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Urp Visoreds Info And Character App

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(a.k.a. Vizard or Vaizard)


Vizard, Vaizard, Visored - Are Shinigami that have acquired Hollow powers. The word vizard is a Japanese term meaning "masked warriors." In Bleach anime and manga it is a play on the English word "Vizard" which means "masked." Fans of the Bleach anime and manga will often use the term vizard. Visoreds, just like Shinigami, can only be seen by those that are spiritually aware.



Visoreds are the inverse to Arrancars






The process by which a soul reaper acquires hollow powers is called Hollowification. In order to gain full control of their hollow powers, soul reapers must conquer their inner hollow or he/she's soul will be devoured, meaning that there would be nothing stopping them from becoming full hollows.

Being able to don a hollow mask, or Hollowify, and retain sanity is a sign that a soul reaper has successfully gone through the Hollowification process.



Background Info


Having begun as Shinigami, the Visored appear entirely human and barring those times where they are using their powers, are indistinguishable from ordinary Shinigami. To gain access to their Hollow powers, a Visored dons a Hollow mask. This allows them to augment their Shinigami abilities with Hollow powers, as well as giving them access to some of the more generic Hollow abilities.

Their spiritual pressure likewise changes into a mix of Hollow and Shinigami. This process of donning one's Hollow mask is most commonly referred to as Hollowfication. The Visoreds generally are neither accepted by hollows (for their former status as soul reapers) nor soul reapers and have declared that the only side they're on is their own.



The majority of Shinigami become Visoreds when a Hollow, with similar make up of an Asauchi, enter their soul and merge with their ZanpakutÅ.




Visored Abilities


Being a hybrid Shinigami/Hollow, Visoreds have access to both soul reaper and hollow abilities, which includes the use of a Zanpakotu. Tapping into their hollow powers will significantly augment a visored's speed, strength, and abilities available to them. Additionally, while in their Hollow form, their rate of recovery is much faster, therefore increasing their endurance as well. Visoreds can also use generic hollow techniques such as cero and sonido.



Abilities All Visoreds Have


Hollow Mask: Unlike the masks of the Arrancar, the masks of the Visoreds are undamaged or unbroken. The Visored remains in complete control over their Hollow while wearing their masks. According to Aizen, the fusion of the two spiritual entities allows these Shinigami to reach power levels far surpassing that of either a Hollow or a Shinigami.

The Visored use their Hollow powers to augment their existing Shinigami abilities, granting them massive increases in speed, stamina, and strength.

The only known side effect in donning their Hollow masks is the specific time limit, which varies from user to user. Fortunately, there is a remedy to this problem, training. Every time their masks are used, the Visored's voices echo as a consequence of both their normal voice and their inner Hollow's voice speaking simultaneously

  • Enhanced Speed: Visored gain a boost in their speed while Hollowfied, which varies from Visored to Visored.


  • Enhanced Strength: The Visored have shown great strength while using their masks.


  • Cero: The Visored can fire Ceros just like the Arrancar. Though the origins of Arrancar and Visored differ, they may essentially be the same. Visored gain access to certain Hollow abilities, such as the Cero blast.
  • Power Augmentation: With the acquisition of the mask through the subjugation of one's inner Hollow, Visored’s gain access to an additional and separate source of power - aside from the Shinigami powers they already possess - Hollow powers. The length of time they can remain Hollowfied varies with each person.


  • Mask Protection: Some body damage can seemingly be ignored while wearing their masks though they still receive the effects of damage.


  • Reiryoku Enhancement: Visored have dual spiritual power of both Shinigami and Hollow, which enhances their abilities. While watching Ichigo fight with Grimmjow, Tier Harribel noted that the volume and nature of Ichigo's spiritual power made it seem like she was watching a fight between two Espada. Additionally, Ulquiorra Cifer commented that his Reiatsu was almost exactly like an Espada's.


The Visored's Zanpakuta function in the same manner as those of standard Shinigami.




For more on Shinigami click here

For more on Hollows click here

For more on Quincy click here

For more on Tsumikami  click here



Vizard's Structure




Visoreds usually reside in 1 of 5 Faction Cells and operate much like a Shinigami Squad does, with a Commander and Vice Commander.




Faction Cell 1




Faction Cell 2




Faction Cell 3




Faction Cell 4




Odds n' Ends (Faction Cell 5)

Commander - Teschma

Vice Commander Nero




Post your Visored Character apps here Only and I will add you to the list. There is no set template just make sure you cover all the info including which Faction Cell you are apart of.




If you need a good template go to the Bottom of the 

Shinigami Info page


Ooc> Shout out to Ruroki for this next piece of info!!!







Post any comments, meme's or GIF's in here! Keep this section clean and only for Applications.

If you see something that bothers you, take it somewhere else! Create an OOC section for this thread if you even feel the need for it.






Final words



Please don't make me re-do this


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Teschma (aka Tesch)


Shinigami / Vizard


Teschma is approximately six feet tall and has tan skin with brown eyes. He also has brownish blackish hair, more brown than black, and different tattoos over his body though while clothed you couldn’t see them. He wares what appears to be the traditional captains uniform but instead of a white haori his is navy blue and the insignia on the back is a rams head outlined in gold. Unlike most Vizard, his Mask is always on top of his head. When wanting to access his Hollow power, he lowers his mask to initiates his Hollow transformation. Being so intune with his hollow abilities, he is presumed to have almost no time limit. (Has no vizard power till he pulls down the mask). Because of this most think he's more hollow like than other vizards, even being confused as an Arrancar momentarily, time to time.


At a first encounter Tesch would come of as a harden and experienced veteran, which might led him to get straight to the point. He cares little about what others think and prefers to do this his own way often clashing or “ramming†with others. Over the years through his mercenary endeavors he has done many things that others would deem good and some not so good, and even some criminal, but his moral line is where ever he feels like drawing it at the moment.


Teschma was originally born in the Soul Society and even graduated from the Shinigami Academy. However, on his first mission to the World of the Living a variant Vasto Lorde hollow attacked his team killing them all and nearly killed him. Luckily he was saved by a random stranger but not before being bitten and severely gashed by the hollows claws.

The stranger turned out to be vizard mercenary named Macoff who took Teschma in and guided him through his upcoming hollow changes. With Macoff’s help Teschma was able to dominate his hollow side and eventually go on to have a strong bond and mutual understanding and accepted his hollow side. With newfound loyalty towards Macoff, Teschma joins him as a mercenary excepting any jobs from bodyguard to assassination and even jobs of the supernatural type, as long as they paid well. A statement that Macoff often said, “If their willing to pay a small fortune, then its worth my time, besides I look at it as I'm helping decide the course of human history in away,†stuck with him and after Macoff’s tragic death became Tesch’s philosophy...

Macoff and Teschma’s last mission was one to Hueco Mundo. A mysterious, spiritually aware, collector tasked them with retrieving a portion of the Infamous Las Noches for his personal collection. With such a huge paycheck it was something that they would not pass up despite the dangers.

Despite the chaotic nature of this mission the vizard pair almost completed it unhitched, as it seemed the Espadas must be dorment. It wasn’t till they were leaving that they encountered a powerful Arrancar, which was able to catch them both off guard. Not wanting both of their lives to end that day Macoff sacrifices himself so that one may survive.

Witnessing the death of his mentor and only real friend caused Teschma’s rage to boil over like no other. An immense power, surged through his body like never before and suddenly a name appeared in his head, “Crius Khrysomallos... Bankai†Holding his sword upside down, he releases it, letting it fall to the ground. Instead of being stuck in the sand his sword disappears into a circle of green light. Instantly, five swords that look identical to his shikai appear and float before him. Moments later a spear with the head of a ram appears, from the circle of green light, as Tesch grips it tightly.

