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The Shinigami - Unofficial Roleplay - Applications

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this is URP so of course you can pick up where you left off. besides, most of us do it on the regular. as far as the clan goes if you thoroughly read this post it will answer all your questions. http://bleachsoulevolution.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15630-kyoraku-clan-new/&do=findComment&comment=356819

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First name: kaido

Middle name(s): none
Age: 266
Date of birth: dec 10th
Race: shinigami
Gender: male
Sexuality:straight. likes them sexy and slender.
Current residence: sereitai
Relationship status: none
Social status: squad 5 captain.
Physical Appearance.
Height: 5:10
Weight:: 200
Eye color: left eye is blue, the right eye is silver
Skin color: white but has a light tan.
Shape of face: hansome
Distinguishing features: has two scars on his face, one which goes over his right eye, then the other one went over the crees of his nose and crossed over the first one.
Build of body: athletic
Hair color: black
Hair style: slicked back but spikes out a little so it looks like a ravens head but also like a dragons scales.
Typical clothing: wears the shinigami outfit but the sleeves looked to be ripped off and the ends are tattered.
Likes: food,woman,cards,other soul reapers,his clan,manga and anime.
Dislikes: hollows of any kind, quincy,sweats,sour foods,people who breaks the laws.
Education: the shiba clan, and the soul reaper academy.
Fears: spiders,dissapointing his clan, manga suddenly stop producing.
Personal goals: dose not really have any.
General attitude: relaxed, calm, jokes around.
General intelligence: fair
General sociability: decent.
Health great
Illnesses (if any): none
Allergies (if any): none
Sleeping habits: loves to sleep, in fact if you want to find him either look for him training or sleeping.
Energy level: high
Eating habits: he eats a lot but never gains any weight.
Memory: decent.
Any unhealthy habits:gambling.
Relationships none
Parents: mother died when he was 13 from a hollow attack so he lives with his dad yangfu shiba.
Siblings: none
Nemesis: hollows.
Children: none
Friends: haku and fang.
Best friend(s):haku and fang
Important friends/relatives (explain):
Love interest (if there is one):none
Combat .
Peaceful or violent: basicly peaceful unless some one just continues pushing things. tho if he see's a hollow or quincy then he shall attack with out notice.
Weapon zanpakto
Style of fighting: hakudo, zanjutsu,kido,flash step
Occupation: captain of squad 5
Current home: seireitai
Favorite food: noodles, sea food, in fact he likes all food.
Favorite drink: saki, and soda.
Hobbies/past times: training, napping, watching cherry blossoms fall.
Pets: a wolf
Talents: none in particualer
Favorite colours:indigo
Favorite type of music:all kinds
Name: jugen mitsuragi
Bankai Name: zohomai jugen mitsuragi.
Element moisture
Reiatsu appearance: light blue.

themes: none

ooc: I could not find any pics for what I wanted so I hope this works.


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Your application to be a Shiba is denied, fuck outa my family, bitch tits.

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name: king.dsav




race: african american

apperance: nice

bio: can steal your girl in a sec

personality: bad boy

powers & abalities: fire and lighting

shikia:  Tengoku no tetsu

bankai:(yet to be attained)

Edited by king.dsav

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Tsukiko Hamasaki

:::General Information:::
First name:
Surname: Hamasaki
Age: 427
Date of birth: October 29th, 1589
Race: Spirit; Shinigami
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Bisexual
Current residence: Squad 13 Barracks
Relationship status: Single
Social status: Working Class


:::Physical Appearance:::
Height: 5'4 ft // 1.63 m
Weight: 158 lbs // 67 kg
Eye colour: Light blue
Skin colour: Ivory
Shape of face: Heart
Distinguishing features: Smudged ink vaguely arranged into legible words on his arms; he often misplaces notebook
Build of body: Runner
Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Short; arranged haphazardly
Typical clothing: Aside from his Captain's uniform, he often wears various coloured yukata regardless of season; the most common is a maroon one.

Likes: Water, butterflies, gummy candy
Dislikes: Insects that are not butterflies, messes, humidity
Education: Shinōreijutsuin
Fears: Arachnids, his own death, being unfit for his role
Personal goals: To strive toward excellence
General attitude: Positive, optimistic, provides a facade to create the illusion he is less focused and aware than he seems
General intelligence: Nominal; neither oddly high nor oddly low
General sociability: High
; enjoys meeting people and inviting them over to make them food

Illnesses (if any): None
Allergies (if any): Raw apples
Sleeping habits: Very prompt, 2am till 8am
Eating habits: Grazes constantly; often carries snacks with his to eat during the day
Memory: Subjective; entirely based on interest in said subject, he can recite all known species of butterfly but often has trouble finding his signature stamp.
Any unhealthy habits: Smoking

