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Fullbringers (完現術者 (フルブリンガー), Furuburingā; Japanese for Full Manifestation Artist are spiritually-aware Humans born with the eponymous ability Fullbring, which allows them to manipulate the souls that reside in all physical matter. Their powers are constituted by Hollows. Due to their major role in forming the New World Alliance and restoring order to the world, Fullbringers are now reputed as one of the most respected Races.

Fullbringer Templates



Application Template:

Basic Application:



Personality: (5 sentences)

Description of Character: (5 sentences)

Biography(20 Sentences):

Race: Fullbringer

Race Template:


Class: (Agile, Brute, Tank, Genius, Eagle-Eye, Prodigy)

Sub-Class: (Agile, Brute, Tank, Genius, Eagle-Eye, Prodigy)

Power Path: (Balanced, Reiryoku, Strength)

Incomplete Fullbring: Release Ability (passive), Techniques (5)

Complete Fullbring: Release Ability (passive), Techniques (10)

Fullbringer Releases

Fullbring Release Path:


Incomplete Fullbring is the initial Fullbring release, granted by Object Affinity.

- Must be 25,000 Reiatsu

- Must post a 1,500 WC learning

- - Release unlocks 1 passive release ability and 5 technique slots when activated. These techniques must be based around the release ability.

- Incomplete Fullbring Release Boost: +4,000 reiatsu and +4 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and specialty skill.


Complete Fullbring is the advanced Fullbring release, granted by a heightened use of Object Affinity.

- Must be 60,000 Reiatsu

- Must post a 1,500 WC learning

- Release unlocks 1 passive release ability and 10 technique slots when activated. These techniques must be based around the release ability.

- Complete Fullbring Release Boost: +12,000 reiatsu and +12 to all stats note that this numbers will not be doubled by your class and specialty skill.

Fullbring Duality "Augmentation-Type"


Standard Duality Perks:

- 2 Primary Ability Types (Aka Elements)

- Release unlocks 1 passive release ability and 2 technique slots when activated. These techniques must be based around the release ability.


Fullbringer Specific Duality Effect

"Augmentation-Type": Grants the Fullbringer the ability of Secondary Object Affinity. However, this is not limited to any single object, as Augmentation-Type can be used on any item of the Fullbringer's choosing, even if it has no value to them. They can essentially pick up a twig mid-battle and Augment it into a weapon based on their need at that moment. A twig for example can become a needle-like projectile. However, this is not the only application of Augmentation-Type. Fullbringers can use this ability to activate unique interactions with some of their other abilities.

- Bringer Light: When Augmentation-Type is used to Augment Bringer Light, the Fullbringer can use one extra Attack each post, making their limit 5 instead of 4.

- Fullbringer Level Healing & Council Aide Level Healing: When used on the Fullbring Angelic Tears Healing ability, Augmentation-Type Allows the Fullbringer to use the healing technique on their self, similar to a Hollow's application of High-Speed Regeneration.

(While the Fullbringer can use Augmentation-Type to make limitless secondary weapons per use. It can only activate the Bringer Light Augmentation once and it will last as long as the Fullbringer does not use Augmentation-Type for another purpose. Augmented Angelic Tears can only be used once per battle.)

Fullbringer Abilities/Techniques


The regular learning rules apply. All of the sentences must relate to the learning process, and you may not learn more than one Gafu technique in one post. Only one technique may be learned every three REAL LIFE days. All techniques are to be based off of Reiryoku and Reiryoku speed. Once you have begun learning the Gafu stages, you are required to place your current level of mastery as well as any Gafu/E.P techniques you learn, inside your character stat page.

Gafu: The most fundamental skill in Elemental Polyptych. While any Fullbringer can manipulate the souls residing in objects, basic knowledge of Gafu is absolutely necessary for the use of Elemental Polyptych to make use of their naturally ability in battle. While the general understanding of Gafu is easy to grasp, Mastering it is extremely difficult, even more difficult than learning the elemental techniques; due to this many chose not to hone their skills in Gafu beyond its general application. However, it is known that the better one's understanding of Gafu, the more powerful their elemental techniques are. Between two equal-powered Fullbringers both using the same technique and element, the Elemental Polyptych techniques of the better Gafu user with always be stronger.

There are three total stages of Gafu mastery;


First Stage



Level: Practitioner.

Details: "Gafu is the blank canvas, the Fullbringer is the Artist, the elements are the tools, and Elemental Polyptych techniques are the masterpiece you display on the battlefield."

First Stage Gafu training is very simple, Fullbringers will merely practice preparing their Manifestation Art to interact with the souls of elements and projecting this Manifestation potential in their Reiryoku unleashing their inborn elemental affinity.

- 1,500 WC to learn 

- Allows Fullbringer to Learn Elemental Polyptych techniques.

- Requires 41 Reiryoku

- Can generally be learned alone or taught by someone who already knows it.



Second Stage



Level: Expert

Details: "Although no two artists are the same a brush in the hand of one is still a brush in the hand of the other. What differs are not the tools or their use, but the artist."