Pointing his rams head of the spear at the Vasto Lorde that just killed Macoff, Teschma mutters something only he can hear, â€Kami no Ramu,†he said in his hollowfied voice. Suddenly a large golden ram with a dark green outline appears. The ram was approximately twenty feet tall and looked exactly like the one that was on is sword, with the only difference being that the horns are much longer, curling in a circle pattern twice more.

Just as swiftly as the Divine Ram manifested, it charged off at its target. The Kami no Ramu almost instantly rams its victim, repelling it, thrusting it backwards a few hundred yards. With no wasted time Teschma release his staff, sonidoing forward towards the Vasto Lorde, grapping one of the floating swords as he made his way. The rest of them including the staff quickly follows pursuit. Within a few steps Tesch appears before his opponent thrusting his sword into the hollows chest and letting go. In the next second three of the other swords penetrated some portion of his chest area, while the last found its way through the Vasto Lorde’s skull.

Exhausted Teschma falls to a knee as he relinquishes his Bankai allowing all his weapons to disappear, returning into its sealed form. “I can’t waste anytime here. I’m far to weak and its far to dangerous here,†he said getting back up to his feet. He then proceeded to make his way back to Macoff’s body, and the small fracture of Las Noches. Or at least what was left of it. Originally it was much larger, about ten feet or so in diameter and displayed the number 10 but now it was maybe four feet long and contained only part of the 1 and 0.

Exiting through the garganta that was opened before the commotion started, Teschma finally makes it back to the World of the Living but by that time Macoff’s body was starting to fade away, returning to reishi. Tesch could do nothing more than say his final farewells as his mentor fades into a memory. Wanting to be done with this assignment and able to put it behind him so that he can morn, Teschma pays a visit to the Collector. Needless to say the mysterious collector was beyond furious seeing that the item he requested his not fully there. To be precise Tesch was only delivering a portion of the desired piece so he would only be wired half the promised amount. Seeing it as blatant disrespect for Macoff's life, Teschma’s unable to stop himself from ramming his right hand through the mans chest cavity.

Many hard years have passed since then and many things have changed for instance Teschma is now the mentor to a young vizard named Nero, but then again some things wont change. Teschma still acts as a Mercenary doing almost any job for the right amount.


Vast Spiritual Pressure – Such an abundance of energy gives most who try to gage its depths a headache, and allows Tesch to fight for extended amounts of time, helping increase his stamina. All in all it’s noting special but shouldn’t be underestimated. Tesch’s spiritual is light green like that of a tropical rain forest.

Shunpo - Tesch has shown an incredible speed-level while using flash step. His skill in Shunpo, which has a heavy emphasis on footwork, has been significantly improved due to the training and precision he has gained in his footwork due to his Zanjutsu training. Teschma is extremely confident in his speed being his second best attribute.

Great Strength – While stronger than the average Vizard, Tesch is not the strongest amongst his kind. He has effortlessly thrown large boulders and huge chunks of ruble from buildings at his foes, without much strain.

Proficient Hakuda - While not his usual style of combat, Teschma is at least competent when it comes to hand-to-hand combat. He has shown himself capable of taking on a whole range of opponents while unarmed, even being able to catch their swords with his hands due to his reflexes.

Moderate Kido Knowledge – Certainly not the best, Tesch has some knowledge in the arts of kido and can even perform a few without incantations. His talent in kido is nothing special though and by far his weakest ability.

Master Zanjutsu Practitioner - Tesch is an extremely skilled sword fighter, by far his greatest skill, showing outstanding poise and footwork. Using a combination of powerful attacks and cunning deceptions to strike down his foe through physical melee combat. Tesch is right handed but has shown to be capable of fighting with either hand.

Zanpakuto Name – Khrysomallos (pronounced cry-somall-os)(means Golden-Fleeced Ram)

In it’s sealed state Khrysomallos takes the form of a normal katana that has a beautiful, golden interwoven hilt, and at the but of the hilt is an engraving of a rams head. The sheath itself is matte black with ancient markings down both sides, which is a matching gold to its companion (hilt) as well as a matching ram's head insignia on the but of the sheath. Contrary to the gold color of his Zanpakuto, the spiritual energy that emanates from it is a light green color.

Shikai –





Krios Khrysomallos – Release Command: “The world is not right, Repel, Krios Khrysomallos.†- Upon release his sword immediately changes. While the hilt remains a beautiful gold color it is slightly longer and the rest of the katana is no longer the same. Instead it looks more like medieval sword with a rams skull fused into the hilt and blade. The ram head is all white with gold horns. The blade itself becomes longer with gold markings a quarter of the way down.

Shikai Special Ability: As a passive ability Teschma’s shikai allows him to ram, repel, or force things away without prejudice with each swing. This gives him an added boost in strength with his sword strikes, making simple strikes that seem weak, carry a lot more force than it appears.

Ramu (means “to ram†or to “force backâ€) – Teschma can launch this attack two different ways. First he can launch it without saying its name by swing his sword, which creates the head of a ram, green in color that rockets towards its foe’s with formidable power. It is similar to the Getsuga Tensho but does not explode. Instead upon contact it repels, trusting it’s unsuspecting targets backwards with immense force. Those that try and block this attack for the first time are in for a great surprise.

Second Teschma can launch this attack by saying its name “Ramu†which gives it drastically more power. Another difference caused by saying its name is that an entire ram is created as he swings his sword, instead of just its head. The full body ram, too is green, which besides containing more power, is also faster. Just like its counterpart it does not explode upon contact, instead it repels or rams whatever it comes into contact with.

Bankai – Crius Khrysomallos –

Pic is of Spear only



Upon release an, omni-directional, sphere of light green energy erupts from him, ramming and repelling anything caught in its blast. In Bankai his Zanpakuto structure changes slightly. Upon his back now rests a golden fleece that stretches all the way down to his knees, which has a thicken hide for added defense as well as a unique healing property, which he keeps secret and most do not know about. Teschma can be seen holding a long spear with a ram’s skull at its top. Additionally five swords shaped exactly like his shikai floats in front of him obeying his every command. Tesch has been known to let his staff go and grab a sword, switching their places around.

Bankai Special Ability – All shikai abilities are drastically improved as well as new abilities unseen before. One change is that he is capable of repelling or forcing away damage though the more serious the wound the more time and energy required to heal.

Enso Ramu (means Ramming Circle) – By making a simple gesture with his spesar, Teschma is capable of creating a sphere of green energy that emits from him and the spear, which repels anything caught in its path. Depending on the amount of spiritual energy but into the attack it can range from a small sphere just larger than his body or grow and cover any area his spiritual pressure covers.

Kami no Ramu (means Divine Ram or Ram God) – When all five swords as well as his spear combines a Ramu, they fuse together to create a giant golden ram with a light green outline, roughly twenty feet large. The giant ram has great destructive force in its ability to repel or ram its targets. This technique is not used to often because of his larger energy consumption.

Vizard Abilities -

Vizard Mask –



Teschma’s mask is in the form of a Ram’s skull. The majority of his mask is gold with dark green accents and pitch-black horns.

Donning his Mask: Unlike most Vizard, his Mask is always on top of his head. When wanted to access his Hollow power, he lowers his mask and initiates his Hollow transformation. Being so intune with his hollow abilities, he is presumed to have almost no time limit. (Has no vizard power till he pulls down the mask). Because of this most think he’s more hollow like than other vizards, even being confused as an Arrancar momentarily, time to time.

Ramu o Motomete (means Seeking Ram) – With his vizard mask on in his shikai state Tesch’s Ramu has the ability to seek its target out for a limited amount of time. (2 posts before it just explodes)

Ikite Iru Ramu (means Living Ram) – In bankai state with his mask on Tesch can generate a flock of Rams much like Stark does, with a few exceptions. One they are not conscious and can only follow a few simple commands like seek and detonate. Also they are now composed of both the power of cero’s as well as the power from his shinigami side causing them to not only repel but to explode.

