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Role-Play Rules Of Conduct & General Guide

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Role-Play Rules Of Conduct & General Guide

Welcome to the Role-Play Rules of Conduct & General Guide Thread. Getting familiar with this thread is strongly advised (even for returning RP-ers) as it contains just about everything you will need to get started in the Role-play and general instructions to new stuff and where the detailed information can be found. The thread has been split up not only with spoilers but also post entries, that and the directory below should help make the thread easier to Navigate through.

The Official Role-play (ORP) is managed by the RP Moderator team. They will answer your questions on anything regarding the rules, being approved, threads, combat, and abilities. Members of the RP Moderator team can be found here: Sr. RP Moderators. You can also keep an eye around the forum, anyone whose name is THIS COLOR is a moderator.

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Character Creation:

To participate in the ORP Universe you will need to first complete a Character Application. To do so, first you must head over to one of the following threads in order to pick a race where you can read over what the race provides and grab the appropriate template once you decide to fill out. 


Once you have taken the time to complete the Character Application, post it in the RP  Character Application section. Submit the Application and await moderator approval, thread will be moved to the appropriate sub-forum within the Character Application section. Please do not begin posting until your character application has been approved.

There was an exploit that allowed other RP-ers to see what others' original character applications looked like. However, they cannot see any edits or replies a moderator makes, only the original application. So to combat this there has been change to the application submission protocol. From now on character applications should first be submitted without abilities and then have EDITED into the application afterwards. Also note that abilities may not be approved upon application approval, you are free to begin posting without your abilities and they will be approved on a later date when your need for them arises in the Ability Approval thread. 

Post your Character Stats in the respectful Character Stat Guide section for your character's race to keep track of your Stats/Abilities/Race Skills/Rank/etc. for yourself, others, and Moderator records. You can include any other information you want others to know in here, this is the opposite of the Character Application Template board where only yourself and moderators can see the information. Other things to keep track of here are 


  1. RP Classes - Read before picking a Primary Class and sub-class.
  2. Fate Points - Visit this shop to gain more abilities and uniqueness depending how many fate point you have.
  3. Natural Defense - Explains how long you can fight and what the cost of actions in battle.
  4. Stat System - Explains how each of the stats work, caps, and examples.
  5. Legendary Tier - Once the requirements are meet there are more abilities to unlock.

2nd Character: 

May have an additional character that must be a different race than your other character. 

  1. Start with reiatsu of 30k.
  2. No more than 2 total characters per player.
  3. Cannot thread with yourself. Unless a mod states otherwise.
  4. Cannot show up in a thread with a second character if your first character weakened another player to get the pouch kill.
  5. Must post a separate word count for both characters as you cannot share word count for both characters.
  6. Must choose which character is the primary, this can change once a month.  
  7. Both can hold a captain level (equivalent in other races) or higher position.


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1. Be descriptive of what you want your abilities to do. It makes it easier for the Mods to work out fair limitations if they know exactly what the ability does.

2. You are able to swap an ability slot from a release and transfer it to a non-release ability for use in your base/sealed form. These will be more limited than release powers in their potency for obvious reasons.

3. No percentages; it is just easier to work out bonuses if there is a set number.

4. No Reiatsu based abilities. Obviously no abilities will be allowed that uses the players 60k Reiatsu as an attack, for example.

5. No abilities that swap a player stats, example being swapping your strength stat for reiryoku to attack, vice versa and with any other variation on the stats.

6. No siphoning, aka lowering your opponent's stat to increase your own. Example: lowering opponents strength to increase your own.

7. One can have the release boost perform different things as long as they remain the same number. There are two ways that this can be done; Having the release become a Subtraction Release which will apply to everyone around, [shikai is traditionally +4 but can -4 to everyone in the area] or having the Release become a Split Release which will apply to yourself and everyone around. [shikai is traditionally +4 but can be +2 for yourself and -2 to everyone in the area.]

Note: This release cannot be reversed much like a Vaizard or Dual Zanpakuto is not something that you can go back on.

8. No multi-abilities. For instance if you have the element of fire in one ability, you cannot have water in another ability. Exception being if you possess the Duality trait.

9. No abilities that seal/remove another players release.

10, You can "feed" empty ability slots in order to power up an existing ability. Depending how many slots you feed this power, the Moderator doing your abilities will grant you a higher power in exchange.

11. All abilities dealing with 'spirit' energy will be based off Reiryoku.

12. Unless you possess the Duality trait, you can only have one elemental type for your ability theme. EX, fire Zan can not have ice abilities.

13. Moderators reserve the right to alter or make you change your abilities even after they have been accepted. It will take 2 moderators to challenge the ability before it will be deemed inactive until further changes have been made.

