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Good Evening ORP

A lot has happened recently, specifically today, that we the staff have been discussing/updating. We are currently in a massive updating period where we will be asking some of you to update some stuff. A bulk of the work was done today to help accelerate this process some (see updates below if you're curious). The big ones are Fate Points cost, Sub-classes, and Posting. We request patience with all of these updates/changes/decisions as we are trying to clean up years of mixed information from 2-3 resets.

Sub-classes are now universal for each class instead of just for duality. Duality gives the slots and extra element still. Prodigy still does not get a subclass. Please have these updated by next WC submission, do not hesitate to reach out to any of the staff for changes while we are still low on members.

Fate Points The costs at the shop have changed and there for the Fates everyone has will be properly adjusted. Also, like Sub-classes you have until the next WC submission to get this updated. A couple new Options have been added as well; Reiryoku Specialist, 1 cap removal.

Posting The maximum number of threads 1 character can be in is now increased to 2. Restrictions are that 1 has to be solo (to advance personal stories, learn skills/releases, etc) and the other has to be with a minimum of 1 other PC. This new rule is to encourage the normal path of doing things if you want to, but also to get some joint PC storylines going. Everything else stays the same.

For questions on either of these reach out to any of our Mod team as we are diligently working to get these updated.

Below as Follows:

Site updates and clean up:
- A lot of the double information has been going on, along with bad/old data not connected to our current plans.
- This is still a work in progress, please PM me with any other conflicting sections so that i can update/fix them.
- Fixed broken links and some of the hidden sections not hiding. Left some of them on purpose
- Moved the Position Acquisition from FAQ to Training/Evolution section.
- What technique slots can be given up for (formerly known as abilities). This list can be updated by Mods.
- Caps are 200 (230 for legendary) for primary, 200 for subclass, 160 for the rest. See rules for further exceptions/rules/examples.

Sub-class is now a universal stat
- Every class gets this except for Prodigy.
- Ratio is still 4:5
- No longer need duality
- For those that take Genius/Brute your power ratio is now 125%/50% for subclass
- allows them to have a single stat break free from the "Must be in the same tier"

Power stat clarification and updates
- Genius/Brute now has a ratio of 150%/50%, as subclass 125%/50%
- Power explanation section has been updated along with better examples of each.

RP Classes Thread
- Has been updated to speak to the sub-class changes
- Moved the Sub-class restriction on prodigy up near the primary class section.

All of the Race threads
- All of them have been updated to clear up confusion on "releases" terms
- Abilities are now 1 per release "release ability (passive)" 
- Formerly "abilities" are corrected to be "techniques"
- removed the "ability/passive" restrictions for Quincies/Bounts/Fullbringers/Hollows, they are now just total abilities. If you want passive, just state so.
- Updated forms to have subclasses/Power path (if you're going strength, reiryoku, or balanced)/new version of abilities.
- Shikai Techniques can be used in Bankai

Story/Plot update
- All canon characters have been removed and replaced with former characters of current members.
  - If you have an old PC from BSE history you are fine with being an NPC message a mod for them to be added.
- Every seat/position not taken has been filled with "Unnamed NPC"
- New/Updated plot will be sent out.
  - I will be reading through all the posts and getting a lay of the lands for the update since the last state of the world was from 2017.
- A new overall story/event system will be put into place soon.

Small updates:

Genius/Brute cannot be sub-class of one another.
Kido learning is still based of Reiryoku not Power stats.

New State of the ORP has been posted see here

- basically a small one to get things moving. Once we get more people/stories established a proper event will be posted there.

How to calculate Release/Title Boosts: can now be found in the Role-Play Rules Of Conduct & General Guide thread in the Stat System Rules section.

Bankai replaces Shikai Release Reiatsu/Stats: can be found in the Shinigami Race Thread  Bankai section. Also added This question to the FAQ section. 


Power clarification: certain spots made it seem like you got 2:3 on power then got another 2:3 for strength off from that. See below:

1. The power stat growth is 1:1 for all classes.

2. The % = the growth rate for str/reir for brute/genius (150% = 2:3 class, 125% = 4:5 for sub-class)

3. I have updated the rp class and rules threads to reflect this clarification.

Please double check your stats to make sure they go by this system. Any questions ask your nearest mod.

Stat Tiers - have been updated. More updates to come around this in the near future, but this is a generic reset of their intents and tiers.

updates to rule 15:
  - Added: "
Non-Release Technique/Technique Slots RULING- Essentially, you can only make this purchase a total of 5 times combined between non-release and release technique slots.
  - Changed: Can give up a 1 technique slot for 2 Non-release techniques. (used to be 1 for 1)
  - Added: "This applies to other Race's kido equivalent." to the end of the "Can give up a Technique or non-release slot to start with all academy level kido and 1 passive kido ability."

Clarification on Perception:
  - changed: How well your character can perceive the world around them. This encompasses all forces of "perceiving" someone which includes all the senses of Hearing, Smell, Sight, Taste, Touch, 
and Reiatsu sensing. 

Shunko: no longer a release. Now is just a activation technique.
- changed the +6/+12 of str to now be pwr
- changed the passive ability to be based around the raw kido or element you choose.
- changed wording from release to activation.
- gain +1 attack, duration is 4 posts 3 cool down 2 times per combat for unmastered. Mastered becomes 5 posts instead with 3 post cool down 2 times per combat.
- unmastered get 3 technique slots based around the raw kido or element you choose. Mastered can use all techniques learned from unmastered plus gain 1 new technique slot.
- physical attacks are still strength and raw kido/elemental projectile attacks are reiryoku.
- changed from major to minor in the fate shop.

Second Character: rules on creating a second character have been added to the character creation post in the rp rules. Fixed rule 4.

Focus: in Fate Point shop is now a minor that can only be bought 2x. Costs 4 FP.

WC requirement changes: To improve and give higher tiers some flexibility to post more while also giving the top 6 the struggle of being caught up to eventually if people put in the work. (see Official Role Playing Ranks and Role-Play Rules of Conduct and General Guide)

New requirements:
Cannot start lower than 30k
31k-60k Reiatsu - 1,000 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 10k Reiatsu.
61k-100k Reiatsu - 1,200 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 6k Reiatsu.
101k+ Reiatsu- 1,500 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 3k Reiatsu.
Legendary Tier Reiatsu- 1,700 WC: 1k Reiatsu. Weekly Cap Limit: 2k Reiatsu.

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Kido Arts
- VC: 45k reiatsu instead of 30k to learn. Vice Captain kidos can be learned once you reach the Reiatsu threshold.
- Cap: Captain requires 100 reiryoku, also Captain rank or taught by a player who knows the spell if you meet the reiroyku requirement.


Upcoming updates:

- updates to other races Non-release abilities/skills (hollows and fullbringers possibly are next)

- Natural Defense system (waiting on final approval)

- Barriers/Seals system to work with ND.

- continued rule clarification and updates.

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