Parents: Kaguya Hamasaki [Mother], Gyokuto Hamasaki [Father]
Siblings: Katsura Hamasaki [Younger Brother], Reisen Hamasaki [Younger Sister]
Nemesis: N/a; occasionally he regards frogs as an utter nuisance
Children: N/a
Friends: A few in the various districts of the Rukongai.
Best friend(s): His butterflies
Important friends/relatives: N/a; he regards them all as important
Love interest: N/a

Peaceful or violent: Peaceful
Weapon: Zanpakutō
Style of fighting: Heavy
Kidō Usage

Occupation: Squad 13 Captain
Current home: Squad 13 Quarters
Favourite food: Anything spicy
Favourite drink: Thai Tea
Hobbies/past times: Tending to butterflies and caterpillars, watching human drama TV shows
Pets: Numerous butterflies; at last count: 3841
Talents: Sewing, cooking, singing
Favourite colours: Scarlet, light blue
Favourite type of music: N/a; willing to listen to anything.


:::Powers and Abilities:::
Kidō Master: His most skilled area of expertise is his extensive and occasionally peculiar usage of
Kidō both in combat and outside of it. With a full and recognized mastery over the art, he has displayed both the ability to entirely abandon the incantation but also abandon the incantation for several Kidō cast in rapid succession. His most common use of the art being to rapidly cast a Bakudō and then Hadō by abandoning or fusing the incantations with such a speed that the result could be confused for its own spell by those incapable of observing his brevity.
Expert Swordsman: Whilst extensive Kidō usage is most definitely his preferred means of combat, he does display a manner of mastery over Nurarihyon -- his Zanpakutō -- as he has achieved both shikai and bankai. When forced into melee combat he tends to aim to disable or take out his opponenets in the least amount of strikes, preferring -- if possible -- to end it as he is unsheathing in a manner akin to Battōjutsu.
Great Spiritual Power: As a Captain of the Gotei 13, Tsukiko possess a great amount of spiritual power that is routinely controlled in the physical suppression of his shikai and bankai -- the blade becoming smaller and smaller as he finely compresses its power into a smaller and smaller weapon with an incredibly fine edge.
Shunpo Expert: Often paired with his extensive use of Kidō is his ability to flash step on the level of an average captain, crossing rather large distances in very short periods of time or rapidly vanishing and then reappearing in very close quarters. In his use, it is most commonly seen as he evades attacks whilst preparing Nijū Eishō.
Hakuda Practitioner: At the extreme other end of the spectrum is his very lacklustre skill in hakuda, when forced into such hand-to-hand combat he is most certain to attempt to switch to another form of combat he is more comfortable with, evade as best as possible, or depart entirely from the combat till he can return with a skill he is more proficient in.

Zanpakuō Name: Nurarihyon
Bankai Name: Sōdaishō Nurarihyon
Type: Kidō
  Sub-Type: Illusion


Shikai Kaigo:  Ojamashimasu (お邪魔します)
Diminishing in size from that of a katana to a w
akizashi, the first release of Nurarihyon draws from the stories based around the Yōkai of the same name. Those caught within the domed area of space covered by his shikai -- roughly that of a large house at 130 feet -- have their mental perception of the wielder altered to subconsciously ignore his presence similar to how one subconsciously ignores a crowd of strangers in a public place. Only after they leave the radius or Nurarihyon is once more sealed do those whom were under his influence have the illusion shattered, to which they immediately become aware that they saw him earlier.



In its final physical state, Nurarihyon shrinks once more to a very similar appearance -- albeit much smaller -- that of a tanto lacking a guard. In this form the ability is able to extend beyond the wielder to alter a person's perception of others should they have seen the blade. How they perceive others is dependant on what Tsukiko deems necessary at the time, be it their authority figure, friend, or like the shikai -- someone to ignore -- in this form it is capable of absorbing more reiatsu than require to sustain the illusion, allowing Tsukiko to tap into this power source to empower himself should Sōdaishō Nurarihyon allow it.

Zanpakutō Spirit:


Nurarihyon, self-titled the Sōdaishō Zanpakutō or 'Supreme Commander of Zanpakutō', is a very self-important and shockingly short spirit standing at 4'2 whom speaks with perpetually formal language and an outright refusal to acknowledge any other as an equal or superior to him; claiming those whom best him merely got lucky -- this time. To this, his views on Tsukiko changed from viewing him as little more than dirt to his "most valued servant". The two have a very interesting relationship, with Tsukiko willingly playing the role of 'servant' to Nurarihyon's self-important quasi-god complex. While arrogant and brash, Nurarihyon has grown fond of Tsukiko over the years that they have been together, he is very protective of Tsukiko, going above and beyond in order to protect him if need be while at the same time jeering him for having a girl's name.

It would appear that Nurarihyon does not have any other physical forms, that is to say, his appearance -- that of an old man with an elongated head clad in a fancy kimono -- does not change; likely out of self-admiration.

