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Hueco Mundo/hollow/los Noches/arrancar - Unnofficial Roleplay - Applications

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The Environment

Hueco Mundo is the dimension where the creatures known as Hollows and their evolved superiors titled Arrancar reside. It's a vast desert laying between the World of The Living and the Soul Society. The entire noted environment of Hueco Mundo is literally a white, endless desert. There is no dirt, there is no grass, and any and all natural water sources are nonexistent. Some may find some ruins or caves where some Hollows may have as a home along with a dead tree or two every once in a while, but for the most part, Hueco Mundo is just a white, endless desert with trees made out of a quartz-like material. Now within the great white desert, there is an anomaly called The Forest of Menos, which is a large forest of seemingly dead trees which houses a high standard Hollow population alongside the also high Menos population. It is one of the more dangerous places within this desolate realm, as the infestation of creatures living within it can easily outnumber and overwhelm any that travel within it unprepared. It is always night within Hueco Mundo, with the lunar phase of the moon always being opposite of that of The World of The Living's. The atmosphere has an unnaturally high amount of Reiastu, allowing the weaker Hollows to easily grow and survive without devouring souls.

How to Reach It

This dimension can NOT be accessed through known normal means, but instead through a temporary dimensional tear between worlds called a Garganta, which most Hollows learn how to create in order to reach their main food source which is the souls of the deceased.


Hollows are the creatures that make up the majority of Hueco Mundo's population. They are beasts and monsters in every form of the name, and they come in shapes and forms that can vary endlessly. The only thing that one can see as a similarity in each Hollow is that each one looks like an animal in some way, and it can be said that the reason why is because of their hunger which is as endless as the white desert itself, leading the creatures to not only devour souls but each other in an attempt to satisfy this hunger. Although the appearances of a Hollow can change from creature to creature, one will know that they see one through the "mask" each one dons. The mask of a Hollow changes in shape and size, though it is always created out of a bone-like substance and it always covers the creature's face. Although a Hollow will eventually gain a form of intellect as it grows, some gain this quite early, though if one does it is almost always due to the fact that the past life of the Hollow in question was a person that had an incredibly strong desire or ambition, which would allow said person to better adapt in Hollow form to the primal desires they would gain as Hollows.

Now not all Hollows actually have their need to devour as one of their top priorities. If the soul of one that holds a strong obsession over something becomes a Hollow, they may very well live in order to continue carrying out said obsession, whether it is protecting someone or something, and there is a chance that intelligent or even mindless Hollows can form groups or packs, showing that some of these creatures can hold a sense of camaraderie or loyalty.

The powers of a Hollow may vary as well. When a Hollow dies, the hole it gains in return is actually symbolism of the loss of its heart. The heart of a Hollow is actually manifested in the form of the special abilities a Hollow gains. A manipulative Human can become a Hollow that has some relation to manipulation or control, for example, while a brutish or violent Human may gain a destructive yet basic special ability. Their spiritual powers are also for some reason poisonous to a Quincy to the point where if it enters their bodies it could destroy the Quincy's soul completely, though it is unknown whether or not it is a mutual relationship in this case.

The "Ranks" of Hollows

There are plenty of "ranks" or classes of Hollows, with the weakest kind being just the standard or basic Hollow. These creatures are usually mindless beings acting exactly like a general predator would act, stalking, tracking, attacking, or dominating others until they have absorbed through devouring others enough power in order to evolve into a stronger class than before.

The next rank up would be a Hollow labeled as a "Menos". A Menos is a single entity consisted of the combination of even hundreds of Hollows all mashing up and attacking each other, creating an event of which they will mold together into the creature titled as a Menos, a Hollow that is classified as far stronger than a standard one. The name of the result from this mashup of Hollows is a Gillian, and usually

A Gillian, or a Menos Grande, as it is most commonly known, is the weakest form of the Menos classification. In pathetic Human terms, they would be the "footsoldiers" of the Hollows. There are many of them and they nearly all look alike. They look like huge monsters, easily standing at 2-6 stories tall, which is larger than even the largest of Hollows, and they all have white masks with elongated noses and a long black cloak with large, bandaged white feet and white hands with long, sharp nails. Even their tongues are capable of breaking a Hollow's mask, and even though any Captain-level Shinigami can destroy them with ease, they could prove a challenge for a lieutenant-level. They attack in groups and travel to and from the Human world through the use of an ability called Kumon(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/K%C5%ABmon). Their signature skills are Cero, Kumon, and Negacion. They have no personalities nor do they have any intellect higher than that of a beasts, making for one of the many Hollows contained within the Gillian's being capable of taking it over, causing it to form a new, unique mask, which is when they are able to have the chance to become an Adjuchas class Hollow through cannibalizing other Hollows, even Gillians. The Gillian's name typically means "Lowest Great Hollow" through the use of the name given to it in Japanese.

The Adjuchas class Menos, whose Japanese name means "Intermediate Great Hollow", is the second class of the Menos. They are smaller and far fewer in number than the Gillians, though they are also more intelligent and powerful than a Gillian as well. An Adjuchas is a solitary creature, with them rarely creating groups, though they have the ability to be able to challenge an average Captain to battle. Their appearances can vary greatly between bulky Humanoids to animal-like forms such as Grimmjow's Adjuchas form. Their signature abilities are the Cero, Garganta, and their own individual powers and abilities. An Adjuchas is in the stage in which they must devour more Hollows or else the other Hollows within its mind will take over, reverting its form back into a Gillian permanently. Both the evolution and the de-evolution of an Adjuchas is stopped should any piece of them be bitten off by another Hollow.

The Vasto Lorde is the strongest classification of Menos. Their Japanese names means "Highest Great Hollow" and they are the cream of the crop. They are the highest level of evolution and the strongest non-Arrancar Hollows in Hueco Mundo. They are roughly the same size as Humans in form and the number of Vasto Lordes that actually exist can be counted on one's hands, making them the rarest Hollows to exist as well. The combative capabilities of a Vasto Lorde ranks above that of the average Captain, making them incredibly high threats when they appear. It is quoted in the canon Bleach universe that if more than ten Vasto Lorde Hollow were to appear under the command of Aizen, the Soul Society would be doomed. Due to their rarity, not much is actually known about the Vasto Lordes other than that they are extremely powerful and extremely rare.

Available Powers of a Hollow

Soul-Body Separation- In order to prevent abuse with this ability the ability of Soul-Body Separation can only be used after the opponent is defeated with the permission of the opponent. It is basically a technique in which a Hollow can force a person to separate their body and soul, where the soul would still be attached to the body via Chain of Fate meaning it can still be saved should the Hollow not devour it.

Now with stronger Hollows, they have their own unique powers and abilities which they may use in unison or as a replacement of these general abilities, but these are the general abilities each Hollow could learn or even specialize in. A Hollow gains the energy to use these abilities via having devoured other souls, though smaller Hollows could get their energy from the nourishment of the atmosphere when in realms with a high concentration of Spiritual energy, such as Hueco Mundo.

Acidic Touch- When a Hollow grabs a Human, the spot grabbed is burned as if acid was poured on it. These wounds allow the Hollows Reiatsu to seep into the person, causing the victim great pain and suffering. These wounds can heal if given enough time and it is currently unknown if it works on Shinigami and other Spiritual beings.

Cero(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Cero)- A Cero is a highly powerful technique which can be described as a powerful and swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, fingers, or hands. Only the Menos class Hollows, Arrancar, and Visored have been witnessed using it. With the exception of a few Cero Techniques and users, and that means a rare few, the Cero requires time to be used efficiently, thus requiring a disabled, non-attentive, or still enemy in order to be able to fire it accurately and make it hit.

Garganta(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Garganta)- A Garganta is a means of teleportation to and from Hueco Mundo. Through creating a tear between dimensions, a Hollow can travel to and from their own location to another, allowing them to be able to enter The World of The Living where they can stalk and devour souls or even living beings. It is overall ineffective in combat though, as after it is opened one would have to first solidify the whirling torrential energy so they can create an actual pathway.

Negacion(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Negaci%C3%B3n)- It is essentially a process of which a field is generated in order to save other Hollows. Only Gillian class or Menos Grande level Hollows have been seen using it and Espada hold a cube-shaped device called Caja Negacion, which generates a Negacion field used to trap or punish their subordinates.

High Speed Regeneration(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/High-Speed_Regeneration)- I worry when I include this, as I know there are some that wish to instantly have released Ulquiorra's level of regeneration at even the levels of a standard Hollow. High Speed Regeneration is the ability to regenerate one's wounds quickly with the exceptions of the destruction of the head or any vital organs. Essentially no Arrancar even have the level of High Speed Regeneration Ulqiorra had, and usually using it would cost energy or stamina. Most Arrancar and Hollows also sacrifice using this ability in order to gain more power, making them unable to use it at all.

*Kumon is not included due to it being Menos Grande only, with not even a device version of it being available.

*If anyone abuses High Speed Regeneration to the point of bullshit they will be executed.

*Abuse of Soul-Body Separation will result in immediate execution.

*There is no more tolerance for abuse of High Speed Regeneration at all. Any offenders of it will be swarmed.

The Government of Hueco Mundo

There is no truly established government in Hueco Mundo. Within this world built for the weak to wither away and die and for the strong to strive and grow more powerful the strong are the leaders. Only the strongest within this realm can be called a leader or a king, and even then the strong will have to watch out, for surely with more power comes more greedy usurpers waiting to snatch it for themselves. The weak or those that haven't gained enough strength to be considered strong usually dwell beneath the sandy surface or remain somewhere away from the open.


The Environment

Las Noches, which is Spanish for "The Nights" and the Japanese name of it is "Hollow Night Palace", is a literal fortress. It is the crown of Hueco Mundo and while in the past it was the home of armies of Hollows, today it is the home of only Arrancar. It is equipped with its own detention centers and medical wings and the main building has a domed ceiling, the ceiling of which currently is cracked and shattered from the recent invasion by the Neo-Reich. This massive fortress can be seen for miles, and it consists of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings. Atop the dome are five smaller towers, which contains areas such as the Espada meeting hall. The main building is colored white. It is a large structure, even as large in not larger than the Sereitei in the Soul Society. Inside the dome of the main building is a simulated sky made to appear the same as The World of The Living. Due to their immense power, Espada ranked four and above are forbidden from releasing their blades within Las Noches, and they are also forbidden from using Gran Rey Cero within Las Noches as well.

The different noted parts of Las Noches can be seen here (http://bleach.wikia....wiki/Las_Noches).


The Arrancar are the elite of Hueco Mundo. They are essentially the more Humanlike form of Hollows, creatures that have tore off their masks in order to gain power at the cost of said power being sealed into their own blades. Their names mean "To Tear Off", in order to symbolize this painful process that is a gamble between them becoming Arrancar or failed Arrancar called Imperfect Arrancar. The government that lies within Los Noches is ruled by Arrancar, whom of which label themselves as Espada and Fraccion.

Imperfect Arrancar are still more powerful than Hollows, though they're weaker than standard Arrancar. They are, in all sense of the word, failures. An Imperfect Arrancar is one that gains power, takes the gamble of ripping off their mask, and fails, leaving them as scarred Hollows that have gained more power, though lost the potential to gain even more as a result, not to mention they end up becoming more beast-like in appearance instead of more human-like, with their faces still retaining Human shape.


Los Noches and, to an extent, Hueco Mundo is ruled by the Espada. The Espada, or otherwise known as the Ten Blades, are the top ranked and most powerful Arrancar around. When one is an Espada they are the top of the food chain, the apex predators of Hueco Mundo. Each Espada is recognized through a tattoo placed somewhere on their bodies, the numbers ranging from zero to nine. Each Espada can place a number of Numeros under their command. This is called a Fraccion. There is a hierarchy among the Espada, where higher ranked members can give orders to the lower ranked members. Each Espada has their own quarters in Los Noches that suits their tastes, whether it is a palace, a tower, a meditation room, etc, each quarters an Espada owns suits their needs or represents them in some way.

The Fraccion are Arrancar that serve a specific Espada. Their numbers can very from one to many, and generally they are seen as above your average Numeros. The Numeros are Arrancar that were recently developed from Hollows and given a two digit number starting from eleven. The number doesn't indicate the strength of the Numeros, but their birth. The Exequias are an execution division responsible for executing any rebels or intruders that are in Los Noches. In a way they are a police force of sorts.

The Espada follow two rules on top of any other rules or laws that may be established:

1) The Espada ranked fourth and higher must not release their Zanpakuto within Los Noches.

2) No Espada are allowed to discharge a Gran Ray Cero within Los Noches.

