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Sanosuke Himura

Aspiring For Perfection(Solo Private)

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The lone Gillian stood in the desolate sands of Hueco Mundo, reciprocating the atmosphere of the land. Sano was filled with despair, sadness, and everything negative – all of the said causing the being to venture into training himself. And he thought, perhaps if he were to strengthen himself and bulk himself into the peak of a hollow being, he would have a reason for being lonely. Maybe he’d have the strength to leave such lands without the blood thirst that he carried. The thought of relinquishing his loneliness was palpable. The motivation he carried through his depression need not be wasted, and with such a thought process, the training would begin.
Venturing into his true strength, the gillian was going to start with his least favorite strength. There was no time to waste; it was only a matter of time before he was challenged for his right to live again. His large legs planted in the sand as he began to charge reiryoka through his mouth, opening wide as a maroon yellow energy readied to shoot. As he wasn’t as good at forming cero as many other notable hollows, the ability took a while to form. His jaw stretching as the warm energy shot forth from his mouth and into the sky.

Sanosuke watched closely as the Gold beam shot forth, through the rare Spatial Intelligence he began to imagine and attempt to deduct just how it was formed. There was a Science to the art, but his bloodlust failed to let him stand still and think, the act of shooting a volatile blast from his mouth was enticing and yet dangerously disgusting at the same moment. Widening his jaw much like the primary instance, he began to manipulate his Reiatsu and collect a moderate amount of it upon the tip of his tongue. Sanosuke closely observed the ball of spiritual energy among his moist tongue evolve into the demonic beam ready to fire. Giving into the instinct, he released the imperfect and amateurish beam into the eternal night skies. Which only inserted the question into his animalistic, yet heavily intelligent mind; through his instincts, knew how to collect energy, but how was he going to do so well? When was it ready to fire? After conducting such, when was the beam ready to fire? Was he putting enough strength into it?

Through an experimental perspective, there was no way to fail. He simply had to continue. Letting saliva drip into the sands, he swarmed more reiatsu into his jaws and tried a different approach. As the beam powered up to the peak, Sano exhaled the spiritual energy from his mouth and emitted the cero into the sky. Catching his breath as he watched the beam delve into the eerie skies, there was an unnecessary strain on his throat. It was obvious he had a keen control of his reiatsu in order to flare the cero whilst keeping hold of that volatile and powerful essence. He had the strength to meet the deductions, he just needed more practice. He wanted more practice.

Finally having a hold on his breath, he clutched his claws into the sands and opened his mouth as he readied himself. Charging more power and destruction through his Reiatsu, he began to time himself in comparison to his previously fired beams. As he kept the same amount of reiatsu usage each time, he allowed the cero to sync before releasing it. Witnessing the cero fire into the air with amazing strength and speed to match a 200 year old Human, he was able to deduct that he fired the cero too soon. He hadn’t carried into concentration into the beam, and obviously put too much power into it. He had to reach and lock into that equilibrium – if he were capable of doing that, he would take the first step into perfection.

Arming his mouth once more with the swelling of reiatsu, he slowed himself on the speed and worried more on creating a compact and stable beam. Sano began to taste the flavor, he continued charging and charging through a longer duration than the former. This inevitably ended in him burning his tongue and launching the large beam into the air through a tasteless lack of success. And obviously, he noted that he would end in failure should he charge too little too long, or too much, too fast. He had just the idea on how to prevent the latter. Indulging in his knowledge, he repeated the act and experimented upon his notes.

The thoughts began to surface, the rage began to surface. What he was conducting as this point was nothing more than the epitome of failure. Something that would only chain him down and only let him experiences the aspect of desolation until he failed to exist. It wasn’t enough. With the Hollow’s thoughts racing, he began to concentrate more spiritual energy upon the tip of his tongue as he stared at the moon. He wanted to get out of this disgusting place; he needed to get out of this disgusting place. As consequently, he had no choice but to follow the lane of progression. Comparing this collective energy to each and every one shot previously before this, he gauged the power and sought the equilibrium.

Locking into the correct point, he positioned his throat upward and polluted the sky with the cero. Sano released the cero through the high usage of reiatsu, improved aiming, whilst attempting to mold that correct form. And quite frankly, he was close to his image of perfection. He found this fascinating to say the very least. He was quickly approaching a check point in his training. Perhaps with a bit more training, he would be able to quantify the appropriate measure. He was close to sating his hunger for strength. He was close to satisfying his investigative personality.