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure – Teschma’s light green energy is not a deep dark green, only a few shades away from being consider black. This is due his spiritual pressure becoming much more dense so as a side effect it darkens.

Enhanced strength –

Enhanced Sonido – Tesch has shown the ability to use sonido on a high level once he dons his mask, easily becoming his best trait. He can easily switch back and forth between sonido and shunpo to out maneuver and confuse his unsuspecting opponents.

Cero – Medium size, condense balls of dark green energy form between his forehead.

Descorrer (解空(デスコレール), Desukorēru; Spanish for "Drawing Back/Opening", Japanese for "Loosed Void") is a technique used by Arrancars to travel between realms.

Hierro – Tesch’s skin becomes harden adding his defense but it is nothing compared to the hierro of an Espada.

Regeneration – his hollow abilities combined with his innate ability to repel gives him a decent healing technique but this too falls short of that of an Espada that has retained its regeneration abilities.

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OOC- how would you transition from Shinigami too Vizard? like what would i do if my shinigami character wanted too become a Vizard how would i RP that out?

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Name Flores Tenebris

BSE character Pic.jpg

Race: Shinigami/Visored


When Flores died in a horrible shooting that took place in his home town he walked to the to the shinigami academy and learned that arts of the shinigami.On his job he helped a lot of souls ether go to hell or the soul society he did a lot of work in his day after he became an unseated officer when he fought he started to notice something he heard this voice come into his head then one day he was in a fight with a hollow and he started to feel something on his face is was hard and evil felling he had already reached shikai.The mask started to appear and he lost complete control over himself and start slashing the hollow to death.Then went to destroy a few buildings.He quickly gained control back and went to the Gotei 13 for help but they said there was nothing they could do and further more tried to lock him up and kill him.He quickly packed his things and headed for the human world.There he settled in too the normal life and got a house that was close where he knew the vizoreds were.One day he hopes to be accepted in their ranks.


Flores is a kind gentle soul but he is often looked at as a strong hardcore brute with no soul and no life in him.Also due to the fact he is a vizored but he has always been very silent in his life throughout his human life and shinigami life.When ever he gets a chance he helps who ever where ever and when ever people have often regarded him as the most greatest person you will ever meet of course when they get to know him he has a high moral ground when ever he sees an act of crime or criminal acts he does everything he can to stop it.He also has a high respect and high regard for his captains his higher ups and his enemy's but before anything comes his family and friends.


Moderately Strong Spirit energy and Spirit Pressure-  His spirit energy and pressure is at an average seated officer's maybe a little more.

Adept Shunpo- Due to him being a seated officer level he has amazing shunpo he is fast but not captain fast.

Amazing Strength- He could lift 500 lb with ease and punch small holes in stone.

Good Hakuda- He is very well versed in this skill but can not beat a VC in hand-to-hand combat.

Adept Zanjutsu Practitioner- He is very amazing at sword fighting,foot work,stance.Using very decisive blows and making sure his attacks hit his enemy's and when all else fails he starts using powerful attacks.

Above Average Kido User- Seated officer's know up too 30's but he has spent more time in this area then most and he can shoot up too 40's and even 50's but they are not as powerful and sometimes fail.


Inner World

Inner world BSE.png

Zanpakuto's Name: Mizu no hanabira o odorimasu

In its sealed state Mizu takes the form of a normal katana sword with a blue handle and ribbons at the bottom.


Shikai BSE.jpg

Release Command: Water Dance ,Mizu no hanabira o odorimasu

Shikai Special Ability: Hyaku no mizu no hanabira no hebi (The snake of one hundred water petals) When he activates his shikai it glows light blue and turns into another sword.Petals come out of his sword that appear to be made entirely of water put they can cut through flesh rather easily but are no where near a match for a Hierro.Usually when he activates his shikai the petals fly out and form a giant snake (Much like Renji's but it looks transparent and watery) but it appears as the snake's skin is dotted with tiny water spike's and in fact when it makes contact it can seriously injure a person and make them bleed profusely, But he can also choose to with hold the petal's and use them for later. 



Bankai: (Yet to be Attained) 


Hollow mask.jpg

Donning his mask: Flores has a rather different way to form his mask he takes his sword and hovers it over his face and initiates his hollow mask.Flores has always never liked his hollow ability's but they come in handy from time to time so he has never really trained on them much he has about a 15 minute transformation before hes mask gets weak and starts to break.(4 posts)

Enhanced Spiritual Pressure and Energy- Flores spirit energy is a light blue when he dons his mask it turns into a dark yellow outline and can easily be sensed as a hollow spirit pressure by anyone that is adept at sensing spirit pressure.Also his spirit energy is increased too a VC's level.
Enhanced Strength- He could lift 900 lb easily and knock down a house with a single blow.
Sonido- He gains this ability when he dons his mask and he is very adept at this skill and can create after images.
Cero- Giant sized ball of dark yellow energy at the tip of his sword.This is not his strong suit be he uses it from time to time.
Hierro- Flores skin become hard adding a layer of defense for hard blows but it nothing compared to an Espada's.
Regeneration- His hollow abilities gives him a decent healing technique but this too falls short of that of an Espada that has retained its regeneration abilities.

Enhanced Shikai- When he is in shikai form and has his mask on his ability changes and grows.His water petals turn into a giant ball that multiples into three other ones that grow spikes when launched at the foe this ability is not to be used much as it drastically drains his spirit energy and stamina to use.

Enhanced Bankai- (YTA)

Shikai Form
Zan spirit (bankai).jpg

Bankai Form

Zan spirit (Shikai).png

Inner Hollow

Inner hollow BSE.jpg


Shout out too Jazmin for helping me out XD

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Name:John Nejikata






Appearance: John stands at five eleven With tan skin and snow white hair his eyes are a piercing baby blue that borderlines grey he wears a black martial arts uniform with a red sash and red arm wraps for his hands his zanpakto is a simple katana

Bio:John grew up in a small village with his parents he lived a happy life he was content with his life he was a ambitious child he thought no one and nothing could stop him or strip him of his joy , but like all fools he learned the hard way ;  when he came home from playing with his freinds he was horror struck to find his parents butchered corpses in the middle of the village along with many others he tried everything but it all failed this was the day he realised the power death held was absolute . he stayed sitting in that spot for days eyeing the corpses of his parents one day after the other not even moving to release himself , soul reapers found him and took him to a medical facility they tryed putting him with other children but he would always isolate himself he would only talk to adults but never in full sentences, it would always be a "yes" or a "no" it took him years to cope , he eventually grew up to be a fine young man although he became a social recluse , he isn't very sociable he still tends to prefer being mute than actually conversing but he doesn't avoid conversation.John even went to the shinigami academy , he was a straight A student mostly due to his lack of freinds,just before graduation he attained shikia .he eventually joined the gotie 13 but was attacked on routine patrol by hollows he survived but was infected, readerch and development did all they could but in the end they created a double sided blade he survived but he had become a visord, out of an act of pity they had him banished instead of execution , he has been  a blade for higher ever since. Soul society keeps tabs on him and often higher him for odd jobs mainly to kill certain targets eventually  gaining bankai to taje on more serious jobs ;due to the goties friendly relations and as consolation for him becoming a visord while in service to them ,they pay and fund his handsomely.over the hundreds of years he has lived he has watched many battle loving fools die , it pained him when the love of his life and first student perished in combat.

Personalty:John is a very serious and strict person, not easily able to socialize with others. He generally appears angry and unapproachable, he is humble and always overestimates his opponents , he is very perceptive and quick on his feet he trys to end the life of the enemy quickly not taking joy in their pain he doesn't like holding back and rarely will.