14. The RP Moderator staff reserves the right to withhold certain abilities from the manga/anime until a proper RP acceptable way to use such a thing in the RP.

15. Any Technique slot can be given up to do the following things: 

  - increase release power by 2,000 and stats increase/decrease by 8 total points stacked on top of normal release in any way you want, but you must state how this is within your application. So if you have a normal shikai release of 4k and +4 to all stats, you could make it +6k and +12 to power with +4 to the remaining stats. Alternatively you can be 6k and +6 to all stats. Can only give up a max of 1 technique slot per release to increase that release. Stats can also be dropped to +/- 0. No one stat can exceed double the release amount. [IE 12k boost = 24 to any one stat max]
  - Technique slots be used to grandfather Hollow abilities into Resurrección
  - Can increase another the power or effect of another technique slot. Maximum of 2 technique slots total used on a given technique.
  - Cannot give up all of your techniques to have one powerful technique.
  - Can give up a 2 technique slots for 3 Non-release techniques.
  - Can give up a Technique slot to strengthen a non-release technique.
  - Can give up a Technique or non-release slot to start with all academy level kido and 1 passive kido ability. This applies to other Race's kido equivalent.
    - Applies to other races too that have a reiryoku type skill.
  - Non-Release Technique/Technique Slots RULING- Essentially, you can only make this purchase a total of 5 times combined between non-release and release technique slots.

16. Kido learning is still based of Reiryoku not Power stats.

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Role-Play Combat Rules

Role-Play Combat Rules

Basic Combat Rules

1, First thing to remember is that everyone can die, no matter how strong you are. Sure there are moments when the strong might pick on the weak, but that's life.

2. You CANNOT attack anyone during your first post in a thread. You may however block attacks or defend someone.

3. People above 30k reiatsu CANNOT attack people below them unless they attack first or take offensive actions.

4. If a person takes more than 3 days to to reply in a BATTLE your attack is auto-hit, unless the person specified a valid reason for being absent in the coming period and you both agreed to wait. Please inform the members of the thread as well as the staff so we know, otherwise we can not help resolve any problems.

5. You CANNOT edit a post in a battle thread after someone has replied, and it is generally better to not edit any post in a thread where other people post because it can create discontinuity in the story. If you need to modify your post, then it is required to notify the next poster in-line to both let them know your intention and to see if they are fine with it.

6. People in the role play generally have varying degree's of strength. Obviously people who fight will not will not always be the same strength. One thing we have noticed in bleach is that when someone is fighting someone vastly more powerful than themselves, there are negative effects. However someone suppressing their power to a lower level do not take these effects as they would still only compare max reiatsu vs max reiatsu.

We have decided to use proportional effect system, you losing stats based around how much more reiatsu your opponent has:

25-49% Stronger = -5 to all stats during battle

50-74% Stronger = -7 to all stats during battle

75-99% stronger = -10 to all stats during battle

100-149% Stronger = -15 to all stats during battle

150%+ Stronger = -20 to all stats during battle.

These affects are indiscriminate and will affect EVERYBODY who falls under them. As such before the captain commander decides he wants to say he flaunted his reiatsu and made everyone weaker. He needs to think of reducing his own allies strength is worth the benefit as well.


Example 1

Person 1 has 25,000 reiatsu.

Person 2 has 50,000 reiatsu.

Person 1 is facing someone with 100% more reiatsu than he has. As such he would lose 15 points in all of his stats for the battle should person 2 decide to initiate these effects.


Example 2

Person 1 has 75,000 reiatsu

Person 2 has 100,000 reiatsu

As you can see here the difference is the same, at 25,000. However, person 2 is facing someone with only 33% more reiatsu than he has so he would only lose 5 points in all of his stats by comparison.

7. It is required to place your character stat underneath your post upon entering combat, and for each post afterwards for the duration of the battle. The same goes for any and all abilities/Releases used within that specific post. This allows your opponent(s) to easily keep track of your strength and abilities you have utilized.

8. When in combat, your reiatsu will not increase with the weekly updates. You will be locked to your current strength until the battles or you die. Once the combat is over then you are able to allocate any new stat points you gained from the weekly update.

12. You are allowed up to Four(4) actions each post.

13. You can use non-release techniques during any release, unless stated otherwise.

The May and May Not Rules

1. May Post your Attacks and Defenses at Any Time within Reason.

2. May Decide if attacks dealt upon your character is hit, within reason.

3. May call upon Moderators to help decide the outcome of a post/fight

4. May Describe your own character's attacks being initiated and your character's thoughts and feelings.

5. May NOT decide whether "your" attacks does any type of damage to or hit your opponent.

6. May NOT control your opponent in any way. For instance, while you might love to write 'and he trembled at the awesome sight of Saint Sparalot', this would be abuse of control. Control should be minimal and used to facilitate the flow of the battle, not to bolster your ego or place your opponent in an unrealistic situation. Your opponent must give his/her consent before you can control their character in any way.