Inner world:



Energy Requirement: The ability to alter the basest perceptions of another person to view someone else as something they are not requires significant power. Because of this, Nurarihyon draws on the reiatsu emitted from beings around it and if a person were to suppress their reiatsu to minimal or make Nurarihyon unable to absorb their reiatsu its effects would be significantly lessened if not outright ignorable.
Reiatsu Overpowerment: Beings of a higher reiryoku can emit reiatsu in such a way to dispel the illusion from themselves.
Subjectivity: The bankai attempts to create the illusion that Tsukiko is an authority figure or person of similar standing, the way this is defined is entirely up to that person's personality.
Visual Requirement: When the bankai is used, it requires a person to physically see the blade at least once. Thus those whom are blind or have obstructed sight through things such as glasses are immune.

Visual Impairment: Tsukiko is severely near-sighted, requiring him to use glasses to see anything more than five feet away with any sort of clarity.
Zanpakutō Reliance: Tsukiko relies on Nurarihyon's abilities and Kidō as part of his fighting style, should he be restricted to sword or melee combat with anyone of the same or higher reiryoku he would undoubtedly lose.

Edited by Tsukiko Hamasaki

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Kaizen Kyoraku




General Information

First name: Kaizen

Middle name(s): None

Surname: Kyoraku

Age: 256

Date of birth: June 25

Race: Spirit

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Demisexual

Current residence: Rukongai

Relationship status: Single

Social status: Nobility

Physical Appearance:

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 195Kg

Eye color: Red

Skin color: Caucasian

Shape of face: Heart-Shaped

Distinguishing features:  

Red stitches All Over his body from his hair down to his lower abdomen. All of these red stitches seeming to be deliberately placed on Kaizen's skin as they all form artistic images and some form words in different languages his "mother" had taught him.

Build of body: Slender

Hair color: Silver/White/Gray

Hair style: A bit rugged int he back, but neatly done at the front.

Typical clothing:

Shinigami Kimono- On Duty

Suspenders, white dress shirt, black shorts, high-tops-Off Duty

  • More


A twisted persona, he doesn't really know the difference between right and wrong and as such has always been getting into trouble with the authorities and then quickly being forgiven. This twisted personality is a result of many psychological incidents which have occurred throughout his life in the World of The Living all of which were instigated by his adoptive "Mother" who often took out her frustration on him.


Sitting under the moon and staring at the stars thinking about all the things in the world he could have had, but may/will never gain due to his psychological condition and his social abilities.


Failing, as his "mother" would always "SCOLD" him for failing the simplest of tasks, be it washing the dishes, sweeping the yard, messing up his homework (even though he was never ever sent to a formal educational institute) among many other things. 


Shin'o Academy (Shinigami School)


That he will never be able to find a love connection, or find people that will understand his situation and abandonment.

Personal goals:

Overcoming his fears, saving people that have been/are in his past situation.

General attitude:

Melancholic, Negative.

General intelligence:

Kindergarten(Or Below, although he has mastered speech to a certain degree, but reading and writing are challenges).

General sociability:

Poor,i.e, Super Anti-social


Physical- 56%

Mental- .000000001%

Illnesses (if any):

Anaemia, Blind in his left eye.

Allergies (if any):

Cats make him sneeze.

Sleeping habits:

He is an insomniac, he isn't able to sleep very well due to the the nightmares which keep him up at night, resulting in him being very slow in speech and always having bags under his eyes.

Energy level:

Seated Officer, Reiatsu Level.

Eating habits:

He doesn't eat anything, but sweets....


Being an orphan, he never knew any of his family, nor could he make friends with any of the other orphan kids. They always made fun of him because of his silver hair and he pretty much never was really loved or taken care of by the Orphanage keepers as they always put him aside as if he were the dog of the Orphanage. He never had a decent meal, only left-overs which were mainly the chewed up bones from chicken or the shells of eggs and even once in a while if he were lucky, some spoiled stew. He never knew the meaning of family nor did he know what it meant to have something important like a friend. He was always a loner. As he grew older, he became a bit more fascinated with the world and even actually started making friends, but this was all taken away the day he was adopted by Yorizome Ino, she posed as a caring doctor to pass of the adoption, but as soon as Kaizen was taken to her "home" he immediately figured out what was going on. He was kept in a prison cell and at night was released  and forced to kill other human beings in death matches which were bid on by high-ranking Aristocrats one of them being Ino. These events scarred him for life, but not as much as when he was being "prepared" for the next fight.

Any unhealthy habits:

Zoning out when important details are being dished out or whenever he is in the middle of a fight , after severely injuring his opponent, he would always play with him/her until they bled out. He had never directly killed someone even though he has the potential and enough Blood lust to do it 

Relationships: None

Parents: Yorizome Ino (Adoptive Mother-Deceased)

Siblings: The Kyoraku Family Members?

Nemesis: None

Children: None

Friends: None

Best friend(s): None

Important friends/relatives (explain):

None, he has never been able to make "a" friend much less an important friend, and he has never had any relatives to begin with seeing that he was only adopted by the Kyoraku family at the tender age of 10

Love interest (if there is one): None


Peaceful or violent: Violent...Well Maniacal? Maybe a bit Twisted? Likes Torturing before death?