Riatsu: his riatsu is heavily affected by his hollow causing it to be very dense and black with a red tint

Skills & Powers:

Great spirit energy: John over his many years of progressive battles and training he has a fair amount of power

Jikan no suna(Sands of time): by realising his spiritual energy infecting the air and create a feild of exactly 20 ft were the movements of his opponents is slowed by a great sum

Shunpo: he is very skilled with the act of shunpo and by incorporating steps into his shunpo he can make after images and travel greater distances without much issue even knowing a little hohō

Hand to hand combat: John is very well versed innhand to hand combat he is no expert but he'd be just as leathal without his zanpakto

Altered Zanjutsu: he is fairly gifted with a blade but due to wielding a spear like shikia, he must put his own spin on normal techniqes, he some Zanjutsu but not many

Above average strength: being one of the lesser physically strong vizards John can punch someone and send them flying , break bones with ease but struggles with boulders of great size,but break through a blade size amount of Steele or a thin wall of metal with ease

Sensory: his sensory skills are average not seeing much reason to advance in it

Shikia Name: Sutikusu no dai (great bone emporer of the styx)

Release command: Reap

Bankai Name:Bōkyaku (oblivion)

Zanpakto spirit:



Personality:John's zanpakto is a young stoic man of few words , he only wishes to see light inthe heart of his master the once bright cherry blossom feild of his soul is now a barren forest of dead trees , a world devoid of life, he awaits even just a slither of light to enter the mans soul. He is like a father to his master always trying to nurture him




Fun fact: within the scabbard he stores poision made with his blood that causes the blood to not clot and induces full body paralysis.





Description: his shikia is a clad type , the black armor is extremely durable, his blade morphs into an dark as obsidian spear with a large blade his left eye glows in this form for unknown reasons he can manifest or demanifest the spear at will the armor protects him from his zanpakto's ability . anything the spear touch grows old rots and turns to dust .

Powers & Ability's:

Slight speed boost: his speed becomes increased by just a little

Hadesutachi: this allows him to rapidly age anything he makes contact with like if he touched an arm the arm's joint and muscle would effectively erode to nothing breaking it

Kigetsu: this move allows him to condense his spiritual energy into a getsuga tensho like attack capable of destroying a small to moderate size house.calling the name makes it at its strongest.

Dāku-bi: he fires explosive bullets of spirit energy from the spear , he can charge them for greater effect it can alternate between a bullet and a beam the bullets are the size of tennis ball and have enough explosive force to blow up a small house





Description: in this form his skin becomes a sickly pale and his arms and legs are dorned with dark black armor that leaves his upper arms and torso exposed his spear has slimmed out to a smaller more manageable wepon.

Tanatosu no buresu: at this point he can blast his spiritual energy in large torrents at high speeds from his spear. Anything that make contact with it will grow old rot and turn to dust. Beams to concentrated getsuga like attacks

Speed boost:his speed is increased yet again he can now move at insane speeds

Strength boost: he can now lift heavy  objects with ease and hurtle them for yards

Shi no buresu: He can fire his spiritual energy from his mouth as a surprise attack or for more concentrated assault mimicking the size of the balla causing the target if it to be struck decay and rot to dust.


Vaizard mask:





Inner hollow:




Personalty: John's inner hollow is a foul mouthed , cold hearted being who seeks only destruction , choas and pain ; he loves to make crude and provactive statements in his hosts mind he rarely takes the steering wheel he's mostly content as long as he can mess with the zanpakto or talk to john

Donning his mask: John puts his mask on in two way he drapes his hand over his face like a traditional vaizard or he simply wills the mask onto his face were it will begin materializing

Enhanced Durability: his body can take notorious amounts of damage

Enhanced spirit energy:his spirit energy peaks to new levels

Enhanced strength:at this point his strength is now about double

Enhanced speed:his speed is doubled

Cero:His cero is black with a red tint it's nothing special but if one doesn't properly defend they could be seriously hurt.

Shi no kiri: he can realease his spiritual energy in one blast in all directions or in a specific direction without the use of his spear it cloaks his entire body as it's fired (3 post cool down)


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Name: Marik 

Age:865 (looks to about 20)








Appearance:Marik is a slender average height male, he was born with brown hair as the sands of time came his hair became snowy white. He wears a pair of white panse and a sleeveless vest and white gloves ; he is normally never seen without his white tail coat , or his walking stick which is actually his zanpakto in disguise. The most noticeable thing on his body would be him metal boots which were payment for a job he did long ago.

Bio: Even as a child Marik held himself to high strict standard, his family was poor , they had very little but he was proud of his life and held his head high. His parents showed him hard work and pushing yourself to break free of the shackles that bind you will always do great things.he cartied what his parents taught him even after they passed away after a hollow attack ,leaving him orphaned on the streets but even as a homeless child he held himself high he didn't steel like most children in rukon , he worked at stores closer to the seiretei during the day and went back to the outskirts by night he would hide in the back of horse pulled wagons for quick travel. Once he got into his teens he had a small 1 bedroom house outside seiretei it was small but homy. His village was attacked by a hollow and he could do nothing but stand idealy by and hide in fear and despiration as the soul reapers arrived , he was disgusted with himself for months till he enrolled in the shinigami academy. he was held back exactly fifteen times,despite already having shikia, for the one thing that is his expertise today which is kidō , over time he learn to control his spiritual energy to an advanced level allowing him to learn more powerful spells after he joined the court guard squads. He spent many years in sqaud four as a doctor treating people from the front lines, he grew restless as he got older not feeling fulfilled like he wasn't doing much of a change ; this  led to him transferring squads he went to the stealth force and after many years over to the kidō corps were he finally seemed to find his place. He spent this half of his life exterminating hollows, broadening his ability's in kidō and keeping up with his kaidō,hohō,and hakudō and Zanjutsu. He and his captain shared a strong bond ,she was a kind old 'VERY VERY VERY' strict women ; she reminded him so much of his own mother he naturally gravitated to the old woman. he achieved bankai under her tutelage in fifteen years and mastered it in thirty but she warned him heavily to keep his bankai and shikia a secret and only use it if truly needed , and to never be provoked her words were as stated  "the words of mouse mean little to a dragon " , they trained together daily for years until one faithful morning she didn't wake up from her sleep, he was shattered upon her death at her funeral he clung to her coffin and cryed for hours on end , he wasn't himself for days he walked around with dull eyes as if he was dead her last words to him forever stuck in his mind "hell or high water you hold your head high and slay anything that brings adversity into your life " . He was soon ellected most eligible to fill in her space due to his kido and high spirit energy, a day before his orientation he decided to go on patrol his squad was attack by a powerful hollow ; they clashed for three hours till the hollow impaled his stomach leaving it's head open for a slash from his zanpakto, he layed against a tree and treated the wound with kaidō, but the hollow reatsu was like acid in his veins he knew what was going to happen to him and what his commanders would do. The two men he came with had been his freinds for years and swore secrecy , they left him to his own and gave the report  that Marik had died defending them from a hollow ; and soul society marked him as killed in action. He eventually went to the human world and became a mercenary ,he struggled with his inner hollow for years but eventually he had completely subjugated the hollow ,after which he continued his study's and developed a few of his own spells in his free time .he will do almost any job for what he deams  "a proper price" over his many jobs he has collected a huge fortune. He know seeks other vizards but won't hesitate to kill anyone if they are either his target or a threat.During a small war in rukon he had become close with a soldier who's name was Alexander, these two fought through waves of hell fire together only for Alexander to be payed off by the enemy to kill his comrades , family members and neighbors Marik fought him without restraint or remorse , "traitors always die ignominious deaths" those were the last words he spoke to the young man before he was slewn.

Powers & Ability's:

 Kidō master: Marik has spent years upon years in the study of kido mastering many great kidō over the span of several hundred years.

Kaidō Practitioner: He has mastered kaidō to a certain degree he never really ventured further than he needed with his kaidō skills , he can heal cuts gashes and burns easily but in terms of things like a collapsed lung it takes time not that long but it takes time.