7. May NOT use an attack that is not already stated in your character's profile.

8. May say name of Special attack without giving out the technique within the post. Must describe attack and it must be justified. Saying "He used the mega big bang attack 2000" and say look in profile for effects will not fly. It shows bad role playing skills...

9. May NOT meta-game. All meta-gaming should be avoided. This is where you adjust what you do IC to take account of what you either only know OOC, or want to do OOC. For instance, if your character does not know that someone is psychic, then OOC you read his or her profile and put up a psychic barrier IC without good cause. Any Meta-gaming and you will be punished.

10. May NOT portray your opponent unrealistically. That is, do not portray them like some idiot that meekly accepts your attacks and then begs for mercy. (Which means you have no control of what your opponent can do!)

11. May in the first initial post as a setting creator make what is needed in the setting with as much detail as possible.

12. May NOT add more items in the setting after the initial post, nor may an opponent add or change anything stated. This means that if an Electrical device was not stated, there was not one, if a roof were not stated it was slanted in the first post then it would be a straight horizontal roof.

13. May Move to another area to try and have a landscape benefit towards them but still must follow the first initial post rule.

14. May NOT attack in the first post upon entering a thread. There are certain exceptions to the rule. If you're in a fight and somebody runs while in the middle of it, you can give chase and attack them wherever they end up.

15. May post the ability you are using at the bottom of the post you are using it in OR PM it to the person you are using it against, either way the person you are using it against has the right to know how it is going to affect them.

Important Warning: If anyone is seen god-modding and controlling people in a situation where they don't have authorization from the parties involved they will be docked 5% of their Reiatsu for the first event, 10% for the second, and it will continue to double until you cease to exist

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Thread/Posting Rules

1. Let your imagination run wild within the world of Bleach here at BSE. Remember that this is a Bleach based site and often the rest of the rules will ATTEMPT to come as close to the real thing as possible. However the Moderators do retain the right to nerf or call bs on your story if it is becoming too broad/would not realistically happen at your power level in this RP. This only happens in rare cases and if required then you will be notified via PM detailing the problem(s)

2.All Squad/Fraccion RP post will go in their respective zones. Soul Society for Gotei 13 Squads, Hueco Mundo for Fraccions, Karakura Town for Quincy and Fullbringer, and Bount Mansion for Bounts. If the thread is squad specific label it as such for example. Division 4(Squad 4) Med-bay, Division 12 (Squad 12) Research and Development Laboratory, Division 2 (Squad 2) Secret Mobile Corps...and so on and so forth.

3. There are no limits on how short or how long a post can be. You are free to make your post as long as you want.

4. Each Dimension has current timeline information and it is recommended to use this information when posting. As major occurrences are detailed within.

5. For Dimension travel, it is prohibited for any race to use their dimension techniques to invade another races realm. EX, Hollows can not use Garganta/Descorrer to invade Soul Society, and vice verse.

6. When you copy past somebody else's dialog into your post (which is allowed) you can NOT claim wc for it, why? Because you've not written it thus you shouldn't get a reward for it. If you are caught claiming WC for another players work, then you will given a warning along with the amount of falsely claimed WC deducted from your own WC for the week.

7. Leaving any thread is an attempted exit. Meaning characters can try to stop you from leaving, whether or not you were in engaged in combat with them or not. Meaning any exit leaves a chance for somebody in the topic to respond to it. Be it a friendly conversation over tea or a battle to the death. When attempting to leave a topic, whether with another player or within a Solo-RP thread, you must make a real post stating your intention to leave. Don't just post a one-liner stating Left Thread/Attempting to leave. It is bad and sloppy Role-play and just shouldn't be done.

8. The maximum number of threads 1 character can be in is 2. Restrictions are that 1 has to be solo (to advance personal stories, learn skills/releases, etc) and the other has to be with a minimum of 1 other PC. This new rule is to encourage the normal path of doing things if you want to, but also to get some joint PC storylines going. Everything else stays the same.
  - Cannot post any threads that take place after the joint thread until joint thread is done.
  - You can post in solo threads that take place before that thread happens.
  - Any learned skills/releases after the joint thread has started cannot be used in joint thread.

Have Fun. We all are here during free time, so enjoy yourself and enjoy your time with others.