Weapon (if applicable): Scythe[Released], Black-hiled, silver-blade katana[Sealed]

Style of fighting: Zanjutsu, Martial Arts, Tae-Kwon-Do, Judo, Dragon Style Martial Arts.


Occupation: Soul Reaper

Current home: Squad 12  Barracks, Sereitei

Favorite food: Dango

Favorite drink: None

Hobbies/past times: Reading up on the structure of the human body, training and catching butterflies.


Talents: Tight-roping 

Favorite colours: Red, Black. Silver

Favorite type of music: Post-Rock









                                                                                          Name: Black Stinger  (黑毒刺:Hēi dú cì)

Bankai Name: Black Needler (黑色的縫衣針: Hēisè de fèng yī zhēn)

  • Shikai:



  • Bankai:






ZanpakutÅ Spirit

  • Shikai


  • Bankai


  • Inner world






  • Reiatsu appearance:


  • Theme's

Template Code



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Yoshirou Kyōraku


~ "Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little."~


General Information


First name: Yoshirou


Middle name(s): n/a


Surname: Kyōraku


Age: Unknown


Date of birth: April 23


Race: Shinigami


Gender: Male


Current residence: Kyōraku Clan Mansion


Relationship status: Single


Social status: Noble, Head Kyōraku, Former Captain of Squad 13


Physical Appearance –


Height: 6’2


Weight: 195 lbs


Eye color: Dark Blue


Skin color: Lightly Tanned


Shape of face: Sharp jaw line with Beautiful features


Distinguishing features: Looks slightly feminine with his long, blue-black hair


Build of body: Athletic and slender


Hair color: Blue-Black


Hairstyle: Long, Straight, and Silky


Typical clothing: Shihakusho with a Haori that is a couple different shades of blue also has a detailed and intricate flower pattern woven into it








"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."

Unlike the typical noble, Yoshirou is very much down to earth. During his visit to the Kido Corps he had no qualms with sleeping on a cot in a tent, even stating that he has slept on worse. He also has a strong since of Right and Wrong, and firmly believes in helping the weak or those in need that even after stepping down as a Captain he can be seen helping others and saving those in need.


Likes: Tradition, Order, Rain, Sweet Tea or Hot Tea, Making new Friends, His Clan


Dislikes: Cockiness, Disrespect, Criminals- specifically those that put others in harms way, Hollows, Spicy Food


Education: The Shinigami Academy, Kyoraku Clan Zanjutsu Training

Fears: Failure, Dishonoring his Clan,


Personal goals: Revival and Success of his Clan, Gotei 13 to be Unified, To be Recognize as a Grandmaster in Zanjutsu, Create a Zanjutsu School


General attitude: Relaxed and Easy Going, Easily Approachable, Always looking to Better his Clan


General intelligence: High, Good Foresight, Great Leadership Skills


General sociability: Social and Easily Approachable




Illnesses (if any): None


Allergies (if any): Bananas


Sleeping habits: Light Sleeper, Often Tosses and Turns


Energy level: Normal to High


Eating habits: Regular


Memory: Above Average


Relationships -


Luna Kyoraku (Clan Member)

Toshiki Kyoraku (Clan Member)

Ombre Kyoraku (Clan Member)


Nemesis: Aiden and Supporters for Treason, Emmell, Samuel


Children: None


Friends: Reekel Havok, Metabee, Sayuri, Aliza Kyoraku 


Best friend(s): Kosumosu (his Zanpakuto spirits)


Important friends/relatives (explain):


Love interest (if there is one):




A young Yoshirou Kyoraku killing a group of bandits.

Peaceful or violent: A Mixture of both as he tends to start peaceful but as the battle progresses he turns more violent. Yoshirou is well versed in Kido and efficient at integrating it into combat


Yoshirou's overwhelming killing intent


Weapon (if applicable): Dual wielding Zanpakutos


Style of fighting: In the Following order - Zanjutsu, Kido, Hakuda




Current Occupation: Head Kyoraku


Current home: Kyoraku Clan Mansion


Favorite food: Grilled Salmon with rice


Favorite drink: Water, Sweet Tea


Hobbies/past times: Meditation or Lounging


Pets: None


Talents: Dual Wielding, Zanjutsu Master, Leadership Skills, Teacher


Favorite colors: Blue and Green


Favorite type of music: None Specifically


Innate Abilities





Enormous Spiritual Power - As one of the strongest if not the strongest Kyoraku alive, Yoshirou possesses a vast amount of Spiritual Power. In terms of color appearance it is translucent black with a dark blue outline, though as it becomes thicker and thicker the black becomes opaque. Like Yamamoto, Yoshirou’s spiritual pressure has the same effect as his Zanpakutos, gravity; the more energy exerted the stronger the effect and anything or anyone caught in it immediately feels a fluctuation in gravity.