Second Stage Gafu focuses heavily on understanding the element and discovering one's self as a user of Gafu and Elemental Polyptych. Training consists of practice in a wide range of environments and learning which methods best suit the user personally. There isn't a strong emphasis on technique or form as users are encouraged to discovering their own unique style and form. By the time a Fullbringer completes the Second Stage they are proficient enough in Gafu to use the technique without an Element. Most practitioners of Gafu never complete the Second Stage, as it alone can take years to master and providing the right training conditions can be difficult. Training in this stage consists of surrounding one's self in an environment where a single element is naturally present and interacting with that element exclusively for very prolonged periods of time. Sparring and extensive practice is common. Generally, training can be tailored to fit the needs of the trainee.

- 3,000 WC to learn

Must be 31k or higher

- Grants the Fullbringer some control over the elements.

- Requires at least 61 Reiryoku.

- Can be learned alone, but not taught by another First Stage user.

Included Techniques:

**Note: Included techniques are unlocked once Second Stage Gafu is Mastered.

#1: Tondo

Description: Tondo is an element-less Gafu technique that generates a flat circular panel. This is a defensive technique that can be used to counter incoming Reiryoku attacks by capturing and reflecting the attack back at the opponent. By doing so this makes the attack theirs allowing them to manipulate it, increase it's power, and send it back. - Can be used three times per battle.

#2: Single Brush Stroke

Description: Another element-less Gafu technique that creates an arch of energy that can be cast at an enemy. Alone it doesn't do any damage and can only push objects away in the direction of the Stroke. Should one imbue this stroke with an element in order to attack, then it will take on properties of said element.



Final Stage



Level: Master

Details: "Artist, canvas, tools, and battlefield are one. The Artist expresses their self through their art, without the need of spoken words. An Artist who has mastered their self has mastered the canvas- the world becomes their Gallery." The third and final stage of Gafu mastery is very rarely achieved. It focuses almost entirely on mastering one's skill in their personal use of Gafu (shaping it into the shapes and forms they desire). A secondary focus is on perfecting one's personal style. Training consists of generating Gafu in a multitude of different forms while manipulating a particular element. 

- 5,000 WC to learn

Must be 65k or higher

- Grants the Fullbringer maximum control over the elements.

- Requires at least 121 Reiryoku.

- Can be learned alone, but not taught by another First Stage or Second Stage user.

*Unlocks the ability for the user to use a higher form of their element.

Earth = Metal

Wind = Lightning

Fire = Combustion

Water = Ice

Included Techniques:

**Note: Included techniques are unlocked once Second Stage Gafu is Mastered.

#3: The Artist

Description: Masters of Final Stage Gafu are able to utilize Gafu with maximum efficiency. "The Artist" is the technique that best expresses this reality. With this technique the application of Gafu with Elemental Polyptych techniques and Element manipulation is virtually limitless. Final Stage Gafu users are able to wield E.P elements however they will for a duration of time.



Elemental Polyptych (E.P.):

Elemental Polyptych (Erementaru Poriputikku; Japanese for "Element Polyptych"): or simply "E.P" is a form of Fullbringer combat, consisting of a variety of techniques. These abilities are used by manipulating the souls residing in the different elements present in the Fullbringer's surroundings. Everywhere in the surroundings the necessary components of the elements exist, and only need to be influenced by the user's reiryoku to form.  A proficient user of Elemental Polyptych can take full advantage of the surrounding elements to benefit them. In Fullbringer VS Fullbringer combat some elements may counter others, when skill levels are matched.




Elemental Polyptych techniques focus on a large range of natural elements. Each element has its own strengths and weaknesses. While E.P. includes multiple elements a gafu user can only access a single element, or in the case of duality, two elements.


Basic Elements: 

Fire > Water

Water > Earth

Earth > Air

Air > Fire



Learnable Techniques: 



Elemental Wall: An elemental gafu technique which creates a wall roughly the height and width of the user consisting the element they have affinity with which can be further manipulated depending on the user's ability. - Word Count: 750

Elemental Cannon: An elemental gafu technique which creates a projectile consisting of the element they have affinity with which can then be manipulated and fired in the direction of their choosing.  - Word Count: 1,000

Elemental Augmentation: Another elemental gafu technique which allows the user to for a time shroud their self, or weapon in the element which they have an affinity with manipulating the way in which the element assists their attack or defense. - Word Count: 1,250

Elemental Surge: An elemental gafu which fires a large quantity of whatever element the user has an affinity with which can be manipulated in to a multitude of attacks. - Word Count: 1,500


**Note: As one's skill increases as a Gafu User the proficiency in which they use the techniques available to them increases they become able to add more details to their attacks. While in the first stage basic shapes are the norm. Once the user enters the second stage they become able to create finely detailed attacks. At the third and final stage even creating a life-like imagine of an animal wouldn't be impossible for a master Gafu user. Creativity dictates what one can do, however only within reason. For example, let's say a fire user was to use the elemental cannon technique. In the first stage it would be at the level of only a simple fireball, but once you reach the second stage you could alter this to take on the shape of blades, bullets, and much more. In the final stage creating a life-like phoenix to fly towards your opponent and explode.


Edited by Xarius Kaeru
updated wording and format.
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