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Athena's Sanctuary

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Setting: Athena's Sanctuary is a mountain located near Athen's Greece. Home to Athena and her 88 Saints. It holds a Colosseum at the base of Sanctuary with living quarters scattered about. Towards the hills to the left of the entrance into Sanctuary is a field of flowers with the tombstones of all the deceased saints over the many ages. Sanctuary itself has a total of 12 temples going up the mountain where the Pope's house lies. These 12 temples are connected to only one path that leads to the top and so the only way to reach the top of Sanctuary is to go through each of the 12 temples.


The Master of Sanctuary he was and a saint of a bygone age as well. Soon this remnant of the last holy war would soon die, but his legacy must continue. So thought the Master as he stared into the dimming landscape. Night would soon fall and so another day would pass where the Goddess Athena had yet taken up her mantle. The Master had lived these past 200 years awaiting the return of Athena who would be reborn in human form. Perhaps she was already on Earth but regardless the few Saints the Master had on hand could not locate her. The threat of Poseidon flooding the Earth and Hades exterminating all life on earth hung over the Master like storm clouds on the horizon. They had no hope of defeating these fierce Gods without their Goddess' assistance. 

Perhaps with their cosmo they could produce a miracle when the most desperate hour occurred but for now The Master of Sanctuary needed certainties. He needed to know the future was ensured for humanity and he needed the new generation of Saints to protect peace love and justice on Earth.

As the sky passed from twilight to blackness the Master retreated back into the Master's House. It was a two story building of greek design meant to house the Pope leader of the Saints and Athena herself when she would assume her duty of defending the Earth. In the main chamber was the throne of the Master, but behind it hidden by a curtain was far more valuable. Extending his hand upwards the Master latched onto the curtain and pulled it away as a golden light shone through. What emanated the golden light was none other than twelve golden boxes each one marked by a symbol of what it contained inside. Each box contained none other than the armors or cloth representing the golden zodiac Taurus, Aries, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. The greatest cloth of the Saunts of Athena, greater than the bronze or silver cloth. But even then the Master knew it wasn't the cloth that determined a warrior's worth but their cosmo! The power to burn their spirits and obliterate atoms with a mere punch. The Master himself burnt out his cosmo long ago as youths from 13 to their late twenties had the greatest potential to unleash their cosmo. But where did these youths go the Master wondered? Where were these future Knights of Athena.

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Fun Fact: The Master of Sanctuary while their identity is shrouded in mystery and their face hidden by the shadows of their helmet goes by a different title as well. The Mast can be referred to as the Pope or Grand Pope. The reason for this is the Pope is able to directly commune with the Goddess Athena or hear her will. Lately however The Pope hasn't heard Athena and this can be explained for a number of reasons. Athena could no longer be residing in the heavens and reborn on Earth, the Pope himself could be tainted with evil, or the Pope's powers of his cosmo has far diminished that he is unable to reach a sense above the five senses.

Overview of Athena's Sanctuary



Sanctuary's Twelve Temples and the Pope's house behind them.


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