saw Menos with unique masks, almost as if this was a farm for hollow. "Madness isn't it, to think we can be civilised" the voice whispers in his head. "In the end what will they become, they will be slain and will go to Seritei, just like every other hollow and they will turn against you as shinigami" Monk stumbles on his way down, this was true. In this state, as lesser hollows and Menos, they didn't even stand a chance against shinigami. "What do I do?" Monk asked. "Devour them...." Monks spiritual pressure explodes in a fit of madness, but he pulls it back, forcing it under control. But he had already attracted the attention of every hollow in the Menos forest and everyone of them stared, stunned and to afraid to battle a monster like him. 

However calmly Monk makes the rest of his way down into the pit of hollows. 'I'm not a mindless hunter anymore' he thinks to himself parting his hand away from the hilt of his zanpakuto. Monk then took a deep breath as he walked into the middle of all the lesser hollow. "What do you think you can accomplish like this, your all far too weak, you also lack a leader. Someone to protect you from yourselves and the enemies you cannot defeat" Monk says in a low voice as he did not need to raise his voice to be heard. "I can make you stronger and lead you to a future and not towards a simple slaughter from the accursed shinigami." The mocking and familiar voice continues to taunt him though his speech. 'You fool, once they've grown strong they will turn against you. No, no that's not it is it. You'll devour them, your helping them the same way a farmer breeds pigs. For the slaughter.' 

All seemed to be going Monks way. He could lead this small army to a better future, if he kept them under his thumb they would protect him in time and he for now could protect them. However not all of them shared his view. He'd kept his back turned for too long. A large ape like hollow clamps it's mouth around Monk, but only ends up with a lump in its throats as Monk forces the jaws of the hollow open and brings its mask to the ground, kicking and thrashing it try's to escape. 'If they won't accept my offer, it will be forced upon them until they see sense' with that Monk claws his hand and presses it against the eye socket of the hollow which had attacked him and slowly pushes it in, instantly blood begins to flow and screams flow just as well. "Please stop it hurts!!!!" The hollow screams. "Now you talk, your action spoke for you however. I offered you strength and you turned it down. I will have you pay a price. But not the ultimate one" Monk pulls his clawed hand away from the hollow and let's him go, it them scrambles and retreats into the crowed. "We are not mindless and we are not savages. You seek power" 
'And I seek a goal' 
"You have until I return" Monk says as he disperses the crowd of hollows as he walks. Returning to the entrance of the forest. What he had offered is what he was once offered and it took time to understand and accept. Which he hoped for their sake. They accepted 

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