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Training/Evolution Rules

The main question on everyones mind is probably, How can I improve my rank?

Its simple, by posting. Everyones improvements will be based solely on the frequency with which they post. So now like many people hoped before we are going to use the post count rank up system. So check out how it works is really simple.


Cannot start lower than 30k
31k-60k Reiatsu - 1,000 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 10k Reiatsu.
61k-100k Reiatsu - 1,200 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 6k Reiatsu.
101k+ Reiatsu- 1,500 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 2k Reiatsu.
Legendary Tier Reiatsu- 1,700 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 2k Reiatsu.

So for each X words, you will get a 1,000k boost to your Reiatsu. There is a rule to posting:

Dialogue will be accepted as "words" towards the word count of your post. However, dialogue someone else has written which you then quote in for the sake of continuity and fluidity in your own post (A rather noble goal.) will not be accepted as a contribution towards your total. This is as it is not your original material. In this manner, any NPCs you introduce have their word count contributing towards yours (Within reason; if we hear complaints, we reserve the right to check out these complaints and then punish anyone who we feel is in the wrong.)

Leadership Roles
Becoming Captain, Vice Captain or equivalent:

Vice Captain:

- Minimum reiatsu of 40,000 to claim rank.
- If there isn't a Captain of the Division you want to join, seek out a different Squad's Captain IC and ask for their blessing.
- If you switch Squads from the one you originally picked: 3 week wait before you can claim VC.

Other Races Subleaders:

- 40,000 Reiatsu and be affiliated with the Organization you're wanting to be Sub Leader of.

Includes: Lead Fraccion/Lieutenant/House Baron/Attendant/Quincy Expert/Sternritter Master:


You MUST have a minimum of 70,000 Reiatsu and have been VC of the division you're taking Captaincy over for at least 2 real life weeks, unless permission is otherwise granted.
- Furthermore, you must get the approval of at least 2 other Captains or just the Captain Commander.

Captain Boost: Once you claim a captain spot or espada spot you will get a one time 10k boost to your reiatsu.
Captain Perks: Gains access to Captain Level Kido Arts/equivalents.

Other faction leader:

- Have a minimum of 70,000 Reiatsu and have been the sub-leader of your specific faction for at least 2 real life weeks.
- Arrancars can simply claim a spot after meeting those conditions, but that doesn't means others can not challenge you for your position.
- Other factions function much like Shinigami by requiring recommendations, or by being voted in by already seated leaders.

Captain Boost: Once you claim a captain spot or Espada spot you will get a one time 10k boost to your reiatsu.

Includes: Vaizard Captain/Espada/Vice Chairman or Seat Officials/Count/Quincy Grand Master or Masters/Schutzstaffel or Sternritter Grand-Master.

Captain Commander:

- It will require you to have 100,000 Reiatsu
- Obtained Bankai
- Gain IC recommendations from four current captains
- An informal pm to a Mod with links to said recommendations.

Lord of Hueco Mundo:

- It will require you to have 100,000 Reiatsu
- Take the damn thing if you can. You're a hollow.

Other Faction Commanders:

- It will require you to have 100,000 Reiatsu
- Functions much like Shinigami by requiring recommendations, or by being voted in by already seated leaders

Note: In periods of inactivity, when asking permission is not possible (because the personnel isn't there), please approach a moderator and they will advise you. This applies to all such issues from now on.

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Character Death Rules

Within the realm of BSE RP, death will function differently between the Human Races and the Spirit Races. The Human races will be allowed to carry over into the Spirit races upon death; However, upon death, then the Spirit races are just simply gone. This is to give more play-ability to the Human races and incite more appeal towards them as opposed to the Favorited Spirit races.

Below is a small guide of what the Human life cycle death rule allows:

The ability to carry on your character into the life of either a Shinigami or a Hollow.

If you die with 45k or lower Reiatsu; you will be allowed to retain all of it into your next life.

Alternatively; if you die with 46k or higher Reiatsu then you will only retain 70% of your Reiatsu.

For two weeks upon your death, you can not attack or be attacked.

When changing race, then simply edit your application with that of your new race with your new powers.

For the Spirit race deaths, you will be locked at losing 50% of your Reiatsu upon death as your soul will not be carried into a new race. This same rule applies to any human race who for some reason decides they do not want to continue their human character and instead opts for a completely new/unrelated character instead.

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Word Count Submission Rules

This should all be common knowledge by now, but Weekly Word Count submission is the only way for your character to officially gain Reiatsu and climb the ranks. In a way, it is just as important as posting. There are a few guides and rules to Word Count submission that will be listed below.

Rules of Word Count Submission:

1) When submitting your weekly Word Count you have to use the template provided. Failure to do so will result in your WC being voided.