Available Powers of an Arrancar

Bala(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Bala): A faster though weaker version of the Cero. It can be described as a technique where hardened Spiritual Pressure is fired.

Cero(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Cero)- A Cero is a highly powerful technique which can be described as a powerful and swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, fingers, or hands. Only the Menos class Hollows, Arrancar, and Visored have been witnessed using it. With the exception of a few Cero Techniques and users, and that means a rare few, the Cero requires time to be used efficiently, thus requiring a disabled, non-attentive, or still enemy in order to be able to fire it accurately and make it hit.

Descorrer(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Descorrer): Technique used by Espada level Arrancar in order to open a void between the Living World and Hueco Mundo, thus creating a Garganta.

Hierro(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Hierro): A passive ability of which an Arrancar's outer skin can serve as armor.

High Speed Regeneration(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/High-Speed_Regeneration)- I worry when I include this, as I know there are some that wish to instantly have released Ulquiorra's level of regeneration at even the levels of a standard Hollow. High Speed Regeneration is the ability to regenerate one's wounds quickly with the exceptions of the destruction of the head or any vital organs. Essentially no Arrancar even have the level of High Speed Regeneration Ulqiorra had, and usually using it would cost energy or stamina. Most Arrancar and Hollows also sacrifice using this ability in order to gain more power, making them unable to use it at all.

Pesquisa(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Pesquisa): Arrancar's ability to measure and locate Reiatsu.

Ressureccion(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Resurrecci%C3%B3n): Releasing the core of an Arrancar's ability sealed in their ZanpakutŠto regain the original powers of their Hollow form. They often take on a form closer to a Hollow than a Human after performing Resurrección. It is basically the Bankai of an Arrancar.

Sonido(https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi7odfOypvKAhWJ0xoKHasdB_IQFggjMAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbleach.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FSon%25C3%25ADdo&usg=AFQjCNF8Pnc_HvHIMC-XVA62iF8Q7V4Xzw&sig2=1pBE3jQW4bXJQt4ZeaP32w): Basically the Arrancar's Flash Step(Shunpo).

Special Notes:


Feel free to post bios/apps below. Please don't post any memes or ooc comments, instead direct anything relating to the description to me in the PMs or IMs. Post them down below then you're pretty much labeling yourself as an imbecile that can't even follow directions, or a cunt, it honestly depends on who you are. On top of that I'll be drinking a bleach martini every time you do as well.


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Name - Vatto Forsyth





Aspect of Death - Rejection

Rank - None (only and Arrancar for now)

Background and Descriptions -

During Vatto's days as an Adjucha, he took the form of a mighty gold and black griffon, with a double set of wings that had a twenty-five foot wingspan, giving him an added boost in speed and maneuverability. From the ground to the tip of his head he stood about twelve feet tall, and his body length was approximately ten feet. His beak and feathers, under his wings were gold as well as his four feet but his talons were pitch black, as well as the rest of his body. His pupils are also gold surrounded by a black, instead of white, sclera.

He took refuge in a rocky cliff in the Forest of Menos where he reigned supreme over his territory for many years, in which he continued to devour hollows and hone his deadly skills. Over the many years of weaving in and out and around the, silvery quartz substance, that were the trees of this Forest he master his skills of agility further increasing his deadliness.

Vatto Forsyth spent his Adjucha years alone; rejecting all would be intruders as was his personality. He rejected the weak and those that needed to band together purely to survive. Towards the end of Vatto’s Adjucha stage he began to roam the world of the living more often were he devoured three of his retched foe’s, the shinigami, were he finally assumed Vasto Lorde form the pinnacle of his race.

As a Vasto Lorde Vatto took on a smaller humanoid form, he was 5’ 8†and still had large gold and black wings. The center of his midsection up to his shoulders and head was pale white, while the outer part of his midsection and lower body was solid black. Both hands and feet still don long sharp black talons. His eyes were still an eerie black and gold, which peered through his hollow mask, which was solid black except for the eagle like beak, which was still gold.

As a Vasto Lorde Vatto Forsyth continued to reject the weak and more importantly the Shinigami and everything they stood for. The strong should lead the weak not protect them was his opinion. Time during the stage seemed to go on forever for Vatto, he had roamed around so long by himself he completely lost track of his since of time, till one day he was blessed enough to be turned into an Arrancar. His memory of transcending the boundary between hollows and shinigami his quite hazy, remembering very little.

Powers & Abilities –

Keen Eyesight - With the eyes of a griffon Vatto has amazing eye site. He can easily see targets or objects, with great detail, miles off in the distance.

Enormous spiritual pressure – Vatto’s spiritual is extremely vast being a Vasto Lorde class Arrancar. Its been described has heavy and suffocating and feels as if it wants to repel or reject everything in it. His powers derive almost solely from his spiritual pressure, thus he is very knowledgeable and has a great control over his energy able to spread it over a mile.

Master swordsmen – Vatto Forsyth's main form of combat. He has trained rigorously to master his weapon and becoming exponentially more dangerous once he draws it.

Proficient hand to hand – His first line of combat. He has proficient knowledge in hand to hand combat, combined with his speed and talons he becomes quite a hand full to deal with.

Sonido Master – Vatto's power of rejection gives him no need for regeneration. So upon becoming an Arrancar he sacrificed his natural healing powers. Instead of increasing his strength like most Arrancar that did this Vatto Forsyth increase his speed and agility instead making him among the fastest in all of Hueco Mundo. His raw speed and pure agility alone makes him a frightening adversary.


Bala & Cero- 

Sacrificed regeneration abilities for additional speed

Other hollow abilities…

Rejection Domain – As the Arrancar representing Rejection Vatto has the ability to bend the rules and reject events in his own spiritual pressure, greatly helping his rise through the ranks. He can reject power based attacks, including kidos and ceros and other energy base attacks, causing enemies to fight in close quarters, as well as reject injuries to him or an ally. Vatto Forsyth can reject the release of equally strength opponents and delay stronger opponents releases. He cannot reject his own death or allies nor can he kill someone by rejecting their presence. Also he cannot reject the attempts of physical attacks, just power based ones.

Rejection touch - Vatto's power of rejection allows him to reject a targets abilities as long as he is touching them or it. Once contact is broken the target regains their abilities but as long as a connection is maintain so is the "rejection." In Vatto's unreleased form he can extend this only five feet in every direction around him and is only limited by his imagination.

  • Rejection ability: Vatto has great control over his spiritual pressure and his ability to "reject" enabling him to completely mask his presence. When in full stealth mode he can even "reject" any noise he makes within is spiritual energy. The only downside to this is that Vatto's spiritual pressure is orange in color making him easily spotted making frontal assaults pointless.


Zanpakuto: (Atheism) –means, in a broad sense, the rejection of belief in the existence of deities. When sealed it’s a katana with a black blade and a gold hilt, with black diamond shape marks on both sides of the hilt. At the bottom of the hilt are six black and six gold feathers which purpose, if any, as yet to be revealed.

Resurreccion: Release Command Renounce - A large pillar of powerful orange light engulfs Vatto Forsyth upon release of his resurreccion. In resurreccion form Vatto continues to take on a humanoid form, he his 5’ 8†and has two sets of large black and gold wings. The center of his midsection up to his shoulders and head is pale white, while the outer part of his midsection and lower body is solid black. Both hands and feet still don long sharp black talons. His eyes are still an eerie black and gold, which peered through his hollow mask, which was solid black except for the eagle like beak, which was still gold. His blade remains the same, except its coated in a layer of spiritual energy, giving it an orange glow. This increase the blades sharpness by reject what it cuts.

Resurreccion Form:







Rejection Domain - As the Arrancar representing Rejection Vatto has the ability to bend the rules and reject events in his own spiritual pressure, greatly helping his rise through the ranks. He can reject power based attacks, including kidos and ceros and other energy base attacks, causing enemies to fight in close quarters, as well as reject injuries to him or an ally. Vatto Forsyth can reject the release of equally strength opponents and delay stronger opponents releases. He cannot reject his own death or allies nor can he kill someone by rejecting their presence. Also he cannot reject the attempts of physical attacks, just power based ones. In Vatto's released form it is only limited by his imagination as he can now reject straights and weakness of others.

Wing Manifestation - Vatto is able to manifest his mythical griffon wings to boost his speed and allow for him to fly. Not only does his speed increase but his agility as well thanks to a duel set of wings. He can attack or defend, making them very versatile

Kyohi (means rejection)- Vatto can condense his spiritual energy through his sword and launch it at enemies much like a Getsuga Tensho except for two differences. First it can also be fired like a cero instead of a slashing attack. Second upon contact it does not explode but simply rejects what it touches increasing its cutting or piercing power. Like the Getsuga it is stronger when you say it's name but is not required.

Genjitsu kattÄ (means reality cutter) - Vatto's most powerful attack in his Ressurreccion form, his ace in the hole. With enough spiritual energy poured into his Kyohi, Vatto can push the attack to the next level. The pure energy of rejection becomes so much that it pierces neigh anything in its path including reality itself, leaving a black tear in the fabric of space.

Resurreccion Segunda Etapa: TBA

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Your Waifu    2,616

Name: Chernobog Raneir

Rank: Cuarta Espada

Aspect of Death: Emptiness (in the form of thoughtlessness)

Aliases: 'Cherry', 'Nova Cuarta'


Body Type: somewhat tall and thin

Hair: Blood-red with black tips. Shoulder-length and pushed back except for a strand on each side that hangs down in front of his ears.

Eyes: A distinctive piercing red with vertically-slitted pupils. His eyes are lined in black marking that ends in a downward point at the inner corners and an upward point at the outer corners

Number marking: Located on his upper-left back, near the shoulder-blade.

Hollow Hole: In the center of his sternum

Mask Fragments: In two parts at his hairline; the two pieces of mask look like a beak split in two, forming the appearance of thin, straight, somewhat-long horns.

Usual Apparel and Equipment:

Sleeveless White Coat: Snug on his torso but fans out and back at the waist and reaches down to his knees in a coattail.

White Cloth Pants: Slim cut, but not tight on his legs. Fan out very slightly towards the feet.

No Shoes: He doesn't usually wear shoes.

Sheath: Lower back sheath to hold his zanpakuto(similar to Halibel's sheath)


Name: Buitre Aterrador (Terrifying Vulture)

Release Command: 'Call, Buitre Aterrador'

Sealed Appearance: Usually a skull with a small handle extending from the base and a short, broad blade extending from the top. It is made completely of a material similar to hollow mask.

Ability: The skull remains the same, but the rest of the zanpakuto can become liquid and reform in the shape of various small weapons. (examples: Knife, Katana, Chakram, Buckler, Hatchet)

Resurreccion: When in resurreccion forme, the black markings on his eyes extend all the way down his face from the inner corners and all the way up his forehead from the outer corners. He has a line of feather-like structures made of hollow-mask material that starts at his hairline and drapes down his back in two strands like a Native American headdress. The feather-like structures are white and end in red. He has white, mask-like material covering his hands and feet and ending in red claws; the mask-like material extends slightly onto his calves and forearms. He also has black lines that extend from his Hollow Hole and run down his body. He has two large wings of the white and red feathers made of the hollow-mask material. When in this form, the skull from his zanpakuto has more mask-like material and can be formed into larger weapons. (examples: Scythe, Warhammer, Spear, Tower Shield). Resurreccion gives him no extra powers, only a boost in power, speed, and focus along with maintaining his power to change his weapon's shape.

Segunda Etapa: Appearance not revealed. When he enters segunda etapa, Chernobog loses all controlled thought and acts purely on his instincts. He cannot willingly enter this state, and will not be able to consciously control what he does when in it.

Other Abilities and Powers:

Sonido: His sonido is average among Espada.

Hierro: His hierro is relatively weak when compared to other Espada.

Balas & Ceros: Because of his high spiritual power as the Cuarta Espada, he has Ceros and Balas at that level.

Cero Chispa: A personal cero that comes naturally to him. It charges at the tip of his finger and launches as an immensely powerful, red lightning bolt. The area it hits suffers explosive damage on impact.

Acrobatics: He is agile and strong, capable of unpredictable and acrobatic movements.

Extreme Stamina and Durability: His specialty is his naturally immense stamina and ability to fight for long measures of time, even after sustaining injuries.

Spiritual Cannibalism: He can absorb spiritual energy and heal wounds by eating other creatures. This is not like how Arroniero gained their memories and powers upon eating them; rather it is more like when Szayelapporo ate his fraccion. The amount of energy gained or damage healed depends on the spiritual power of the creature he eats.


