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Ghost hellsing

Tonight I die

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"I'm going to....die tonight this what I choose so huh well let's not wait for death to come......Well breath death into to me!!!!! Breath into me!!! Cuz I'm sick of it cuz my world dose not mater any more cuz I'm tired of feeling like I'm not going to make it so just take it."


                    Chapter #1



as I stand there in front of a demon with the sent of death in the air. And his frail body covers in Bone's and his face coverd he raises his hand with the trails of death following as he began speaking ".....hmm your soul is mine mortal...." .He clinched his hand holding it twords me I begin to float off the ground and chains fly out if the ground and clamp onto my arms and legs and he speaks again "be for u die by my hands u must now my name and I must now yours .....my name is grim now u" I respond to his question"m-my name is Ghost Ghost Hellsing....".After I had respond he had spoken "well sir ghost hellsing die!" .He had closed his hand with a great strength of power crushing and leaving a whole in the middle of my body I drop dead on the floor not moving before he leaves he  leaves a amulet with a red skull on it as it glows red he said before closing the door behind him."for those who want a second Chance in life but a different life a different reason to fight .....let us see sir Hellsing if u are one of those people"he closes the door and begins to walk off as I lay there almost near  death.thinking my last thoughts "there's no reason for me in this world only only if there w-was another way for me to have a new life a new reason to live huh bout that's to late...".Amulet begin's floting over my body and glowing brighter as it plunges into my chest and I Begin to change "w-whats happening to me" I begin to stand up and i also begin to grow Horn's rat ears and my eyes turn blue  and the whole in the middle of my body begins to glow red and starts to close and my nail's begin to grow sharp long and black and wings had berated out of my back  and my skin turns white and a explosion happened from my body.As grim was at best all the way  down 10 blocks he look back with a smile on his face saying "well well welcome to the family Ghost Hellsing..." Grim turns around and continue to walk I look at my body see what had happened and why I am not dead wright now ".looks up at the moon .......to be continue.




Ghost in monster forum







Ghost as a human

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