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Grimm the Ripper

Squad Four Medbay

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the sekaimon opened up and saizo and lilly walked out to see the skys just as bad as they where in the world of the living, looking around he saw that there was a few men standing around with sticks and from the way every thing looked they was keeping the sekaimon open for them. as saizo walked forwards a man suddenly appeared from no were and landed before saizo and lilly, he was pale but unlike most pale people he was pretty good built.

" good day vice captain mishuma, i am rain genso 4th seat in squad 4.i was informed by third seat goken that you would be arriving and might be hurt so in case that was how i found you i was to treat you on the spot then get you to the medbay. so sir are you ok to keep going or do you need to be treated here first. oh yeah miss do you need any help before we go."

saizo was not really hurt but he could not really say the same for lilly for she did get a pretty good beating from the former third seat of squad 9 nagisaki, but it was up to her if she wanted to get healed now or get healed once she gets to the med bay.

" i am fine for now i should be able to make it to the med bay on my own, but you should see about lilly here for she had taken a good beaten. well lilly i will see you there so i shall head on ahead on my own, you can either stay here and get healed or you can follow me but its up to you to decide."

using flash step saizo left the two behind and began heading towards the med bay so that he could get his wounds looked at then after that he had to go to the second division barracks for the party to celebrate saizo for becoming the new squad 2 vice captain, after that tho goken had something he wanted to tell saizo when he gets back if he remembers right. as he was moving forwards he could feel lilly and rains spiritual pressure slowly coming up from the rear and was slowly gaining ground to reach where saizo was cause he had lift them in the dirt with his fast speed. it was not long before saizo came to a halt in front of the squad 4 barracks med bay, about 3 minutes later lilly and rain came to a stop beside saizo and they was panting like a dog for they was so tired.

" i see you  two finally made it, so how was the jog."

saizo said as he was grining, they both just gave him evil looks and if they was swords then he would have just been sliced into millions of tiny pieces, as they walked past him they each gave him a punch one on each arm and at the same time. shrugging his shoulders he walked into the building after them, as they entered the room the first thing they did was walk up to this counter where a woman was sitting and was looking though some paper work which looked to be a lot from what was laying on the table.

" hello this is rain genso firth seat of squad four, i have the two which goken of squad 2 sent word about. they are here now so i need you to call it up so we can get some rooms ready and some doctors. "

shaking her head in sign that she understood she began speaking on the loud speaker and the next thing he knows some men are coming up to him and was wanting him to get on some kind of bed with wheels under it. seeing as he was in the med bay he knew these people was just trying to help so he got on the bed with wheels and watched as they pushed saizo and lilly to there own rooms so that a doctor could examine them. once he was in the room it was just ten minutes before the doctor him self walked into the room with a chart in hand, at first he did not talk much to him as he was getting blood pressure a sample of his blood, and seeing how bad he was hurt. once the doctor was done writing things down inside his chart he took off his glasses and looked at saizo as he crossed one leg over the other one.

" well besides some cuts and bruises plus there is some frostbite and a little poisoning you seem to be all good in health wise, so i tell you what i shall just give you some painkillers to help that cut for the next few days until it heals up completely. also i want you to rub your skin down at night before bed with this oil that is made to deal with frostbite. then lastly there is the case of the minor poisoning, so just take this once every  5 hours and soon any traces of the toxin should be out of your body for good. "

so once saizo was bandaged up for the few things which needed it he was given the ok to leave, so standing up he walked out of the med bay and began towards the second division barracks and maybe goken might have already got back and can tell him what he had on his mind as he left him in the world of the living karakura town.

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Waking up saizo suddenly sat up as if coming out of a horrific nightmare, his breathing was heavy like he had a horse setting on his chest. He was drenched in sweat and not just a little, he was looking around cause the last thing he remembered was being beaten by that arrancar. Just the idea of the hollow beating him and allowing him to keep breathing it was just unforgivable, this just put him into a very bad mood. Tho he was in the squad 4 medical center with bandages on his shoulder and going down his chest. He needed to get out of this building and to come up with a counter plan against this new enemy, even tho he told him who he was he just could place his finger on it. (Grumble) saizo had been so lost in thought that he completely overlooked the fact that he had not had a bite to eat in what seemed liked days, so getting out of bed he stealthily made his way towards the food storeroom where they kept all the food for squad four barracks. After getting into the room saizo looked around and almost could not believe his eyes at how much food was there, there was plenty enough to get his reiyoku back to what it was at before he had to fight that arrancar. With out much thought Mishima got down to chowing down,after he eat almost all the food in the storage he stood up and walked out of the squad four barracks. 

Ooc. Leaving thread.

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