He is carefree and fun-loving, putting no thought into his actions. Chernobog lives on instinct alone without considering consequences. He believes that the strongest get to survive and is always looking for strong prey to defeat and devour. Chernobog's only goal is currently to find, kill, and devour Ansatsusha, his next chosen prey. He also tends to ignore the weak in spiritual power so strongly that it's like he can't even see them. After the neo-reich invasion, Chernobog he regained a fraction of his memories that caused him to care for Nibui because he feels in debt to her for the wrong he did by existing.


As a hollow: Chernobog was born as an extremely small and weak hollow, likely from a small animal's soul. He wandered aimlessly in his weakness until one day encountering a human woman. He attacked and bit this woman, dealing essentially no real damage; able to see the small hollow, the woman forgave him and took him in. The tiny hollow would return to visit her daily and as time passed, she gave birth to a baby girl. The tiny hollow played with the baby as it grew over the course of a few months until he made his move. He attempted to devour the baby in its crib but was caught and chased away by the woman. Running into the night, the hollow was found by a patrolling shinigami who went in for the kill. The woman, who had followed the scared and confused creature, was struck down in his place. Her final words that she loved him as a child just like her human one, the hollow lost itself in the pain and killed the shinigami in revenge. He no longer had true sentient thought as a hollow. All Chernobog could think or do is kill and devour anything in his way. He rose to become a Vasto Lorde before encountering the false-hollow, Ansatsusha. Ansatsusha used the red proto-hogyoku to turn Chernobog into an arrancar. He was left with no memories of anything before his encounter with Ansatsusha.

As an Arrancar: He found his way to Las Noches and spent little time there before killing the Cuarta Espada and being forced into taking on his responsibilities. As Nova Cuarta, Chernobog met Typhon as his fraccion and the two formed a close bond of sorts. During the neo-reich invasion, Chernobog regained some of his memories and defeated the derelict Segunda espada. He freed the Primera Espada from her sealed state within the temple of Primera and took the injured Nibui to Soul Society for medical aid. He stayed in Soul Society for a short time, forming a friendly relationship with a few shinigami. It was here that he trained the Fullbringer, Nibui, before returning to Hueco Mundo.


Ansatsusha: The only one to ever 'defeat' Chernobog, Ansatsusha is the most powerful being Chernobog's met and he has a wild obsession with hunting him down as his 'true' prey.

Typhon: As his former fraccion, Chernobog has respect for Typhon and almost a bit of camaraderie towards him.

Fionarro: Seeing him as the weak who believed they were strong, Chernobog had no real interest in Fionarro. After his actions in neo-reich invasion, Chernobog last saw Fionarro running away after being wounded.

Robons: Uninterested in him as prey, Chernobog saved him during the battle for Sexta palace and directed him to seek refuge and medical attention for his fraccion.

Alora: Chernobog doesn't trust the Primera Espada, he's weary of her. That said, he doesn't view her as prey.

Hakumei: Finding an odd sense of common ground with the shinigami captain, the two became unlikely allies of sorts. He's grateful to Hakumei for all he's done for him.

Nibui: Chernobog is probably closest in life to Nibui. He saved her and taught her combat out of a sense that he owes her for her mother's death and being the reason she had powers and was taken by the reich. Deep down, his odd sibling's love for Nibui may be one of the closest things Chernobog has to a real relationship with another creature, alongside his friendship with Hakumei and his camaraderie with Typhon.

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Your Waifu    2,616

Vulpes Dusicyon


Name: Vulpes Dusicyon

Gender: Female

Race: Arrancar(transformed from Adjuchas)

Rank: Privaron Espada(109)

Age: 272

Apparent Age: 22

Birthdate: July 27

Belief/religion: Spiritual Reincarnation

Hobby: Gardening

History: Vulpes was once the Novena Espada and held her position until coming down with a mysterious disease. The disease causes severe muscular weakness and constant fevers, forcing Vupes out of her position as an Espada. She was always terribly awkward and bad at social situations, so she went to live the rest of her as quietly as she can. In the wake of the destruction of Las Noches at the hands of the Reich, the Arrancar were left without Espada for the course of almost a year(Absolon in his seclusion in the cave, Typhon regenerating in the pod, Chernobog travelling to Soul Society, Fionarro missing or dead, and Robons exiled). In the absence of these leaders, Vulpes had to once again take up a position of leadership helping the citizens of Las Noches regroup. She became the leader of the Arrancars' sensory unit during this time, scouring the desert for the missing Espada.

-Physical Description-

Height: 7'2" (218 cm)

Weight: 120 lbs (54.4 kg)

Hair Style: Messy and cut in weird, varying lengths. Extends just past the shoulders.

Hair Color: Light Auburn

Eye Color: Goldenrod

Skin Color: Slightly pale

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Mole above the right side of her lips, burn scar on her left ribcage just below the breast where her Espada tattoo was removed.

Body Description: Thin and abnormally tall. She has large and pointed ears. Long fingers and toes with claw-like nails.

Physical Condition: Her disease has caused severe muscle weakness and near constant fevers. This adds to her thin body type and pale skin tone to make her look even more sickly.

Mask Fragment: Covering the area around her left eye

Hollow Hole: Just below the base of her sternum

Clothing: Special High-heeled sandals and thin black socks that reach to her upper thighs. Short and slightly loose white cloth shorts. A thin and tight black turtleneck shirt with sleeves ending in gloves. A tight, white jacket over her shirt. Finally, a necklace with four bone fragments.


Likes: Gardening, Reality TV, sitting alone with a good book

Dislikes: Parties, social interaction, traveling

Fears: Her disease, social interactions

Goals: Nothing in particular, enjoying a quiet life

Favorite food: Anything microwavable

Least favorite food: Anything she has to go to an actual restaurant to get

Most prized possession: her garden, her books, and her television

Vernacular(way of speaking): Polite, shy, and somewhat awkward

Character behavior: Vulpes is very happy being alone and living the rest of her life quietly. She is filled with anxiety at social interactions and having to leave the comfort of her house.

Aptitude: Vulpes is naturally talented at many things, but she's too scared of attention and too hard on herself to live up to what could have been her full potential. She often uses her illness as an excuse for not doing something she was supposed to.


Incredible Senses: Vulpes' strongest ability is her incredible senses.

Sonido: even after her disease, Vulpes has espada-level sonido

Hierro: Vulpes has very weak hierro in comparison to other Arrancar.

Physical strength: Vulpes has very weak physical strength because of her disease.

Spiritual Strength: Despite her physical weakness, Vulpes has incredibly powerful spiritual energy.

Ceros: White Ceros and balas with plenty of power.

Cero Atravesar: A small and thin cero beam with incredible piercing ability.


Name: La Zorra ("The Vixen")

Command: "Whisper, La Zorra"


-Enhanced Spiritual Power

-Enhanced Agility

-Enhanced Incredible senses

-In Resurreccion, Vulpes' sensory abilities are pushed to an amazing state.

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Angel Yamamoto    777

Been running this character off and on for a few years so might as well post an updated App for her.

Name: Kasei Shikyo

Rank: Ex-Espada #2

Alias: The fire fox of Hueco Mundo, Blue Nova fox

Appearance: Kasei dresses in the usual arrancar attire. Her shoulder length hair is crimson red under moonlight and bright orange in the light of the sun. Her eyes are the color of glowing embers and the bottom left part of her jaw is taken up by the remnants of her hollow mask. She carries her zanpakuto at her side but no other equiptment.

Bio: Kasei took to the desserts of Hueco Mundo three-hundred years ago and quickly became known for her unique style of sneaking upon and killing vast hordes of other hollows for food using her small stature and accuse senses to her advantage. After reaching a rank past gillian she was found and taken in, with hopes of security, by a shinigami of squad twelve who's true intentions were to test the limits of mutations and psychosis tampering on a hollow. He forced her to transform into an arrancar amongst the many tests and due to the side affects she has kept her instant regeneration abilites but also adapted a slight personality disorder. She managed to escape after a few years and through diligence and cold blooded murder she fought her way up to the rank of the Segunda espada. She fought for a while to keep her spot but soon became distressed for her safety and the safety of those around her when her personality would get out of control and left her post without warning. She then proceeded to wander both Hueco Mundo and the world of the living for years before settling back down just outside of Los Noches where she is currently residing.

Personalities: She is usually calm and collected, never one to start a fight and remorseful to her faulty actions though when her personality flips she becomes an out of control killing machine. She will feel no remorse in killing anyone in her way and it usually takes a lot to bring her back to reality.


Enhanced Senses: Her six senses are acute, allowing her to fight seemingly unhindered when one or two havery been haunted by the enemy.

Enhanced Sonido: Kasei has mastered a silent and extremely fast Sonido through her training and usually uses it to out maneuver her opponent.

Cero: Kasei can fire ceros from either her hands or her feet which she can use to catch others off guard.

Master Hand-to-Hand combatant: She has mastered close combat to the point she prefers to use it over using her sword, using her iron skin, powerful strength and frightening speed to overpower her enemies.

Powerful Riatsu: When fully released her red riatsu heats up the atmosphere around her to such drastic temperatures that it can cause heat stroke-like effects to those caught in it.

Instant Regeneration: Due to her mutation Kasei can instantly regenerate limbs and minor organs but enough serious blows can slow down or even stop this ability.

Zanpakuto: Vulpis Ignis (Fire Fox): When released, Kasei is engulfed in a powerful blinding red riatsu that spreads over the surrounding area causing the air to eat up drastically.

Appearance: Her short strawberry blonde hair has grown out down her back and two orange fox ears appear on her head allowing her hearing to be the greatest of her senses. Her mask piece has shattered leaving only two small pieces at the base of her ears. She still is wearing the arrancar uniform and a series of large red tails sprout from her back.

Resurrection abilities: Her level of power is based on how many tails she has released but her base powers are the innate ability to create and control fire and her senses are severely enhanced along with her physical strength and speed.

First tail: Her power is at the base level of her resurrection.

Second Tail (The Speed tail): After this stage, Kasei's speed is drastically increased, making her able to overtake most enemies while reaching mach speeds.

Third Tail (The tail of Strength): After this stage, her physical strength and defensive capabilities have increased, making her more dangerous in close combat.

Fourth Tail (The tail of Wrath): When only at the release of four tails her personality quirk takes over and she goes into a powerful rage, attacking anyone near her. To stop this she has to be beaten or to bypass it she can not release only four tails at once.

Fifth Tail (The tail of control): After the release of this tail Kasei has the power to control any fire or lava in the area of her riatsu though she is unable to control the flames of someone stronger.

Sixth Tail (The tail of Ignition): With the release of this she can create fire anywhere in her vicinity by igniting the atmosphere from a distance.

Llama Pillares (Pillars of flame): Kasei ignites six sky high pillars of flames around her enemy that come together and engulf them in a powerful blaze.

Seventh Tail (Tail of Nova): When this tail is released a series of ten small flames orbit behind her. She can use each of these flames to create a massive powerful fire Nova where she targets but she is limited to ten uses of this attack. She can use all ten flames at once to create a destructive blast that would burn away everything in its path. This is her releases' strongest attack and once it's used up her power is sealed up again.

Eighth Tail (The tail of Ashes): Unlike her other tails this one is made of an odd grey flame. With this release Kasei's flames have the capability to burn away even riatsu attacks such as kido or quincy attacks away to nothing. It is her ultimate defense and can work along side her ability to ignite the air around her.