Great Spiritual Energy: Marik has a fairly large supply of spirit energy at his disposal allowing him to cast many kido in battle without quickly tiringin the heat of battle

Shunpō expert: being in the stealth force for many years he is very fast on his feet even being able to match even some shihōine clan members step for step.

Flexibility: Marik is a very flexible individual this combined with his speed allows him to dodge more efficiently

Average strength: Marika physical strength is much to be desired he. can lift 150lb but with a struggle , but this doesn't stop him from fighting more physically strong opponents , he simply uses his spiritual energy to strengthen his muscles to even the playing field overpower his foes.

Kido creation:After marik went into willing exile of the seiretei he devolped new kido's only exclusive to himself.



kido created: 

Name: Jigoku kanon( hell flame Canon)

Nature: offensive

Incantion(optional):darkness and light come together! I beseech thee open the gates of the pearly city! So I may unleashe the might hell!!

Effect: the practioner shoots a huge torrent of destructive flames almost similar to that of a cero but much more wide range and severely faster, it's capable of reducing severely weaker oppents to ashes while people around his lvl or above could receive moderate to severe injuries should they not properly defend against it.

Kekia: he can create 3D geometrical sheilds and barriers by condensing his spiritual energy into constructs wherever he focuses , their strength and size varie depending on how much spirit energy he puts into them.

Hakudō: his hand to hand combat skills are up to par ,he would mentally cringe at the prospect of getting in a hand to hand confrontation

Adebt Zanjutsu: his blade skills are are very refined he has only mastered two Zanjutsu techniqes in his time of life 



Senmaioroshi :Multiple extremely fast blade movements take place, shredding a target into pieces.

Suikawari: A two-handed, overhead slash which cleanly and precisely cleaves an opponent's head in two





Marik Zanpakto is disguised as a walking stick ; at a mental the command the wood encasing his blade will fade away,and expose his sheathed zanpakto . while in staff form he can use it to block attacks or deliver crushing blows to his opponents using it as a club like wepon.

Shikia: (to be revealed)


Bankai:(to be revealed)

Vizard mask:





Cero: while wearing his mask , he gains access to ability known as cero commonly used by hollows.his cero is a lime green and charges in his hands and between his horns

Enhanced speed: he gains a significant boost in speed and agility

Enhanced spirit energy: upon putting on his mask his spiritual energy drastically intensifies giving him a greater resivoir to pull from for combative purposes.

Enhanced strength: Marik gets a minor boost in strength at this point he's at around the average smack you into a building or the ground make a small crater strength still nothing special.

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Name: Luke 


Height: 5'3

Weight: 115 lb


Quote: "Beware false knowledge ; it is more dangerous than ignorance."


Apperance:Luke stands at 5'3 weighing in at the light weight of 153 lb's , he posses a youthful face that makes even some women jealous ; his piercing pale blue eyes which are almost border line grey always hold a determined sparkle. He has a mop of honey blonde hair atop his head which has a mind of its own it appears styled but that's just the way it grows. He is always clad in a white suit and white dress panse with a pair of shiny black shoes.the most noticeable thing about his attire would be his Ear cuff which he treasures deeply as it was a gift from his late mother.

Personalty: At work Luke can be described as well mannered ,reserved strict and to the point , but outside of work or when doesn't need his serious front he's a rather calm and collective person with a cool exterior and is very protective of those he holds close to his heart,some would say this is due to the trauma he endured upon finding his mother's corpse.

Bio: As a child Luke was born into a well off family, not rich but not so poor they were "middle class".his mother was a sweet sickly women who had little cares for the Luxury's of life; when Luke would ask why she never wanted more she gave him the same answer, "all I need is my little angel" and that's what she stuck with for years. Luke loved his mother deeply and would do anything for her and with her having a unidentified ailment the fear of losing her was always looming over his head , she gave him a ear cuff pendant the only peice julury she ever had and told him , "Even if I die today we'll still be connected with this". His father was the polar opposite of his mother, she was sweet , kind , gentle and thoughtful. while his father was Cruel , devious , bitter and inconsiderate. His father was a business man one so cold and evil one could say he'd sell his own mother if you gave him a high enough price ; Luke was often dragged along to these "busines trips" were he watched his father work his vile charm , but one business trip in particular molded his whole future. Luke's father was doing business with the noble house of Kyōraku , Lukes father had never done business with a noble family but it didn't take long for the snake to try and figure out a way for his own blood line to be just as powerful. His father had taken note that each family was teaming with shinigami and powerful ones at that ; he wanted respect and power just like that and this is when he put Luke through private lessons on becoming a shinigami , his father had paid off some of the instructors who worked for the kyōraku clan to train his son in complete secrecy. Luke developed at a good pace but not as quickly as his father would have liked so he thought up a back up plan , bed his wife with another child while Luke was away sadly this was a failure from start. During this time years passed with lukes training he successfully attained shikia shortly after his training began about eight months prior to leaving home and was taught in the other arts of the shinigami he was sent home to his father once deemed "combat ready" by his instructors. Luke's mother became barren when she fell ill so all the Father's efforts were for none in terms of making another child days before his sons return he sold his wife as a concubine on the rukongai black market for a hefty sum. When Luke returned he was rather disturbed by his mother's missing presence. His father was pleased with lukes power but he wanted more , his father had heard of shinigami with hollow powers and he wanted this for his own use ; he cared little for seiretei's laws . He used Luke as leverage many times against more uncomplying busines partners and kept Luke in line by dangling the facts of his mother's whereabouts right in front of him keeping his son in check like a dog. After a century or so his father controlled almost all the business in West and South rukon his father had become a business Lord and his name was well known sadly his greed for power was to great he ended up paying off some shinigami from research and development to artificially infect his son with hollow reiatsu , Luke wasn't complyent at first finding the very idea repulsive but when his father waved the mom flag in his face he obeyed. Days after his operation he began a foot search for his mother luke had heard whispers on the streets that his father had sold his mother he didn't want to believe, could his father truly be that evil and cold hearted to sell the women he supposedly loved later that day he followed the rumors to a young Lords house deep in West rukon what he found made him snap he found his mother dead and being carried out on a wheel barrel ; these wild emotions caused his inner hollow to stir after being dormant for days it finally decided to become active he doesn't remember much about what he did,just bits and parts, but he awoke covered in blood and the entire house his mother was being held in was full of corpses the carnage was something from hell it repulsed him so much he emptied his stomach to join the blood of the fallen. He then proceeded home and went straight to his father's office and just staired at his father this was all his fault Luke would make him know true pain the same pain he felt when he saw his beloved mother's dead corpse. Luke tortured his father  for weeks with his zanpakto's ability to create realistic to the touch illusions he made his father experience dieing multiple times , the man had a weak mind that was easily broken he was driven past the brink of insanity ,and then in an act of desperation while under the illusion he ran and ran and fell out of the top window of his own home falling to his death. Luke then took over his father's busines and left the bord of directors in charge while he went to the human world to master his hollowfication , train , and live his life how he chooses ; he gained control of his hollowfication , luke does odd jobs for fun , although money isnt an issue he still does them. Thanks to his father's company which specializes in tech,julry,and soul reaper equipment he had the pendant his mother gave him modified to contain his zanpakto while not in battle.

Powers & Ability's:

Swordsman: Luke was trained in the art of swordsmanship although years behind a desk leaves his skill level in this area a mystery.

Basic Hakudō: Luke is pretty basic in terms of hand to hand combat he knows enough to get a by but not enough for it to a "noticeable trait"

Adept shunpō & Hohō: he practiced these skills regularly what's the point in having strength if you can't keep up with ones own target.

Kidō and kaidō practioner: he has basic knowledge of kido's and mid level kidos in terms of his kaidō he Can heal minor things with ease but major and critical injury's take a fair amount of time and effort.