Immense Strength – Yoshirou’s true strength is unknown due to his ability to manipulate gravity; he can single handedly throw boulders or debris that would take others two hands.


Zanjutsu Master – By far Yoshirou’s best natural skill that he possesses. His swordplay his very graceful, relying on proper footwork and technique instead of brute force. Being a dual wielder Yoshirou is ambidextrous, easily able to fight with either hand.

  • 512?cb=20130622064258
  • Kendo
  • Nihadō (means Way of Two Blades)
  • Hitotsume: Nadegiri
  • Ryodan
  • Agitowari
  • Senmaioroshi


Proficient Hakuda - Yoshirou is proficient with hand-to-hand combat though he prefers to use his blade.






Shikai Release Command - “Bring the Heavens to its Knees.” 


Zanpakuto - Kosumosu is the incarnation of the Cosmos. Such vastness could not be stored in typical Zanpakuto Spirit so two spirits merged as one. Having one body but two minds and two consciousnesses, creating a very powerful Zanpakuto indeed. (Kosumosu are both spirits and both spirits are Kosumosu). Kosumosu was born deep with in Yoshirou's heart, as he was of Noble blood, the middle child of three, and the eldest son. A lot was expected of him, always trying to please his parents and make them proud... Thus he always felt the weight of the universe was on his shoulders until literally it was. Kosumosu is one of the only dual Zanpakutos in existence while in its sealed state. 


Name: Kosumoso (means Cosmos)


Bankai Name: Akemi Kosumosu (Bright and Beautiful Cosmos)


Element: Gravikineses (Singularity)





When unsheathed they take on the shape of what looks to be a shadowy silhouette forming long Katanas. The two Zanpakutos themselves don't have a definite shape but instead take on the form desired by the user. They are in fact singularities in weapon form that grant Yoshirou the ability to manipulate gravity and devour almost anything.



Shikai Special Ability: Gravity Manipulation - Yoshirou possesses the ability to mentally manipulate gravitons enabling him to control gravity. He can manipulate gravitons and anti-gravitons surrounding any object, or person including himself, thus increasing or decreasing the effect of gravity on them, within his range of influence, which can increase through Kyushu. If his Zanpakutos are sealed he must be touching said object in order to manipulate it and as soon as Yoshirou breaks contact all effects revert back to normal. 


Yoshirou manipulating gravity



Kyushu (means Absorb/Devour)– Taking on the form or singularities Yoshirou’s Zanpakutos can absorb and devour, breaking down all forms of energy and matter, adding it to his power and defense reserves. The special ability of this is not how much they can devour but how fast they can do so. A passive ability.


Kaju no Sekai (means Weighted Worlds) – The amount of gravity explodes upwards-multiplying many, many times over. The exact amount of force can be alter along with the range and duration, though it normally only last 2 seconds. Yoshirou has also been known to use this attack as a shield, deploying it around him, being at its epicenter. Any caught in it would find themselves severely slowed and weaker opponents unable to move at all.



Rirsu (means Release) – Fires a blast of energy, from his Zanpakutos, that explodes upon contact. It either comes from the user or the energy absorbed by the swords.



Enso (means Circle) – Fires a blast of energy that encircles anything it touches and can stretch long enough to ensnare small groups at once. Most make the mistake of blocking the blast of energy, only to be trapped and encircled. Anything caught in its grip will be subdued by gravity, finding their bodies to heavily to move. This binding attack has the same power as a high level Bakudo when not enhanced by Kyushu and can explode on command.



Bankai Release Command - “He who slumbers in the dark void, devourer of Heavens and Earths. Come forth and devour all, Akemi Kosumosu.” Upon mastering his bankai he has been able to shorten its release command to, “Devour.”






Upon releasing bankai everything in the near vicinity feels an outburst and substantial increase in gravity. Yoshirou’s hair turns from blue-black to completely black, void of any color. His entire outfit is also black and is created from his Zanpakuto, which looks as if it is composed of pure reishi. While in bankai Akemi Kosumosu returns to one body and takes on the form of a shadowy douple bladed sword, though it can still change shape. There are also 8 small black orbs, which can expand, that encircle Yoshirou, boosting his defense and attack power. Furthermore, Yoshirou can mentally control these orbs as well as reshape them.



Bankai Special Ability - Singularities/Black Holes – Yoshirou can influence gravity to its extreme and manipulate multiple singularities. He has complete access to his shikai’s abilities plus a few new skills granted through bankai.





Wamuhoru (means Wormhole) – Yoshirou is able to connect the paths between any of the spheres under his control, enabling him or his attack to travel through one sphere and out the other. During this attack the two spheres in use lose their absorbing and gravity effects and simply acts as a tunnel to be traveled through.


Yoshirou's entire outfit is made of Spiritual Pressure from his Zanpakutos. This enables him to use Kyushu through his outfit. Weakest against physical attacks.