Segunda Etapa: TBA

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Name:Jacob Vendire

Apparent Age:19


Rank: Privaron Espada (105)


Zanpakto: Grieta translates to Kraken

His zanpakto is a vicious weapon which takes the form of a terribly spiked whip that seems to be made of silver barbed wire.Four inches in every Direction,these spikes are in fact retractable so he hides it and stores it within the folds of his sash

Realeas Command: " Sink the guilty Grieta "


he takes the form of a young man around 14 or 15 years of mortal age.With deep, dark blue eyes and jet-black hair, Jacob could be considered quite attractive if he happened to care at all about such things.. Over his hair and much of the sides of his head are his mask fragments. They take the shape of a segmented, smooth helmet that sits directly upon his hair without messing up the natural hair style. Large oval holes run along the length of the helmet, separating the segments and allowing others to see the locks beneath them. These fragments cover jacobs's right ear but they leave the left exposed, and intelligent individuals might note how it looks hydrodynamic.Like many Arrancar, jacob has colored facial markings that formed when he rid himself of his mask His appear as a black line of circles that start around his left eye, like thick eyeliner, and trail outwards towards his ear while growing progressively smaller. jacobs's hollow-hole is in the center of his chest. his '5' can be found on his lower abbs near his groin area ,he rarely showed the enemy his number he found it unwise to let an enemy gauge his strength that easily . Jacob wears the white jacket and hakama of his race. Unlike others, however, he adamantly and completely refuses to modify the uniform. While many of the past and present Espada have issued different aesthetic changes to their white jacket, jacobs's is quite plain, with long sleeves and a black divider line down the precise middle of the outfit. The only interruption to this line is around his Hollow-hole, which is in the center of his chest. It continues on after the end of the hole until it reaches the bottom of the jacket and the black sash of the uniform. Said sash is, like the jacket, entirely unaltered

Power & Abilities

Cero: His cero is a deep dark blue and has a fair amount of destructive power and could seriously damage a person who doesn't guard themselves or counter properly,he can fire it from his mouth or just in front of his hollow hole, he can also do a gran rey cero if he adds his blood

Balla: Jacob's balla's are spiked in all directions like a sea erchine if he misses he can mentally make it explode shooting the spike in all directions in hopes of hitting the target

Concha de ostra: he can errect a sphere like sheild around himself made from his reatsu that spins at high speed acting like a blender to a person's body parts and can redirect cero's , balla's , blades possiblely whacking them from the owner and kido of binding or attacking nature sadly it's flaw is this requires him being still so he can't attack and his whip can't be drawn for the fear of being ensnared in his own wepon

Herrio: While he can block Lieutenant-class blades with his arms and hands quite easily, only mid Captain-class foes would have legitimate trouble piercing his flesh.

Pesquisa: His Pesquisa allows him to predict and find most enemies, but those with a strong connection with their spiritual pressure can find ways to get around it.

Dolor Veneno (posion pain): The spike on the whip each contain a set amount of liquid in them that once they pearc the target they induce pain making the place they struck feel as if someone is stabbing you relentlesly and making a meer nick feel like a large gash it also stop the blood from clotting

oceano seco (dry ocean) : A unique ability of Jacobs's Arrancar form relates to his fearsome and painful Zanpakuto. At will through mental command, Jacob can force his weapon to increase the ambient humidity in the air around it for around a hundred meters in every direction. This does not increase the heat, as the humidity is unnatural and doesn't need temperature to function in such a way. While unreleased, Jacob can ramp this humidity up to the point where it becomes difficult to breathe without concentrated effort, even for Shinigami or Arrancar, who may be able to hold their breath indefinitely while underwater. Jacob himself is completely unaffected by this ability since a byproduct of his form is that he doesn't breathe at all. Instead, he filters what he needs from the water in the air through his skin and or whip.



Apperance:The first thing most onlookers notice is that the missing pieces of his skull fragments are all filled in, and they take the shape of a hydrodynamic helmet with built-in clear glass goggles,The rest of his body is almost entirely encased in a white coating of smooth, relatively featureless bone. Blue and black lines occasionally decorate his body, particularly around his joints and major muscles. The only other change is he has two ten foot long whips coming from his four arms just behind his wrist's,the barbs are several times sharper than the orignally were

needs name (_________) : by swinging his whips and mixing his spirit energy with the moister in the air he can generate huge amounts of water in the form of large torrents ,to throw at his enemies with enough force to smash through reinforced walls

Cementerio del Mar (Graveyard of the Sea): The sphere of water that appears when Jacob's Resurreccion is unleashed is the central focus of his powers, and it's called the Cementerio del Mar. The water within the sphere is far denser and much heavier than normal water due to it being completely laden with jacobs's spiritual pressure. It's almost as if those within it are being subjected to pressures equal to the bottom of the deepest ocean. Weak foes can be crushed by the pressure almost immediately,the pressure gradully goes up. This increased weight also makes it very difficult to move or attack, even for stronger individuals, and most ranged attacks are rendered useless unless Captain-class power is behind them. Energy attacks can sometimes find themselves getting through, but even they lose some of their power by the time they reach Jacob. Another feature of this sphere is that it always follows Jacob, no matter where he may go or how far he might be thrown. There is no simple way to remove him from the water or vice-versa. Because of this, most enemies find themselves forced into a close range battle with an underwater enemy who is far more adept with the terrain than they might ever be. Jacob's hydrodynamic form and his skills with his Resurreccion allow him to swim through the water as quickly as it follows him with incredible speed.


Las Mareas y las Corrientes de Corte Girando (Twisting Tides and Cutting Currents): Within the sphere of water there is, initially, no movement of currents. The water is completely still. This technique allows Jacob to change this fact by manipulating the water with his whips. Each weapon can direct a large portion of water in whatever direction he happens to guide them towards, causing huge pressure changes in the form of nearly invisible tides. The force behind these techniques is equal to a tidal wave crashing down on them from various directions, and a good strike can rip apart a wall with sheer pressure. Most often these attacks are used with only one whip, but once in a while, when the situation calls for it or the enemy is too strong to hold back against, Jacob flicks both whips in opposite directions - he crosses his arms. The two high-pressure tides rip in opposite directions and cause incredible tearing force to sheer away at the target. Some enemies can avoid this through careful prediction or by riding the tides with defenses up, but even then they risk being ejected from the sphere from the force.While the attacks of his technique cannot reach outside of the Cementerio del Mar, they can cause havoc upon anyone caught within them. In a last ditch effort to eliminate foes, Jacob will unleash a rapid flurry of whip strikes, causing the water sphere to become a roiling ball of pressure changes. Only the strongest of foes could resist this flurry, and even Jacob himself cannot come out of the attack unscathed by the pressure. He can resist it much better than most, but with so many swirling tides and currents, there is often just too much pressure for even armored flesh to take.

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Maskmonk    331

Name: Monk
Race: Arrancar 
Rank: None






Ooc- I hope people will enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Monk remembers nothing of his human life. When entering his life as a hollow he felt empty and pointless. No interest in any hollows apart from himself, he fed when he was hungry. But of course there was always the risk of been the hunted, a simple hollow was all he was and he found that after a meal, he would be in grave danger from other hollows and have no other choice but to run away, he trusted that his fear would make him run faster and even though no goal seemed at the end of the tunnel, survival here seemed to be the most important thing that he could do. So he continued his existence, killing hollows so that he could continue his pointless existence. Eventually years had passed and though luck alone he had survived and grown stronger, but it was only at his next meal that he would realise that he was not the strongest. After finishing feast on the remains of a hollow he had just killed he feels the sand beneath him rumble as it does seven or eight hollows emerge from it surrounding him. They were around his strength but that therefore meant that he would only be able to take out one if any. The massacre was inevitable, but who was to be the victor. As the first hollow took its step towards him, he made his move lodging his fist inside the hollows mouth and ripping it apart from the inside using the gap in the circle as a chance to run. But where he was in the endless desert he could run for years and most likely not get anywhere and at the thought of his hopelessness his feet slowed. Looking behind himself to see his enemies in chase he soon found one pouncing on his back and taking him to the ground and as the other hollows jump on top the sand beneath them begins to fall and them with it. 

When he and the rest of the hollow hit the ground, they found themselves not only surrounded my Menos, but by many other hollows as well and ones that ranked above them. In the next seconds friend or foe, allie of enemie no longer matter, the massacre had turned into a true free for all. He fought off what he could, kick, slashing and biting his way though hollows that got in his way hoping that feasting on them while he fought would increase his strength in the mist of battle. Suddenly he felt a warm pain. Had he been killed. "No! No!" He remembered thinking as he turned into a blood red mist. As he turned around to see which hollow had killed him he noticed that all the other hollows were having the same experience and as his last partial flew away there was a moment of pitch blackness and then he was alive again. Strangely taller looking upon what he had become, he was a Gillian a tall black tower with his own mask, unlike all the others his movements were different out of sink to all the rest compared to them he remembered he felt... Hungry more hungry than before not just for power something told him that he needed to he had to eat. "But what? There were no small hollow about he had just formed with many to become one Gillain" he eyed one of the mindless creatures that he walked beside and in a moment of instinct he took a bite out of the Gillain next to him, unlike lesser hollow the Gillain were like eating cloth or dry skin, almost lacking blood and a reason to be there apart from the fact they there where something for him to feast on and no matter how much he ate the hungry never faded, that continues nagging in the back of his mind that told him not to stop, eating and never stopping even when he felt like throwing it up. They where his dull and painful memories of being a Gillain. 

Eating all that he did soon brought on another evolution. The stage named 'adjuchas' he had taken on the form of a sort of human or ape with overly sized arms that he dragged along the ground or even used to walk with. Hollows such as these had roamed around him when he was a Gillain, but had never bothered him, but know he found that he was a much greater target. But now that he had gained this power he was not so passive to give it up. Instead of his fear slowing him or hindering him, now his fear of losing his power made him faster stronger and made him that much more of a threat when battling. His live was now no longer a mass of blood and feasting. He now spoke with some other hollows who were as civilised as him, but he never stayed long he couldn't trust them, they were a meal and he was no more or less to them. However he remembered clearly a warning they had given him. "Don't stop eating, not even now your adjuchas, if you starve you become a Gillain and you'll lose your personality and your soul." He had given them thanks for that. Considering it was hard enough to find a good meal a warning such as that was even better. In the next few days he came across a fight in the middle of the white desert and concisely he knew the hollow one of the Adjuchas that had given him the warning was now facing of against two other adjuchas. They were at opposite sides coming to kill him if the other fail. So he made the decision to intervene. In a leap he had entered the battle landing on the adjuchas that was trying to attack his ally from behind. Crashing down he stopped the assault and the battle for a moment. "You?" The Adjuchas said both shocked and relived. "Just a thank you for the warning" he said in return. The Adjuchas gave him a look and turned to the enemy before him as the other hollow underneath his feet had squirmed out. "Hemit" the Adjuchas said. "If you happen to see anything I need to dodge us my name. "Hmm" was his reply and the battle commenced. He never really paid attention to Hemit's fight his own was all the more difficult as the Adjuchas he was against was firing quills from it back that his herrio could only just take, impaling him, but not going too deep. Jump was risky, but how was he to get close to his enemy. He ran in circle around the Adjuchas hoping that it would wear out before he did. Then the Adjuchas fired a larger quill which he had no choice but to grab and deflect my which time he had left himself open, but no second attack came as he turned to look back at where the Adjuchas should be he saw a long arm pulling the Adjuchas to the ground. Hemit had stretched out his arm it was now at least three times its normal length. He wasted no time at the opportunity he had been given. Leaping forward and missing Hemit's arm he pummels the Adjuchas to death crushing its mask and shortly after devouring it. 

"Hemit then?" He asked the Adjuchas "who gave you that name?" Hemit let out something like a laugh. "Gave me it? I chose it" 
"For what purpose, have you achieved anything so you can have it"
"Not really, but it's better than me running around and calling myself Adjuchas, so you know my name, what's yours?"
"I don't have one"
"Well I'm certainly not calling you Adjuchas, hmm? Thober? Errr? Prstie?"
"What are you doing?" 
"I've already said I'm not calling you Adjuchas... Manaitras?"
"Does it have to be so complex?" 
"Simple then. Mmm? Mm? Monk?" 
"It's simple isn't it and after all you helped me out I'd consider that a good name"
"Hollows in general are not good though" 
"That's fine, I'm considering you and me, you wanted simple and I want you to have a name"
"Monk, I suppose I can get used to been called that. Hemit" 

So Monk and Hemit traveled with each other, both sharing the same hunger to continue feeding have a team mate meant meals small so they often tried to find groups of hollows so there would be more to share and the more they killed the more they grew closer. Joking, laughing and general chitchat became part of there everyday life. Which Monk had never expected he'd always seen a solitaire life ahead of him. But Hemit was proving him wrong. However for all the the time they spent awake it was another story when they wanted to sleep. Constantly watching each other waiting for the other to go to sleep in fear that if they went first they would be the one consumed by the other, after all they were still hollows and in some way still feasted for each other's flesh even though they restrained them selfs for the sake of company. 
"Hey, Monk" Hemit says as they sat on a mound of corpses within the Menos forest. "What?" Monk replies. "There's more to you right, your fighting style I mean, your not just kick and punch are you?" There was a pause as Monk turned his head to face Hemit. "Yes" Monk says bluntly. "'Yes' as in your just kick and punch or 'yes' as in there more to it" Hemit questions. "More too it" there was another pause as Monk looked away from Hemit. "I knew it, come on what is it?" Hemit asks the conversation now going the way he wanted it to. "Not saying, if you want to put it one way it's my secret power. I suppose" Hemit sighs. "Fine, fine I'm sure I'll see it one day" a final pause aloud tension to build between the two as if the silence continued any longer they might lash out at each other. 