High Spiritual pressure: lukes spiritual energy is comparable to that of a mid lvl vice captain

Physical strength: lukes strength is pretty basic amongst others he cant lift metric tons like some "beasts" but he's nothing to scoff at either

Pendant storage: his golden pendant/locket on his ear cuff counts as a modified storage unit for his zanpakto and if his zanpakto just so happens to be far off like in his office he can summon it via pumping spirit energy into the pendant. it also cloaks his hollow riatsu keeping his vaizard status hidden until he Dawn's the mask

Inventor: owning a tech company comes with its perks, luke has made and tested many of his own products like his modification of his mother's locket.

Modified Jigokuchō: Luke has his own personal hell butterfly which he modified himself it not only can deliver messages like regular hell butterfly's but it has a poket dimension which it uses to deliver paper messages or items it's small body couldn't carry

Riatsu: his riatsu is a bright rich golden color

Zanpakto: His zanpakto in its sealed form is a simple long sturdy katana a nice simple clean sleak designed with a nice ebony steal sheath specily designed to stay firmly onto the blade unless Luke decides to unsheath it making his blade a steal club when he doesn't see the need for cutting his opponents.


Shikia: Gensō no umi

Fun fact: For anyone to fall under the power of his illusions they must first make eye contact with Luke or look at his blade a mere glance will do the trick or for the blade be in line of sight

Gensō no feirudo: upon the realease of his shikia A invisible feild exactly 1.5km in all directions Is created within this sphere he can create any illusion his mind can come up with 

Tsuki o han'ei: this move is similar to a getsuga tensho it's power does increase when the name is spoken which is optional 

Bankai:YTA(yet to be attained)

Vaizard mask:kai__s_hollow_mask_by_tasumichan-d3hticl

Hollow possession: usually in times of extreme emotion when his guard is weak, his hollow will forcefully take control  , he can fight it sometimes while in this " possessed" mode his persona becomes very dark but not wild and crazy 

Enhanced Strength: lukes strength Grows significantly when his mask is donned he can tear through reinforced Steele not easily but with some effort he can

Enhanced Speed: his speed grows to about two times faster than his base speed when masked

Enhanced Spirit energy: his spiritual force boosts him up to a high vice captain amount of spiritual energy

Enhanced shikia: upon donning his mask while in shikia he gains an additional thirty feet to the radius of Gensō no feirudo giving him a much more broader area to cast his illusions

Cero: Luke favors the use of his cero as a "finishing move" he hates having to use it as a form of defense against certain attacks but will if nessacary his cero is a bright golden color what's peculiar about it is that it charges in the shape of a Monarch butterfly the pattern of the wings are empty spaces one would say he's trying to apply beauty to destruction.

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Arata Izanagi


General Information

First name: Arata

Surname: Izanagi

Age: 113

Date of birth: August 20th

Race: Vaizard

Gender: M

Current residence: Rukongai

Relationship status: Couple

Social status: None

Physical Appearance

Height: 5'2

Weight: 112 lb

Eye color: Blue

Skin color: Slightly tan

Distinguishing features: naturally minuscule pupils that give off a bit of a wild look to his eyes. 

Build of body: Thin

Hair color: Brown

Hair style: Spiked, unkempt

Typical clothing red and black short-sleeved hooded jacket with red and black cargo shorts and shoes. Silver crown-shaped necklace around his neck. Zanpakuto scabbard kept on his back via two small straps  on his jacket.


Likes: Hanging out, fighting, playing around, freedom, competition, opposing viewpoints, animals

Dislikes: Losing, mistreatment of those he cares about, betrayal, Hollows

Education: Shinigami Academy

Fears: Death, abandonment, losing his loved ones, ghosts, thunderstorms

Personal goals: To do whatever he desires, to destroy all Hollows

General attitude: Cocky, straightforward, impatient, caring, reckless, these are the things that make up Arata's attitude.

General intelligence: Average

General sociability: Very


Illnesses (if any): Lovesick, mysterious illness

Allergies (if any): Lactose intolerant.

Sleeping habits: Normal

Energy level: High

Eating habits: Vegetarian

Memory: Short

Any unhealthy habits: Drinks, fights


Parents: None

Siblings: 2

Nemesis: 0

Children: Hell no.

Friends: Please.

Best friend(s): Please.

Important friends/relatives (explain): Please.

Love interest (if there is one): Luke.


Peaceful or violent: Violent

Weapon (if applicable): Zanpakuto

Style of fighting: Brawler, no specific styles.


Occupation: Mercenary

Current home: Rukongai

Favorite food: Dango

Favorite drink: Green tea

Hobbies/past times: Playing music, sleeping, reading a book

Pets: Please.

Talents: Bamboo flute

Favorite colours: Red

Favorite type of music: None



Name: Saigo no Sakuhin

Element: Sound

Shikai: Saisho Furumau


Reiatsu appearance: Yellow



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(P.S. The Content will be updated as more abilities are revealed)


Liu Shen




General Information


Age: A few Hundred years. (looks like a dude in mid-late twenties

Date of birth: 1st December

Race: Vaizard

Gender: Male

Current residence: Not Specific (Usually Wanders around)

Relationship status: Forever Alone

Social status: Ex Faction Commander, Ex-Captain, Exile

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 Feet 2 inch

Weight: 200 lbs

Eye color: Bluish Silver

Skin color: Fair, yet pale skin, and white

Distinguishing features: Has a Scar on his back that runs from the back of his Left shoulder up to the his lower right back

Build of body: Tall, Muscular/Well toned, Gives of a an impression of Explosive strength

Hair color: Silver

Hair style: Usually Swept Back.

Typical clothing: Usually wears a long, silver buttoned blue coat with three separated coattails. A white, serpentine pattern runs around the collar, with a snakes head hanging over the coat's both shoulder, and its tail slinking down the opposite, all the way to the bottom of the coat. A gold lining runs across the edges of the coat, and a silky, golden flower blossom pattern decorates the inner lining. Each cuff of the coat also possesses five, gold buttoned straps with gold lining

  • More


Likes: Music, Arts and Culture, Traveling, Slaughtering mobs of enemies, Cute Animals (aka THE DANGEROUS WEAKNESS), Alcohol, Gunning those who are a tier higher

Dislikes: Arrogant pricks with no abilities to back up, Those who like to use others indiscriminately,

Education: Shinigamy Academy, Nobel Etiquette 101

Fears: Evil Unicorns that wants to destroy the world. (Not sure if they exist anymore)

Personal goals: None

General attitude: Cool, Calm and Collected. Slightly Arrogant but humorous

General intelligence: High?

General sociability: Slightly Introverted


Sleeping habits: 2 hours sleep a day or 23 hours sleep a day.

Energy level: umm.... I guess Half-step Capt. Com. Rank?

Eating habits: As long as its a tasty edible thing/Glutton with manners

Memory: Quite Good.


Friends: List is too large

Best friend(s): Not sure they are alive or not


Peaceful or violent: both

Weapon (if applicable): Katana and Hands

Style of fighting: Free-style.


Occupation: Hire-able Merc/Assassin

Current home: None

Favorite food: Dem Burgers Tho

Favorite drink: Alcohol

Hobbies/past times: Listening to Music, Traveling, Drawing

Pets: none

Talents: Proficient Killer, Knows several Poetic Works

Favorite colors: Black, Blue, White, Green and their sub-colors

Favorite type of music: Metal, Rock, Pop etc



Shinigami Abilities:

Kido Master: As an Ex-KC member, Liu has reached a level of proficiency where he can create his own Kido as well as Fuse different Kidos. Self Created Kidos are not revealed yet

Grand-master level Zanjutsu: Being an Exile, Liu had to survive in the wilderness. As a result, he had to reach a desirable level of Swordsmanship. He trained until he became one with the sword. Most of  the Self Created techniques are not revealed yet.

Proficient Hand to Hand Combat level: Even though Liu leans towards swordsmanship most, he still had to reach a barely decent level of proficiency in Hand to Hand Combat.