2 more abilities to come…


Zanpakuto Spirit


Shikai - Kosumosu




Bankai - Akemi Kosumosu




Inner World




Reiatsu Appearance





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Sexuality: asexual


Weight:110 lb


"For a tree to reach heaven it must first be rooted in hell"

Apperance: Hachūrui is the average male height , his skin is an unnatural pale that gives off a radiant glow in the moonlight he has the strange oddity of metalic blue and a few red scales around his eyes the back of his neck and the rest of his body below his neck are coated in scales. His hands and feet posses claw like nails which he wears custom made boots and gloves to hide them. The most noticeable trait being his bright orange snake like eyes other than that he is always seen wearing fitting black vest and black slack like panse with a white under shirt.

Personlity: Hachūrui being a man of science naturally is very curious about a variety of things, he is usually very serious about most things.

Powers & Abilities:

Hikari: This technique is when he radiates his spiritual pressure for a short moment in the form of a bright blinding light those who are unfortunate enough to gaze upon it experience temporary blindness (5 posts)

Kikoku-te: by imprinting his spiritual energy on an object or idavidual he can summon it or switch places with said item or person or switch the place of two item ,this is achieved by infecting the whole battle feild with his spiritual pressure  ; he can imprint his spiritual power on things via projecting it twoards and onto said being's or making physical contact allowing him to do the switch from afar.

strenth: Hachūrui posses a basic amount of strenth but its nothing monstrous but that can easily be remedied by focusing his reyoka into his muscles

Durability & Stamina:  despite the looks of him his body is pretty sturdy capable of taking some serious punishment his stamina is also pretty good.

Inventor: in his spare time he creates nifty little gadgets some to aid in combat others to further his research goals



Feild kit:

medkit_profile_by_estevesluis-d6vkird.jpThis nifty little back pack is desighned to only respond to the spiritual signature of its creator and capable of repeling low level attacks if struck it can also dispense its contents to the user.


Injector/DNA sampler:


This device can be used to inject liqids and serum's and many other things etc. of the users choice into an organism of ones choosing or take a small sample of said liquid or other condensable substance.


Breathing Mask:sci_fi_respirator_by_estevesluis-d6v00x0

A very handy tool that purifys the air one breaths , this can alsi be used underwater. This is normally full of an ati-toxin specially desighned to counter his zanpaktos uniqe poision giving the wearer temporary imunity allowing them to not be affected by the poison (extended wear must be in action to completely purge poison from system as it gets in through inhalation and through the victims poors)


Custom Syring's:big_syringe_by_stianbl.jpg

This device is a custom made syringe  (3 full of poison,3 with anti-toxin and 3 with healing meds and 2 empty)


These baseball sized orbs are a very useful and practical tool in and out of battle. upon detonation lets loose a blast of refined liquid capable of freezing things to an extreme degree the radius of the blast can be adjusted by twisting the grenade.


Travel computer:commission__m10050r_reader_by_aiyeahhs-d

This small device acts as a mini super computer capable of holding many files mapping out the area and projecting things onto a surface along with creating 4D holographic images down to a perfect que.

Speed lvl: his shunpo isnt the fastes but its far from slow


His Zanpakto is usually not at his side as he doesn't rush to violence the fact that he can call upon it on the drop of a hat put a slight ease to his mind. His Zanpakto is a pure dark blue within the sheath he houses a custom made poision bio engendered to be able to completely  paralyze someone several times the size of soul society's gate gurdian. 


Name: Ōkina hebi kōtei

Release command: intoxicate 

Side note: he is immune to his zanpakto's Abilities 

Hebi kōtei no iki: upon the release of his blade a great outpouring of poisonous gas that gets in through poors and inhilation is expelled in a great vastness it causes plant life to wither and die while other beings experience full body paralysis ,  and orgen failure 

Hebi kōtei kiba: this attack can be fired many ways most commonly like a getsuga like attack that appears to be spiritual energy but upon impact it splashes upon the target in the form of a vast amount of thick dark purple highly aacidic liquid that eats away at ones flesh causing excruciating pain and possible death from the body going into shock.

Haki dokuhebi: rapidly sheathing his released blade condensing poision in the guard and then unsheathing his blade , this action allows a thin beam of liqid poison to be fired from the sheath with enough force to pierce through said target. 

Bankai: YTA


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First name: shinfu

Middle name(s):

Surname: shiba

Age: 1,000

Date of birth: December 10

Race: shinigami

Gender: male

Sexuality: straight

Current residence: Shiba manner

Relationship status: single

Social status: popular among the lady's, and teachers. Squad 12 captain. 

Physical Appearance

Height: 6 foot

Weight: 148

Eye color: silver

Skin color: white

Shape of face: hansom

Distinguishing features: wears glasses, and has a small scar on his chin.

Build of body: skinny but toned 

Hair color: purple

Hair style: medium and comes to the top of his shoulders.

Typical clothing:  the shinigami outfit,with the captains hiori.

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Personality. Calm, likes to analyze things before making a decision. Likes to toy with his opponent. Has no problem killing a person if he thinks its to uphold justice.