2) Everyone will be required to keep track of their own Word Count and Word Count total at the end of the week (Saturday 11:59pm EST) here.

3) If you fail to submit your Word Count for the week, then it will be voided, you can not submit them for the following week.

Guide to Word Count Submission:

1) Any time during the week, before the weekly deadline, navigate to the RP Word Count Submissions section and start a new topic that you will submit all your WC for that week in using the below Template:



Character Name: (The name of your Character)

Rank And Boosts Acquired This Week: (Only write in this section if you have posted gaining any Rank or Boosts during the week. This way the moderators know the update ranks and apply boosts accordingly)

Achievements Unlocked This Week: (Only write in this section if you have posted gaining any Achievements during the week.)

Overall Word Count: (Your total submitted WC for the week)

(The next step should be repeated for every thread you have posted in)

Link: (The URL of the thread you have posted in.)

Words In Thread: (The amount of WC submitted in the above listed thread.)


The amount of Reiatsu you gain per amount of submitted WC will vary depending on your Reiatsu level. The chart below will give you an idea of how much Reiatsu you will gain per you submission and how much WC you need to submit to cap your growth for the week.

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Q: What do the ranks represent?

A: The ranks represent where you stand amongst your peers in terms of power...Think Dragon Ball Z and when people used scouters to tell how strong somebody was...(insert HE'S OVER 9000 Joke)

Q: How do I become a Captain, Vice Captain or Espada?

A: Leadership Roles

Q: How do I become Captain Commander or Lord of Hueco Mundo?

A: Leadership Roles

Q: If my character dies what happens?

A: Death Rules

Q: If I wanted to Escape the Thread?

A: Leaving any thread is an attempted exit. Meaning characters can try to stop you from leaving, whether or not you were in engaged in combat with them or not. Meaning any exit leaves a chance for somebody in the topic to respond too it. Be it a friendly conversation over tea or a battle to the death.

Q: How many times can I submit a move list?

A: To be clear, we don't allow people to change approved abilities unless there has been a mistake that needs rectifying. Further than this, it really depends on the sort of moderator you want. Some will simply look to see if your abilities are valid and then approve regardless. Some will look to discuss your abilities with you and try and bring them to the best of what they can be. If you feel incredibly confident in your repertoire the former is better; if you want help, obviously the latter is better. There are users who know which are which. Ask around. If they disagree with this sentiment, then point them to this answer. This is how we operate as of now.

Q: What is the starting Reiatsu Level and max Reiatsu Level?

A: The starting Reiatsu Level is 5,000. The Max Reiatsu level is 200,000.

Q: I'm confused, where to start and what am I supposed to do ?

A: First thing to do is to think up your character and fill in the template and post it here. A mod will then approve it as soon as they see it an can verify it was filled correctly otherwise you will be messaged about editing. Until the approval you must wait before starting any posting. After that, the Role-play can start, you can have your character doing what you want following the base setting logic: as a shinigami you begin as a student in the Academy or a Rukongai citizen soon to go there. As a hollow you should begin with limited power and consciousness, but slowly work your way up the evolution table, aiming for either pinnacle of hollow power or Arrancarization.

Q: Can I just attack Seireitei as hollow/ Attack Las Noches as a Shinigami?

A: No, inter-dimensional travels are restricted. Shinigamis can use Senkaimon to travel between Soul Society and Karakura Town/The Real World only. Hollows can only use Garganta to travel between Hueco Mundo and Karakura/The Real World. Humans cannot leave their dimension at all.

Special arc characters are the exemption from the travel rule.



One: Do not take anything seriously. What does this mean? Do not take anything seriously. Why? Because this is the INTERNET. No one can touch you. No one can harm you in any way, so don't take anything seriously. So be good, don't start fights, and please do your best to try and not take anything seriously.

Two: Try to have fun. Do your best to have fun, this is a type of creation to allow someone to relax and do what they wish in the world of Roleplay. If someone gets upset with you, try to have fun with your character. If someone attacks you, hey try to make another character, or just try to survive with your character. If someone does something that you do do not like, ask them out of character by sending them a PM. Tell them, hey I have something else planned with my character. Just remember to try and have fun.

Note: If you feel someone is harassing you outside of the role play, then notify a moderator. We don't tolerate bullying in any way whatsoever.

Q: What are Fate Points?

A: See Fate Points: Tutorial and Shop

Q: Do Shikai release and Bankai release stack?

A: The Shikai release of +4k reiatsu and +4 to al stats does not stack with the Bankai release of +12k reiatsu and +12 to al stats. Bankai however can use Shikai Techniques.

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