Grand-master level Hoho: The Scary part about Liu isn't his sword or Kido. It's his Speed. According to his beliefs, Speed is One's Greatest Weapon. Only Speed can defeat Absolute Strength.


Self-Created Abilities:(known)

Void Manipulation: As his Zanpakuto has control over Void itself, He can Control the Void to some degree without the help of his Zanpakuto. In Shikai/Bankai/Mask form, his manipulative abilities gets enhanced.

Void steps: An Advanced and Complex version of Shunpo. The Key Difference is his Destination/Aura of Movement Cannot be sensed as well as an increment in speed. He can also Skywalk using this ability

Return to Nothingness: Liu Manipulates the Void and Merges with his Surroundings, completely removing his presence.

Zero Riatsu: Usually, Liu Suppresses his aura to that of a Human.

Danzai (Meaning,"Conviction"): Liu's Only revealed Sword Technique so far is Danzai. Using this technique, he can Slash apart anything.




Name: Kyomu (Meaning, "Nothingness")

Bankai Name: Buryoutougen (Meaning, "Utopia". Refering to, "A Place of perfection/Nothingness")

Element: Void


  • Shikai:






Abilities: Not yet Revealed

  • Bankai:

(Also The sword is covered in a Semi-transparent Dark Blue Aura)







Abilities: Not yet Revealed



ZanpakutÅ Spirit

  • Shikai And Bankai


  • Inner world






  • Reiatsu appearance:


  • Vaizard Mask:


Visored Abilities: Not yet Revealed




  • Theme's

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Race: Vizard

Weapon name: Shikai name : TÅketsu tengoku (freezing heaven)

                        : Bankai name : Ame, tÅketsu tengoku (rain, freezing heaven)

Affiliation: Cell 2 

Position: Commander of Cell 2 


Back Story:


Dante was born in the 16th century Edo period into a noble family known as the Kuro Clan protectors of the realm. He was trained in all manners of nobility and martial arts and soon took up his sword and left for the seclusion of the mountains to train with the high master in the way of the intercepting sword for 10 years. He persisted not once feeling contempt always pushing his body and skills beyond his limits. In the 11th year the high master bestowed on to him the crimson katana a blade long forgotten forged by his descendants. He bowed to his master accepting the great honor and made his way down the mountain to return home and lead the clan. He was welcomed back and praised for the determination and skill he acquired. During his time as head clansman he fought many battles protecting the weak even in unfavorable odds, He proved his worth, his honor, his friendship and finally won the respect of his clan and nation. He later became ill at the prime of his live to an incurable illness he stared death in the face and gave his last breath knowing he lived a life worthy of remembrance.




After entering the 13 protection squads he became a well known Shinigami vowing once more to protect those weaker than him and to push his limits and gain acknowledgement and honor. He took on the most demanding missions quickly moving through the ranks and earning a place among his comrades, inspiring those below and being revered as a prodigy by those above. Not skilled in Kido he relies on his agility and power to overcome difficult situations often ending a battle in the blink of an eye.




Dante is 168 centimeters or 5'6" feet tall. He has long indigo hair that hides the right side of his face and is loosely tied into a side ponytail. He possesses sharp, yet relaxed ocean blue eyes. Dante wears a long, black, fighting-style kimono with a simple white sash and long scarf




Dante is a very stoic, quiet fellow who only speaks when spoken to or when something is worth saying. He is extremely loyal and will obey any order without question. He starts out very cold and almost cruel towards others, but as you get to know him, he begins to open up and turns out to be quite trusting and passionate.


General Breakdown of Abilities:


Skilled Swordsman: Dante is skilled at swordsmanship, capable of effectively countering and outmaneuvering his opponents.

Flash step Specialist: Relies on his speed to gain advantage

Strategist & Tactician: When faced with dangerous and lethal situations he lives on instinct but always tries to out think his opponent or force a mistake out of him, seemingly calm and collected his behavior even when pushed in to a corner does not change much outwardly making him very hard to predict when he is thinking or moving instinctively

Immense Spiritual Power: Dante's spiritual power has the same effect as his Zanpakuto, as it is an elemental representative of ice. His Spiritual Pressure is said to be very large and "cold" and also hard to control by him. He lives in seclusion due to his power streaming out when he is asleep and have more than once caused devastation due to his immense power leaking out unwillingly.

Silent Death:

hides his presence in a special way, people on weak-captain-class-level will barely feel his presence, while everyone under it won't be able to feel his presence, when he stands in front of them. They will not be able to even see him as there sense tell them he doesn't exist. No one under strong-captain-class-level will be able to feel his SP.

Gained from training with Jiro

Ice Clone:

Once per activation of his Shikai or in Bankai, Dante is able to create and shape a large amount of ice into his exact copy. It is very life-like as it can appear to bleed and also move like Dante.

Ice Trust:

This involves using flash step to get as close as possible to the opponent and then thrusting the Zanpakto like in fencing at a vital spot. As the Zanpakto is trusted Ice forms at the tip and burst's out extending the length of the blade or more in an instant surprising the opponent.

Ice wall:

Swinging the Zanpakto horizontally it creates an ice wall providing protection or obscuring a move in which he can effectively counter attack with

Ice Sword:

An ice copy of his zanpakto used to block an attack or to deal one

Ice Lance Barrage:

Creates 12 Ice Lance's in the air which he can launch all at once or individually depending on the situation

Shadow lance:

forms two lance's of ice filled with immense spiritual power as to make them move very fast one shadowing the other releasing them at an opponent its aimed in such a way to take advantage of the blind spot that only the first is seen fooling the opponent in thinking there is only one

Ice Lance of the Dragon Slayer:

Fuses his spiritual power into his exposed blood then forming a Lance of ice filled with blood releasing it at an opponent it can be controlled by the user to move and follow and finally attack an opponent

Ice furry:

Points his Zanpakuto and Ice sword's hilts towards one another and directs the blades past his sides and spins around releasing controlled Ice waves in any direction so as to defend and attack if needed

Arctic Blizzard (passive)

Dark clouds seemingly blocking out the sun forms over a large area giving the impression that it suddenly became dusk. The temperature drops significantly and a blizzard erupts engulfing everything causing vision to suffer as snow is being thrown from the sky and movement difficult as the gale force winds push and pull at you.

Spiritual Beacon (passive)

Dante's spiritual power is infused with the falling snow masking his presence yet providing him with an accurate location of his opponent

360° Ice Devastation

Forms millions of ice blades from the blizzard itself as his spiritual power is infused with the snow he is able to move the blades at will and can use them to attack or defend

Visard mask Abilities


Improved speed towards his flash step and reflex's


Instant regeneration (Can only be used once and cant regenerate vital parts)


The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target

Cero fusion

White cero with an infused Ice core moves the same speed as a normal cero but packs a devastating punch and will prove hard to deflect due to the Ice at its center

Diamond Ice

The diamond dust when breathed in enter the lungs and spread throughout the system slowly cutting and tearing creating internal bleeding and pain as it circulates.





Shikai Release Command

TÅketsu Tengoku Freeze the heavens and rain down fear onto my enemy's


When sealed, TÅketsu Tengoku (freezing heaven) looks like a normal katana. The sword is somewhat longer than most Zanpakuto, at about 1.3 meters long and increase to 1.5m after release.

Shikai Special Ability:

TÅketsu Tengoku (freezing heaven) allows Dante to control water and ice. His slashes create an immense amount of spiritual power which overflows from the tip of the blade, creating a flow of ice shaped like a wave. The wave of ice flies towards opponents and instantly freezes anything it touches. TÅketsu Tengoku (freezing heaven) can create multiple ice wave's to attack an opponent from various angles. Dante can also direct his slashes towards the ground and form a wave of ice which rushes over his opponents, overwhelming and freezing them. TÅketsu Tengoku (freezing heaven) while in Shikai form forms clouds in the sky as the weather changes slowly and the temperature drops significantly




Bankai Release Command

 Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku (rain, freezing heaven)


Ame, TÅketsu Tengoku (rain, freezing heaven) is so overwhelming that in its mere release affects the weather within the immediate vicinity, creating blizzard like conditions and extreme cold.



