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Typhon sat among his ruinous palace, thinking. His handpicked Fraccion, Ryas, still hasn't returned, and the simple fact that she hasn't, along with the state of the palace itself, has brought to light a revelation the Espada did not believe true until now: He wasn't enough to fend off the invaders of other realms, and while he had won his battle, his only ally is now missing, his home was in ruins, and he himself left temporarily to recover. He knew his time was coming, where a large change would happen to him, where he would no longer be who he is currently. His bodily pains from the past have easily shown that, and when that change happens, he knew that he would need more help than what he has at the moment with defending Las Noches and the Tercera Palace. He didn't want some whelp that would jump at the very thought of being the underling of an Espada, however. Those creatures could never grasp at goals that lie beyond mere obtainment of power, nor could they truly understand the meaning of ambition. He needs to hand-pick his members, and to do that, Typhon would first have to get an idea of where to search. While he dreaded it, he knew that the best place to start would be from one of the Numeros residing within Las Noches.

Looking around his ruined home, where only the first floor had remained in tact for the most part, save for the scattered rubble and the large, gaping opening above, the Tercera Espada had no true aim to rebuild. The place was just a symbol of what he had aimed to achieve at one point, the rubble it has become is yet another way to symbolize the change arriving. Standing up from the debris he sat upon, the Espada would traverse through his broken home, moving outside, where he would under the exposed darkened sky of Hueco Mundo wander about Las Noches, searching for a potential first candidate.

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Moving throughout the labyrinth of rooms and halls, the Tercera Espada would be lost in thought. He knew the ideal place to start would be within the main building itself, though what exactly is he searching for? What would possibly catch his attention? Would it be an unnatural desire for strength or change, one which marvel the Espada themselves, or could it be a gift of combative or strategical ability, which could prove most useful in its most basic form? He knew for the most part that he couldn't personally search for each member he is on the lookout for personally, so he knew for a fact that he should begin with those closest to home first before looking for the Arrancar which truly interest him out within the endless sea of white, barren desert. The Numeros he passed by so far were nothing special to him. In all honesty he would be lying if he said that he didn't see the majority of them as just the same one copied over and over again.

Sooner or later however he would spot with his yellow eyes a fight just ahead of him between two of these Numeros. Watching it happen would be a small group keeping their distance away from them. There was only one Arrancar worth noting in this battle, and it would be a rather tall one, one that would be standing at around six feet in height, whom of which has a rather athletic, well kept body. He wore a short sleeveless white jacket while his body underneath it was exposed, and for his lower body a white hakama with a black sash wrapped around it. He seemed to not be wielding a weapon of his own in this fight, while his opponent had a blade unsheathed, and he had one white horn upon the left side of his forehead, while the right side had shaggy black hair covering it down past the cheek. He, like the Tercera Espada, had yellow eyes, though he would have a Hollow hole just under his neck. As his opponent slashed him along the chest, the man did nothing else but stand there, smiling with a smile that clearly expressed pleasure. Again he was struck, changing what was once a single slash wound going down a single directing into a bloody wound shaped almost like an upside down "y". The male moaned in pleasure at this, surprising not only his opponent, but the Tercera as well.

"More... More!.. I'm nearly at my breaking point..." The male called out in a feminine-esque way, clearly taking pleasure in the pain given by his enemy. Before his opponent could oblige, however, the Arrancar already moved quickly towards him, kneeing the worthless creature in the stomach, before grabbing him by the neck with his right hand and slamming him into the wall, and then into the floor itself, where he would begin stomping upon the back of the Arrancar's head nonstop, until the struggling opponent was nothing more than a body without movement, most likely knocked out. The Tercera Espada had seen enough, and as the winner, the notable stranger he took notice of, stood there in mindless pleasure, Typhon had moved passed the small group of Numeros that watched the fight, all of which went back to whatever they were doing before. Compared to the Tercera, the winner was quite a tower above him, though size wasn't anything to be proud of, as it mattered little these days.

"What is your name and rank, Numeros?" Typhon asked as his stood a short distance away from the strange male, his five foot five tall, proud stature conflicting with the more relaxed, tall stature of the Numeros. The male knew who Typhon was, apparently, as he answered without hesitation, though it was still evident that he was still savoring the pain he had suffered, his hands lying lightly over his chest wounds, his smile still having not washed away, though the Tercera could have sworn he saw a tongue flicker out between the lips of this odd creature.


"Faron Feo, Number Eighty Two."

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