It had been another slow nights sleep watching each other fall asleep. However when Monk opened his eyes this morning he was met with a smaller more human sized hollow. Seeing no body Monk instantly lashes out at the smaller hollow as he was trying to say something.  Swing left and right, up and down the smaller hollow dodged all of the attacks with ease. "Monk!" The hollow shouts. "Hemit?" Monk asks confused. "It's me I've moved up to the next stage Vasto Lorde." He says proudly almost posing in front of Monk. "What's it like?" Monk asks interested in this new event. "Amazing. I don't crave the flesh of hollow any more it's as if all that has done. From been an Adjuchas and I feel so much more powerful, you've got to get to this Monk" and in that short time, Monk had found a goal, he had been left behind as an Adjuchas while his friend had evolved to the stage of Vasto Lorde. He could stand it. For weeks Monk hunted anything and everything he could find. Lesser hollows, Gillain and Adjuchas. Never stopping to rest or sleep. He powered though it all. His goal always following shortly behind him to make sure he wasn't putting himself to much at risk. 
The change came quicker than Monk thought it would or maybe it was simply because of his obsession of catching up with Hemit. Monk evolution was very minor and left him around the same size as Hemit just with his own individually. His Mask similar to a human skull, but with a hugely over exaggerated mouth with flat teeth lining both the top and bottom. A clean white hollow skin flowing around his entire body the armour mimicking his muscles. Over all the transformation was simple and instead of ape like he was basically humanoid now. However there was one thing he had still never revealed, not even to Hemit. But considering all that he was right, reaching this stage was amazing. Vasto Lorde, he could feel his own power flow though him and the constant hunger for hollow was now practically gone. "You weren't lying when you said this felt amazing, I've never felt so powerful" Monk said looking up and down a fresh body he didn't even recognise as his own yet. "And all this time you've still kept your secret" Hemit says sarcastically. "What secret?" Monk asks turning to Hemit "that secret weapon, that final move. Now I don't think I'll ever see it" he chuckles and Monk joins him. "Too bad for you" 

It felt like the world had become there's, Hueco Mundo and the living world it was very unlikely that they found people how could oppose them. Shinigami could be caught of guard since there was Monk and Hemit and as for hollows. Both of them thought it was a good idea to keep them in there place. Killing any Adjuchas that they saw not wanting them to make it to the same level as them. For Monk he had never felt so safe, so far away from death. As long as they where a team, they couldn't be beaten. However over time things changed. 
While watching the sun set in a park in the human world. They felt sceptical and as Hemit stretched he posed a question to Monk. "So what do we do next, go back to Hueco Mundo put down our authority again?"
"No, no that's to simple now, most hollows avoid us like a disease now"
"So what you just gonna sit here and do nothing, don't go back to being the old boring Monk" 
"It's just us Hemit, so what if we can win, if I know I can win there's nothing to do no goal" 
"Our goal is to survive like it's always been"
"... Maybe instead of killing we could help hollow, have a couple of followers. They always say there's safety in numbers" 
"Help?! You joking right, Monk come on, we fight to survive not to help the week and gain an army what you gonna do with that." 
"I don't know! Do you?!" 
"I don't, I'm going back to Hueco" 
As the last of the light fades from the human world as the sun sets behind the horizon. Monk is left in darkness unsure of what he was doing and what to do next. When he himself returns to his make shift home in a cave in Hueco Mundo he comes to find Hemit not there which was unusual. As they normal both arrived he at the same time, to give each other confirmation that they were alive. 'He can handle himself' Monk thought as he slid down the side of a wall and fell asleep. 
Only an hour later he heard heavy footsteps coming in. "About time" Monk said. "Quit your whining Hemit snapped back. "I found something interesting" he continues. "What?" Monk asks. "A hollow, I could tell by his spiritual pressure, but to things were different. One his mask was broken he had a face, practically human and more importantly he was carrying this. As the sound of metal bangs across the floor Monks eyes widen. "How?" Monk questions. "No idea I presume he just got more powerful" Hemit suggests. "But haven't we become more powerful since we became Vasto Lorde?" Monk says. "Maybe he ate greater hollow. Other Vasto Lorde... Like me and you" suddenly there was a very tense silence. "Why did you go quiet Hemit?" Monk asks sincerely. "We can only advance one way, you are my answer to moving on and finding something to do. MONK!" As Hemit shouts out the name of his friend for the last time he extends his arm in an attempt to punch Monk which fails. As Monk simply raises his hand and blocks hit. "Don't Hemit" Monk says quietly. But there was no stopping now Hemit had already jumped towards Monk his mouth open and ready to consume any part of Monk he could get a hold of. As he comes in close Monk grabs his shoulder and throws him throw the rock and outside onto the sand. "I'll be the one to move on traitor!" Monk shouts "traitor? We were never friends. Just a means to an end." Hemit's arm wrap around Monks neck suffocating him. But Hemit's skin was weak in comparison to Monks as Monk rips Hemit's arm in half and throws it to the ground. Holding in to the part still attached to Hemit. "Let go!" Hemit shouts in distressed. Throwing his other hand at Monk, which Monk also blocks and holds onto and comes within a few inches of Hemit's face. Monk opens his mouth and closes his eyes. A few moments later, Monk was walking away from a smouldering corpse on the now blacked sand. "I... Know yourrrrrr secret." The corpse growls. Monk ignores the corpse has he here's chains and the final screams of. "I hate you, why didn't you devour me?"   

Alone. Empty. Quiet. Monk now more than ever was lost and unable to find something to do apart from move on. 'A hollow with a broken Mask?' He traces his hand alone the contorts of his mask reaching the edge of his mask he digs his fingers in. "Garh" that was only the beginning. As he began to pull he felt like he was pushing himself closer to death. Scream and torment it continued. But if this was the only way forward he would take the pain even if it meant joining Hemit. "Aaaaahhhhhh" finally a shatter the pain finished and Monk was left in darkness. But as he came to. He found he had succeeded. A broken fragment of mask still left and next to him and Katana with a blood red hilt and sheath. He pulls the blade close and rests. Recuperating from the pain. 

Since turning arrancar. Monk found himself spending more time in the human world. Out of curiosity and when Shinigami did come around he was able to run or maim them. Since he had come more sympathetic since become and arrancar. Also gaining a new look. From the battles he did have to fight had left scratches and scars. He had heard other arrancars had great healing factors. However his seemed a shinigami's rate of healing. However his Hierro was unbelievable tough and gave Monk the confidence that he would not lose a limb that easily. So he had adopted clothing. A white kimono which was tight hid the main of his body and a wooden mask he had crafted using his zanpakuto. With a hood to cover up the remainder of his head. He thought seeing someone with scares on there face was particularly nice and so the mask fit well with what he wanted to do and in general he thought the cloths suited him. But things were not to remain peaceful forever. One day while enjoying the sunset a Shinigami with long black hair approached him. But his approach was different it wasn't threatening or defensive. It was proud, but casual. The Shinigami introduced himself as Yuroshima Hoshiro. Confused by such and introduction. Monk questioned him why. The Shinigami said he was looking for strong allies and wanted to building a division with all races to take down the Gotei 13 and he wanted Monk to be one of the first members. Which peaking Monk interest. Not only in a group would he be safer. But a goal and someone to follow into battle again. But... Then he briefly remembers how he was turned on by his old ally. However he agrees to meet this division. It would certainly be a different way of living. However when Monk arrived at the encampment that the division had set up he was impressed to see that everything was reasonably organised and squabbles between different races were few and far between, never the less he still had his doubt in some ways and in more than one case would question Yuroshima's true intention and would sometimes suggest to other members of the division that they were simply tools for Yuroshima's gain. Any other time that he had free Monk would spend in a area clear of any other people. Soon after joining Monk had heard rumours in the camp that stronger members of the division where arriving, which interested Monk to see who and what they where. And while eavesdropping in on the meeting he was shocked find that a Shinigami, a Quincy and a Arrancar could all be so close. Shortly he was caught by the Arrancar, named Melsara. Originally Monk had an instant dislike to him, his attitude somewhat cocky and at this moment when he had been caught patronising. Monk questioned why he would even think to trust a Shinigami. The answers that were given were simple but Monk still question them. 
"Why would you trust a Shinigami?"
"We're like family" 
"But a Shinigami couldn't be any further from"
"There family because they have never wronged me"
The final answer left Monk silent and with nothing to retaliate with. He had been given something to think about. For Monk had been wronged may a time. As a hollow what else would he know. The betrayal still bore deep in Monks mind for Hemit was once a great friend and had proved that for his own gain would 'wrong him'. So was he to trust Yuroshima until he was betrayed by him? He took the chance and after hearing what he had heard from Melsara came away with a greater respect for Yuroshima.

So with a slightly less aggressive personality to anyone who approached him he found being calm and friendly got him great allies. In days to come he found himself training, socialising and other activities with his many friends within the division. But one mental  scar still stuck to him. Like a thorn underneath the skin. 'I know your secret' those words led to Monk never removing the wooden mask that covered his face and soon gained names such as; Masky, Masked man and The Masked Monk. Which he played along with but was not overly please by comment that to him were irritating and unpleasant. He had his Mask there for a reason and that is where it would stay. 

Soon greater events unfolded. For unknown to Monk one of the members of the division had been captured and Yuroshima had bravely gone after them to save them. He had only heard of this once Yuroshima had returned and found Yuroshima greatly injured and not far from death. With this Monk was furious, but kept the main of the anger inside simply calling the man a fool before he left. Monk knew that if such a leader as Yuroshima should die then unpredictable this Division would fall apart and to risk that for the life of one man in Monks eyes was foolish. Once Yuroshima had found Monk expressing his anger thought training Monk told Yuroshima of his opinion on what he had done and when they returned to the Division. They had become even closer.  

As time passed in the division Monk slowly understood one mistake in joining. We're as some of his allies aged and withered and gained wounds that would hinder them in battle. Monk remained preserved in some way. Being an arrancar he aged but his body did not and thanks to his Hierro his body never received any wounds that would disturb his life. Battles took many allies from him and people even left the division in some cases. But Monk stood true and continued to follow Yuroshima blindly following another mans goal and soon a final blow would be dealt to the division Monk followed. 
After a betrayal. The division was left short handed never the less Yuroshima had been thrown a party in the seritei. However to Monk knowledge it ended up being a trap set up by the Gotei. Broken and unsure Monk attempted to continue on Yuroshima's dream and became the commander of the small handed division. But it was not Monks goal and soon he grew bored and unenthusiastic leading him to abandon the division and leaving it in his past.

Now Monk wanders the human world and Hueco Mundo in search of a goal or rival. Suiting his mood when and where it suits him. 

Powers and Abilities:

Average swords man: due to the way he chooses to fight, Monk can discard his zanpakuto often throwing it at the opponent or leaving it in a place for retrieval. 

Master of hand to hand: his Hierro greatly improves the proficiency of his hand to hand and is his main form of attack. 

Hierro: Monks Hierro is one of his greatest attributes as it coincides with his main attacking method.

Spiritual strength: has a great spiritual pressure, but prefers to keep it hidden or low. 

Greatly enhanced Strength: sacrificing his high sped regeneration for raw strength. Leading to his fighting style

Cero: a basic red cero, average charge rate one of his means of long raged attack

Bala: second means of long ranged attack less powerful than cero, but charges faster.

Descorrer: an arrancar technique used to travel between human world and Hueco Mundo

Ressurection: Sin, Kasai Kokyú Sō: reverting back to his old Vasto Lorde form. Monk gain a white Hierro around his arms and legs acting as a armour. With the advantages of the hardened Hierro it now means he can also pack a greater punch/kicks. (Increased strength) His speed gains a slight increase with the boost of power. (Increased speed) Monk gains his one and only original hollow attack by reverting to this form. For other hollows the form may seem mundane and simple, but over his years of fighting he has learnt how to use his ressurection to it full potential.
Gōka: yet to be revealed.

Though constant change of surrounding and the company he keeps, Monk has had different approached on life. Protecting himself and only himself as a hollow. Protecting himself and Hemit so that they could achieve greater heights. Suspicious of every creature, yet lost. Too, having many Friends that he would have protected with his life. To then have non once again. He personality at the moment is very much set strongly on his whim. However he is not a simple killing machine and has proven it by showing mercy in some situations. He will also never underestimate an opponent now matter who the enemy as anyone can be one and there for anyone could be your death. If he can find something to follow or some goal he will often set his eyes straight on that. To gain strength to often beat or prove something. 

In general conversation he comes around as very calm. However keeping his secrets close to his chest. He is always curious about others and how they ended up the way they are. Monks life has a great many secrets his most precious being hidden on his person and should the conversation slide that way his attitude will change to a very stern and defence form. 