Zanpakuto after Bankai



Hollow and Story:


Dante's Zanpakuto Spirit was taken over by his Hollow. Yuki-Shi Story below:


Dante Zan Hollowfied ssdd1.gif


Bankai with Hollow Mask and Abilities: 



mask_eye_wing.thumb.jpg.41ec7a40f3620a70e438561118105509 (1)   sddddddd.jpg


Visard mask Abilities


Improved speed towards his flash step and reflex's


Instant regeneration (Can only be used once and cant regenerate vital parts)


The practitioner fires a powerful blast of concentrated spiritual energy at the target

Cero fusion

White cero with an infused Ice core moves the same speed as a normal cero but packs a devastating punch and will prove hard to deflect due to the Ice at its center

Diamond Ice

The diamond dust when breathed in enter the lungs and spread throughout the system slowly cutting and tearing creating internal bleeding and pain as it circulates.



Unofficial Role Play


This is if its still applicable to URP


Race: Vizored

Weapon name: Shikai name : TÅketsu tengoku (freezing heaven)

                     Bankai name : Ame, tÅketsu tengoku (rain, freezing heaven)

Affiliation: Cell 2 / Commander.

Stamina: 70/100

Attack: 70/100

Defense: 70/100

Mobility: 80/100

Reiatsu: 90/100

Perception: 70/100

Total Stats: 450/600


Cell 2 Insignia:




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Race: Vizard

Weapon name: Shikai name : Yukiko (Bravery)             

Affiliation: Cell 2 

Position: Vice Commander of Cell 2 


Back Story: 


Her only memory of her life, is a foggy figure of a person, she cant even tell. Her memories of life have been wiped out. She struggled for many years to remember and the only thing that came to her was that foggy picture glowing in colors of night, like Auroras in the winter night. She called herself then "Aurora" , the only thing she remembers. 

During her training she gained some memories back :

running on hills and crying over a burned body which she couldn't remember who. 




After entering the soul society she lived for years in the city trying to remember her life as she couldn't, deciding to join the protection squads to learn the way of a Shinigami to find an identity and to have a purpose. Fights gave her existence meaning, protecting people gave her satisfaction but deep down it was still meaningless to her. If she is already hollow of life and even the memories of that life, what is the difference between her and those she was fighting with? She moves her sword, first of all, to win the chaos inside. She was sent to train under Dante Hirako's mentoring as her teachers suspected she might have a hollow. Currently vice commander of Vizard Cell 2




She has a small frame, 164 cm tall and a skinny structure. Her black long her is always loose and she sometimes uses few flowers to decorate them, something that gives her a little fade smile once in a while. Her emotionless eyes are dark brown and she has white skin. She wears a black rose kimono.

Aurora has Spiritual Pressure colored Purple 




The fight inside her is so loud that she can't stand any noise, even her own voice, she is most of the time deep in thought and keeps everything bottled inside. She is mysterious even her comrades can't tell what she is like, some call her shy, arrogant, introverted, but all agreed in one thing, ruthless and cold when it comes to fighting.


General Breakdown of Abilities:


Skilled Swordswomen: Aurora is skilled at swordsmanship and effective at combining speed and agility with her flexibility to take on opponents.

Immense Spiritual Power: Aurora trained herself using the constant draining of spirit power method. She managed to enlarge her spiritual pressure through the training and in the process also gained more control over it and also lessened the strain when using her techniques. 

Flash step Specialist: Relies on her speed to gain an advantage. Trained by Dante Hirako to master the Flash Step and abilities within it namely.  

Senka ( Flash Blossom): Moving behind the opponent, the practitioner attacks and seals their Saketsu (鎖結, Chain Binding) and Hakusui (魄睡, Soul Sleep) in two rapid attacks. A victim may not be able to tell whether they were attacked from the front or the back because of the technique's speed, and even an outside observer may find it impossible to tell what the movements are

The way of Onmitsu: This is a movement within flash step that is so fast that it leaves one or several afterimages behind which can make the opponent confuse in detecting the real person. (Still training to improve it)

Shikai Abilities: 

Sakasama no Sekai, Inverted World; "Upside Down World": When called, caster creates a sweet lilac fragrant just by raising her sword. Those who smell it, fall subject to an optical illusion., the release technique is as something like a trump card. Up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward plus smell and sounds are reversed. However, it is not just the sense of direction that is changed; the opponent's eyesight, the direction of incoming attacks, and injury locations are also inverted. countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible. No matter how powerful the opponent, especially if one is accustomed to fighting, their body will not be able to adapt due to their reflexes preventing a proper reaction, which causes them to continuously succumb to the power's effect. The effect of the Inverted World making it ideal for use in group fighting, It also severely affects the equilibrium of those its power is used on giving them vertigo, causing confusion, disorientation, and nausea.

Tama ( Ball ) Bōrushūto (Tama shoot ): A ball of compressed reiatsu forms from the caster's palm after combining her reiatsu with the power of her Zanpakuto spirit into a powerful ball that becomes larger the more reiatsu is poured into it before shooting off and exploding when hitting a target. 

Hinode Yume kurasshā-kyū (sunrise dream-crasher sphere): Developed Tama technique in which the caster concentrates reiatsu on the sword and spin which cause a 360-degree shield of fast-moving spirit energy that runs around the caster and it can block any attack for 3 seconds. Can be used twice per battle. ( no effect on hollow reiatsu). ( still training to improve it )

Amethyst blade-Amejisutoburēdo: A powerful technique with great force, creating large-scale damage and destruction. At the instant of the slash, the Zanpakuto absorbs and condenses Auroras reiatsu before releasing it at the tip of the blade, magnifying the slash attack, which flies forward. This slash takes the shape of a purple boomerang or wave which turns in a high speed that creates a hollowed circle of purple light for the eye. It destroys or deals heavy damage on everything in its way.





Shikai Name : Yukiko ( Bravery ) 

Shikai: Release command : In your mind the cleverest confusion a slowly unfolding delusional illusion

Shikai Abilities : Sakasama no Sekai, Inverted World; "Upside Down World" When called, caster creates a sweet lilac fragrant just by raising her sword. Those who smell it , fall subject to an optical illusion., the release technique is as something like a trump card. Up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward plus smell and sounds are reversed. However, it is not just the sense of direction that is changed; the opponent's eyesight, direction of incoming attacks, and injury locations are also inverted. countering the damage from the inverted directions simply by processing it all within the mind is not possible. No matter how powerful the opponent, especially if one is accustomed to fighting, their body will not be able to adapt due to their reflexes preventing proper reaction, which causes them to continuously succumb to the power's effect. The effect of the Inverted World making it ideal for use in group fighting ,It also severely affects the equilibrium of those its power is used on giving them vertigo, causing confusion, disorientation and nausea.

Tama ( Ball ) Bōrushūto (Tama shoot ) A ball of compressed reiatsu forms from the caster's palm after combining her reiatsu with the power of her Zanpakuto spirit into a powerful ball that becomes larger the more reiatsu is poured into it before shooting off and exploding when hitting a target. 

Hinode yume kurasshā-kyū (sunrise dream-crasher sphere) : Developed Tama technique in which the caster concentrates reiatsu on the sword and spin which cause a 360 degree shield of fast moving spirit energy that runs around the caster and it can block any attack for 3 seconds , consumes all casters reiatsu ( no effect on hollow reiatsu ) . ( still training to improve it )

                        Yukio Zanpakuto Spirit 



Hollow and Story:


Hell's overseer acknowledged her hollow as one of the strongest. 


Unofficial Role Play:




Cell 2 Insignia:




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