Likes: Raman, soybeans, snow,rain, his lab and test subjects, books.

Dislikes: spicy food,idiot's, people that do not uphold Justice, bad manga.

Education: shinigami academy, shiba elders.

Fears: perfection.

Personal goals: to eradicate those he See's to be a lesser lifeforms.

General attitude: calm,relaxed,always striving to be better.

General intelligence: above average but always learning more.

General sociability: likes to be by his self unless he finds some one interesting.

Health very good.

Illnesses none

Allergies none

Sleeping habits: sleeps 7 hours at night.

Energy level: high

Eating habits: likes to eat normally

Memory: very good

Any unhealthy habits: no


Parents: deceased

Siblings: brother, missing

Nemesis: none

Children: none

Friends: none

Best friend(s):none

Important friends/relatives (explain):

Love interest (if there is one):


Peaceful or violent: both

Weapon a book for his shikai is always released.

Style of fighting:

Kido master: shinfu was trained since he was only 8 years old in the art of kido, as a kido master shinfu knows all the kido.

High stamina: he may not look like it but shinfu has a high level of stamina so he can fire lots of kido or take a good beating.

Perception/speed: his perception is higher then his speed so hitting the enemy is not hard, his speed is not as good as some one from squad two but that dose not mean he is by far slow.

Barrier export: using and making barrier s comes as second nature to him after kido.

Occupation: squad 12 captain.

Current home: Shiva house

Favorite food: Raman,soybeans, sushi.

Favorite drink: long island ice tea

Hobbies/past times: spending time in the lab,and killing hollows

Pets: snake

Talents: a jack of all trades

Favorite colours:silver,blue,and red.

Favorite type of music: pop, and country





Name: katetsu shinigami

Bankai Name:  tenshi-no katetsu shinigami

Element: paper tags

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First name:

Middle name(s):

Surname: takanuchi

Age: 10'000 but looks 23

Date of birth: December 10th

Race: Shinigami

Gender: Male.

Sexuality: Straight

Current residence: the squad 3 barracks

Relationship status: single

Social status: squad 3 member

Physical Appearance

Height: 5"11
Weight: 195
Eye color: silver
Skin color: lightly tanned
Shape of face: hansome
Distinguishing features: has a band-aid on the bridge of his nose. He has a small scar over his right eye.
Build of body:skinny but not to muscled tho he is not weak.
Hair color: black
Hair style: short,slicked back tho spiked back.
Typical clothing: the Shinigami black robes.  He has a necklace which looks like two dragon twisting around each other.


Likes: rainy nights. snow.cats.dogs.training.

Dislikes: spicy foods. Being looked down on. Senseless fighting. Bully's.

Education: the soul reaper academy.

Fears: spiders. Hollows. Not being able to prove his self.

Personal goals: to protect the soul society.
To one day reach the rank of captain.

General attitude:
Easy going most of the time. A little self adsorbed. He is smart but some times can miss what's right in front of him.

General intelligence: Good
Ryu knows he is smart and some times dose not know when to stop bragging

General sociability: decent

Health: great

Illnesses (if any): nope
Allergies (if any): to bullshit
Sleeping habits: decent
Energy level: High
Eating habits: above normal
Memory: decent
Any unhealthy habits: will at times use a Ally as a test idea.


Parents: dead
Siblings: sister( dead)
Nemesis: nope
Children: nope
Friends: 1
Niomi shinada
Best friend(s):
Important friends/relatives (explain): no
Love interest (if there is one):none


Peaceful or violent: peaceful
Weapon :Zanpakuto

Style of fighting: one handed with kido

Flash step: he might not be physically strong but he has a faster shunpo then most vice captains.

Kido master: in the academy Ryu got top marks in all his kido classes so he trained to become a kido master.

Hakuda: he is not the best at fighting up close unless he has no choice.

Spiritual power: Ryu was pushed hard to raise his spiritual power so to use the higher level kido. His spiritual power equal that of a vice captain.

Barrier expert: not liking to fight hand to hand Ryu like to use barrier for blocking trapping or conseling.


Occupation:Shinigami, squad 3 member.

Current home: squad 3 barracks

Favorite food: ramen soba noodles with three slices of pork.

Favorite drink: Dr pepper

Hobbies/past times:
Reading and collecting manga.
Practice his kido.
Loves to cook.

Pets: a hairless Chinese cat.

Kido arts.
Quick learner.

Favorite colours: silver, blue and black.

Favorite type of music:
All kinds it's all got to do with how he is feeling at the time.

Shikai name Rinjoku
Realease command: Clash

When Ryu enters shikai his sword transforms into a pair of elbow length armor gaunlets.

In shikai his zanpakto helps to strengthen his kido arts as well as allows him to make energy barrier.

Not only do they increase his kido power but if used the right way he can even boost his physical attacks by using his spiritual power.