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Merlin    325

Name: Draiden Lendero

Apparent Age:19






Zanpakto: draiden zanpakto is in fact a black pearl he fused to his younger with spirit energy , it serves to battle function. He has made precautions to keep a katana on hands at all times though to throw off his opponents and to mislead others as to its true location so far no one has found out his dirty little secret except a single arrancar named monk


Draiden is a fairly strong arrancar who has earned a reputation of being lazy and his face seemingly always having a permanent "i don't care" look to it, he was booted from the espada because of his disregard for his position and rank, which he accepted without a fight. Most would have expected him to regress in power but he has actually been doing nothing but traing and advancing. Most have forgot his existence very few know of him from his time as the segundo espada, as time moved on he engaged in many battles and then he decided to go train in solitude to reach new heights.


Draiden takes things seriously when needed but will mostly find things and certain people a large pain in the ass. Despite being considered a lazy, purposeless individual by some, When something particularly dire happens that he simply cannot ignore,he reveals that he is incredibly capable, and that he is more than willing to obliterate those that stand in his way.


his hair Styled to halfway cover his right eye, the long swoop envelopes only one side of his head, leaving the left side shorter. There, instead of a forest of neon green, rests a few straight tufts that take the place of sideburns. The back is cut relatively short, as if to make the sheer length of his bangs all the more apparent. While he does not particularly take care of his hair, it always seems to be well cut.Beneath his hair lies a pair of matching green eyes, stunning in their power but dim in their admiration. His Caucasian skin never seems to grow pale beneath the somber moonlight of Hueco Mundo. Two black pearls seem to be dangling just a few inches below his ear-lobes, in draidens mouth lies a small sphere, resting in the middle of his toung like a stud used in piercings,It is as misleading as Draiden himself, and that is just one of the many ways that it remains hidden in plain sight. Many have seen the small pearl when he talks, when he sticks his tongue out in sarcastic jest. Still, only a few that even know that the pearl is his true zanpakto, and those that do stare into his mouth as if it were the maw of hell. His number, however, is tattooed in a much more riskie place right on the left cusp of his hip-bone, where the stomach meets the lower half of his body. This number '2' is almost never seen by anyone due to its location, although some female Arrancar have claimed access to it in the past.most people he shows it to he intends to kill; he usually bites the neck of his jacket and pulls it up while simultaneously 'thumbing' down his sash to reveal the tattoo. Because of this many consider it either an extreme privilege or a horrible curse to see his old rank and number.

Power and Abilities:

Great strength:Despite being somewhat lanky in comparison to larger, more physically imposing Arrancar, Draide is blessed with a very high level of raw strength. This is due to the fact that he has Captain-level spiritual power. he can punch straight through reinforce walls, lift astounding weights above his head, and beat down opponents many times his size without the use of his Resurreccion.

Immense piritual power: he was once an espada so it would only be natural that his power is great, he greatly increased this with training, his spiritual pressure can be described as dark and crushing

Cero: Neon Green in color and fired from either his open mouth or his right hand,dealing impressive amounts of damage to powerful foes should they fail to properly defend themselves. He is capable of using the Gran Rey Cero by adding his own blood to a normal one, and its increased power makes it more useful to him for burrowing past defenses.

Cero Volar: he forms two neon green cero's one in each hand he would then slam them together causing extreme tension making the cero fly at seven times the speed of a bala but still retains the power of a cero

Balla: basic neon green balla's

Modified balla: this balla is a highly condensed small projectile leuges faster than the average balla about the size of your average bullet with insane piercing power, this balla vibrates at high speeds as it flys loosening the bonds of anything that it happenens to make contact with , the balla on an arrancar herrios would be like a warm knife gliding threw butter ; and shatter large structures such as walls and boulders.

jaula de paijaros(bird cage) : he fires an onslot of balla that become suspended in the air around the opponent, he can then command's them all to strike with a physicl gesture,mental command or verbal command , close enough to leave little room for escape but far enough to not be noticed right away or upon the employment of the technique

Herrio : he may not have had the strongest Hierro in the Espada class, but it functions well, and it protects him from attacks that would completely destroy the bodies of most other Arrancar. He can block some unreleased Captain-class weapons with his bare hands, take powerful blows to the body without flinching, and remain unharmed from shrapnel caused by nearby explosions. The true use of his Hierro, however, is the durability

enjambre picotear (swarming peck):By combining his ridiculous speed with the strength of his kicks, Draiden can actually attack so quickly with his feet that it seems as if he remained perfectly still; in reality, he is striking at 40 times per second. This is achieved by tethering his torso back as he sends his legs and feet forward using Sonído, allowing them to kick as quickly as he can run without actually budging from the waist up. While painful to use due to the pulling-stress on his legs, Daiden's endurance and Hierro allow him to withstand the pressures and tearing muscles of the technique.

Sonido Expert: This is an extreme contrast to his notably lazy personality, which causes many of his rivals and opponents to expect his speed to be lacking luster. but he in fact he is extremely fast on his feet, draiden is cable of traveling extreme distances in short bouts of time.

Sonido Gemilos: he is capable of making tangle clones of speed to aid him in battle he often uses this against foes of great power to throw them off

Pesiqauas: He can generally tell the power level of those around him, even when they are attempting to hide it. Some may be able to fool him due to his lack of mastery over the ability, but most are not so fortunate.While he is certainly talented at Pesquisa, his ability to predict the movements of his enemies before they are made is somewhat limited. Fortunately, even the smallest hint is good enough for him; his speed and reaction time makes up for what his senses may lack,it is even active while he is sleep so he rarely is caught off guard






Ressurection: -cuervo de la muerte translates to "Raven of Death"






A tremendous explosion of light green energy bellows out from his body, which is completely enveloped in the light and power of the transformation. Lieutenant-class and lower opponents are blown away from the area with little to no chance of them holding their ground, and the force is powerful enough to blow away tremendous amounts of sand, potentially causing a minor storm should he release within the dunes of Hueco Mundo. This power alone can be enough to wipe out lesser opponents,he is coated in a bone like armor that is substantially more powerful than his first herrio,and his forearms are were his wepons are located,two bone-white extensions that look curved wing. With the speeds that he can reach with his sonido. these extensions of his body can cut through almost anything.

Herrio Boost: his herrio greatly increased

Speed Boost:his speed greatly increases

Strenth Boost:his already great strength is increased as well

La mirada- basically he charges two cero and fuses them just before firing creating a wide and devastating cero

cero dragón dormido (sleeping dragon cero)- by combing the La mirada technique , and cero oscuras he has created a new cero capable of new heights of destruction

Cero oscuras:

he is capable of fireing a fairly destructive and powerful cero oscuras capable of blowing away hundreds of hollows and blasting large hole through the canopy of the menos forest and giant mushroom clouds


he can produce an after-image, just as many other powerful Arrancar can. However, as he continues on to somewhere else, he integrates his clones with his "pluma de la muerte". What is left is an tangible, touchable after-image that explodes violently when attacked by an opponent. By making an illusory ability into an offensive one, Draiden has become a terror to face on the battlefield. Those that know of his abilities are often reluctant to attack him they wonder if the Arrancar they are about to strike is the real Draiden or a bomb in disguise. Those that have guessed wrong have most likely met their end. Only through extraordinary means, such as high-level Pesquisa or a genius intelligence, can an individual discern real from fake without risking injury. And even then, it can be difficult to risk injury on an educated guess.

pluma de la muerte( Feather of Death):

this ability is considered one of the most blatantly destructive in his arsenal, and its use has cautioned anyone from standing too close to Draiden when he appears to be in a bad mood. To use it, he simply rushes away from a single location in a tremendous burst of Sonído, leaving behind an empty void where his body once was. This 'negative zone' is filled momentarily with a pressurized field of his own green Reiatsu, which builds up the surrounding pressure. Then, as quickly as he had disappeared, the area collapses in on itself, causing a terrifying explosion that can dig craters into the ground about the size of a grenade blast if someone were to take a direct hit they would be pretty banged up taking getting hit to many times leads to obvious death . This ability is intimidating not only due to its power, but also because of its unpredictability. Draiden can use it at any time, and those nearby have only a split second to react before the shock-wave threatens to annihilate them. Most often, this technique is used mid-conversation in the hopes to eliminate a particularly annoying opponent before the fight really begins. And, if an enemy is truly fearsome, Draiden will stop and start as he dashes across the battlefield, causing a chain of these explosions as he moves about.

(still needs name) :

Opening his mouth, he releases,or vomits what ever floats your boat, dozens of small black pearls. Instead of falling to the ground, these spheres begin floating off into the environment, occupying a space of up to a mile. By touching one of these pearls with any part of his body he can propel himself to any other one almost instantaneously. By jumping between these pearls at a rapid speed,he can create a mobile web of pearls that can follow and chase down opponents as the pearls hover across the mile radius. And since Draiden moves so rapidly from pearl to pearl, it actually seems as if he has vanished from the battle entirely, they also instantly detonate with the force of his cero if someone other than him touches them.he can use this in his ressurection and normal form they are sturdy enough to take a few cero's before crumbling and draiden could always produce more. Making these pearls consomes a good portion of power.

(incomplete )

Edited by Veirra C. Deblonk

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Merlin    325





Character Name: Azezel grimmore


Race: Hollow

Bio: as a human he was fascinated with science so much to the point where he was failing all other subjects , he was often bullied in school which lead to fear which brooded and became pure unadulterated hatred. The young man detached himself from the world and dove into science seeing other life forms as mere forms of amusement or experimentation; on his eighteenth birthday he was conducting an experiment with highly explosive materials and made a miscaculation blowing up a whole small town , fifty thousand eight hundred and thirty six people died that day including Azezel himself, the boy became a mindless hollow as soon as he died and devoured the entirety of the towns people who he had unintentionally killed, as time progressed his hunger grew along with his returning intelligence he eventually made his way to hueco mundo were he began evolving till he reached an adhujas level despite his wanting to reach knew heights it was destined that he wouldn't become a vasto lordez he spent years desperately trying to evolve he eventually accepted his fate and decided to go find a hole to crawl in and remove his mask , the pain he experienced in the process was excruciating but when it was over he could only describe it as a masochist's pleasure like cold breeze on a hot sweaty summer day, and like all arrancar he made his way to Las Noches he resided in the shadows watching events transpire and taking the fodder that wondered off during invasions for crueal and inhumane exterminating and torture. Despite not being well versed in the feild of science his battle prowess is rather low so he relied on his power of gravitational manipulation to keep him alive to win his fights and escape harm,he was always wary of the espada he feared the very ground they walked upon he was in the same Hall as Typhon one time he litteraly pissed himself at the sight of the tecera espada. He now hides alone in the bowels of Las Noches with a stack of magazines and his 3 computers he watches the outside world from. Only after the invasion did he venture out to find some food having not eaten in months.


Arrancar: is thin and of medium height. He has bright purple hair that is short except for half of the front which hangs over his left eye. He has pale skin and purple eyes. His Hollow Hole is on his torso and his Hollow Mask remnant is a long horn off the left side of his head and fragments circling his eye. He wears black lipstick.and black nail polish.

Personality: he is a rather cold hearted and sadistic , individual he often toys with weak prey. He veiws the whole world as one jiant lab and everyone is a test subject , he loves to research and invent new things also taking other scientists inventions and techniques perfecting them. he loves to mess with peoples heads he often acts as if he's losing while in truth he's analysing there Battle style looking for holes.