But this wasn’t the conclusion, reinstating the reatsu through his mouth and allowing it to form for a slight amount of time; a good amount of power behind it. Gauging the time limit, the reiatsu quickly formed into a cero and flooded the skies in the form that he was envisioning. He was doing something right, yet it wasn’t perfect. He watched it diminish quickly as it drifted into the skies; it wasn’t stable enough for battle at this point

WC = 1061

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He was close to that point, blood in his veins – his body was ready. After a short break, the red Gillian arose once again and began training once more. Enveloping himself in his notes, he began to take charge of his thoughts and estimations. If he was capable of supplying the strength necessary to blast forth a volatile and moderately devastating cero, capable of timing and forming it correctly; he would be able to summon forth a stable and impactful cero. With such laws in place within the forming of the ability, he would truly be able to strengthen his ability.

Keeping that in mind, he continued with the forming of a cero; collective energy swarming within his mouth like a reactive beehive. With the gauging of time and good insertion of reatsu, he was sure to have created a potent and stable cero. Seeing it fire, he wasn’t far off. Through the manifestation and manipulation of his Reiatsu, the cero shot off with impressive speed into the night sky and yet, diminished after a short time. While at the same time, this cero shot a farther range than the former. 

Coughing out a feeble amount of saliva, Sano instated more reatsu into his mouth and crafted the ball of energy into a concentrated red beam. He had just neighbored the equilibrium through the control of his Reiatsu, but nevertheless, he was close. Grinding out the process, he imagined a way to reach that equilibrium and always hit that center. If he were to emit that cero through a shorter time limit, keep the strength, and fire it in a concentrated and stable beam, he’d be able to sate himself. Slowly and steadily establishing a good amount of reiatsu among the tip of his tongue, the canine Hollow pierced the equilibrium through the moderate frame of time and discharged an oversized Cero of impressive speeds into the air. In comparison to the previous ceros shot off, this beam was actually more powerful and slightly more perfected. There was a clear valid progression; the enhancements only encouraged him to build off that cero.

The canine stood within the empty sands for a few moments, gathering his strength and catching his breath. Stretching his feline body, Sano widened his jaw once again and commenced the collection of necessary reiatsu. Once again, he began to conceptualise the manifestation of the art; he still needed to perfect and capture the equilibrium. Using his mental imagery skills, the Hollow started to actively imagine and envision how he planned to fire this blast. As the beam began to peak, the architectural planning dawned upon Sano. He merged his former failures, imbued the reiatsu necessary for speed, compression, yet still accessing the destructive force.

Upon that basis, the Hollow jerked his neck up slightly and liberated the cero from his mouth. The cero was near as he visualized. There was a slight increase in the speed of the beam, filtered with exceptional speed, yet lacking certain destructive force. It was almost as if he were holding back for some reason. Unfortunately, to fire a commendable cero one would have to give into their Hollow essence; one had to lack denial in their Hollow essence. And that could have potentially been one of the things holding him back from achieving credible mastery over ability. Digressing from his ultra-dimensional imagination and conceptualization, he instigated practice and established necessary reiatsu atop the tip of his stuck out tongue. The Gillian abide by his instinctual method. He compressed the reiatsu of his collected reiatsu, through the improvement in his Reiatsu and overall control, Sano flared a swift cero from his mouth. Sano was practicing with the compression that he’d been adopting, yet attempting to employ a more dangerous intention in his cero.

As the cero flew into the air, Sano began to break down and pinpoint the variables that were holding him back. More or so, he automatically pinned down his depression. As he began to crowd more reatsu about his tongue, a tear seemed to drop from his eye and slowly rain into the sand. The Reiatsu of the Lone Gillian Hollow raged upon the following: the stronger he grew, the more Happier he became due to the desolation weighing upon his repulsive strength. Honestly and bluntly described, Sano’s life sucked. As the conclusion approached, his Reiatsu began to rage as the cero harshly peaked at its collective.

More tears following the former as if it was a high speed chase. The maroon beam bombarded from his mouth, savagely and uncontrollably racing through the skies. It was becoming obvious that he needed a slight break for contemplation. Tears failing to cease as he bowed his head into the sands, lying down comfortably like a house dog. Shaking his head back and forth the Gillian sulked in contemplation. If he were to become a stronger, perhaps he would be able to break free from his shackles and venture into a more peaceful land. Perhaps even find a reason to live. He needed to use this power and dedication to strengthening him so that he’d be able to leave it behind.

Restoring an upward stance, Sano raised to his feet. With all of the stated and all that he’d been working for this day. He needed to combine all of this. He needed to manifest a truly powerful cero, merge that strive of his. In practitioner’s notion, Sano slowly widened his mouth and stuck his tongue out with the grouping and compressing of reiatsu. And with that, he needed to imbue his resolve within this blast. Allowing the reiatsu to peak, Sano howled out and seized emotional stability. Sano fired a powerful, speedy, and extraordinarily compressed beam of Hollow energy. Watching it impressively flare off into the night sky, he caught his breath and glared at the sands. This is what he was, what he needed, what he wanted – power. With that power, he could strangle his enemies and possibly make life something worth living for.

WC = 1001

Total WC =2065

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