Bankai Name: Oni Rinjoku

Appearance: not achived yet

Element: enhancement.

Zanpakto spirit

In shikai his spirit takes on the form of a fighting monk and is the complete opposite of Ryu. He stands six feet tall and wears the same black kimono that the Shinigami have. Around his neck there is a necklace that consese of large wooden beads. He has short black hair that comes down to his eyes and he Carry's a long staff.

Inner world.

The inner world of the spirit was that of a large Forrest, there was a monks building in the center of the woods where a lake surrounded the building.

Reiatsu appearance: silver with hints of red.

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First name: Heiwana 

Surname: Mahonō

Gender: female

Race: (Untrained)Shinigami

Date of Birth: February 11th

Appearance: (within inner world)72CAE16D-D639-4211-91DA-8556DD219EFA.thumb.jpeg.1e1e1a454e0dd0e1ae815fb9e6000692.jpeg

Additional: heigh; 5’0

Eye colour; Sky blue

Current cloths; mainly plain brown cloth from Rukon, with addition of Silver ribbon tying her hair into a ponytail. 



Heiwana all round is a kind hearted girl and more often than not tries to see the good in people even if they try and hide it or, don’t have one. This can lead her to being a little naive and putting her trust into the wrong people. Most of the time Heiwana is very happy go lucky, there are not many things that can get her down, apart from memories of her brother, which she lost shortly before she was reborn into Soul Society. Her Zanpakuto can get her into a more aggressive state, but only ever in a tight spot. 

Due to her last events in the human world as a spirit, Heiwana has high admiration for all Shinigami and a hate towards hollow and her mind is always set on her one goal. Whether she be practicing her swordplay or exercising it is all for the sake of saving or finding her brother. She refuses to believe that he could be dead or that he may even be a hollow. To her, her brother is the authority figure, always greater than her and so in her mind he can only be a Shinigami. 

Even in her years within Rukon she has remained happy go lucky, even though the worst time of starvation and stealing answers she always refuses to see a bad side of life. “There’s always a silver lining” She will say. However a young man seems incapable of seeing her away of thinking and has shown that not everyone is always happy, not everyone wants someone and that life isn’t always fair. 

She has little to think about Samyuera, as it impossibly to judge someone truly when they are always lying, what she doesn’t know though. Is that he’s a coward after he ran from a hollow so he could create a trap, so she admits he’s clever. She also knows there is most likely something he isn’t hiding from her as he follows her to Seritei to begin there Shinigami training.


Likes: Sunny days, sweet or sour food, meeting new people, Shinigami’s, the outside.


Dislikes: people trying to take advantage of her kindness, cruelty, nuts, liars. 


Fears: Never finding her brother, being betrayed, death, 


Goal: To become a kind hearted Shinigami who is lead by her heart and not her head. To find her missing brother. 



Dancing, walking, drawing, painting, training with Samyuera 



Name: Unknown 

Appearance: Heiwana’s Zanpakuto has a slightly more pronounced curve than most Zanpakuto, the sheath is a crystal blue and shares its colour with the handle of the blade and the guard is in the shape of two waves diagonally crashing away from one another. Heiwana wears her Zanpakuto on her right at the hip.

Water beast from dreams:



Ability(s): unknown


Backstory/history: there are spots in which Heiwana can remember her human life, although it is blurry. She remembered that her parents we dead long before she was old enough to remember there faces and so the person she saw as her authority figure was her brother. Always there to protect her and help support her on whatever path she chose, always making sacrifices himself for her. But even though she had all this protection she had died young. But the final moment of her life are a blur just as the rest of her life. What she does remember clearly though is her time as a spirt. Her spirt along with her brothers where chained to a large building that look familiar to her and always brought a tear to her brothers eye when he saw it. Often having to comfort her brother as he tried to rip the chain from his chest that held him to the building.

They spent many weeks there unable to move and unable to pass on. On the pain of the hole in there chest was there to keep them company and her brother had hardened with the pain. So when the hollow came to devour them, the first one to it mouth was Samyuera, fighting it to make sure it wouldn’t devour her. However that day Heiwana was the one who should have protected him, as she watched her brother being eaten a Shinigami, came and save her, performing a soul burial. 

When she awake from her final memory as a spirit she found herself alongside a riverbank, with a curved blade. She originally left the blade at the riverbank however. Whenever and wherever she left the blade followed her appearing at her side, along with the dreamed water beast. It took her almost a year to conclude and gain enough knowledge to understand she had a Zanpakuto and submitted to the fact it was going with her one way or the other. 

However her main goal has always been set and that is to find her long lost brother, having searched years within the Rukon district, she has had little to no luck in finding him and could only imagine the Shinigami who saved her, saved her brother. But she has never found him. Now her destiny lies within the walls of Seritei. Along with a unlikely companion, a young man named Samyuera, who lies with kind eyes and kills with a calm heart. What are his true intentions as she bring him to Seritei. 


OCC: Will edit over time and as story information is confirmed or revealed

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