Enhanced strenth: due to his power over gravity his muscles are very strong he is capable of punching threw reinforced steel with relative ease

Herrio: he can block an  seated officer blade 18th seat an above have no issue

Sonido: his sonido is relatively fast but nothing special i

Cero: his cero is a bright violet and can severly damage those who don't defend against it properly

Balla: his balla is purple and when fired it picks up speed and thins out into a disk slicing clean through said targets

Swordsmen: he is well versed in this skill but still nothing special

Gravity control: he can control the force of gravity to a certain degree and can project this skill during Battle increasing the gravity around himself or decreasing it making new centers of gravity to defend against attacks or dodge or to throw his opponents off by switching the battle from the floor to the roof. He can project this like a beam or effect the entire battle feild

Gravity touch: anything that Azezel makes contact with he can increase the weight ten times the original or lighten it in combat if he strikes a person or object the weight would increase with every strike or for the duration of time he was touching them

Ressurecion: TBA

Edited by Veirra C. Deblonk

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Character Name: Toma de plata
Age: 250
Rank: None not a part of the Espada
Race: Hollow - Arrancar Adjustas level

Bio: As a human Toma was a dare devil he went to place where he should not have,Sky dived,rock climbing and many other things that a normal person would not dream of.One day he went into a cavern with his friends and decided to explore.They explored the cavern for 4 hours they realized they were lost after that.Then they walked a little further and one of them disappeared,the other as well and pretty soon there were 2.They set up camp in the cold wet dark cavern and one went to take a piss.Then 1 hour went by and he never came back.Then Toma slept til he awoke and traveled the rest of the day 10 hours going through miles of cave never even seeing sun light he drove himself crazy almost in the pitch dark even though he had plenty of material for light but then he made one wrong step and went into a hollow place in the cavern and fell too his death.He turned into a spirit and wandered the cave again until one day he got crazy enough that he ripped his Chain of Fate and awoke a hollow in huco mundo.His sense of himself and his Intelligence survived along with him.When he was not in his Dare Devil days he was Very small rose a top his classes join the chess club and made the finals.He first run from every thing that tried to kill him but then he smartened up and adapted to his surroundings.He decided that he was going to evolve and turn into the arrancar he evolved far enough to Adjustas and tore his mask off.He though if he trained enough wanted it enough he could be as powerful as an Espada even though he was just an Adjustas level Arrancar.




Arrancar: His hollow hollow is on his right side of his chest.His mask fragment is what looks to be wolf teeth on the right of his head above his brow.He has short swept hair to the side and a scar on his back that covers all of his back.

Personality: He is mostly quiet,nice,Intelligent and caring some what.But when it comes to fighting his enemy's or if any one gets in his way he completely changes into a mean,cold hearted brute that cares about nothing but himself.He also leaves people behind.He is often Manipulative and smart enough to mess with people's heads.


Average Strength- He can pick up a small car but thats about it he doesn't Reilly on his strength too much

Herrio: He invests most his time making sure he can take hits.He can take a 5th seat's shikai a couple times to the chest or face.

Sonido: He invests more time in this then most other arrancar.He can keep up with Captain shunpo's and leave after imagines.

Cero: His cero is bright blue and can almost seriously damage a captain.

Balla: He can shoot bala's almost as fast as a shunpo but it is lesser damage.

Swordsmen: He is well versed in this skill but nothing compared too a 3rd seat

Descorrer- An ability that lets him move about the human word and Hueco Mundo

Metal Barbed Wire- He can create metal barbed wire that surrounds him in every direction for 50 ft and can also control them to capture the enemy or badly cut them depending on their defense.If they make contact with the enemy they can drain their stamina to a good extent.

Metal Spiked Shields- He can create giant metal shields that are attach to his arms.The shields have extending spikes if he needs to become offensive.Also if he manages to bash the enemy it create a wind force blast that can knock back the opponent a considerable distance.He does this by making the outward metal go in ward and then bend out ward incredibly fast making a distort in the air and causing a type of sonic boom effect.
Resurreccion: TBA

Edited by Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)

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Your Waifu    2,616

Gonna delete this, but I've been given permission to go over any of the apps/bios. Gonna start by saying the majority of Toma is totally good, only small problems are just that as an Arrancar, he shouldn't know Gran Rey Cero without being an Espada and he shouldn't have High-Speed Regeneration without some sort of reason why. Other than that, nice job with everything!


As for Azezel: First thing I noticed isn't necessarily a problem or something to change, but decent RPers have said this to everyone time and time again, "saying your character is super smart doesn't make them super smart. A decent RPer can RP a character less intelligent than themselves(Example: myself with Chernobog, he's not the brightest crayon), but it's essentially impossible to RP a character smarter than yourself as an RPer." Your character legit can't possibly come up with strategies, ideas, and solutions that you yourself don't think up as the person writing the character; so no matter how smart anyone says their character is, in reality it isn't any smarter than the writer behind it. Next up, saying he didn't care to go to Vasto Lorde gives the presumption that he could have, which is one of those loaded ways of making one's character sound like a special snowflake without actually putting any real work or development in. Hierro from normal Arrancar can block captain now? Ok then... 'His sonido is nothing special, he is just a normal arrancar that can keep up with a captain is all.' Please think more while making something. Next up the Gran Rey, which is just a small thing like with Toma, he just shouldn't be able to know it at that level. Everything else is passable, but I'll end this section off by putting out a reminder to people making a character: if you're putting more into your powers/abilities than into the actual character(personality/story), then it's likely not going to be a very good or enjoyable character.


That said, of course all of the characters like Vatto, Chernobog, Vulpis, Jacob, and Monk have already been worked on if they had problems and are totally good. I've already made a thread on why most people don't consider Angel's whatever to even exist, and honestly tons of people have tried to help so much with Draiden but I could still make a whole thread's worth on that.

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ooc> Alright ill make some Adjustments i did not know that you have to be an Espada to get those type of things or an Espada level Arrancar.In any case thanks for letting me know and good day XD

Edited by Sairento Moesashi (Kyōraku)
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Merlin    325

Ooc> thank you haku I will fix these immediately , and I'm trying to change im not gonna fight you guys anymore on it I was a dumbass but changes will be made on my par I have sent you a PM hopefully you respond to it 

PS : please delete this for me after haku has read it someone. Don't need aiden drinking bleach martini's

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Artoria    87

The Wanderer


Name: Unknown
Nickname: The Wanderer
Gender: Female
Race: Arrancar
Rank: Not part of the Espada (maybe in the future? )
Age: Unknown
Apparent Age: 24
Birth Date: 5th of September  
Hobby: Devouring lesser hollows and Traversing Hueco Mundo

History: Not much is known about The wanderer one day she popped up out of nowhere some say she is a murderous beast who would devour whole hollow villages without a second notice to feed her unending hunger. Others say she just passes through towns searching for something then leaving those in the towns alive almost like she was never there. No one truly knows which of the rumors are true. The wanderer once becoming an Arrancar never lost the unyielding hunger for souls however she can still control when she eats and when she doesn't. The wanderer doesn't know where she belongs almost everytime she tries to join a village she gets attacked due to the spread of the rumors which then she fights back which causes the spread of rumors to spread even more that she is a murderous beast. The wanderer always eats those she kills when attacked to try and end her hunger.

-Physical Description-

Height: 5'5
Weight: 65kg
Hair Style: Most of the time loose however sometimes she ties it up with a white ribbon
Hair Color: Dark Purple
Eye Color: Black sclera with Red iris
Skin Color: Pale
Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Marking under her mask
Body Description: Her body is that of an athletic build
Physical Condition: Healthy
Mask Fragment: Over The top half of her face.
Hollow Hole: In the middle of her right hand but keeps it covered with a glove


Likes: Eating, Traveling and puzzles.
Dislikes: Spoiled brats
Fears: Doesn't have any fears.
Goals: She doesn't have goals she just likes doing whatever she thinks about at the time.
Favorite food: Any soul.
Least favorite food: Anything bitter
Most prized possession: Her bracelet she wears on her right arm.


Reishi color: Light Purple
Sonido: She instinctively learned Sonido as most hollows do when they transform into Arrancars
Hierro: Pretty tough can withstand a few hits
Physical strength: She is Surprisingly strong however she doesn't like using her physicals skills much because she doesn't feel comfortable doing so.
Spiritual Strength: It's hard to gauge Her spiritual power as it always changes though her eating souls much more than the average Arrancar would.
Basic Cero: She can fire of Ceros as like the Sonido she instinctively learned it while she was still a pure hollow and not an Arrancar.
Cero Córnea: Able to shoot a cero out of her eye which is able to destroy large rocks.
Spirit threads: The wanderers unique ability is to control threads made out of her own reishi. They are as sharp as a blade and is able to pierce objects using the tips of the threads. However while she is not in her resurreccion form she is only able to control one thread per finger.
High-speed regeneration: Can regenerate at high-speeds however, can only do so out of battle as she needs to focus on healing or its speed is that of an average Arrancar.


Name: (Still thinking up)
Command: Torappu to kiru (Trap and kill)
Reishi color: Dark Purple

Abilities:(No description will be given as I don't want them planned against) o.o
1. Improved Spirit threads
2. Overall enhancement (speed, strength ect.)
3. Flight (Ties in with spirit threads)
4. Cero Supureddo

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Name: Hisashi Kimura

Nickname: None

Gender: Male

Race: Arrancar

Rank: Not in the Espada

Apparent Age: 23

Birth Date:  18th of February

Hobby: Entering food contests, reading, writing short stories

History: Hisashi spends most of his time eating when he feels hungry and enjoys the scenery of the human world but rarely goes into it after becoming an arrancar. His last visit was to his mother's grave, he had outlived her several times over, he stole a necklace she had since she was a child to remember her by. Growing bored of his sudden change from power hungry to his now lax nature, he wishes to train and join the Espada.


-Physical Description-

Height: 6’0

Weight: 175

Hair Style: Long and let loose

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Green

Skin Color: Pale

Marks/Scars/Tattoos: Scar on left eye extending to chin

Body Description: Athletically built.

Physical Condition: Healthy

Mask Fragment: Over right eye

Hollow Hole: Middle of his neck but covers it with bandages



Likes: Mysteries, Eating, and being indoors

Dislikes: Being underestimated

Fears: Losing, being weak

Goals: To become strong enough to join the Espada

Favorite food: Most souls

Least favorite food: Instant foods

Most prized possession: Mother’s necklace



Cero: He hardly ever uses it but when he does it is an average strength red cero that shoots from his hand.

Bala: His main form of attacking at a long distance due to the shorter charge time.

Descorrer: Uses it to travel between Hueco Mundo and the Human world, uses it often when he wishes to look at earth's scenery.

Hierro: Average can take few hits.

Sonido: Slightly above average




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Otter Aiden    3,506

Typhoeus and Typhon



General Information

First name: Typhoeus and Typhon

Middle name(s): N/A

Surname: Lemuria

Age: ????

Date of birth: ?????

Race: Arrancar

Aspect of Death: Ambition

Gender: Typhoeus M. Typhon: M

Sexuality: Secret

Current residence: Tercera Palace

Relationship status: Single

Social status: Espada

Physical Appearance

Height: Typhoeus: 5'8. Typhon: 5'4

Weight: Typhoeus: 153 lb. Typhon: 135 lb

Eye color: Typhoeus: Yellow. Typhon: Red

Skin color: Typhoeus: Fair. Typhon: Fair

Shape of face: No.

Distinguishing features: Typhoeus: Hole just under his neck and skull fragments scattered about in his right shoulder. Typhon: Hole in his left hand and a small skull fragment protruding from the back of his neck.

Typhoeus: Number 3 on his upper left chest. Typhon: Number 3 on the right side of his forehead.

Build of body: Both are built to be athletic 

Hair color: Typhoeus: Black. Typhon:Blonde

Hair style: Typhoeus: Short and spiked. Typhon: Medium-Length and Unkempt

Typical clothing: Typhoeus: Long white and black long-sleeved coat and white and black hakama with waist bandages and a black sash.

Typhon: Short-sleeved white and black jacket with white and black hakama and a black sash. Two necklaces with small red crystals and a black holed neck accessory kept around his neck.

Both have no shirts on.



Typhoeus: Sleeping, Relaxing, Being in Power, Chaos

Typhon: Observation, Order, Ambition, Power, Efficiency


Typhoeus: Work, Being Challenged, Peace

Typhon: Incompetence, Lack of Ambition, Disobedience, Quincy, Shinigami

Education: Hueco Mundo and The World of The Living


Typhoeus: Death

Typhon: Losing his Fraccion, Fall of the Espada

Personal goals:

Typhoeus: None

Typhon: To kill all of the Quincy and ensure the Hollow's dominance over the Soul Society

General attitude:

Typhoeus: Relaxed, lazy, selfish

Typhon: Serious, Ambitious, Straightforward


Illnesses (if any):

Both have half of the original Typhon's power due to splitting in two.

Energy level:

Typhoeus: Below average

Typhon: Average

Any unhealthy habits:

Typhoeus: Over-sleeps

Typhon: Sleeps too little


Parents: None

Siblings: Each other

Nemesis: Wandenreich

Children: None

Friends: Ryas, Faron Feo, Chernobog Raneir


Peaceful or violent:

Typhoeus: Peaceful unless provoked

Typhon: Peaceful unless provoked or unless one is a Quincy

Weapon (if applicable): Arrancar Zanpakuto


Occupation: Espada

Current home: Tercera Palace

Hobbies/past times:

Typhoeus: Sleeping, Relaxing

Typhon: Planning, training

Pets: N/A

Favorite colours:

Typhoeus: Black

Typhon: Purple

Favorite type of music: N/A



After the Tercera Espada, Typhon, disappeared once more, he would split in two after seven days in isolated agony, where Typhoeus would then be born in existence. Now, being two separate entities and having two more allies behind them, the two would seek to return to Las Noches, where they will finish the formation of the Fraccion Typhon originally desired in the first place.




Bala(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Bala): A faster though weaker version of the Cero. It can be described as a technique where hardened Spiritual Pressure is fired.

Cero(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Cero)- A Cero is a highly powerful technique which can be described as a powerful and swift energy blast which can be fired from various body parts, such as the mouth, tongue, fingers, or hands. Only the Menos class Hollows, Arrancar, and Visored have been witnessed using it. With the exception of a few Cero Techniques and users, and that means a rare few, the Cero requires time to be used efficiently, thus requiring a disabled, non-attentive, or still enemy in order to be able to fire it accurately and make it hit.

Descorrer(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Descorrer): Technique used by Espada level Arrancar in order to open a void between the Living World and Hueco Mundo, thus creating a Garganta.

Hierro(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Hierro): A passive ability of which an Arrancar's outer skin can serve as armor.

Pesquisa(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Pesquisa): Arrancar's ability to measure and locate Reiatsu.

Sonido(https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=2&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwi7odfOypvKAhWJ0xoKHasdB_IQFggjMAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fbleach.wikia.com%2Fwiki%2FSon%25C3%25ADdo&usg=AFQjCNF8Pnc_HvHIMC-XVA62iF8Q7V4Xzw&sig2=1pBE3jQW4bXJQt4ZeaP32w): Basically the Arrancar's Flash Step(Shunpo).

Ressureccion(http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Resurrecci%C3%B3n): Releasing the core of an Arrancar's ability sealed in their ZanpakutŠto regain the original powers of their Hollow form. They often take on a form closer to a Hollow than a Human after performing Resurrección. It is basically the Bankai of an Arrancar.

Gran Rey Cero: By mixing their own blood with a Cero, an Espada can fire a Cero with much greater attack power and speed, in addition to having a change of color unique to them. It is many times more powerful than a normal Cero, disturbing the fabric of space as it travels. Upon release, it spins like a razor as it compresses and decompresses due to the sheer speed and raw power.




His height would increase to six feet as Typhon and Typhoeus would combine, their hollow fragments would cover the combined Typhon's face while two horns made out of sharp blades protruded out of it. The black hair of his grew considerably longer as well while his skin became dark grey. His Hollow Hole would be positioned on his chest, The hole itself would leak blood a little while the Espada's transformation continued. His legs and arms would have an odd pattern of bone-like armor upon them, with the knees holding smaller mouths and the forearms having a jagged metal blades protrude out of them. The bone plates covering his hands would have small blades sticking out of them as well, the tips stretching past the knuckles. His tail grew out of his pelvis, stretching to lengths of six and a half feet, with a blade coming out of the black fur upon the end. This blade itself would be only a foot in length itself, and the spikes which protrude from above his knuckles are poisoned with his corrosive blood. Though whenever he creates a weapon out of bone now they will no longer be poisonous.


Poisonous gas:

Typhon's Res only contains two abilities: an increase in his bone manipulation and the ability to emit his poisonous blood as a form of gas. The gas when emitted can actually effect objects as well, being able to devour the spirit energy of whatever if touches, breaking it down into useless particles. When inhaled, this gas will eat away at the insides of the opponent, though it will not devour them entirely, but instead make it harder for them to move, breathe, or be able to preform attacks and techniques without feeling intense pain. While this means that if he is facing a Human the mentioned Human will have to inhale it in order to be damaged, Spiritual beings run a higher risk of his gas as since they're made up of spiritual particles, it can injure them as a corrosive gas would a Human.

General Abilities:

 Bone Manipulation: Typhon and Typhoeus can create objects or armor from their bones, using them as projectiles. The objects contains a strange substance, one which can cause corrosive effects at a slower speed than their own gas in Resurreccion. The maximum amount of objects used in each moment of using the ability is four, and each one can damage metal if Typhon or Typhoeus uses them at their full strength.


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Quote:"No matter what happens, No matter who turns me,No matter what pompous swine thinks he has power over me ; I am still me."

Name: Ymir

Age: ????

Appearance: Ymir is an average height arrancar with light blue hair and a toned and cut build his arrancar uniform mearly consists of the arrancar sash , panse and shoes. His hollow hole is located on the right side of his chest. He holds a likeness to the cero espada Absolon the distinctive thing that sets these two appart in appearance is Ymir has short hair while absolon has longer hair , they have different mask fragments and Ymir posses no scar upon the bridge of his nose those that arent very observant or haven't seen the cero espada often mistake him for Absolon.

Personality: Ymir is a relaxed individual who is somewhat ambitious and determined in his goals , he usally keeps to himself in his own personal chambers were he sits in meditation or training to better himself. He will not take orders from anyone but his direct commander but even he knows when to swallow his pride at time.


Riatsu: appears as a dark blue flowing aura flowing off his body

Riatsu effect: his riatsu causes frost thin and thick amounts of ice to form in an area depending on the output, if he touches metal while expelling riatsu he can make it brittle and easy to brake , or cause a thin casing of ice to envelop a target by touching them for an extended period of time.


Sonido: pretty basic amongst the numerous class of arrancars that inhabit las noches and or hueco mundo

Herrio: his herrio could easily block an unreleased blade but should enough force be applyed his herrio is rendered somwhat useless 

Descorr: The traveling technique used by arrancar to travel realm to realm or distant locations Ymir somtimes utalizes the garganta for combative purposes

Cero: his cero is a blue basic destructive beam of destruction capable of boaring through several walls before subsiding if not properly blocked could cause serious damage

Balla: his capable of destroying a small boulder the size car enough to destroy half of a human while in terms of shinigami it could cause bones to break or shatter

Spiritual energy: Ymir could overpower a low VC if the said shinigami was at 30%

Strenth: his strenth is average for and arrancar but he can easily remedy that by focusing spiritual energy into his muscles

puntadas: not having regeneration he has devoloped the ability to use his spirit energy to stitch lost limbs back on rapidly and close wounds internal and external although this is only a temporary fix till it heals on its own or he recieves medical aid.

Resurrection: TBA

Info: Ymir has not yet trained for ressurecion

OOC> applying for cero espada fraccion.


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Lurker    76


Theme song

Name: ???

Nickname: Lurker

Gender: Male

Race: Hollow

Rank: Strong hollow, nearly Gillian

Age: Something in the neighborhood of 700 years old

History: Every hollows comes from something that was once alive and Lurker is no exception, except he was a cell. A black death's cell to be more precise. Some would argue that a bacterial cell isn't alive, but it sure as hell ain't dead. It took more than 600 years of hollowfication before it would actually develop a consciousness but here we are. He even calls himself a "pure hollow" since it came from practically nothing. During the last hundred years he quietly ate hollows in the Menos Forest to evolve himself further.







Likes: Strategic decisions

Dislikes: Being wrong, stupid things

Fears: Smarter spirits than him

Goals: Leaking the Hueco Mundo into the living world

Favorite food: Intelligent souls

Least favorite food: Smelly souls

Most prized possession: His intelligence and his pure bloodline



Bacterial Infection

Dead skin, sweat, spit and even dust. Everything coming from Lurker's body is infected with his evolved cells. Everything that he touch becomes tainted. The cells slowly adapt to its host, draining its reitsu, evolving and spreading further. If the host is very weak (like dying or something like a plant) it will hollowficate them, making them a mindless puppet of Lurker doing his bidding or fusionning with him, giving him reitsu. If not then the cells will slowly hollowficate the flesh of the host until cleaned or its death (therefore making a puppet). The infection can easily be cleaned in the early stage by wiping it off but is really hard to completely clean if inside the host's blood. The complete infection of a healthy normal human being can take between 10 - 14 days if no actions is taken. (They could just take antibiotic if the cells didn't evolve quick enough to resist them) A infected weak shinigami would take years to hollowficate, so this power is pretty much useless on strong target unless they are killed while tainted. 


Edited by Lurker
Changing stuff
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Name: Kotaro Anubis

Age: 219

Rank: Vasto Lorde Hollow

Aliases: May be used later ...


Body Type: 4'8". With his mask covering most of his head, Kotaro's eyes and forehead are the only human skin showing. His furry wolf ears are split and hugged by the Vasto Lorde's golden hair. His neck is covered by thick dark brown fur, while his chest has a white bone like armor. His upper back is protected by fur. And, Kotaro's abdomen has fur, like his neck, however, a stripe of light brown goes down the middle. The hollow's upper arms are armored, with his forearms contrasting with fur. His hands have sharp claws for fingernails and the hollow's signature bone armor. Kotaro's thighs are fur covered, and his lower legs and feet are armored. The Vasto Lorde's hands and feet are claw infused. And, he also has a dark brown wolf tail with a light brown underside.

Hair: Deep gold, (just below where human ears are) spiky on the top, brushed straight on the sides and back.

Eyes: Bright blue

Hollow Hole: 5 inches in diameter, just to the right of belly button.

Mask: A short Wolf muzzle and ears, eyes and forehead uncovered and human.

Abilities and Powers:
Cero: Navy Blue. His blue cero is rather strong. And, it's speed is fast enough to catch those not paying attention. His cero can normal beat any other cero from non-Vasto Lorde hollows. An Arrancar's cero can almost always beat Kotaro's. There are some cases where another hollow's cero can beat his, or he can beat an Arrancar's.

Garganta: He can open a garganta to the human world, and back to Hueco Mundo. His garganta isn't anything special.

High Speed Regeneration: Kotaro's high speed regen is actually kind of slow. It will heal him from stuff like cuts and stabs (as long as an organ isn't hurt) at a good speed. However, a severed arm will take longer then most, and it also takes a good bit more energy. The power that isn't used by his HSR - making it slower, has been used increase his speed.

Enhanced Speed: Due to syphoning power from Kotaro's HSR, his speed and agility are strengthened a good bit. His movement is higher than a normal hollow of his rank, but it eats his energy if used to much.

Reiryoku: Being a Vasto Lorde, Kotaro has a very strong level of Reiryoku available. In terms of energy, Kotaro is able to go blow for blow with average captains.

A high-moderate Martial Artist: Given that Kotaro's only weapons other than his cero are: his legs, arms and body, he has learned to use martial arts. He is most proficient at kicks andknees and he is good at a punches and elbows. He can form good combos with kicks and he is working on other types of strikes. Thus, he has much more to learn before he can call himself a master. However, Kota is driven to learn and grow from any source.

Vasto Lorde Powers:

Menacing Howl: After charging his voice with reiatsu, Kotaro yells in the direction of his target. The result is a loud sound and wave of energy that can, if the enemy is weaker, stop their movement and stuns them for a bit. He can use this skill three times, before he loses his voice for a while. Thus, he usually only does it once, maybe twice.

Pack Hunt: Using a good amount of energy, Kotaro can make up to two clones. When he makes a clone, Kotaro chooses how much of his own power to give them. Thus, each clone takes a bit of his power to use. The clones would share all of the original's skills, but at said strength. They stay a maximum of four posts and are semi-sentient beings. Thus, Kotaro usually as a target for them to focus on.

Ripper Claws: When he activates this power, his claws on his feet and hands grow bigger. Hell, his feet and hands grow too. Thus, Kotaro is able to get more power in his melee. In this state, the hollows claws can cut and piece much easier and deeper too. This power require much less energy to use, thus giving Kotaro much more time with it active.

Intermediate Sonido user: As a Vasto Lorde, Kotaro can use Sonido. And, his speed while using this is enhanced a bit due to his increased base speed. Though, as of now, he has yet to master it. He can travel good distances with slightly above average speed. His Sonido is outclassed by a noticeable amount when facing an Arrancar, well a complete Arrancar.

Personality: Kotaro is an adventurous, curious being at heart. Even as a hollow he never lost the sense of curious wanderlust, except as a menos. His playful curiosity has definitely gotten him in trouble, but he still has it. Though, he's more cautious around those who may try to harm him. He has learned that Soul Reapers, or Shinigami are hollow's natural enemy. Quincy are to be feared for their soul destroying powers and never let his guard down near other hollows. The young Vasto Lorde has met a few hollows and Shinigami that weren't hostile, well not right away. So, he made friends, though they didn't last long. Some died, no, most died, while the few others left. He has heard stories about the incredible power that Arrancar have, and the insane power of the Espada. But, to this day, he has yet to meet any. The stories of their strength and abilities, has to no end, both fascinated and terrified Kotaro.

History: Shall be revealed later. - Unless it's needed now.






Edited by Kotaro Anubis
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